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You might have heard about the gemstones and what benefits they give you, when you wear them. There are a lot of gemstones available and among those yellow sapphire gemstone is considered as one the most beneficial gemstones. This is the stone which has the positive powers of Jupiter. This gemstone is also known as Pukhraj and Pushparagam. The color of this gemstone of yellow and it basically contains aluminium oxide. Pushkaraj stone is having a different sparkle and you will be able to see many other colors apart from yellow, when you look at it from different angles.

History of Pukhraj Gemstone

Pukhraj gemstone is usually proposed for the planet Jupiter. This planet is considered to be the heaviest and largest planet among all the planets. This is called as the Devaguru, which means it is considered as the guru (teacher) of all the planets and hence it is given the highest position. In the row of the gemstones also, Pushkaraj gemstone is placed on the top position, signifying its importance. There are many places across the world where you will be able to find this super special and magical gemstone. It’s sourced from All over the World but mainly from Australia, Tanzania, Thailand, Madagascar and Sri Lanka.

According to the Indian culture, yellow sapphire gemstone has got a lot of importance. Pukhraj gemstone is considered to be very auspicious and brings prosperity and peace along with continuation of good family relationships.

Pushkaraj is gemstone is very convenient but you will have to be very careful about how to wear it. You should always make sure that you are wearing it on the right finger. This is a stone, which is good for people of many different zodiac signs as it bring in prosperity and financial status as well. You will have to take guidance from an astrologer before you wear this gemstone, else it can be harmful for you. Pukhraj gemstone brings in different benefits for people of different zodiac signs and it is also different for men and women. Hence, you just need to be very careful while you are wearing this. Make sure to check the details completely so that you will be able to enjoy the best of this gemstone.

Who can wear Yellow Sapphire Gemstone?

Jupiter stone is one of the most auspicious and powerful gemstone because Jupiter is considered powerful. Jupiter is actually considered as the 9th trine house Lord, which is the house for fortune and fate. Jupiter stone is also considered as lord for the 12th house, which is for expenditure. In any individual’s horoscope, the most auspicious house is the 9th house and if any such person is wearing this Pushkaraj gemstone, then they will be able to enjoy the most out of it. Jupiter is also considered to give good effects for Lord Mars ascendants. If you are a person of Aries zodiac sign and having Jupiter in the 1st, 5th, 4th and 9th houses, can wear this gemstone for their entire life. All other who are in the Jupiter’s major period can wear Pukhraj gemstone, but do not even try this if you are having Jupiter in 10th house.

How to wear yellow sapphire gemstone?

  • Before you can wear Pukhraj gemstone, it always good to talk to an astrologer about it. Even if you are sure about the benefits it can give you, according to your zodiac sign, it is good to take astrologers opinion.
  • You should make sure that the weight of the yellow stone is at least 3.25 carats. If you can wear of a higher weight, then you can go for it as the positive effects grow with the weight of the stone.
  • You will always have to wear this stone on the index finger.
  • You should wear it on Thursday morning during dawn.
  • You will need Gangajal or cow milk before you wear Jupiter stone, as you need to keep it dipped in any one of them before wearing it.
  • This gemstone Gives Results throughout Life
  • You will have to get your ring designed in such a way that it is touching your skin.
  • You should also make sure that you are cleaning it regularly. If any dust gets accumulated at the bottom of the Jupiter stone, then you will see that its effect will get reduced.

How to identify the real yellow sapphire gemstone?

It is very important that you buy original Pukhraj gemstone and use it to enjoy the full benefits of this very powerful gemstone. Here are some tips that can help you in identifying the original or real stone.

The colour of the gemstone is basically orangish yellow or sometimes golden yellow. If you are able to find a Pushkraj gemstone with deep golden colour without any orange tinge, as that is the purest form of this gemstone. Original gemstone when kept in milk even for 24 hours will remain yellow colour and that is one of the ways to identify it. You can place the yellow sapphire stone in a white cloth and hold it in the sunlight. Wherever the light reflects, you will be able to see a yellowish hue. It is very important to identify the right one before you buy Pushkaraj, as there are duplicate stones available in the market.

Benefits of yellow sapphire gemstone

As stated above, Pushkaraj is considered as Jupiter stone and Jupiter represents divine guidance, good fortune, good fate, divine grace, and good education, power of knowledge and power of speech. It also provides public fame, financial stability and growth, continuation of family relations. When you are wearing yellow sapphire gemstone, then you will be able to enjoy all these benefits. When females wear Pukhraj gemstone, then they will get married soon, and all married women will be able to enjoy a happy married life. Men will also be able to marry the women of the choice. The most important benefit of this yellow gemstone is prosperity and wealth.