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Nobody could have described the Opal as charmingly, and as poetically, as a Roman Historian named Pliny did! He suggested that it owed its superb perfection to the blending of red, purple and green colours. The brilliant red was similar to that of the carbuncle, while the shining purple was similar to that of the amethyst. The sea green hues were akin to those seen in emeralds. Yet, this same gemstones has been awarded more of a bad name than a good name throughout the ages.

In Ancient Times, it was believed that wizards and witches used black Opal to promote black magic.

During Medieval times, people avoided the “evil eye”, that is, the Opal. In fact, they felt that it had a superficial resemblance to the optical organs of creatures associated with the devil, such as snakes, cats, toads, etc. Even royalty shunned it.

The world blamed this gemstone for the Black Plague that occurred in the 14th century, as well as the fall of monarchies, occurrence of famine and the advent of pestilence in the 18th and 19th centuries. Apparently, buy Opal online the hues lasted only as long as the wearer remained in good health; they faded after the individual’s death.

Now, there is a story associated with the bad luck brought about virtue of the wearer’s association with the Opal. A Spanish ruler named Alfonzo XII (19th century) proclaimed to love a charming aristocrat named Comtesse de Castiglione but wed another princess named Mercedes, instead. The spurned women decided to get even and sent across a large-sized gold ring embedded with a mesmerising Opal. Princess Mercedes wore the ring for two months before she died under mysterious circumstances. Thereafter, the ring passed on to Alfonzo’s grandmother, sister and sister-in-law. Surprisingly, each wearer died of a weird disease soon after donning the ring. An extremely depressed king then decided to end his life with the aid of the same . It finally found its way to the neck of a saint’s statue. Of course, Spain was stricken with cholera at that time and this could have been the cause of all the mysterious deaths. However, everybody preferred to blame this gemstone!

What are the facts associated with Opal gemstone?

For instance, several European poets and writers claimed its marvellously curative effect on children affected by evil influences, eyes afflicted by diseases, mending of broken relationships, etc.

Then again, Queen Victoria loved it tremendously and promoted its beauty throughout her reign.

The Romans deemed it a symbol of purity, hope, love and good fortune. The Opal gemstone was akin to a talisman. They kept it on their person always.

Hollywood’s female actors adore the opal gemstone for its splendid beauty. It is part of their jewellery collections.

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However, this should hold true only for fake predictors of the future, who pretend to have loads of knowledge about the “Science of Light”. If you visit reputed and genuine astrologers, you will have nothing to worry about. You will be advised to wear only that gemstones, which is in perfect harmony with your horoscope.

Do you really need the advice of a Vedic astrologer?

Yes, you definitely do!

Only an experienced astrologer will be able to understand the complicated details outlined on your horoscope. This chart had been prepared soon after you were born, taking into account the time and date of your birth, the positions of the planets in the Heavens and the interactions between them. Your future actions would be dictated by this natal chart. Obviously, your parents had consulted another reputed astrologer at that time for creating your birth chart. After all, neither they, nor you, are capable of reading the divine messages sent out by planets or gemstones.

The Vedic astrologer does not base his predictions and recommendations on superstitions or myths. This is because both, astronomy (dealing with the universe) and astrology (dealing with the cosmic link between gemstones and planets), are sciences. Knowledge should always be respected, for it is acquired with effort, and over time.

You are well aware that there are 12 zodiac signs. Numerous people across the globe are born under the same sun sign. Regardless, each member of this group is different from the other in terms of birth chart, constitution, upbringing, emotional weaknesses and strengths, cultural beliefs, religious practices, thought patterns, energy levels and actions. Furthermore, there is a subtle and invisible energy field or aura surrounding each individual. One person’s aura is bound to be different from another’s. As a result, the astrologer cannot go in for generalisations like allotting a specific gemstone to all the members belonging to a particular zodiac sign. Every person in this world is unique.

The astrologer decides which amongst the nine planets will favour you, and which will harm you. Vedic astrology terms these nine planets as Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu. Each planet has its own colour and its own energy. The former enters your aura in the form of light rays, while the latter penetrates it in the form of cosmic vibrations. Thus, your aura may be affected positively or negatively.

If you wish to enhance the positive impact of a particular planet or reduce its negative effect, you will have to don a particular gemstone suggested by your astrologer. Furthermore, ensure that it is from a reputed store, such as vedicratna.com. The precious stone has the capacity to absorb what is good and counteract anything that is bad.

When the necessary changes are brought about in your personality and mindset, you will find long-lasting peace and tranquillity.

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Towards this end, therefore, great thought is given to the selection of colours, raw materials used and designs. Many even feel that their choices of apparel and accompanying accessories are equally important for making a fashion statement. This could be the reason for mesmerising gemstones attracting so much of attention everywhere.

Have gemstones always been viewed as fashion trendsetters?

No, for in earlier days, people generally considered gemstones to be part of cultural practices and traditional rituals. It did not matter if they were studded onto necklaces, pendants, bracelets, bangles, finger rings, earrings or toe rings. They were deemed as sacred. Many went one step further by fashioning talismans, charms and amulets from gemstones, for driving away evil forces and jealousies. They would even use them to attract love or good luck.

To illustrate, bold maidens would grind shining Pearls and pour the powder into a bottle of wine. A glass of this specially prepared wine or love potion sufficed to bring their chosen ones to their knees.

Similarly, Buy Blue Sapphire online and Turquoise were awarded great reverence. The former served to avoid capture by cruel enemies, as well as encourage the building of loyal friendships. The latter provided information about hidden dangers by changing its colour. An amulet created from Turquoise would bring good fortune.

Warriors from Red Indian tribes had great faith in Garnets, believing that they would bring victories in wars.

The gemstones scenario underwent a change gradually. People began to comprehend that gemstones enhanced the beauty of jewellery items to a tremendous extent. They could even be used to display social status and wealth. Of course, the faith in their abilities to bring about changes in lives and personalities never died; it continues to exist. Thus, you can say that in modern times, precious gemstones are awarded dual value. They are esteemed as jewellery, as well as astrological gemstones remedies.

What are the astrological advantages of gemstones?

According to Vedic astrology, the matter within the human body is greatly affected by the positive or negative cosmic vibrations being directed towards Earth by different planets in the skies. As a result, your bodily chakras and hormonal secretions become imbalanced. Your mind, spirit and body are totally out of alignment. You will comprehend by the situations and challenges that you face in your daily life, as well as your tranquil or harassed reactions to every single one of them.

Gemstones, especially if purchased from reputed dealers like vedicratna.com, will display their metaphysical and healing properties in a marvellous way. To illustrate, Pearl will help you regain your serenity and strength of character. Garnets and diamonds are great for improving your personal sexual life, as well as affectionate bonding with family members and friends. Thus, each precious stone has its own way of restoring balance within your body, mind and soul.

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Certain beliefs that have been handed down from generation to generation over the centuries do tend to arouse a certain amount of scepticism in modern times. For instance, it is hard for many to comprehend that minerals, rocks and crystals (collectively called gemstones) possess supernatural powers capable of healing the human body, mind and spirit. It is even harder to understand how they affect the chakras in a positive manner. However, Vedic astrologers have ready answers to your questions.

What are the chakras?

If you place a hand on your back, you should be able to feel your vertebral column. It is situated right in the centre of your body. Therefore, it is known as the midline. It begins at the crown of your head and ends at the base of your spine. Well, this midline is dotted with seven invisible chakras. They are located at strategic points. The first one is obviously found at the crown of your head, while the last one is located at the spine. In between, there are chakras located between the eyes, throat, heart, solar plexus and navel.

These seven chakras are all connected to one another via alignment and flow of energy. If your psychology and physiology are sound, it will mean that your chakras are well balanced. Divine energy reaches every corner of your body, promoting healthy and harmonious functioning of your cells, tissues, organs and organ systems. It will also mean that your endocrine glands, which are responsible for secreting different hormones, are healthy in structure and functioning. However, if you experience physical health issues, mental ill-health or fluctuations of the spirit, it will mean that the flow of energy through your chakras is experiencing disturbances.

How will gemstones help the chakras?

Crystals for healing chakras gemstones have different colours. Each colour is suitable for a particular planet. For instance, Emerald favours Mercury, while Diamond favours Venus. Similarly, Red Coral befriends Mars, Yellow Sapphire loves Jupiter and Blue Sapphire is linked to Saturn. Ruby and the Sun are great friends, just as Pearl and Moon are happy to be together. The planets Rahu and Ketu are more inclined towards Hessonite.

You are not able to witness the cosmic vibrations emitted by planets, but they definitely exist. They move through the electrical, magnetic and heat fields surrounding the Earth’s atmosphere, in the form of light rays. As they touch you, a living being, some of the rays may prove beneficial, and some harmful. Their behaviour towards you is linked to your birth chart. This is why the Vedic astrologer recommends you to wear a specific gemstone. The contact between the gemstone and your skin serves to unblock the chakras that are lying dormant, or even poke them into returning to their original status. In fact, your body is receiving a soothing massage via the gemstone.

Therefore, hurry and obtain your genuine gemstone from a reputed shop like vedicratna.com. You will observe that it is perfect in shape and beauty, free of impurities and superb in reflective properties.

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Probably, this sincere faith in spiritual knowledge helped their eyes and brains to observe and comprehend universal happenings and events much better than those of ordinary mortals did. No wonder then that they were referred to as seers.

What is unique about Vedic astrology?

The seers introduced Vedic Jyotish Vidya to the world. Vedic refers to the sacred literature of the Hindus. Jyotish gemstones buy comprises of two words, that is, Jyot (light) and Ish (science). Vidya refers to knowledge. Therefore, astrologers obtain knowledge about the science of light, which has a close link to the Ancient scriptures.

As per this Science, the Vedic Solar System comprises of nine planets too, similar to the astronomical Solar System. However, the heavenly bodies deemed as planets in the former, are slightly different from those in the latter. These heavenly bodies are Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Ketu, Rahu, Sun and Moon.

Amongst these nine planets, two are invisible. They are Ketu and Rahu, also known as the shadowy planets. They are also noted to be the southern end or descending lunar node and northern end or ascending lunar node of the heavenly dragon possessing a tail. If you have extremely sharp eyes, you might be able to see this formation in the night sky. As for node, it refers to the point where the lunar and solar planes intersect.

Every planet traverses in its orbit. During its movement, it gives out powerful cosmic vibrations. The force of these vibrations varies from planet to planet. The radiating energies travel through the electromagnetic and heat fields surrounding the Earth’s atmosphere, in order to reach the human beings residing there. They are in the form of rays. These rays affect living beings negatively or positively. This means that planetary positions, as well as their interactions with one another, impact us throughout our lives.

What is the connection between gemstones and Ancient Indian astrology?

As you must be aware of, your birth chart was mapped out by experienced astrologers soon after you were born. Various aspects, such as time and date of birth, the position of planets in the eastern horizon and their reactions towards one another, were all taken into account while preparing the horoscope. The Ancients also suggest that good and bad karma's (actions) are carried over from one birth to another. While the good leads to more benefits in your current life, the bad brings punishments. If specifically recommended gemstones are worn for particular duration's or for an entire lifetime, they serve to reduce the negative effects of your previous and current karma's. It goes without saying that the gemstones must be natural, untreated and flawless. You may avoid duplicates or flawed stones by visiting reputed websites like vedicratna.com.

Whatever Navratna you opt for, it will ensure that the cosmic rays absorbed by it penetrates your skin. In turn, these rays will bring about healthy changes in your psyche and physiology.

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The Yellow Sapphire reminds you of the sun and its golden rays as you gaze upon its sparkling beauty. You feel as if your vigour and vitality have been restored in full measure. Naturally, you become eager to get on with life’s tasks with renewed faith and energy. It is no wonder then that this stone occupies a prized position amongst the Navratnas (nine gems).

What are the properties of Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj?

Now, you are well aware that fraudsters and duplicate gemstones abound on the Internet. Therefore, when your astrologer urges you to buy Yellow Sapphire gemstone online, do browse the Net for genuine gemmologists. One such website is vedicratna.com. The gemstone is extracted from mines in Tanzania, Thailand, Australia, Sri Lanka and Madagascar.

You will be able to recognise the precious stone through its rich yellow hues. The colour may be attributed to the presence of aluminium oxide within it. In fact, the gemstone gleams like pure gold when held up against bright light. There is not the slightest tinge of orange on it. You may test the colour fastness by keeping Yellow Sapphire soaked in raw milk for 24 hours. There is no change at all. As for hardness, the gemstone rates around nine on the Moh’s Scale of Hardness.

Yellow Sapphire is governed by the lord of all planets, Jupiter. You may rest assured, therefore, that you will scale great heights in your chosen career or business. For instance, relationship building becomes an effortless exercise, due to your improved communication skills, friendly behaviour, clarity in decision-making and the ability to meet challenges head on.

With regard to the type of business that you should handle, it may be worthwhile to go in for trades that are associated with shades of yellow. Businesses dealing with clothing, jewellery, gold, bronze or brass items, yellow-coloured commodities, wax items, etc, are bound to flourish. At the same time, do not conclude that if your particular line of business has nothing to do with this colour, it will fail. If the gemstone is meant for you, you will prosper in all areas of life.

Yes, your quality of life should improve, since your personality undergoes drastic changes. You develop equanimity, refusing to allow anything to faze you. You will be at peace physically and mentally too.

Are you a female in search of a suitable life partner? You will find him soon, thanks to the blessings of Yellow Sapphire. If you are a male, you will find someone who matches your specifications wonderfully well. Thus, your life will become harmoniously balanced.

What are the substitutes of Yellow Sapphire?

Sometimes, the original stone may not be available or incapable of suiting your requirements. You may then go in for Yellow Onyx, Root of Banana, Sunela or Yellow Hakik.

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The occurrence of supernatural events and their impact on living things are terribly difficult to believe or comprehend by ordinary human beings. Only knowledgeable and experienced Vedic astrologers are capable of deciphering the reasons for these happenings and their positive/negative outcomes. They can provide believable explanations of how heavenly bodies, especially planets, either befriend or reject you, right from the time of your birth until your death. Thus, they are the best people to guide you regarding the wearing of particular gomed gemstones.

Why is Hessonite so popular amongst people?

Now, it is not possible to discuss every single gemstone over here. However, it would be good to see how the excessively popular Hessonite (Gomed) challenges the ill-effects caused by the shadowy or invisible planet called Rahu. In fact, this planet harasses many people, regardless of their respective zodiac signs.

If this extremely malefic planet is positioned badly in your natal chart, everyone will know by the way you express yourself verbally and in behaviour. Cleanliness is not next to Godliness for you. Then again, you prefer to be lazy in attitude and aggressive in tone. Naturally, neither your dietary habits nor sleeping regimen help you stay healthy. Furthermore, people prefer to stay away from you because of your touchiness and temper tantrums. Even this is not enough to satisfy Rahu. He will make sure that you become a target of professional jealousies, black magic, court cases, bad habits, and so on. It will seem as if your life is completely ruined.

You will be able to restore harmony and peace in your life via the glorious Gomed, which glows like golden honey. Your astrologer may advise you to purchase a genuine gemstone Gomed online from vedicratna.com, a reputed dealer. When you allow light to play across all its facets, you will feel awed by the reddish-chocolate, light-to-deep red or light-to-deep brownish yellow hues that radiate from them. Thus, the brilliance, lustre and clarity are flawless and superb.

How will hessonite prove advantageous?

Once the hessonite gemstone finds its rightful place on the middle finger of your right hand, it will begin to work on your mind. Within a short time, you should find yourself regaining your vitality and energy. Then again, your positive thought processes should serve to enhance your mental clarity, restore your self-esteem and grant greater strength to your decision-making abilities. Such improvements are splendid for you, especially if you are in the field of law, politics or journalism. Even the police forces and the armed forces are specifically favoured by hessonite.

With regard to health, you need never worry about becoming a victim of substance abuse, snake bites, evil influences, life-threatening illnesses, personality issues, financial problems, etc. Over time, you are bound to become a powerful and charismatic figure.

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The astrological configuration of nine planets comprises of cosmic energies, which, in turn, are linked to the seven colours of the rainbow. These divine energies and hues impact human lives in positive, negative or neutral ways.


Do you daydream, have a poor memory, engage in irrational fantasies and immature behaviour, are mentally dull and possess an abnormal view of the world? The mesmerising Emerald gemstone will help you get back mental alertness, discriminative intellect, sharpened memory and excellent communication skills.


Your weakness is recognisable through your obsession for all kinds of ugly comforts or sexual fulfilment, as well as aggressive, coarse or crude behaviour. Befriend the majestic Diamond to recover your charm, attractiveness, grace and artistic qualities.


Your conglomeration of fears and hang-ups cause your passions to run high, whatever is the situation. The beautiful Red Coral gemstone will help you become courageous and energetic, discard laziness and passive behaviour, develop motivation and gain greater insight into people’s attitudes and life’s challenges.


Are you drowning in self-pity and moodiness, wandering through life without any fixed purpose or direction, and a victim of financial problems? Thanks to the bewitching Yellow Sapphire, you will become faithful, wise, compassionate, expansive, happy, enthusiastic, intelligent in making judgements and prosperous.


This dangerous and vindictive planet can torment you with anxiety, diseases, financial troubles, weakness, vulnerability, insomnia or lack of drive. Only the gorgeous Blue Sapphire can restore your confidence, tranquillity, motivation, endurance, practicality, balanced view of the positive and negative, financial stability and prosperity.


It stands for purity, ability to command and rule, leadership qualities, passion, will power, independence and vitality. However, a weak planet will force you to give in to helplessness, egotism, unreasonableness or self-absorption. Then, it is time to favour the scintillating Ruby.


If people keep commenting upon your anxiety-ridden and imbalanced personality, habit of worry, mood swings, heightened emotions and the desire to stay away from people and relationships, it means that this planet is weak. Only the lustrous Pearl gemstone will be able to restore your mental strength, contentment, emotional stability and friendly nature.


The charming Hessonite is best for getting rid of your addictive behaviours, occult influences, strange imaginings and fears, lack of self-respect and lack of respect for societal norms. They are caused by the malefic and shadowy planet Rahu. The gemstone will help you recover your mental clarity, self-esteem, courage and social popularity.


Malevolent Ketu will make you experience lack of insight, all kinds of doubts and uncertainties, clouding of reason and perception, poor concentration and inability to discriminate between good and bad. Befriending the magnificent Cat’s Eye gemstone will help you recover mental balance, keen sense of reasoning, concentration and balanced instincts.

Genuine gemstones are available only at reputed stores, such as vedicratna.com, amongst others.

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Vedic astrologers suggest that the effects of a particular gemstone last up to three or four years only. After this period, the impact on the human mind, body and soul gradually reduce. You should go in for a replacement after the stipulated time. Until that time, however, do take good care of your gemstone.

What is an astrological/Jyotish gemstone?

Any gemstone associated with Vedic astrology is referred to as a Jyotish stone. The Sanskrit word may be split up into two parts, that is, JYOT and ISH. The former refers to light or spiritual energy, while the latter refers to God or a Divine Science. Vedic astrologers study the Science of Light/Energy by maintaining a healthy connection with the Divine. This enables them to recommend appropriate stones to people for resolving their physical, mental and spiritual problems

Note that gem therapy demands that your chosen stone be pure (Satvik) and natural in quality. This means that its cut, clarity, colour and carat should receive no interference from artificial treatments. Thus, take care to purchase your precious stone from a well-known dealer, someone like vedicratna.com, for instance.

How should you look after your chosen gemstone?

Your stone is studded onto an open-backed ring, isn’t it? Well, this is for allowing a few molecules of cosmic energy to penetrate your skin every single day of your life. However, like everything else, your particular precious stone is prone to attacks from dust or dirt too. Impurities serve to block the path of the cosmic rays being directed at your skin.

Now, cleansing does not mean that you take recourse to harsh detergents, cleansing solutions or ready-made cleaning kits. The best choices are mild detergents or gentle soap solutions prepared from bathing bars/soaps. Moisten a soft cloth with the cleansing solution and move it slowly and smoothly over the entire surface of the stone.

Once you are through, wipe the surface dry with the aid of a soft cloth. Be extra careful with organic gemstones like natural pearl and red coral. Even an Emerald is delicate. You may restore the luster of these stones with the aid of a tiny dab of face cream. Spread it gently over the entire stone.

If the ring is not too dirty or dusty, just pull it to the edge of your finger and cleanse it with a new cotton ear bud. If it is terribly soiled, use the wet bristles of a brand-new, soft toothbrush to clean the surface. The wetness is due to mild soap solution. Next, drag the ring to the edge of your finger. Use plain water to get rid of the dust and dead skin cells collected below the surface.

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Have you ever observed the big cat’s eye closely? It is a marvellously rich blend of yellow, gold and brown. You wonder at the mysteries hidden beneath those colours, as you gaze upon the tiger with a mixture of respect, admiration and fear. What is unique about the Tigers Eye gemstone?

Chatoyance is the special quality about this precious stone. This means that when the Tigers Eye is viewed in different lights or observed from diverse angles in bright light, its facets will reveal a fascinating display of varying shades of colour. Can you believe that mere silicon dioxide crystals, which make up Tigers Eye gemstone, serve to be so mesmerising?

Ancient civilizations from Rome, Egypt, other parts of Africa, etc, looked upon the Tigers Eye gemstone with awe, believing that its proximity would only serve to keep evil forces, especially those created through black magic, at bay. Towards this end, they would ensure that the stone remained in touch with their bodies via pendants, rings or necklaces. After all, the Tigers Eye’s magical properties reached out to the very Heavens from the soil. While the skies and the sun represented the spiritual realm, the earth represented the physical realm. The bonding of the two signified a resolution of all problems related to the body and the psyche. The belief has carried over to modern times too, for the gemstone receives similar veneration even today.

How will Tigers Eye obtained from a genuine shop like vedicratna.com help you achieve your life’s goals?

You may not be aware of it, but Kundalini energy resides at the base of your spine. According to Vedic astrology, this refers to primal energy (Shakti) that has been in existence since your birth. However, it remains in a dormant state until awakened. As a result, you begin a wonderful journey of self-awareness and spiritual enlightenment, which leads to ultimate bliss.

It follows that as the Kundalini energy travels upwards, it awakens the important chakras residing in the upper regions of your body. They are the physical (throat), emotional (between the eyes) and mental (crown of the head) chakras. When these chakras are unlocked, you will find all your confidence, self-esteem, optimism, courage, integrity and clarity in thinking returning in full force. Over time, you will attain prosperity and financial stability.

Despite your passion and vivaciousness, you will still remain a down-to-earth person who is capable of taking practical decisions. This is because solar energy moves towards the earth, ensuring that you stay well grounded.

As for health, you need never fear wounds, broken bones, issues with your skin or mind, etc, again. You will be able to heal yourself without panicking.

At the end of it all, you will be able to maintain a superb balance between two extreme forces in the skies and the earth.

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