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Opal/Upal is a beautiful gem that is associated with charm, wealth and grace. It gives a person a chance to luxurious life and help in achieving great heights to people in profession of travel, tours, import and export. It got its name from a Sanskrit word “Upala”. Since the olden times this stone is associated with superstitious powers. It produces these amazing lights when the light is thrown on the stone from a particular angle. This gemstone is a gemstone which can say to be a hydrated form of silica element. It is found at low temperatures. Upal can be considered as a substitute of diamonds even being substitute it has the same effects.

Types of Opal Gemstone

It is found in variety of colors. It can be classified as milk, fire, mexian, girasol, blue, resin, wood and mainline

Appearance of Upal stone

It is generally found in milk fish color or is of yellowish color. Australia produces the most amounts of this gemstone in the world. That why it is even the national gemstone of Australia. It was even discovered on Mars. They are even present in remarkably beautiful black color.

Effects of Upal Gemstone

Upal is said to be the gemstone of lovers and that to a very sensual one.
It is said to be associated with beauty, brains and fortune.
It is highly beneficial for the people in the media industry and for businessman.
The best part about this stone is that it can be worn by anyone. It is not associated with a particular horoscope or birth dates.
This also imparts the wearer with status, luck and power in the society.
For best results it should be worn on the Index finger.


Opal are found in Australia, Brazil, Queensland, Ethiopia in virgin valley of Nevada, United States, Hungary, Turkey, Slovakia, Brazil and even in Indonesia.

In earlier days it was considered as a good luck charm which contains qualities of each gemstone and can help in fight against bad luck. “Upala” name is derived from the Sanskrit word stone.

People born under the sun sign of Libra and Scorpio i.e. people born in the month of October are having opal as their birthstone.

  • The ideal weight should vary between 1/10th of your body weight when measured in carets
  • This gemstone should not be treated with any type of heat or chemical treatments.
  • It should be crystal clear and pure in color without any type of impurities.

Benefits of Opal gemstone

  • It is said to maintain a hormonal balance and to provide benefits to the endocrine system.
  • It improves the functioning of kidneys and therefore improved kidney health.
  • This gemstone benefits those engaged in the field of clothes, expensive cars, jewelry work, art work, etc
  • It provides ample of benefits to those in the field of creative performing arts like singing, dancing, etc
  • As it is said to be the gemstone for lovers, it can bring out passion in ones married life.
  • It also improves the social relationships
  • The Venus of a person can be strengthened by wearing this gemstone. Venus is regarded in astrology as the ruler of luxury and relations. It helps an individual to achieve a life which is full of luxury, love, charm, attraction, grace, etc.
  • Upal is regarded as a semi precious stone
  • Transparent this gemstone has more value than the opaque ones.
  • It can also solve and heal depression in an individual.
  • This can pick the thoughts and emotions of a person due to its ability to absorb.

How to wear Opal gemstone:

  • Should be worn in silver.
  • Upal should be worn on Friday.
  • Should be worn after the pooja is being performed.
  • Should be worn early in the morning.
  • Should be worn after bath.
  • Should be worn in the little finger of right hand.
  • Should be worn while reciting”OM DRAAM DREEM DROOM SAHA SHUKRAYA NAMAH“.

Care of Opal Gemstone

They should be treated with almost care due to their delicacy properties. i.e. they are very delicate in nature due to the water present in them therefore special care is required to be taken. If Upal is kept in a dry place or in extreme heat than it will crack and will lost its shine and fade away. They should be prevented from aging, dryness, dehydration. They are sensitive to sudden temperature change.  They are easily scratched and gradually their polish also reduces. No physical activity should be done while wearing this jewellery. They are sensitive and require special care.

Who can wear opal gemstone?

  • Those who are unable to get any help from Venus can wear this for getting effective results.
  • Those who are having Venus as the lord of 1st, 7th, 2nd, 9th or 10th house ought to wear it.
  • Those who feel that their artistic splash or imagination is going away can wear it.
  • If a person is getting wedged in any types of litigation's than wearing Upal is really beneficial for them.
  • Those who are afraid of their future and do not know as what to do and what not must wear Upal as it can help you to have clear aims.
  • The person who is stuck in life and is unable to make proper decisions should wear this stone to have improvements in the situations.
  • Those who are having the problem of lack of confidence and are unable to speak boldly with anyone should wear it.

Also it is important to note for those who are having Venus as the lord of 3rd, 12th or 8th house that it is a bad idea for them wearing an Upal as in this case, their performance is affected by it in such a manner that they are unable to focus well.

Keeping these points in mind and wear according to the proper instructions can provide the wearer with number of benefits.