The Ruby holds an exalted position in the global arena of semi-precious and precious stones. It exudes nobility, power and passion! It should come as no surprise to anyone, therefore, that it is one of the most coveted gemstones by people from all backgrounds/occupations.

Who really deserves the Ruby gemstone?

Well, the scorpions (Scorpio), lions (Leo) and fiery individuals (Arians) deserve the friendship of the Ruby gemstone! If your astrologer says that you must wear it, you will need to obtain the stone from an authentic gemmologist, such as, if you are to receive maximum benefits from it.

Once you purchase the gemstone, please have it embedded onto a gold or copper ring. Ensure that the ring is open-backed, for the Ruby must ‘kiss’ your skin all the time! Prior to actually donning the ring, you will have to make it go through a purification process. The Ruby must go onto the ring finger of your right hand, on a Sunday morning. If you are wondering why on a Sunday, it is because this is the favourite day of planet Sun. In addition, he has a soft corner for the Ruby gemstone. Therefore, both must be appeased on the same day!

What will happen after you befriend the Ruby gemstone?

If you have always been a timid person, would you not like to change into a bold and self-confident person? Yes, of course, you would! The blood-coloured Ruby helps the blood to flow smoothly and healthily in your blood circulatory system. It is as if your veins receive a boost from a lively spark, encouraging them to shed all laziness and lethargy. As a result, you are energetic and vital, refusing to become exhausted ever! Your thoughts and behaviour will prove greatly inspirational for others around you.

In case, the romantic spirit has gone to sleep within you, the wearing of this stone will re-awaken it. Whether you are trying to woo someone or bring back life into an unsteady marital relationship, you will succeed wonderfully well. You are the epitome of commitment and sensuality, as you strive to develop a charming and novel personality!

Your bodily chakras are impacted too. The root chakra, located at the base of your spine, is affected the most. When you take the Ruby gemstone into confidence, it donates life-giving vitality and energy to the root chakra. As a result, you will sense that your body, spirit and mind have come into alignment once again. There is greater determination, mental alertness, focus, etc, witnessed in your demeanour. Naturally, you aim for success in all areas of life.

Do you know what else lies at the base of your spine? It is Shakti or Kundalini Energy. When this ‘spiral’ is re-awakened, you will feel dynamically alive! It is as if you cannot wait to take on the entire world!


The Emerald gemstone attracts everyone through the sheer power of its resplendent beauty and supernatural magnetism! Counted as one of the priciest stones in the world, the precious stone seems to promise eternal youth to the wearer. That is why it has been coveted and fought over, ever since Ancient Times. However, in the modern world, it is also valued for its marvellous astrological benefits.

What are the general benefits obtained from the Emerald gemstone?

In case, you are a Virgo-born or a Gemini-born, your astrologer will prescribe the Emerald gemstone as an effective remedy to resolve your problems. Sometimes, the Cancer-born may also benefit. Whatever be the case, do purchase your gemstone from a reliable gemmologist, such as

It is hard to say if the precious stone will afford you a youthful appearance throughout your life or not. However, it will definitely improve your immunity, such that commonly occurring maladies keep their distance from you. If your inner depths are cleansed of impurities and illnesses, your exterior is bound to display a healthy glow. Thus, you attain both, youthfulness and longevity, without much effort.

The Emerald stone is also known as the Mercury Stone, Panna or Pachu, because it improves your memory, concentration, decision-making abilities and communication skills. Naturally, you improve in all areas of your personal and professional lives. In turn, this will reduce mental stress. Over time, your body, soul and mind come into perfect alignment. If you are lucky, you will discover that you have gained psychic abilities too. You now possess the Gift of Prophecy!

How will the Emerald gemstone improve your love life?

Now, your backbone does not comprise of hard and visible vertebrae alone. It also comprises of seven invisible chakras arranged along its length. They are the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras. The mystical Emerald is linked to the heart chakra, the region of ‘love’. True, there are different kinds of love, related to the affection between husband and wife, parents and children, siblings, man/boy and woman/girl, etc. However, the Emerald stone specialises in romance and finding perfect partnerships, more than on other kinds of love! Therefore, you may trust it to find the true love of your life.

It could be that you found it hard to approach a member of the opposite sex in the past, thanks to your lack of communication skills. Then again, in case you are married, you may be facing problems in your marital life too. Such issues will not recur, since the Emerald gemstone adorning the small finger on your right hand ensures that your personality undergoes drastic changes. The very fact that people come to you for advice related to all kinds of things should suffice to build up your confidence no end. Soon enough, you should find yourself changing into a truly charismatic character. When this happens, you may consider your search to be at an end. Your true love will come to you on its own!


If it is just a case of beautifying your personality with fascinating jewellery, you are welcome to choose any kind of gemstone that you want. However, if you are desirous of obtaining spiritual benefits from precious stones, you will have to consult an experienced astrologer.

Why is it imperative to obtain information from a Vedic astrologer?

You may not be aware that every person is surrounded by an invisible aura. This is actually a subtle energy field, which is friendly towards anything and everything that enters it. Now, every single day of its life, your aura is being bombarded with negative and positive cosmic energies directed at it by the astrological planets in the sky. In addition, your aura becomes further weakened or strengthened by the bad or good things happening in your life. Suffice to say that your bodily aura is never stable, but always imbalanced. The right gemstone can enhance the positive vibrations, as well as reduce the negative ones.

Then again, one of the nine planets belonging to the astrological Solar System is your ruling planet. It may be favourable or unfavourable towards you. Whatever cosmic energies it directs towards you, they will affect your relationships, behavioural patterns, thought processes, lifestyle, emotional habits, belief systems and your career or business growth. When you befriend a suitable precious stone, your body, spirit and mind will come into alignment, creating blissful harmony in your life.

Which gemstone is right for the right person?

When your astrologer informs you about the type of gemstone that you require, do purchase it from a reliable gemmologist. One such dealer is The gemstone must go through a purification ritual before being placed on the desired finger of the right hand. Below are outlined the planets and their respective gemstones.

•           The sparkling Ruby is perfect for planet Sun.

•           The mesmerising Blue Sapphire is perfectly compatible with planet Saturn.

•           The mysterious-looking Emerald is best for planet Mercury.

•           The shining Red Coral is friendly towards planet Mars.

•           The lustrous Pearl looks just like its ruler, planet Moon.

•           The bewitching Yellow Sapphire prefers planet Jupiter.

•           The unusual-looking Cat’s Eye is perfect to appease planet Ketu.

•           The expensive Diamond considers planet Venus to be its best friend.

•           The glowing Hessonite and planet Rahu are very compatible.

Each gemstone has to be placed on a metal ring, which in turn, has to be placed on the correct finger.

•           Ruby = gold/copper ring adorning your ring finger

•           Blue Sapphire = gold/silver ring placed on your middle finger

•           Emerald = gold/silver ring placed on your little finger

•           Red Coral = copper/silver/gold ring placed on your ring finger

•           Pearl = silver ring placed on the smallest finger

•           Yellow Sapphire = gold ring placed on your index finger

•           Cat’s Eye = gold ring placed on your middle finger

•           Diamond = gold ring placed on your middle finger

•           Hessonite = silver ring placed on the central finger

Mahalaxmi Maha yantra

You are not the only one who desires financial fulfilment. Every single one of us does! However, you may be finding it extremely difficult to attain your desire, despite all your industriousness and determination. Obviously, you need ‘cosmic’ assistance. You may acquire this by favouring the Sampurna Mahalaxmi Maha yantra for good luck and wealth.

What are the benefits of this yantra?

Prior to everything else, please ensure that you purchase the yantra from a reliable dealer, such as This is because a genuinely ‘charged’ yantra will enable you to acquire everything that you want in life. Hitherto, you may have just been dreaming about riches, luxuries and comforts. Well, now you may expect them to become reality. The Sampurna Mahalaxmi Maha yantra removes obstacles. Even the negative aura surrounding your cash box/safe will be destroyed, and replaced with a positive aura.

Your astrologer will be able to guide you regarding the holy origin and lineage of this powerful cosmic tool. True, the name of the yantra specifically relates to the Goddess of Wealth, Goddess Laxmi. It is the very personification of the benevolent Goddess. She stands on the highest pedestal, as far as bestowing of prosperity and wealth are concerned. However, all the important deities whom Hindus worship, also award their blessings to this particular yantra. Therefore, it is akin to a conglomeration of powerful energies.

What is so special about this particular yantra?

After you buy Sampurna Mahalaxmi Maha yantra, you will gradually comprehend that around five Gods/Goddesses are directing their cosmic benevolence towards your being.

You are well aware that every auspicious task in Hinduism begins by invoking the blessings of Lord Ganesh/Vinayak. Well, thanks to His Grace, you will have access to the Sampurna Mahalaxmi Maha yantra for increased intelligence. Yes, your intelligent brain will help you remove all kinds of obstacles in your path, thereby promoting success, prosperity, good health and good fortune in your life.

Even the Sri (wealth) yantra (instrument) is part of this yantra. It is one of the most powerful, auspicious and important yantras in existence. It aids in building up your mental strength and enhancing your inner cosmic energies. As a result, you experience an increase not only in authority, popularity, prosperity, power and success, but also in happiness and peace. The Sampurna Mahalaxmi maha yantra is for creativity and spiritual enrichment.

When established in your home, the Kanakadhara yantra invites good luck and good fortune to enter your life. By bestowing what are known as Asth Siddhi (eight types of supernatural powers) and Nav Nidhi (nine types of wealth) on you, the Kanakadhara yantra opens up several gateways to healthy earnings.

Kuber yantra is a representation of Lord Kuber (God of treasures and wealth). You will gain access to ancestral property, gold, buried treasures and gems through diverse channels. Thus, you will never lack for material or spiritual comforts.

The fifth deity, of course, is Goddess Laxmi, who sits in the centre of the Sri Sampoorna Mahalaxmi Maha yantra.


In the history of gemology, Blue topaz is recognized as one of the prominent one. This stone is found in nature and has various advantages.  Blue colored Semi precious gemstone embrace your status, gives you the pleasures of earthy world if worn right as per your zodiac sign. It is said that blue topaz is well connected to planet Saturn considered to be one of the best planet in solar system. Over the years of discovery it is found that blue topaz online have certain advantages, some of them are as follows:-

Gives ability to express:-  Blue is very calm color, it helps to boost your thought process and gives the best results when you wish to express yourself. Expert astrologers recommend the dharan of this gemstone for people associated with creative field like writing.

Clears down the problems of throat area:-  Not just the materialistic benefits, you could consider wearing this humble gemstone to clear down the problems of throat area. The best is that you could wear them in any form of jewelry. Vedicratna online place to order for blue Topaz is perfect to get hands on the certified and proper authentication jewelry.

Uniting mind, body and soul: - In the stressful phase of life it is very difficult to concentrate and be blissful, buy blue topaz online could work wonders in focusing and help in leading the life with ease. Expert astrologers also state that the blue topaz could be considered for people born in December.

Improving communication:-  The ancient sages state that blue topaz gemstone facts can remove the malefic effects or curses given by lord Shani. This gemstone is also beneficial for people associated with the business and thus it even grace communication skills. The prime advantage of this gemstone is that the helpful nature even people who are looking out to gain success in partnership deals. The transparent nature and lustrous look is simply perfect to enhance your status quo.

Protects you from homesickness: - In fast paced life, there might be varied reasons due to which one has to travel. If you are a traveler and wish to avoid homesickness, then blue colored gemstone could be best compatible option to consider.

Curing the problems of knees: - It has natural therapy quality the blue topaz could be helpful in curing problems of knees.

The blue topaz could be helpful in activating your body and reenergizing cells all day long. In the long run, this gemstone is beneficial for curing mild dehydration. In order to reap positive benefits order blue topaz it is important to buy only certified gemstone. The blue topaz is also considered to be to the best substitute of blue sapphire. Prime benefit of blue topaz is that helpful in myriad ways and without any discrimination of age group it is best to wear it according to needs and zodiac sign.


According to the vedic sages, if you wish to impress Lord Kuber God of Wealth. The geometric designs could help in gaining spiritual benefits and bliss of materialistic world. Buy Kuber Yantra online to gain the benefits of wealth.

He is also considered as the regent of the North and known as  god’s treasurer of heaven who has the heaven it treasury under his in charge kuber is depicted as a fat man decked with precious gems & caring a pot full of money along with a club. Kuber Yantra price is very feasible on online store.  He is glorified by people so that they are blessed with wealth and glory. Hindus believe that if they are blessed by lord kuber and goddess Laxmi then they achieve great position in terms of prosperity and riches in life.

Kuber Yantra benefits would bestow upon lot of wealth if you worship the device with complete honesty. Kuber yantra is power full instrument through which one can appease load Kuber and attain his blessings. This Yantra could help you to stay focussed and opening up to different avenues to bring in money and prosperity. Kuber Yantra Sthapana could be done on auspicious day but performing special pooja during diwali or Dassera could help you to gain lot of benefits. It is said praying with complete & sincere devotion to the yantra is equivalent to worshipping lord Kuber, in person Lord Kuber helps you in money related problems and grants you with material comforts and wealth.

The pattern on the Yantra is such that all the numbers on each row adds upto 72 which is considered to be very favourable in attracting financial gains. It is important to chant Kuber yantra mantra for wealth for prosperity with complete devotion and meditation. The mantra is “Om  Hreem Shreem Hreem Kuberaya Namah.”

Yantras are very good conductors that attract cosmic energies from the universe. The mantras engaged in the Yantra bring Good luck & good fortune to its devotees. It is very important to have utmost faith & belief in Yantra to feel its effect on you. When done correctly you will be blessed with fortune and fame.

Kuber yantra also helps you to regain the wealth that you may have lost, it promises your material comfort, a good life style and a good and steady flow of income. It is important that respecting the yantra with full devotion, while performing pooja you should offer pooja.  Placing the Yantra towards north or east is crucial to reap its advantages.  It is important to light diya while performing pooja.

In terms of hidden wealth, the Kuber Yantra could help you to gain the same. Kuber Yantra can be well placed in home or office. Expert astrologers also state that the Yantra is also beneficial in terms of retrieving money.  During performing the rituals also it is very much important to use sandalwood paste on the edge of the yantra.

Kuber Yantra: 


In the history of gemstones, Gomed is most recognized stone.  It is said that the gomed could be influential in removing effects of Rahu. There are various advantages to buy gomed gemstone, some of them are as follows:-

  1. Gives peace of mind: - Hessonite Garnet Gemstone online is simply perfect to give proper peace of mind to the wearer.  The prime advantage of this gemstone is that could help in clearing the air of confusion. It nullifies the negative effects of Rahu and considered to vital one to clear out negative elements that are being caused by Rahu.
  2. Harmonizing relationship: - The certain kind of positions of Rahu could lead in abuses or misunderstanding, gomed gemstone is available at cheap rate to cure the problems of relationships. It is important to give equal respect to this gemstone. In order to reap positive benefits of this ratna, it is important to chant mantra “OM Raam Rahave Namaha”. Checking the compatibility according to your need and zodiac sign is the most vital step before you buy natural hessonite (gomed) gemstone.
  3. Shield against any kind of evil eye:-  You can buy gomed online from to cut down from all kind of negativities. It is important that the weight of hessonite should not be below 3 ratti. This reputed online store even provides you with certification that will help you to understand its authentication. Expert astrologers also state that the most favorable time to buy this gemstone is Saturday.  According to ancient sages, hessonite could be worn after two hours of sunset. It could be worn like any form of jewelry.
  4. Helping hand to people with business:-  It is said that the Rahu controls the mental balance and it has certain power to harm you if not placed in right position in your zodiac sign. Hessonite gemstone is helpful in clearing off all negative effects caused by Rahu.
  5. Helping majorly in law related things: - The gemstone could be even ideal thing for professions like lawyers or any job related to law. However before buying this gemstone it is important to check compatibility.
  6. Helps in removing all negativities of life:-  Gomed gemstone could be very beneficial for people looking out for conquering fear and solving every difficulties with great head.  In phase of technology if you are confused over choices, where to buy gomed the online store would be a best option.

Gomed is also beneficial in clearing out all other doshas and giving freedom even from the sarp dosha. There are various sizes available; this site does give complete leverage to the customers for selecting the best. You can also consider the gomed stone if you wish to restore confidence and gain the wisdom of wealth. One could enjoy all earthy pleasures if worn right with proper vidhi dharan.

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