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If you are wearing Emerald Gemstone in any form, be glad because you are wearing one of the most magnificent and influential gems! Commonly known as “Panna” in India and other neighboring countries, It also known as Pachu and mercury stone. The evidences of emerald’s magnificence date back to the prehistoric times where lots of instances of bloodshed exist. Behind these atrocities lies the desire to own Emerald stone– the enchanting gem with powerful properties.

The Origin and History of Emerald stone

Word emerald comes from Latin word “Smaragdus” and the gem holds a lot of mythological significance. Panna is a profound name for this stone in India. You aren’t short of folklores which underline its secretive powers – the powers that facilitate wearers to get the love of their life and enjoy youth for long. These attributes signify how valuable Panna stone for the man since ancient times and why people have been anxious to own it and wear it on them.

Since ancient times, Pachu has been a handy resource for rulers and predictors because of its supernatural powers. Among other distinctly identified qualities of mercury stone, its wearer is said to have an impeccable memory and extraordinary intelligence. It bestows the beholder with excellent health, immunity and an attractive personality. Mogul history has lots of examples to showcase how obsessed moguls were with Panna stone and that they even adorned their holy books with this stone. Rajasthan state’s capital Jaipur specially embraces the mogul’s love for Panna Gemstone. The city as we see today is world’s listed gemstone cutting market.

Extraction of Emerald Gemstone:

Emerald Stone is extracted from Beryl which is the red alternative Beryllium. To be precise, it is in its purest form as Beryl. Beryl itself is a very precious stone and it equals the cost of a diamond. It was first discovered in the Egyptian mines named Cleopatra, right in the beginning of nineteenth century. Though it too, like other gems or stones, is also mined but the task is never easy. Inherent human greed makes it so and as well puts the life of labors at risk. The mines of this gemstone exist in almost all parts of the world but some Asia enjoys a special recognition in its extraction, together with some African and European countries.

Some of the finest quality gemstone is extracted from the mines of Scotland and Zambia.

Identifying originality of Emerald stone

Pachu is an expensive gemstone and is found in varying colors. It is mostly dark or light green but there some sellers who also sell transparent ones with visible black dots at a high price.

Fake stone does exist, so caution! It is anytime better to have the gemstone tested in an authentic lab to know its real worth.

Astrological Significance of Panna Stone

Wearing Pachu can be a matter of prestige for some, but it is much more than that. Every zodiac sign has a gemstone associated with it, and emerald stone is the birthstone of zodiac sign Cancer and Virgo.  So people with this sign are often recommended by the astrologers to wear Panna stone as this can benefit them in many ways. As what astrologers suggest, wearing this gemstone helps Cancer individuals to strike a perfect balance between one’s personal and professional life, and also to eliminate evil or negative powers.

It is also considered by many to be the stone of prophecy. It is believed that Panna acts as a tranquilizer for a troubled mind. It brings Calmness of Mind and Peace to the Wearer. It is said that it brings the wearer reason and wisdom.

It gives auspicious results to people whose birth-sign is Gemini or Virgo. It gives good health, wealth and happiness in life.

Powerful Influences of Emerald Gemstone

Vedic Astrology shows that Mercury planet is represented by the Emerald stone. People, particularly students, with strong mercury in their horoscope can drastically benefit by wearing Pachu because it facilitates concentration power and quicker understanding of concepts and can top in their field of education and acquire higher degrees by wearing mercury stone.

Benefits of the Pachu gemstone explicitly exist for writers and businessman as the stone influences mind’s functioning and positively accelerates thought process. As a beholder of sturdy mercury, some people can seek modeling and acting and can even scale significant heights.

Panna stone is a lucky gem for all those who are born under number 5. Mercury rules this number. People born on 5th, 14th and 23rd of any month are governed by this number.

It has long been the symbol of hope. The Pachu stone is said to bring the wearer reason and wisdom. For some it acts as an Antidote for Persons with Emotional Disturbances and A troubled mind.

Children who cannot concentrate on their work and studies can benefit from wearing an Panna stone it as well, as it increases concentration

Benefits of Emerald stone

Wearing of Pachu stone in combination of other stones ensures success in trade and business. Also it helps in enhancing intellect, memory, analytical and intellect power. It helps those children who are having problems in their brain, memory and speech. It helps to control and cure stammering,

It brings good fortune along with proper intelligence and memory power.

It offer success in education and career by benefiting children with their memory and speech and increase wealth.

It is very useful to wear during the major periods (Dasa) of Planet mercury also during the sub Dasa of mercury Planet as per the Horoscope of a Person.

Beneficial aspects of wearing Pachu stone are many, but it is ideal to wear only after appropriate analysis from an expert astrologer and gem specialist.

How to Wear Panna stone?

It is never enough to know the benefits of Panna stone or obtain astrologer’s advice that wearing the gemstone is beneficial for you.

To buy original Emerald Gemstone is the first and foremost prerequisite!

Get a Scotland or Zambia extracted gemstone which should be usually transparent and green in color. This gemstone will promise much better results than others.

If you ask how to wear Panna stone, you will be often advised to have it studded in gold or silver. The ornament, preferably ring, is to be worn in smallest finger.

Best day to wear the mercury stone is the Wednesday of Shukla Paksha but it is equally important to purify it first. Purification process of a gemstone is very significant so as to activate its powerful effects.

Ideal time to wear Mercury stone is morning 5 to 7.

To activate the powerful benefits of Pachu stone, you should first prepare a mixture of pure water, honey and milk. Allow your Panna stone studded ring to remain in this preparation for half an hour. Add extra power to your mercury stone chanting the name of Buddha Deva who is the lord of your sign. Mantra stipulated for Lord Buddha is “Om bram brim braum sah budhaya namah”. It is advisable to light some incense sticks and move circularly over the liquid mix of milk, water and honey.

Benefits of wearing the stone start showing its effects after some days so don’t expect any miracles overnight!

You may be required to change the gem after three years as its effects may fade. Then you can buy Panna stone from a reliable online or offline outlet and repeat the process as explained above. Cheap emerald stone exists too but the effects cannot be as promising and they can be rather malignant.

Cost of Panna stone in India

You should buy original Pachu stone or Panna stone in India to acquire its maximum benefits.

Price of Scotland emerald stone can be anywhere between Rupees 1000 to Rupees 20000 a carat. But it is advisable to get genuine stone from a reliable seller only.

Who can wear Emerald gemstone?

First, it is important to know who should wear Pachu stone.

People best to benefit by wearing Panna gemstone are those who have weak mercury in their horoscope. Feeble mercury indicates procrastination, inability to focus, ineffectiveness of speech, etc. Health disorders like asthma, epilepsy, gastritis, insomnia can be seen in the native of week mercury.

If you or a closed one is showing such problems and has weak mercury, wearing Pachu stone can facilitate.

  • Communication between relatives, partners, friends, etc betters when you wear Mercury stone. You enjoy perfect bliss and a balanced life hereafter.
  • Your learning prowess multiplies because of the effect of Panna stone. This makes you a better and learned person and increases your career prospect.
  • If you horoscope has a well placed mercury, you can become famous in your field and earn lot of fortune all because of Pachu stone.
  • Problems, if any pertaining to the respiratory system, nervous system and various allergies can subside as a medical advantage by wearing Pachu stone.
  • IMPORTANCE OF EMERALD STONE = the gems Can be used for academic excellence, concentration, intelligence and educational achievements. The Green stone have long been used for their emotional and mental powers.