Wearing a Red Coral Gemstone

Gemstones are believed to have spiritual and supernatural powers. This belief has been compounded by the splendid transformations witnessed in people’s lives after donning particular gemstones.

What is Rashi Kal?

Hinduism grants a lot of importance to horoscopes/charts. Towards this end, when you were born, the astrologer had three important charts prepared. These charts were known as Navamansha, Ascendant and Rashi charts.
Without delving too deeply into astrological definitions, just note that Navamansha refers to one-ninth portion (nava = nine; mansha = part/portion) of each zodiac sign. It is also associated with constellations (nakshatra).

When you were born, the date and time of birth were noted. At that particular moment, a specific planet on the eastern horizon (The sun rises in the east) was in the ascending position. This became your ascendant planet or your zodiac sign.

Where was the moon placed in the skies at the time of your birth and on the day you were born? Vedic astrology places the moon amongst the nine planets and regards it as the fastest moving one. Therefore, the moon does have singular effects on your day-to-day life, as well as weekly activities. The Rashi chart is akin to a monthly report card.

How is Red Coral important for your Rashi Kal?

If you are Aries-born, your birth Rashi is Mesha. When Mars is positioned badly in your chart, you will exhibit lack of humility, discipline, self-control and patience. Even your decision-making tendency is rather fickle in nature. Then again, you become accident-prone.

If you are Scorpio-born, your birth Rashi is Vrischika. Unfavourable positioning of Mars in your chart will make you highly aggressive and unforgiving. You may not even hesitate to cause grievous harm to people you consider as your enemies. Similar to the Aries-born, you are vulnerable to injuries and evil forces.

Since your personality needs a makeover, rush to vedicratna.com and get a natural Red Coral gemstone online during the first fortnight of any month (Shukla Paksha). Purchase this 5-12 carat precious stone on a Sunday or a Tuesday. Have it embedded onto a copper, gold or silver ring. Prior to wearing it on the ring finger of your right hand, soak the ring in Gangajal or a mixture of raw cow’s milk, pure honey and pure water overnight. The open-backed ring is to be worn between 7 AM and 9 AM on Tuesday. Please chant “Aum bhaum bhaumaye namah Aum” 108 times before or after donning the ring.

The colour, Red, represents fire. In turn, the stone promotes courage, leadership qualities, vitality, enhanced energy levels, destruction of possessiveness and anger, self-confidence and positive thinking. Red Coral also keeps your heart in excellent condition.

Thus, Red Coral is important for your Rashi Kal. Do not ever forget it!

Know your Jyotish Gemstones for your planet

What is special about astrological gemstones?

These precious stones are generally known as Jyotish Gemstones. Jyotish is a combination of two words. JYOT refers to light, while ISH refers to God. Thus, Jyotish means Science of Light. Here, the light refers to the spiritual energy emanating from cosmic rays. You should be able to comprehend this by looking through a prism. What do you see? You see the seven colours of light, that is, VIBGYOR (violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red).

When you go in for gem therapy, you take the help of these cosmic rays to bring about beneficial changes in your life. It is reiterated that you do not go in for treated stones. Jyotish gems are pure or Satvik in nature. Technical or chemical treatments may enhance their beauty, but diminish purity.

How should you take care of your gemstones?

It is said that cleanliness is next to Godliness. Therefore, whatever kind of gemstone you purchase from vedicratna.com, make sure that you take care of it properly. To illustrate, you should be awarding your preferred precious stone a thorough cleansing at least once a month. This will permit it to retain its glorious charm, as well as reflect brilliant light.

You cannot use harsh cleansing solutions or detergents on gemstones. Do not even opt for the cleaning kits used by jewellers. Instead, go in for a gentle soap solution or a mild detergent. You may even use a solution prepared from your bathing soap/bar. After using a soft and moist cloth, wipe the gemstone dry. Use soft material once again. Your movements must be slow and easy, not rough. You must be extra careful with organic precious stones like natural pearl, red coral, etc. Be patient with emerald gemstone too, for it is less hard in comparison to other precious stones.

In case, you discover that the lustre of a red coral or an emerald has reduced after cleansing, just dab a tiny amount of face cream on the surface. The gemstone will regain its splendour.

Sometimes, the ring requires cleansing too. In case, there is less dirt, drag the ring to the edge of your finger and wipe it off with the aid of a new cotton ear bud.

In case, the ring is terribly dirty, remove the surface dirt with the aid of a new toothbrush. Dip the gentle bristles in a mild soap solution first. For cleansing below the surface of the ring, bring it to the edge of your finger. You may even take recourse to plain and clean water, if you feel the necessity to remove dead skin and dust. This toothbrush can become part of your gemstone cleaning kit.

To conclude, some Vedic astrologers believe that each gemstone should be cleaned on a particular day of the week. Find out!

order gemstone online

Right from Ancient Times, gemstones have been awarded as much significance by Vedic astrologists as has been offered by gemmologists and jewellers. They hold as much spiritual appeal as aesthetic appeal. Hence, it becomes imperative to purchase jyotish gemstones from authentic dealers. One such online gemstone shop is vedicratna.com.

Vedic astrology recommends that you grant importance to the four Cs and other characteristics associated with astrological or jyotish stones.


The shape does not matter as much as the cut. It should be precise and pleasing. In fact, all the facets should be able to reflect light brilliantly. Do remember that light rays bring energy from the cosmos, that is, the universe. This energy is extremely positive in nature. When you wear a well-cut stone, you permit maximum absorption of cosmic energy into your body, mind and soul. Naturally, your quality of life is bound to improve.


The stone should be transparent enough to permit light rays to pass through. This is extremely essential for a jyotish gemstone. In fact, if you were to look at the raw stone obtained from nature, you would see that nature itself has created fine inclusions on it. The laboratory of the gemmologist just redefines these inclusions more clearly. Vedic Science demands that every crystal have a clarity level above 85%.


Do not ever listen to fake people suggesting that the weight of the gemstone should match your body weight. For instance, they may advise you to align one carat with 10 kg of your body weight. Just imagine, if you weigh 100 kg, you will have to purchase a 10-carat gemstone. What will you do if you weigh even more? Such dealers only wish to extract more money from you. Then again, you do not even know if the precious stone is genuine or a duplicate. Therefore, look for a reputed astrologer, who has good knowledge of Vedic astrology. This individual will suggest the ‘carat’ in alignment with the healing stone that you need. Sometimes, even a couple of carats serve to work marvellously.


Genuine gems sparkle, glimmer and shine! You may even opt for diverse shades, based upon what your astrologer advises you. The original location of the stone decides its hues. For instance, an Emerald extracted from a Zambian mine may be vividly green, while a stone brought over from Columbia may exhibit a spring-green shade. Regardless, it is up to you to obtain a stone displaying a purely original colour, with only the slightest hints of other hues.


There should be no artificial treatments undertaken to enhance the appearance, clarity or colour of gemstones utilized for astrological purposes. You will get maximum benefits by donning a 100% natural stone.


Oh yes, there is an aura surrounding every precious stone. You will discover a special attraction between your choice and you, without your even being aware of it.

buy emerald online

The Emerald is a wonderfully resplendent gemstone to behold! Held against bright light, its hues vary from simple green to mysterious dark green. The stone is akin to a symbolization of Mother Nature, imitating the qualities of fertility, tranquillity and prosperity. Therefore, if your astrologer decides that this stone will change your destiny, do go for it.

Why is Emerald so popular?

Amongst the several gemstones available on Earth, four are placed in a category known as ‘Precious Four’. They are the magnificent Emerald, the glittering Diamond, the sparkling Ruby and the scintillating Sapphire. Admittedly, all these stones are priceless. However, buy Emerald online Mercury Stone or Pacchu is highly prized for its supposedly mystical, supernatural and influential powers. Many people, including royal personalities, believe that they will remain ‘youthful’ forever by wearing a ring with a Mercury Stone on it.

Now, if you are keen to possess this gemstone, you must don a genuine stone without cracks or flaws on it. Towards this end, therefore, you may depend upon the services offered by websites like vedicratna.com, amongst others.

How will this gemstone affect your life’s destiny?

Well, it is expected to be extremely lucky for you, if you have been born under the sun signs, Gemini or Virgo. This is because planet Mercury is the ruler of these signs. You will benefit even more if your numerological sign is 5, 14 or 23. Some Cancerians may also find the Emerald advantageous. However, it would be good to consult an astrologer first.

As mentioned earlier, Pannu offers peace of mind. It could be that your mind remains stressed most of the time. A shattered mindset is bound to have tremendously negative effects on the body too. It is imperative, therefore, that you seek ways to restore your sanity, serenity and good health. When your mind, body and spirit are in perfect harmony, you will be able to reason well, perceive everything around you with wise eyes and handle decision-making with perfect calmness. Who knows, you may even develop the marvellous gift of prophecy and stun others with your predictions!

Regardless of whether it concerns your personal life or professional life, it would be good to enhance your skills of communication, concentration, analysis, etc. You should possess a good memory if your assigned tasks have to be completed proficiently. Evil forces cannot be allowed to intrude into your life. Therefore, just wear the Pacchu on the small finger of your right hand and let the stone’s powers take over your life.

Maybe, you found it hard to build long-lasting relationships in the past. Well, you need have no further worries about this arena. Without being aware of it, your personality will undergo drastic changes. You will suddenly find others gravitating towards you for healthy advice, bits of wisdom, etc. Over time, you develop into an inspiring and charismatic character.

cats eye gemstone price

The Cat’s Eye is indeed a unique gemstone, for its appearance is so very different from other gemstones.  Are you wondering how? Well, when you obtain your genuine gemstone from vedicratna.com, just hold it up to the light. You will observe an entrancingly luminescent band going round the entire stone. This is the Chatoyant effect. Thanks to it, when you view your precious stone from diverse angles, you will be able to witness a scintillating play of colours.

Several reasons of wearing Cat’s Eye gemstone

Zodiac Sun Sign

Are you a Piscean or a Sagittarian? If the answer is in the affirmative, you will definitely need protection from the malevolent effects of a shadow planet renowned as Ketu. You will comprehend better when you find yourself susceptible to nightmares, unexpected injuries, severe health issues or bad luck. Do not take this aspect lightly, for the adversities may stretch anywhere between 7 and 18 years.


With planet Ketu tailing you every moment of your life, you are bound to suffer from ailments related to the musculoskeletal, respiratory, digestive, endocrine, cardiovascular, genes and nervous systems, or even cancer. You may become a victim of depression, stress or fall prey to bad habits, due to non-fulfilment of life’s goals. Whatever is the case, this gemstone will help you recover your natural vivaciousness and verve.


Would you like to see an improvement in your personality, especially in the areas of confidence and memory? Well, then, Cat’s Eye is the perfect birthstone for you. Then again, just imagine how marvellous you will feel when you attain clarity of thought and vision. No longer will you fumble with decision-making.


Over time, if you always been a seeker of knowledge, you may find yourself gravitating towards spiritual enlightenment, wherein you acquire greater self-awareness too. In fact, some individuals even permit worldly desires to take a backseat. As a result, they ponder deeply over concepts like asceticism, abstract thinking, liberation, wisdom, etc.

Good Luck

Do you feel as if you are being plagued by evil forces? It as if nobody wants you to prosper or move ahead in life. This can give rise to unnecessary fears and complexes, which prevent you from dealing with life’s tough challenges in a positive manner. The donning of a ring with the Cat’s Eye on it should take care of the issue effectively. It is akin to a psychic talisman, which can ward off the malevolence of the evil eye. You may even get back your lost wealth or discover the courage to restart a closed business. You should be able to experience good luck, financial stability and joyousness.

On a final note, the Cat’s Eye is also supposed to favour games of chance and speculative activities. Regardless, do not get involved in things like gambling, betting, etc. It is always good to earn in ways that afford peace of mind.

Who should wear Red Coral Gemstone

At first glance, Red Coral does not even appear like a valuable gemstone. This is because the raw material is quite lustreless and boring. However, just pass it over into the capable hands of a jeweller and relax. The transformation from matte to bedazzling glossiness is indeed stunning to watch!

Significance of Moonga

It could be that your horoscope reveals a faulty alignment with planet Mars, who is the God of War and king of the planets. Therefore, your internal energy is bound to suffer. Well, wearing the  You gain an insight into your inner self and remain well grounded with Mother Earth.

Red Coral and the Zodiac Signs

If you are an Arian, whose horoscope shows Mars residing in the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 9th, 10th or 11th house, you should be favouring this gemstone.

As a Taurean, you should use this gemstone only if you are passing through a bad “Mars” phase and the planet is present in your 4th, 9th or 11th house.

The same advice is applicable to those born under the sun sign, Gemini. Check if the God of War is present in the 6th or 11th house. Try Moonga for three days. If it works, go for it.

Buy Red Coral It is very communicative with Cancerians, especially if planet Mars is positioned in the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th or 10th houses.

Moonga likes you, if you are a Leo-born. You may expect to see a change in fortunes, if planet Mars is settled in the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 9th, 10th or 11th house.

If you are a Virgo, stay away from this gemstone. You may be advised to wear the gemstone, if the warlord is present in the 3rd or 5th house.

Suppose you are a Libra-born, do not bother with this gemstone unless planet Mars is bothering your 2nd, 4th or 11th house.

Scorpio and Red Coral are extremely compatible with one another. The combination works best when you discover the warlord domiciliating in the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 10th or 11th house.

Planet Mars is very important for the enhancement of knowledge and good fortune, if you are a Sagittarian. Check if it is resident in the 1st, 5th, 9th or 10th house of your horoscope.

Dear Capricornian, go in for a trial period of at least three days, even if the God of War is occupying the 1st, 4th, 10th or 11th house in your horoscope.

The same advice is offered to you if you are governed by the sun sign, Aquarius. Ask your astrologer what to do, when you discover planet Mars placed in the 3rd, 5th, 9th, 10th or 11th house.

Pisces and Red Coral go well together. You will truly be blessed if planet Mars is discovered in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 9th, 10th or 11th house of your horoscope.

Thus, Moonga is the best stone to destroy the malefic effects emanating from planet Mars.

affordable yellow sapphire

Unlike a job, which promises a fixed monthly salary, a business can only promise highs and lows with regard to monetary benefits. It is natural, therefore, for you to feel frustrated and unhappy at times. Well, you need not worry any longer. Help is at hand in the form of the sparklingly beautiful yellow sapphire or Pukhraj.

Are you sceptical?

True, it might seem rather strange that a mere gemstone can help you fulfill your business goals, but believe me, it does! You may not be aware of it, but this precious stone is governed by the majestic planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, and therefore, known as the royal Devguru. Now, a teacher’s advice cannot be wrong, can it? However, you will benefit fully only when you obtain a genuine stone from a genuine dealer of yellow sapphire online such as vedicratna.com. A true stone’s facets should reveal yellowish hues, when held against light.

How will Yellow Sapphire help your business?

Devguru promises to enhance your intellect, such that you are able make the right decisions with regard to your business. In fact, you will acquire greater mental clarity and tranquillity. However, you must promise to appease him first. In case, your trade is associated with commodities that are ‘yellow’ in colour, you should definitely be thinking about consulting an astrologer. Yellow would mean jewellery, gold, wax, cloth, bronze, wheat, turmeric, etc. This does not mean that other businesses cannot have anything to do with yellow sapphire. Of course, they can, provided the stone proves suitable for them.

The astrologer will take an in-depth look at your horoscope and discover how the planet Jupiter is placed in it. You may be advised to embed the stone on a silver ring and wear it on the index finger of your right hand, after performing some rituals. Alternatively, you may be asked to place the stone directly in the cash box. After all, Devguru loves to haunt the treasure room. If your particular business is going through a bad phase, it might just be the right time to consult an experienced expert. Many people suggest going in for an unheated and untreated stone.

How will you benefit personally?

When you befriend the planet Jupiter, you will discover certain changes taking place in your personality. For instance, people may begin to comment upon your newly acquired wisdom. You seem to be unfazed by anything and everything that happens in your life. Unlike earlier, you deal with every challenge in a knowledgeable and serene manner. They do not know that cosmic energy has been transferred into your being!

When you are at peace, your relationships with others are bound to flourish too, both at home and in society. You will find it easy to build profitable business relationships across the globe. When everything is in place, you will not suffer from debilitating health issues. In fact, you will be positive in your thought processes. In time, financial prosperity, good luck and good fortune are bound to follow. Thus, opt for the affordable yellow sapphire to succeed in business.

buy a natural pearl gemstone online

The Pearl or Moti is obtained from molluscs residing in the seas and oceans across the globe. The soft-bodied animals are found in the Gulf of Mannar, Gulf of California, the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea, as well as in the coastal regions of the Philippines, Sri Lanka and the Caribbean region. Although several websites sell the gemstone, it would be best to buy pearl stone online from vedicratna.com.

Based upon the kind of mollusc it is obtained from, your moti may be black, white, gray, blue, brown or pink in colour. Its delicate nature is evinced by the fact that the gemstone’s hardness ranges between 2.5 and 4.5. Naturally, it is highly susceptible to scratches, humidity, dryness, temperature variations, sunlight, vigorous rubbing, pressure and acids.

While purchasing moti online, you will discover that its weight is measured in grains, not in carats. One grain of this stone = quarter carat of another gemstone. Thus, four grains of moti = one carat. You will also realize that large-sized and older stones hold greater value.

Can you wear the Pearl?

See if the moon is positioned in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house of your birth chart. If so, you must buy a natural pearl gemstone online. Similarly, have the astrologer check if malefic planets are residing alongside the moon in your horoscope. It will protect you against evil forces. Newborns and toddlers must receive special attention, for they may face health issues later on.

Procedure to be Adopted for wearing the Moti

The best effects of moon stone will be witnessed when you wear it on the small finger of your right hand. This means that the gemstone (anywhere between five and 10 carats) must be embedded onto a silver ring. Do purify it by dipping it in a mixture of honey, pure water and milk for 30 minutes or so. This process should take place on a Monday morning during Shukla Paksha (first fortnight of any month). The good effects will be visible soon, lasting up to a period of two years or so.

Identifying a Genuine Pearl

A real moti will exhibit tiny blemishes and irregularities; it can never be perfect. It will even reflect light differently, when held at various angles. Then again, if the stone is of top quality, its lustre will be clear and bright. Check for the presence of an overtone. Subtle rose or white tones should show up on the surface whenever light rays strike it. When two genuine stones are rubbed together, slight friction becomes evident. Finally, when you bite gently on your gemstone, you will be able to discover its gritty or rough texture.

What are the Benefits of wearing Pearl?

You will even improve your relationships and self-esteem. Then again, your bodily fluids will not be susceptible to illnesses. The Moon God will ensure that they are always pure and clean.

Blue Topaz gemstone

Pure topaz is colourless or white, since it is made of aluminium silicate, along with hydroxide and fluoride (water) ions. Pegmatite and granite deposits are the best sources of this gemstone. It is indeed rare to find a blue coloured, semi-precious gemstone in nature.  Jewellers create the sparkling blue effect via specific treatments. The colour blue is often associated with wisdom, stability, truthfulness, confidence and tranquillity.

Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Myanmar, Japan, China, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria, Namibia and Zimbabwe are common sources of raw Blue Topaz. UK and Ireland produce light-blue varieties.
This gemstone has been awarded honourable mention in Hebrew texts and the Bible. The name, Topaz, has probably originated from “tapas” (fire or heat), a Sanskrit word. Alternatively, it may have originated from the Greek ‘Topazion’.

Whom does Blue Topaz Favour?

If you are a Sagittarian born in the month of December, do not hesitate to buy Blue Topaz online. You are a fire sign, which loves all shades of purple and blue. It is specifically favourable towards writers, salespersons, businesspersons and travellers. This gemstone enhances self-expression (verbal and written) and manner of communication by unlocking your throat chakra (vishuddha chakra). It also serves to balance and strengthen your thyroid gland. Since the Topaz is governed by Jupiter, the biggest planet, you may definitely expect grandeur and greatness in your life.

Purifying the Blue Topaz

Your gemstone should weigh at least three carats, or beyond. The best online place to order on vedicratna.com. The stone is embedded onto a gold ring.  Ensure that it is dipped in a mixture of milk, pure water and honey for some time, prior to wearing it. Alternatively, you may opt for Gangajal. The ring is to be worn on the index finger of your right hand at dawn, on Thursday.

Whenever you wish to clean it, keep the gemstone dipped in pure water overnight. The next day, use a soft brush over it.

Recognising the Blue Topaz

The gemstone goes up to an eight on the hardness scale. Observe that the colour is a lustrous, shimmering blue. Irradiation is responsible for producing diverse shades of blue. The hues decide the value of the stone. It is easy to cleave or cut. If the handling has been less than skilful, you should be able to see internal cracks or splits.
Receiving the Advantages offered by this gemstone

Order the Blue Topaz, if you desire to improve your vision, digestion and metabolism, insomnia and blood circulation. You will be able to get rid of excessive weight as well as mental issues caused by stress. No longer will you remain obsessed with sex. In fact, you will remain faithful and honest in all your relationships.

Despite scaling great heights via supreme motivation, you will remain modest in both, thought and action. Furthermore, you will never succumb to greed. Above all, you will never meet with accidents or face life-threatening circumstances.

buy red coral online at the best price

The seas are home to all kinds of strange-looking animals, including the plant-like polyp. Vedic astrology suggests that this creature provides a divine remedy for people in the form of Red Coral , Praval or Moonga.

All about the Red Coral

The polyp covers its internal skeleton with a hard, external skeleton of calcium carbonate. The new skeleton branches out into several tiny, leafless, stiff bushes. It yields oval, round or free form gemstones. Moonga may have several hues, such as scarlet, reddish pink, red, deep red, white and saffron. The raw stone is translucent or opaque, rather matte and dull in appearance. It is polished first with sandstone, and then with felt-wheels, in order to attain a wonderfully glossy look.

The finest specimens are available from the Mediterranean Sea (Sardania), Red Sea, coastal Japan and Hawaii. You may also extract Moonga from the coastal areas of India, Italy, Sicily, Spain, Corsica, Algeria and France. Thus, you can buy red coral online at the best price.

Who Deserves the Red Coral?

Leader of the congregation of nine planets (Navagraha), planet Mars (Mangal Grah) governs this gemstone. He is the God of War. If you are afflicted by Mangal Dosha in your horoscope, you will do well to buy a Moonga stone online. It is heavily inclined towards Leo, Aries, Cancer and Scorpio. If you are a number nine, wear Moonga.

How will you wear the Moonga?

Ensure that you buy natural Red Coral gemstone at vedicratna.com on a Tuesday or Sunday during Shukla Paksha (first fortnight of any month). The stone (between 5 to 12 carats) must be studded onto a copper or gold ring. Purify the stone by soaking it in a mixture of cow’s milk, pure honey and pure water for an entire night. Otherwise, you may just use Gangajal. On a Tuesday morning, between 7 and 9 AM, during Shukla Paksha, don the Moonga on the ring finger of your right hand. Chant “Aum bhaum bhaumaye namah Aum” 108 times, while doing so. You should see positive results within a month, lasting up to four years.

How will you identify a Real Moonga?

Make sure that the colour tone is spread evenly over the surface. This means that it should be orange-red or vibrant red. Even the shape of the stone should be regular and the surface quite even. Do not purchase this stone online if it exhibits any kind of holes or dents. After possessing it, cleanse it regularly with a soft and moist cloth.

What are the Benefits of Red Coral Gemstone?

Red is not only the colour of blood, but also the colour of vitality and energy. Then again, you will have stability in your life. Even a child may wear the gemstone as protection against illnesses, scorpion bites, snakebites, etc. Thus, whether adult or child, you will gain the advantage over your enemies and adversaries. Above all, you will advance marvellously in your chosen career or profession.

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