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Tiger eye stone is found in metamorphic rocks, and is derived from silicon dioxide crystals. It has a unique optical property i.e. it looks like a cat’s eye does glowing in the dark. The color of the stone can vary from red to yellow it all depends on the way it has been cut. It is usually polished and the shine it gets after that is both felt and seen. They are considered more effective if worn on Tuesday. It was worn in ancient times it helps see in the dark. It was considered a good luck stone. It was used to ward off the evil eye. It was used to give back any malice or threat without absorbing any negative energy in return. It was used to test and see if someone was reliable or not. It was believed that by the end of the day brown colour Tiger eye will help all the deceptions if any be revealed.

Ancient Egyptians used it as eyes from the idols eyes as it represent divine vision. They believed brown colour Tiger eye provided the protection of both the sun god and the god of growing land, geb. The roman soldiers used it to deflect weapon and to be brave in the battlefield. Ancients believed it to have special powers this stones was considered powerful and mysterious, they both feared and revered this tone. Protective stone was considered an all seeing all knowing eye. It was believed that the wearer of this stone got special all seeing ability, he could observe everything even through closed doors.

It is found in east Asia- Burma, Korea and India. It is also found in Brazil, Australia and some parts of Africa

Care for Tiger eye stone

• Tigers eye can and will frequently carry negative energy to purify it of negative energy the stone should be dipped in water for one night

• Wipe it with a soft cloth to make sure it isn’t scratched. Also make sure it doesn’t get scratched against other much harder gemstones.

Properties of Tiger eye stone

The wearer of Tiger eye gemstone

  • Improves self esteem
  • Self dignity
  • The chatoyant gemstone also increases patience and tolerance levels
  • It increases spiritual value
  • This stone when comes in contact with skin daily spreads joy to the wearer
  • Increases inner peace
  • Increases health
  • The chatoyant gemstone promotes courage
  • promotes self integration
  • It infuses the wearer with confidence
  • In children it helps them study
  • gives the wearer a sense of security
  • It helps timid children gain confidence
  • The chatoyant gemstone makes the wearer more optimistic
  • enhances strength when you need it the most
  • It provides protection
  • Chatoyant gemstone Promotes clear thinking
  • It helps with personal empowerment
  • Protective stone makes the wearer more grounded
  • It gives the wearer grace and courage
  • Protective stone enhances willpower
  • The protective stone also brings good luck to the wearer
  • Chatoyant gemstone helps in focusing the mind
  • The protective stone promotes mental clarity
  • It helps in solving problems objectively without being clouded by emotions
  • Protective stone helps in realizing ones need in context of others
  • It balances yin and yang
  • Chatoyant gemstone energizes the emotional body
  • It bring a steady flow of income
  • Chatoyant gemstone helps in building up knowledge base
  • It helps in making major changes in the career
  • It increases perception
  • The protective stone increases insight
  • The protective stone protects the wearer from the negative intentions of others
  • It helps the wearer pay attention to details
  • Protective stone helps the wearer in taking positive actions
  • Best in solving crisis
  • Helps when quick thinking is required
  • Helps the wearer in sizing up the character of someone
  • Helps in controlling binge eating
  • Decreases the desire for the wrong kind of food like drugs and alcohol
  • Reduces the feeling of isolation
  • Helps in soothing family tension
  • Soothes relationships where there are difference of opinion

Health benefits of Tiger eye stone

  • Helps in healing skin disorders
  • Heals broken bones
  • It is useful in with tissue wounds
  • Dispels anxiety and fear
  • Helps in healing psych-somatic illnesses
  • Stabilizes mood swings
  • Helps in releasing tension
  • Helps in the treatment of eyes
  • It treats throat
  • It is useful in the treatment of reproductive organs
  • It releases harmful toxins from the body
  • Protective stone alleviates pain
  • It also strengthens the alignment of the spinal cord in the body

Who should wear Tiger Eye stone?

  • The ascend of the Kundalini energy is stimulated by the crystal of Tiger’s eye. Kundalini energy is believed to be then coiled serpent residing at the spine base and when this energy is stirred, it may augment up through the spine.
  • It is believed that enlightenment is carried by the Kundalini stimulation process and for this purpose; the help of this crystal is taken.
  • The likely discomforts that may be felt by the people are alleviated by wearing Tiger’s eye as the Kundalini arousing process is eased by the serpentine.
  • The wearer is enabled to take actions that are required to be more sensible.
  • Those who find it complex to make promises to do what is required to be done can wear this stone as its vibrations will support them.
  • For spiritually grounding a person, this is a strong stone.
  • Those having any kind of mental divergence and scattered energy are aided by this stone as both the hemispheres of brain are incorporated by it.
  • Chatoyant gemstone helps the wearer to remain grounded and peaceful through the changes, will charge the intelligence and also help the wearer to be clearer spiritually. 

Tiger eye stone stimulates the first three chakras. It directs the energy of sun rays into the grounds. It maintains a balance between two extreme forces. It promotes partiality and physical vitality.

It helps one enter into a state of bliss when meditating with it. It helps the wearer experience a point of self awareness.

It is the zodic stone of those born under the star sign Gemini ( may 21- June 20) .