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The importance of gemstones is known worldwide. In a country like India, it is considered auspicious and believed to be a very important gemstone. The name “Ruby” itself is beautiful and so is the stone. A Manikya is a stone with color that ranges from the pink color to blood red color. The color is so fascinating that it catches the eye of the beholder. The red color is due to the existence of element called  chromium. It is also considered as a very precious stone. The quality is determined by its clarity, cut and color. It is a traditional birthstone for those born in July. In  the Vedic astrology Manikya represents the planet “Sun” therefore the world’s most expensive Manikya is “Sunrise Ruby”. In Hindi it is also known as “Manik, Manikya and sun stone“.

Manik Stone is a naturally occurring Gemstone, which is a variety of the mineral corundum i.e. aluminum oxide. The cost of Ruby is ascertained basically by its color. It consists of aluminum oxide and chrome along with fine traces of other elements also. Depending upon which deposit it is from, it is considered as the most valuable gemstone in the gems world. People wear this gemstone for a number of reasons.

For a very long time Manikya the undisputed ruler of the world gemstones was found in abundance in India. It can be shown in the works of Indian Literature and the knowledge about this gemstone has been passed down for many thousand years. The Sanskrit word for “Ruby “is “Ratnaraj “which means the king of gemstones which is truly in every sense.

Manikya is excellently hard gemstone. The most precious thing about this gemstone is its color. Red is the color associated with love, passion, power and they are also the attributes associated with this gemstone. It is perfect stone to express the powerful feelings. It does not symbolizes a calm or controlled affection rather it witness a passionate, unbridled love that people can feel for each other.

Physical Properties of manik Stone

Rubies have stiffness of approximately 9.0 on scale of mineral stiffness. In the range of natural gem stones only diamond and moissanite are harder, with diamond having a stiffness of approximately 10.0 and moissanite falling someplace in mid of diamond and Manikya in stiffness. The Sapphire, pure corundum and ruby are α-alumina, the most stable form.
Occurrence of Ruby stone

For centuries the world’s main source of Rubies is the Mogok Valley in upper Myanmar. The rubies that are found here are of rich color and texture. In addition to this, they have also been mined in Thailand, India, Australia, Combia, Japan, Scotland, Brazil etc. The rubies found in Sri Lanka have a lighter shade of Pink.

Effects of Wearing Ruby stone

There are a number of benefits of wearing Manikya. Some are mentioned as under:
1. Helps in achieving good health and reputation in Society.
2. Promotion in government services.
3. Safe from enemies and will are self-independent.
4. One can achieve heights in politics by wearing manik Stone.
5. manik Stone also imparts strength to the wearer.
6. Manikya also brings liveliness and spark in the human nature.
7. It takes away the sadness from the character and lead to happiness.
8. The Sun stone also safeguards a person from evil spirits.
9. The manik Stone also enhances the financial stability of a person that leads to several beneficial prospects.
10. The Sun stone also tend to enhance the leadership skills of a person.
11. The wearer of Manikya is blessed with property and children.
12. It is believed that Sun stone also strengthens the will power of the wearer and protects the person from disasters.

How to Purify manik Stone before wearing?

  • Wear a manik Stone that is worth 3 to 6 carats.
  • Light or dark Red and pink which are fully transparent.
  • Should be worn in gold or copper ring.
  • Can be worn on a Sunday between 6 to 7 AM
  • To purify the ring dip it in a mixture of water, milk and honey for at least 30 minutes.
  • Also light some incense sticks in the name of Lord Surya.
  • Chant the mantra “Om Surya Namah” while wearing the ring.

Manikya effects can be seen within 30 days and remain active for a maximum period of 4 years.

How to wear ruby stone?

It should be worn in ring finger of the right hand for the best results. In order to gain maximum benefits it should be worn in copper or gold as these metals represent the Sun.

Suitability of Sun Stone

It should be worn only after consulting with an astrologer as if worn without any expert advice it may give adverse effects and may harm your day to day activities as it associated with the planet Sun. Thus, it is very important to wear manik Stone only after the consultation from the astrologer.

Factors Affecting Value of manik Stone

There are a number of factors that are affecting the value of Ruby. To know more about them it is essential to note that they can be evaluated on the basis of 4C’s. The 4c’s are popularly the color, cut, carat, and clarity. However, along with these 4C’s there are number of factors to be considered as well. For instance, along with 4C’s, they have to be used with their geographic location and their size. These all effect the value of Manikya. The brightest and the most valuable ruby is the “Pigeon Blood“. After color comes the clarity and this is measured as alike to diamonds. An apparent gem stone will be of a premium value but a Manikya stone with no inclusions like needle may indicate so as to the manik Stone has been treated. For improving the quality of gemstones, some treatments are considered acceptable. Improvements can be done for color alteration, for improving the transparency of the stone, healing of cracks or even completely filing them. These treatments and enhancements do not decrease the value of the manik Stone.However, it is important that it is bought from the trusted store so that it is original and free from any kind of effects.