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The name in itself is a bit strange when talking in terms of a gemstone. But it got this name due to its different and unique color. Cats Eye gemstone is also known as Lehsunia that means the gemstone associated with the planet ketu. It doesn’t have any physical significance as it’s not physically present in the solar system. In spite of not being physically present it is one of the most influential planets and provides number of benefits. Ketu has properties that are being praised about. Cats eye is known for its fast acting ability. It shows result to the wearer within a short span of time. It is a popular gemstone and people want to adapt it due to its fast acting property. The dasha of ketu is the longest i.e. up to 18 years.

Benefits to the Wearer of Cats Eye gemstone

  • The wearer is struck with luck and can earn instant wealth within a short time.
  • It is beneficial for those trading in share market, gambling, and horse riding and in speculation business. It increases their chances of winning.
  • It guards against evil and ghost.
  • Lehsunia gemstone also has health benefits associated with it and can also safeguard against diseases related to brain, mind, health and stomach.
  • It frees the individual from desire of these worldly pleasures and opens the path to spirituality.
  • Lehsunia stone improves the memory and vision of the wearer.
  • Food issues like anorexia and disinterest can be treated with gemstone.
  • Lehsunia gemstone also helps in bringing back the lost wealth.
  • It also works against many deadly diseases including cancer.
  • Lehsunia gemstone works against paralysis, asthma, mental sickness etc.
  • It also increases spirituality and inner power.
  • Ketu stone also initiates the power of forgiveness in an individual.

This stone which is a shadow planet and does not have any physical existence of its own. Nature wise cats eye is regarded as a hot gemstone. It gives unexpected and sudden results. Results when you least expect them. Government punishment, allergy, fire, law suits are some of the examples that can happen when the dasha of Ketu is going on in the life of an individual. Along with these the person can experience many other bitter experiences and issues in life. To oneself from such kind of negative impacts, it is very important to take some remedies that can bring happiness and stability in life and bless the person with all kinds of pleasures.

If Ketu is in proper house and is of good nature than Lehsunia can also be called as the angel of goodness as it will bring good luck and prosperity to the individual. Lehsunia also blesses the wearer with good and sharp memory. Ketu stone, therefore is not malefic always, it has some positive effects as well and all it depends on its position in the proper house.

The ill effect of Ketu can cause some of the most deadly diseases and issues in feet, spinal cord, backache, heart diseases, hormonal imbalance and many more. In such a situation this stone proves to be beneficial and helpful. It removes all the bad and an evil influence of Ketu. It prevents the individual from sudden shocks and mishappenings and also saves the wearer from accidents. The wearer of cats eye can also be relieved from genetic disorders and diseases.

It also gives fruitful results to students and helps them in their studies by imparting a good memory and vision. Also, promotes clear thinking in students so that they can take decisions in their life.

Lehsunia stone is not suitable for all and should be worn only after proper consultation and recommendation. It is highly beneficial for those who are having a Mahadasha of ketu. It is very important to wear this after proper consultation so as to avoid any kind of malefic effects.

How it should be worn in Cats Eye gemstone

  • Lahsunia gemstone should be worn in gold.
  • Should be worn in the middle finger of the right hand on Sunday.
  • It should be worn two hours before the Sunrise.
  • Lehsunia Gemstone must touch the skin on your finger.
  • The ring should be dipped in Gangajal and Cow’s milk 10 minutes before wearing it.
  • Lehsunia should be worn while reciting “AUM KETAVE NAMAH” MANTRA.
  • The ring should be properly washed and cleaned with soap water and moist cloth.

Effects of Cats eye gemstone

When the gemstone is worn it continuously gives out positive energy which is then absorbed by the aura of the individual wearing it. By wearing the ring on a daily basis the aura of the wearer becomes positive and strong and protects the wearer from any mishappenings and bad luck caused ketu. The negative aura of the person is converted in positive aura and the individual benefits from this transformation. Cats eye is worn only for a specific period and should not be worn by an individual throughout his / her life. Lehsunia is a gemstone which is known for its fast acting ability i.e. it shows result within a span of time. So, before wearing it an individual should always go through a trial period of say at least 3-4 days. As it will shown within these days only that whether the gemstone is suitable to the wearer or not. If positive results are there, then it could be worn and it will not have any kind of negative impact. The wearer can therefore get proper benefits by wearing this gemstone with proper guidance that can reduce the malefic effects from his life and bring happiness, growth, success and prosperity in his life. This all round bliss and happiness is possible when you have right remedy for the doshas or astrological problems that you are facing in life.

Appearance of Cats eye gemstone

Cats eye gemstone is available in many different colors such as white, black, yellow, red, blue, grayish green and also in grey. It is available both in opaque and transparent. Lehsunia is a hard stone and is usually oval or round.