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Gemstones affect our lives and play a very important role in our lives. The Hessonite Garnet Stone is known as “Gomed “in Hindi, “Gomedak” in Sanskrit and “Gomedhikam” in parts of India. It is a very popular gemstone in India. A quality Hessonite is filled with energies of Rahu that is both malefic and strong. This Gemstone is very powerful in the present era. It is a gorgeous stone in the color of honey. The unfortunate effects of Rahu can be removed by wearing Gomed. This gemstone has been worn by people since ancient times it gave them an edge in life and was able to rise high in their lives.

Benefits of Hessonite It is a very powerful gemstone and has psychological, emotional and physical benefits.

Benefit for people with Kalsarpa Dosha as it blesses them with fast and miraculous relief.

  • It provides mental clarity and balanced Temperament.
  • It provides relief from confusion, lack of confidence and Dillusionment.
  • Relief in diseases such as Cancer, Skin Diseases, psoriasis, mental problems, and multiple personality disorders etc.
  • It should not be mixed and matched with the other stones as other may hamper its results.
  • Mediating with the Gomed helps us to focus and bring clarity of mind.
  • It offers protection against snakes.
  • It benefits those in politics, public relations, event managers and those in trades.
  • If the gemstone suits to the individual it brings relief and solution to those problems.
  • It blesses those with power, influence wealth and success.
  • If it is placed in certain position in the birth chart than it can also cause adverse effects like addiction, substance abuse, and may also damage relationships.
  • It blesses the individual with self confidence and courage.
  • It also gives the bearer the capacity to take life head on.
  • It is also beneficial to those who suffer from ‘evil eye’ and problems from spirits and black magic etc.
  • It has protective influence on the wearer.
  • It is excellent for gastric disorders and sluggish metabolism.
  • It also blesses with victory and over enemies.

Features of Hessonite Gemstone

They should be natural, untreated and earth mined gemstones.
It is noble, honey color, orangey red like molten lava.
It has to have lusture, symmetry and maximum movement of light.
It has to be free from flaws as said in the sacred Teris and will be best for people who have any     issue of Rahu planet.
When use in therapy the gems have to be very top and should had great clarity and lusture.

Procedure for wearing Gomed

  • Should we worn only after consulting with astrologer.
  • Should have a minimum weight of 7 carats.
  • Should be worn in center finger of working hand.
  • The effects of Gomed can last up to 3 years.
  • The stone must touch your skin.
  • The ring should be placed in Gangajal or in milk before wearing.
  • It should be worn on Saturday in shukal paksha near sunrise time.
  • Aum RAHAVE NAMAH “should be recited 18 times before wearing.
  • It should regularly be cleaned with soap water and brush.

Gomed is associated with Rahu. It is responsible for all delays and late or not fulfillment of ambitions.  Hessonite is considered as the shadow planet of Rahu. It Rahu stone is worn it can help in achieving success in no time. It protects its bearer from misfortunes. It is reddish chocolate in colour &cold in nature. It cures many diseases caused by the effect of Rahu & Saturn, it increases appetite, vitality, confess, good health, wealth & prosperity.

Rahu is supposed to take you to heights in name and fame in each sphere of your life. It is therefore sometimes considered as greatest beneficial.

Rahu & Saturn more or less has the same effect smoky blue in color, instinctual in nature. Rahu achieves the each & everything what it wants but never contended with it which shows the animalistic nature. Virgo is its zodiac sign. Although Virgo authoritative planet is mercury but Rahu has authority over Virgo.  Cancer &Leo are its enemies & other sun signs are considered its friends. Rahu is auspicious & gives good results in case of Taurus &Libra. It is capable of blessing its bearer with power , fame, success in politics, money and physical beauty when rightly posited.

Characteristics of Rahu

Illusion, Black Magic, Foreign Travels, Secrecy, Cheating, Underworld Thieves, Adultery, Liquor, Poisonious and many more characteristics of Rahu can be prevented by wearing Gomed at the right time with the right procedure.

Availability of Hessonite Gemstone

Hessonite is available in abundance and is found in India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Australia, and South Africa. Gaya mines of Bihar are the biggest source of this gem and the quality found there is also excellent.

Who can wear Gomed?

  • Those who are in the field of law, army, journalism or police can receive great benefits by wearing Hessonite.
  • Hessonite is able to bring a good phase in your life if Rahu is in your 6th, 3rd, 8th or 12th house and it also help to become witty.
  • If you are in the line of work that involves lot of physical work than Rahu can prove to be very beneficial for you and can bring lots of benefits.

Things to be taken care of if wearing Gomed:

  • The person wearing Hessonite should not get angry on others.
  • The person wearing this gemstone must sleep at a proper time and avoid sleeping late at night.
  • Hessonite can show its effects quite swiftly.
  • It can prove to be really helpful in resolving the disputes and that too very quickly if the Rahu is in a position of saving you from litigation.
  • The person wearing Hessonite must be careful of what he eats and must avoid in getting any kind of issue related with this as the excretory system and stomach are affected by Gomed