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Coral is also known as Praval or Moonga. It is a kind of hard skeleton that is made up of tiny leafless bushes composed of stiff calcium carbonate. Also they look like under water plants but they are marine animals in real. These animals are known as polypus. They are organic kind of gemstones made of skeleton of polypus. They are durable in nature and therefore are used in jewellery making. Naturally they are matte however they can be polished well to bring a glossy shine on them. The color of Moonga ranges from reddish pink to dark n deep red and are also available in scarlet, saffron, white and red colors.

As described in Hindu mythology, the Mangal grah stone nullify the bad effects of planet mars i.e. mangal graham, and pleases it. Mars is considered as the planet of energy, blood circulation and vitality. It is important to note that Mars is the leader of the congregation of 9 planets and is also regarded as the god of war. The color red symbolizes blood.

  • Moonga Stone reduces the malefic effects of mars and should be worn by people those affected by Mangal Dosha.
  • The Mars gemstone benefits the most that have difficulties in their life due to enemies.
  • Moonga Stone should be studded in copper before wearing and should be of 5-6 carats.
  • Astrological Remedy of mars gemstone

Moonga stone has astrological remedy to strengthen planet Mars and those suffering from Dosha. People, who tend to have this Dosha in their life, choose to wear this stone as per the predictions of astrologer. In addition to this, it is the top notch remedy for astrology for those who are bothered by the enemies and for the people who want to make their disturbed married relationships into wonderful ones. This is the reason why the wearer of these tends to get rid of problems related to enemies.

Benefits of red Coral mars gemstone

  • Moonga Stone benefits children when wounded and wound is caused by snakes and scorpions.
  • Mars gemstone enhances physical strength and overcomes the symptoms of depression.
  • Mangal grah stone also enhances confidence, capability and power to utilize power in political and social circles.
  • It also brings value in deals relating to Land.
  • Mars gemstone prevents abortion, fever, piles small pox etc.
  • by wearing red coral gemstone children can b protected against diseases like rickets and stomachache.
  • Mangal grah stone also helps in removing obstacles.
  • Gem of Mars helps in fighting problems related to self grooming.
  • Moonga Stone is also known to bring stability in life so highly recommended for those who are facing issues in marriage and who desire to have children.
  • Gem of Mars cures knee problems and arthritis.
  • it also brings stability in career and courage to face challenges.
  • Gem of Mars gives victory over adversaries and enemies.
  • The Natural Moonga Gemstone Benefit in overcoming laziness and to take tasks at their logical conclusions.

Success in Career with Moonga Stone

People who tend to face difficult situations in achieving their desired career can choose this gem stone. There are many domains of career in which people are benefited with this gem stone. It helps in achieving success in career and profession. Traders, doctors, engineers, politicians, businessman, entertainers are some of the professions who get the most amount of benefit from Mangal grah stone.

Occurrence of Praval stone

When we search the geographical location of Moonga Gemstone, we shall see that it is found in Algeria, Spain, Italy, Japan, France, Corsica, Sicily and in India. Most of the precious coral stone are harvested from the Mediterranean Sea in Sardania. Coral stone from Hawaii, coastal Japan the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea are considered to be the finest in the world.
Red Coral stone Lucky For

To raise its benefit, it is lucky for those born under number 9 and the best day to wear it is Tuesday. So if you think you need this gem stone you can choose it to add luck in your life.

Care & Cleaning of the Stone

  • they are soft and delicate as they are organic in nature and should only be wiped with clean moist cloth.
  • Chemicals and cosmetics should be avoided along with hairsprays and perfume.
  • Qualities of Good Coral stone
  • Color tone should be even.
  • Mars gemstone should be free from any dents or holes.
  • It should be of vibrant red or orange color.
  • Should have an even surface and regular shape.

With the color shade perspective of this stone, we will find that Moonga stone typically ranges from translucent to opaque. Naturally it is dull and matte. Where as a polished Moonga stone will show a beautiful lusture. It is polished with sandstone and then finely polished with felt- wheels. It can be easily cut due to its softness. They can be found in any shape but they are mostly found in oval, rounds and free form shape.
Method of wearing the Red Coral Stone
Consider an astrologer before opting for a Moonga stone. The reason being if, it used in positive houses than, it will bring enormous benefits to the wearer but if, positioned negatively than, it may even destroy the wearer.

  • The ideal weight of Moonga stone should vary from 6 to 12 carat.
  • It should be purchased in shukal paksha on Tuesday or should be purchased during Sunday.
  • It should be worn either in gold or silver ring to obtain best astrological benefits.
  • The stone should be subscribed before sunrise till 11:00 A.M
  • While wearing the ring the person should sit in east direction to clean the negative energies from stone.
  • Place the ring in Gangajal or cow milk for an entire night.
  • Then place the ring on a red color cloth on which mars yantra is drawn.
  • Burn 5 incense sticks and recite “ Aum Bhaum Bhaumaye Namah aum “ 108 times.
  • Then wear the ring in the right hand on the ring finger.
  • The results can be seen after one month from wearing it till 4 years.