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Blue sapphire (Neelam) is the strongest and the fastest acting gemstone that strengthens planet Saturn (Shani). This gemstone is naturally occurring in nature. Neelam Gemstone is made up of corundum and is tinged with small outline of cobalt in addition with few other metals too which gives the stone its gorgeous blue color. It is usually found in the igneous rocks plus in alluvial deposits. The word sapphire itself means ‘blue stone’. From travelers to explore to the kings and queens people have always admired this stone. This gemstone has great sparkle and displays different colors when seen from different perspectives. The gemstone Sapphires may be treated with heat, subtle with the beryllium or irradiated this is done to protect and augment their blue brightness. However the most valued are the ones that are naturally occurring in nature. Craving and cutting of this gemstone creates a brilliantly lit cut gemstone that is very valuable and precious. Neelam gemstone can have minor hues like purple and violet. The major shani stone that was found in Sri Lanka it weighted around 42 kilograms.

Blue sapphire is mostly found in Burma, China, Kenya, Cambodia, malwai, Colombia, Madagascar, Tanzania, Nepal, Australia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Tanzania, Thailand, Tajikistan, USA, india, sri lanka and Russia. In India it’s found in Jammu and Kashmir although the original Kashmir Neelam gemstone is hard to find now a days. But you can still find shani stone from Sri Lanka easily available in the market. Their costs start from INR 1000 to 100000 per caret.

Blue sapphire represents Saturn planet (i.e. shani). Saturn is related to hard work, kingly luck, abundance and hark working people. This gemstone shares the same qualities. Saturn is both astrologically and spiritually very strong. Saturn rewards people who work has the same goes for Neelam it rewards people who work hard. If you are hard working, wear Neelam gemstone to get the blessings of shani deva. It clears the wearers anja chakra i.e. related to pituitary gland. The chakra is associated with creativity, imagination and intuition. The wearer of this stone becomes more charismatic, intelligent and intuitive. It promotes stillness of mind via good acceptance and good judgment.

How to wear Blue Sapphire Gemstone

It is usually worm in silver or gold in the middle finger of right hand. But don’t wear shani stone without consulting an astrologer as very few people can successfully wear it. The astrologer will tell you about the stability of this gemstone, size of the gem stone and the proper method of wearing this gemstone.

Transparent this gemstone of Ceylon will give best results. Wear it in either gold or silver ring in the morning of any Saturday during sukula paksha. neelam is worn only after purification otherwise it doesn’t give good results for activating this gemstone  dip the ring in milk, honey and pure water for half an hour. Light 5 incense sticks to shani deva and ask for his blessings. Then take the ring out and round it up the incense sticks and repeat the mantra ॐ शं शनिश्चराय नम: 11 times, after that you can wear it in your middle finger of the right hand.

How to check blue sapphire?

Although there are a number of benefits of Neelam gemstone. However, it is important that it is original and free from any odds. For this, it is important to rely only on the genuine shani as else it may result into adverse impacts. So, the question arises how to check the authenticity of this gemstones. There are few things to keep in mind to know if the shani stone is of premium quality and original.

  • To see your blue sapphire is real do the following:
  • This gemstone is one of the hardest known minerals. They won’t be easily scratched.
  • It won’t change color when placed in milk for one full day
  • It is good to select Neelam stone which is completely transparent (you can nearly see through it).
  • It is a misconception that it gemstone is dark blue. The rule is lighter the color, better would be the stone.
  • There should not be any visible spots on the shani stone when seen with the naked eye etc.
  • The above mentioned are a few ways to check the authenticity of this gemstone.

Benefits of blue sapphire

  • This Neelam Natural Ratna gives fast results. It blesses the wearer with good luck, wealth, opportunity and promotion.
  • If this gemstone suits you it shows great results especially in Saturn transits. The wearer feels the relief by having an instant boost in metabolism, energy and the pallor of gloom goes away.
  • Neelam protects its wearer from evil eyes, enemies, hexing and jealousy, etc.
  • Shani stone blesses the wearer with correct decision making abilities, clears away confusion and gives mental clarity.
  • It gemstone takes away lethargy, clears digestion and helps improve concentration and focus on goals.
  • This gemstone is blessed with excellent healing abilities; it soothes the senses, and blesses the wearer with calmness and equanimity.
  • In certain situations it removes negativity and unknown fears and complexes.
  • Shani stone is directly related to wealth. If the wearer is inclined to work towards it, it can open up multiple sources of income for the wearer.
  • It gives its wearer fame, name and a formidable reputation. It offers wealth and prosperity to its wearer.

For the spiritually inclined people Neelam stone improves the quality of meditation, and gives the capacity to perform austere spiritual practices. It also aids in the quest of self realization.

Care for Neelam Gemstone

This Neelam Ratna is very hard in nature but easy to clean. This gemstone should be cleaned with a mild soap, water and a soft brush.
So, go for genuine blue sapphire and buy it from the trusted store to get numerous benefits.