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It is amazing how a tiny, nondescript foreign body literally gets under the skin of a living mollusk and ultimately comes out as an iridescent object of majestic beauty. This is the famous gemstone called pearl, an all-time favorite amongst men and women alike.

An Object of Adoration

The celestial-looking pearl is stated to be a representation of some of the best qualities that may be associated with the human race. They include purity, faithfulness, loyalty, friendship and humility. Several cultures, therefore, regard it as one of the nine most treasured gemstones in the world. Some have even gone so far as to create fanciful legends around the moonstone, always linking its appearance with the shining luster of the moon.

In Ancient Times, the lustrous pearl was often regarded as a symbol of sophistication, status and wealth. This is evinced by the fact that only high-ranking Romans took possession of ornaments crafted from Moonstone. The common people were not allowed to touch these gemstones. The Spaniards loved to exchange gifts of expensive stone. European explorers were surprised to find members of various tribes in the Americas donning moonstone jewelry. This fascination with the mystical moonstone has carried over to modern times too. Adornments fashioned from both, natural Moti and cultured Moti, are equally popular across the globe.

Pearl Stone- the Ocean’s Treasures

Natural pearls are found in the ocean waters surrounding Sri Lanka, the Caribbean region and the Philippines. Places like the Gulf of California, the Gulf of Manner, the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea also yield Moti. In fact, these harvesting beds have been in existence for thousands of years. Freshwater and saltwater Moonstone is cultured at several places across the globe, since customers always keep coming back for more.

Miscellaneous Facts about Moonstone

A moonstone holds more value if it is older in age and large-sized. Unlike other gemstones, the weight of a Moti is not measured in carats. Instead, it is measured in grains. To illustrate, a single grain of Moti is equivalent to a quarter carat of a precious stone’s weight. Therefore, if you desire to obtain a carat’s worth, there must be four grains of pearl placed in front of you.

Genuine pearls present themselves in a range of colors. They may be gray, white, black, brown, pink or blue. The specific mollusk that creates the chandra graha stone and the kind of water it resides in, decides what the ultimate color of the gemstone will be. The moonstone occupies a moderate place on the hardness scale. Its hardness varies between 2.5 and 4.5. This means that a chandra graha stone may be scratched easily, and even crushed by the application of great pressure. No wonder they term it as delicate!

An expert jeweler categorizes Moti in accordance with shape, size, luster, degree of perfection and color. He will also be able to advise you regarding the care of your Moti adornments. They are sensitive to vigorous rubbing, dryness, sunlight, humidity, acids and heavy variations in temperature. Therefore, store your precious jewelry in a cool and safe place always.

Who can wear the Pearl?

Not only jewelers, but also astrologers are fascinated by this gemstone, which is not produced by Mother Earth. As per the Vedic Ratna gems experts in India, the Moti, by virtue of its shine, smoothness and round shape, may be viewed as closely associated with Earth’s satellite, moon. Towards this end, if your horoscope reflects a benevolent moon on it, it would be advantageous for you to don an ornament with a pearl on it. However, if the moon were in a malefic position on the horoscope, you would do well to take the advice of an experienced astrologer before doing anything. The expert will be able to judge the position of the moon perfectly in your birth horoscope and offer relevant advice. Like all gemstones, the moonstone may have a good or bad influence on your life.

Then again, the moon is stated to exert a tremendous influence on the lives of newborns and young toddlers. It is because of this that so much importance is granted in perusing the lunar horoscope of the child. It is believed that if the pearl is not compatible with the horoscope, the child may suffer from ill health and all kinds of difficulties in future.

How should the Pearl be worn?

If Moti stone proves suitable for your astrological constitution, you should be donning it on the small finger of your right hand. The stone has to be embedded on a silver ring.

Ideally, it has to be put through a purification process as ordained by spiritual thinkers, prior to placing it on your finger. The process may include dipping the chandra graha gemstone in a mixture of honey, milk and pure water for half an hour. In India, it is believed that the wearing of the ring for the first time should be accompanied by the chanting of mantras and the burning of incense sticks. These mantras are generally associated with the Moon God. There are even specific dates and times suggested for wearing it, in accordance with your birth time, birth date, etc. Generally, Monday is viewed as an auspicious day. Furthermore, it is suggested that you should keep the ring on your finger always. It may or may not be true, but experts declare that the good effects offered by your Moonstone ring last for around two years only. Therefore, you may need to replace the old Moti stone with a new one.

How do you identify the right Pearl?

It would be best to go in for a south sea pearl, which is equivalent to anywhere between five and ten carats weight of other gemstones.

Benefits of wearing a pearl ring

Even scientists suggest that the moon has a heavy impact on the human mindset. Astrologers are no different in their viewpoints. It must be obvious, therefore, that the Moonstone ring can bring tremendous stability to your mind. When you are at peace with yourself, you are at peace with others. Your self-confidence is enhanced to such an extent that you develop wonderful relationships with others.

Apart from this, the Moonstone ensures that your bodily fluids remain clean, pure and disease free. Those, who are involved with businesses associated with fluids or water, may progress well b wearing a Moti.