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If you have been harbouring the notion that the scintillatingly beautiful Navratnas (nine gemstones) are only valued as jewellery items, you would be badly mistaken. These precious stones have the ability to resolve diverse types of physiological and psychological issues, merely by their presence in your life. Therefore, consult an experienced astrologer and request suggestions regarding your horoscope. When you obtain the desired advice, purchase your gemstone from a reputed gemmologist, such as

What is the link between Vedic astrology and the Navratnas?

Vedic astrology is founded on the spirit of the Vedas, Hinduism’s Ancient Texts. It is actually known as the Science of Light, since it focuses on the impact of light rays being sent towards Earth from the cosmos. The rays have a negative, positive or neutral effect on every living being on our planet, especially human beings. Here, cosmos does not refer to the entire universe, but only to the astrological Solar System, comprising of nine planets. It includes Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Ketu, Sun, Rahu and Moon.

Your astrologer will be able to tell you how these cosmic energies affect your lifestyle, your thought processes, your attitude towards self and others, your general behaviour, emotional balance and so on. A remedy for resolving various issues is offered in the form of a divine gemstone. Have the gemstone studded onto an open-backed ring, permitting it to remain in constant contact with your skin. Over time, the aura surrounding your body becomes wonderfully impermeable to any kind of bad influences.

Your specific gemstone is decided in alignment with your birth chart. This birth chart has been designed in accordance to your date and time of birth, planetary positions in the skies and interplanetary relationships. This is how a particular Navratna and the sun sign associated with it become known.

  • Planet Mercury – It adores the bewitching Emerald. This is best for the Virgo-born and the Gemini-born.
  • Planet Mars – If you are a Scorpio-born or Aries-born, go for the shining Red Coral. This planet listens to its advice.
  • Planet Saturn – The glorious Blue Sapphire is best for Aquarians and Capricornians, since they are governed by Shani Dev.
  • Planet Venus – It is the best friend of the bedazzling Diamond. The stone suits the Libran and the Taurean.
  • Planet Jupiter – A royal planet needs an equally royal gemstone like the Yellow Sapphire. It is best for the Pisces-born and the Sagittarius-born.
  • Planet Ketu – A malefic mindset that harasses every zodiac sign may be controlled by the mesmerising Cat’s Eye.
  • Planet Sun – It is befitting that it goes for the glowing Ruby, since both are similar in characteristics. It suits the Leo-born perfectly.
  • Planet Rahu – No zodiac sign is safe from it. Befriend the charming Hessonite.

Planet Moon – If you are a Cancer-born, the lustrous Pearl is best for you. It is the best friend of this planet.

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Do not ever expect life’s journey to be free from diverse trials and tribulations. After all, you must experience the bad to enjoy the good. However, you can take certain steps to mitigate the adverse effects caused by the entry of unwanted situations/circumstances. One of them is to consult a reputed astrologer and find out which form of gemstone is most suited for you.

Should you trust your astrologer?

Yes, of course, you should! Do note that this individual has studied the Ancient Scriptures, that is, the Vedas. They are the foundation of Vedic astrology. The astrologer has also been able to fathom the mysteries of your natal chart, including the effects of your ruling planet on your existing life.

You should be able to obtain an authentic gemstone at an online shop called

Are your reasons for wanting a gemstone, clear?

Give a little thought to the feedback about your horoscope. Then again, ponder over what your life has been like since the day you were born. Have you been able to fulfill all of your life’s goals? Have there been sudden obstacles popping up at odd times, when you fully expected everything to go through smoothly? If the answers are in the affirmative, and you believe that someone has been sent by the divine to help you, then maybe, your reasons for wanting to experiment with gemstone therapy may become clearer.

Why should you go to a gemmologist?

Few people are aware that a jeweler and gemmologist are different. The former could not care less about the astrological benefits bestowed by precious stones, especially the Navratnas or the nine Jyotish gems. This person is only concerned with fashioning glorious ornaments, even fit for royalty.

You will comprehend by the way this expert focuses on the four Cs, which are color, cut, clarity and carat. They reveal the authenticity and natural beauty of the untreated gemstone. Furthermore, a genuine gemologist will never hesitate to provide you with a certificate of approval from an authentic gem-testing laboratory.

Are you able to sense a connection between the precious stone and yourself?

Soon after wearing your chosen gemstone, you should be able to feel a deep bonding with it. In fact, you will hesitate to remove it from your person even for a short time! This is because the stone radiates cosmic energy, which is unseen, but easily felt if you have faith. The cosmic vibrations received from the astrological Solar System are captured by your gemstone and transferred to your body. Sometimes, the connectivity is established even before you actually purchase the stone. Your mind urges you to possess this particular shade of your selected stone, and you are helpless.

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The iridescence of the highly soft Opal gemstone suffices to bring a joyful smile to your face. It is one of the most beautiful and colourful gemstones in the world. Even poets, writers and historians have waxed lyrical about its lucid purity.

Why is the Opal revered so greatly?

This gemstone displays a singular phenomenon known as opalescence. To understand the phenomenon, you will have to probe the structure and composition of this Queen of Gemstones. There is water within the non-crystalline stone, in the form of hydrous silicon dioxide. The internal structure is patterned like a three-dimensional network. The meshwork comprises of tiny spheres. As a result, light rays directed at the Opal gemstone, undergo both, reflection and refraction. This is the meaning of opalescence. Can you even visualise what the scene will look like? You cannot, for it is something akin to magic!

This vivid exhibition of light rays renders the Opal gemstone quite expensive, yet worthwhile to possess. You should go in for this gemstone, if you are a Libra-born or a Scorpio-born. The month of October and Opal gemstone go hand-in-hand. Do not be fooled into purchasing duplicates or fakes by visiting any website randomly. is reputed for handing out genuine precious stones. You will receive a pure and splendid sample. You will be amazed to know that your purchase will not match the purchase of another buyer. This is because no two Opals are ever alike.

How will the Opal help you gain love and happiness?

It could be that you are feeling terribly lazy and lethargic, as well as depressed, unable to focus on any kind of task. Then again, your blood may be filled with impurities, signifying the need for consulting a physician expert in handling blood disorders. It would be good to opt for a Mexican or a Fire Opal with its dark yellow, orange, red or brown hues.

Then again, you cannot feel very happy if your bodily functions are out of balance or you are suffering from a neural disorder. Only the White Opal with its pastel shades will prove useful in restoring your peace of mind. Reproductive disorders experienced by a male may be done away with via the donning of the Black Opal, which displays superb flashes of colourful light rays. Even the intensity of pain experienced during delivery by a mother-to-be, may be driven away with the help of the Opal gemstone.

Sometimes, you are troubled by terrible dreams and incomprehensible fears. Obviously, evil energies are at work here. There is no end to your creativity and spontaneity, especially if you are associated with business, the media or the performing arts. It is the perfect gemstone for boosting your self-esteem to such an extent that you are ready to acquire a new personality.

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Probably, no other gemstone is so popular amongst Hindus, as the Gomed or Hessonite. It could be because only this precious stone has the courage to confront the planet present at the northern node of the dragon with a tail and no body. This is the shadowy, evil planet Rahu, a member of the astrological Solar System and tremendously malefic towards human beings.

Why is planet Rahu so feared by humankind?

This planet refuses to spare any zodiac sign. Regardless of what you are, if He has taken up an immovable stance in the third, sixth, eighth or twelfth house of your natal chart, you may rest assured that you will be troubled throughout your life. You will have to befriend Gomed gemstone, if you wish to rectify this unpleasant situation. However, do not just buy it from any website randomly. Visit the extremely dependable and you will not be disappointed.

After all, would you like to present an unclean and lazy demeanour to others for the rest of your life? Oh, yes, whether you like it or not, you will find yourself giving in to unhealthy habits and an unhygienic lifestyle. Your aggressive touchiness, your uncouth language, bad behaviour and your temper tantrums suffice to keep even the friendliest of individuals at a distance. As if this were not enough, you will find yourself troubled in your chosen profession too. You have plenty of enemies waiting to practice black magic on you or drag you into lawsuits, thanks to irrelevant jealousies. Thus, you may feel that you are being assaulted from all sides by supernatural forces.

Why should you wear only Gomed gemstone?

To begin with, ensure that you obtain at least a 7-carat precious stone, which can be embedded onto an open-backed silver ring. Put it through a purification ritual, prior to placing it on the middle finger of your right hand. Consult with your astrologer regarding the exact procedure, as well as time and day for donning the ring.

You must realize that even health issues are your ‘enemies’, for they fail to award you physical or mental peace. It is not good for you to remain vulnerable to the adverse effects of snakebites, chronic/acute illnesses, personality disorders, substance abuse, monetary problems or evil forces. Stress is always bad for you.

Then again, you experience a great burst of energy and vigour, encouraging you to face all challenges and tasks confidently. As your self-esteem returns, you find yourself able to take all kinds of decisions without flinching. This should help you win over your enemies, and possibly, even convert them into friends. Imagine how wonderful this will feel, especially if you are gravitating towards a great career in journalism, the armed forces, the police force, law or politics. There is obviously a lot of positivity and mental clarity at work here!

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The very sight of the majestic-looking, red coloured Ruby gemstone suffices to make you feel powerful and royal. After all, it has been the favourite of kings, queens and all nobility over the ages. Humankind’s love affair with the Ruby has continued until today. No wonder then that it occupies an exalted place amongst the four most precious of gemstones.

Why does the Ruby enjoy such deep adoration?

The astrological ruling planet of the lustrous gemstone is the glorious Sun, whose rays disseminate warmth and light over the entire Earth. Just as the fierce yellowish flames of the Sun can never be extinguished, the glowing hues of the Ruby sustain forever. This is what led people to believe that this precious stone represented passion, courage and prosperity. It was used in amulets, charms and talismans.

If you are a Leo-born, Aries-born or a Scorpio-born, you should be rushing to a reliable gemmologist, such as, to obtain this ruby gemstone. After having it studded onto an open-backed copper or gold ring, let the gemstone undergo a purification ritual as suggested by your astrologer. Place the holy ring on the ring finger of your right hand, early Sunday morning. Now, you are ready to confront your terrible nightmares, horror of paranormal or evil influences, intruders into your home, fire, etc. You will always be safe.

How does the glorious gemstone improve your personality?

You may not be aware of the fact that your body has seven chakras located along the vertebral column. The Ruby gemstone is partial to your base or root chakra, located at the base of your spine. It endows this chakra with such life-giving energy and vitality that you your body, mind and spirit become vibrantly alive. You will be surprised to discover how clearly your mind functions, how beautifully you are able to concentrate on any kind of task, how self-confident you suddenly feel and how determined you seem to overcome all kinds of personal and professional challenges. Naturally, you are bound to scale the heights of great success.

Timidity is no longer a part of your personal makeup. You are the courageous leader, who seeks to inspire by thought and action. It helps that your blood circulatory system receives a boost from this precious stone. As a result, you no longer feel lethargic or exhausted all the time. You are the lively spark, which refuses to die!

You are a faithful romantic, who believes in committing to a relationship, once you have initiated it. Thus, your bonding with the opposite sex is always very strong.

Yes, it is there in everyone’s body, but few are even aware of its presence. When it is aroused, the sudden surge of dynamism in your body can leave you feeling wonderfully astonished.

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Blue Topaz is the best friend of the December-born. You will receive the blessings of Jupiter, the Lord of all Planets. A ruler will not let his faithful subject’s prayers go in vain. Through the activation of the universal laws of attraction, your deepest desires will be fulfilled.

What are the facts associated with the Blue Topaz?

In contrast to the scintillating Blue Sapphire, Blue Topaz looks absolutely dull and lacklustre when first extracted from the earth. It is like any other ordinary stone with barely any colour or possessing a whitish hue. The fault lies with its contents, which comprise of fluoride and hydroxide ions, as well as aluminium silicate. Yet, when you purchase Blue Topaz gemstone online store, such as, you are left stunned by its radiant appearance! Why is this so? The extracted material has undergone gentle irradiation, in order to pull out its inner beauty and present it to the external world.

If you wish to achieve maximum benefits, opt for a 3-carat precious stone and have it studded onto a gold ring. It would be best to purify your ring in Gangajal or a mixture of pure water, raw milk and pure honey, before wearing it. Just soak the ring in the liquid for some time, chanting holy mantras all the time and burning incense sticks. Place it on your index finger on a Thursday morning, after taking a bath.

Does Blue Topaz have healing properties?

Yes, it does!

For instance, despite being a talented writer, knowledgeable traveller, an enthusiastic salesperson or a hard-working businessperson, you do not seem to have progressed much in your chosen field. This is because you lack appropriate communication skills. You are not able to express yourself well. It is imperative, therefore, that the blocked throat chakra or the vishuddha chakra be unblocked or opened completely. You will be able to give vent to your verbal and written feelings superbly. Even your cognitive skills improve.

The gemstone helps your thyroid gland regain its former strength and balanced way of functioning. Apart from this, the gemstone brings about healing of the digestive, blood circulatory and nervous systems. You will be thankful to see your metabolism improve and your problems with vision disappear. Naturally, you will be able to rest well, and no longer suffer from sleep disorders or insomnia. You will gain control over your weighty issues too, since your mind is no longer stressed.

Hitherto, your relationships centred around physical pleasure alone. After befriending the Blue Topaz, your attitude towards the opposite sex will undergo a healthy change. You will comprehend that love can be quite divine; it need not be confined to the physical arena alone. This knowledge will help you in building long-lasting relationships with both sexes.

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A glance at the Blue Sapphire gemstone serves to convey the impression that there must be powerful magic at work deep within the earth! Otherwise, how are you able to obtain such a wonderfully hued precious stone from ordinary alluvial deposits or igneous rocks?

What will a gemologist tell you about the Blue Sapphire?

To begin with, the splendid shades of violet-blue, navy blue, purplish-blue, light blue, indigo or dark blue may be attributed to the presence of diverse metals and minerals, including cobalt and corundum. You will be glad to know that these colors will never fade from this scratch proof gemstone. Yes, you heard right! This precious stone is among st the hardest minerals across the globe. In case, it is flawed, you will be able to witness a mix of shades, a tainted surface or tiny white lines on the stone.

It is probably due to its glorious qualities that Lord Shani, residing in planet Saturn, loves the Blue Sapphire so much. He advises you to favour this gemstone whenever you need His blessings. The message is sent through a reputed astrologer. The astrologer will then tell you to have the stone embedded onto a silver or gold ring first, before placing it on the central finger of your right hand. You will find the Mount of Saturn at the base of this finger.

How will you achieve great success and fame via this gemstone?

Shani Dev will favour you only if you adhere to a certain Code of Conduct prescribed by Him. Your first duty is towards your parents. You are expected to look after them during their advanced years, similar to the way in which they looked after you during your childhood and adolescence. All elders are meant to be respected and revered. Naturally, you will be the recipient of several blessings.

As you continue to bask in the glory of your elders’ blessings, you will be astonished to discover that you are no longer haunted by unnecessary complexes and fears! In fact, you develop the equanimity to view and accept both, the good and the bad. You are able to build upon your existing relationships and take them to a higher level. As a result, people often come to you for advice. They admire your wisdom, spiritual mindset and tranquil behavior. You are an inspirational and charismatic leader.

Lord Shani loves truthful people. This should not be hard for you, since you are at peace, both physically and mentally. As the evil influences in your life are thrown out, you find it easy to set goals for yourself, take decisive actions, use your intelligence and creativity to their maximum limits, focus on any given task and exercise your intuition as best as you can. You even to love and respect yourself for who you are and what you are.

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It is good to work hard right from the beginning of the term. It is equally good to request divine blessings. You have been doing both all your life. However, every examination still brings on an onslaught of anxiety and fear. Maybe, you should try something different this time. Pay a visit to a reputed online dealer like and purchase a spellbindingly beautiful Emerald gemstone.

How will this precious stone help you with your studies?

Now, do not be under the impression that merely wearing a gemstone and praying for success is going to help you sail through board exams, competitive exams, etc, with relative ease. You definitely need to study hard too. However, the Emerald gemstone provides help in other ways, such that your task becomes easier.

The astrological planet governing Emerald is Mercury. In case, the position of this planet in your birth chart is weak, you will find yourself disturbed, both physically and mentally. It is as if evil forces are working against you. When you befriend this lustrous gemstone, you will discover how wonderfully your powers of verbal and written communication improve. You will not find it hard to reason, perceive or analyse, since you are able to stay focused on anything that you read or any task that you wish to complete. With tremendous improvement in your memory power, you will be able to recall things easily. In short, you will find yourself firmly fixed on the pathway to intellectual progress.

How should you wear this scintillating Emerald gemstone?

Purchase a genuine gemstone from a well-known gemmologist, such as It may be studded onto a silver or gold ring. Once you obtain the ring, you will need to put it through a purification ritual. Make a mixture of pure water, raw milk and pure honey. Place the ring in this mixture. Leave it for half-an-hour or more. If you wish to, chant some holy mantras while circulating burning incense sticks over the solution. You may request your astrologer to help you with the chanting. Ensure that this process takes place between 5 am and 7 am on a Wednesday morning. This day should fall within Shukla Paksha (the first fortnight of every month). When you are through, place the ring on the index finger of your right hand.

You will witness changes in your personality, such as the advent of a serene temperament and wisdom. Relationships with family members and people outside the family prosper. You may even acquire the gift of prophecy and intuition, which helps you to keep evil influences at bay. Naturally, when you step into your chosen career, these qualities will help you scale great heights. You will even achieve financial stability, thanks to your vigorous and positive mindset.

Kundali reading and gemstone

Kundali is known by several other names too, such as birth horoscope, natal chart, birth chart, janam kundali and janampatri. Your kundali is specific to your personality, for it is created during your entry into this world. An experienced or reputed astrologer acquainted with the mysterious nuances of the Vedic astrology system prepares it and also suggest gemstone.

What is the importance of kundali in Vedic astrology?

Like every other individual on this Earth, you are born at a certain time and on a certain date. The astrologer takes note of these aspects, as well as observes the position of the planets in the eastern horizon, while preparing your natal chart. Vedic astrology has its own Solar System. It comprises of nine planets. They are Sun, Moon, Rahu, Ketu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus and Mercury. Even the interplanetary reactions also play an important role in charting out your horoscope. Your kundali suffices to grant you an in-depth insight into your innate qualities, relationships, employment, behaviour, financial stability, health status, events that have occurred in your life earlier, predictions about the future, your potential for progress, etc.

It is important for the astrologer to know the Ascendant/Rising sign at the time and date of your birth. Towards this end, the local mean time at your place of birth is determined first, before performing specific calculations to arrive at your Ascendant sign. This Ascendant becomes the first or most important house in your birth chart. The remaining houses (there are 12 of them) are granted numbers too, albeit in an anti-clockwise fashion. Their respective positions indicate how strong or weak they are in their hold over your life. You may consider these 12 houses as akin to the 12 signs of the English zodiac. As the nine planets move through these houses during your life span, they direct their cosmic energies towards you. Each planet’s cosmic vibrations may affect you positively or negatively, or remain neutral in attitude towards you.

What is the link between your kundali and diverse gemstones?

Note that heavenly bodies alone are not responsible for whatever is happening in your life. The good and bad deeds (karma) that have followed you into this birth from your previous life’s journey also influence your current life. Malevolence may be reduced, while benefits may be increased with the aid of astrological gemstones. Take your astrologer’s advice.

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Everything, including your emotional vicissitudes, physiological processes, beliefs and thoughts, fluctuating levels of energy, etc, is influenced by the cosmic vibrations generated by the nine planets in the astrological universe.

You may not be aware of it, but your body is wrapped within an ‘aura’. This aura has to confront the cosmic rays being directed at it from the astrological universe. You will comprehend by the good or bad things happening in your life at various points during your lifetime. Some changes may be good, while others may be bad. Unless you take some remedial steps to improve your situation by enhancing the good and destroying the bad, you may suffer. Gemstones, purchased from divine shops, such as, will serve to set things right.

As per Vedic astrology, every gemstone reflects lustrous light from its beautiful facets. These rays of light enter your aura in the form of vibrations. This light spectrum will confront unwanted energies and throw them out from your aura. The precious stone also causes radioactive effects, which serve to negate the impact of evil influences on your physiology and psychology. Thus, every gemstone performs dual functions.

How does your health improve through your desired gemstone?

Yellow Sapphire gemstone – This sparklingly lustrous stone is linked to planet Jupiter. It keeps your married life as joyous as possible. It also enhances your immunity, thereby keeping you physically and mentally fit.

Blue Sapphire gemstone – Associated with planet Saturn, this mesmerising beauty ensures that your metabolism, focus, serenity and mental clarity remain intact. If you are a woman suffering from infertility, this stone will take care of the problem.

Red Coral gemstone – The gemstone of planet Mars, the glowing Red Coral will not allow fever, cough, blood-related illnesses, etc, to trouble you at all.

Ruby – This scintillating stone is a friend of planet Sun. You need never fear the advent of rheumatism, gout, peptic ulcer or fever.

Diamond – Planet Venus loves this magnificent gemstone! Your body will be saved from the horrible effects of diseases associated with your integumentary, reproductive and endocrine systems. Sexual power increases too.

Emerald gemstone – This entrancingly mystical stone is favoured by planet Mercury. As a result, your communication skills will improve. With regard to your brain and mind, expect cognition, intellect, intuition and memory to be much better in functioning.

Pearl – A good friend of planet Moon, the beautiful Pearl is responsible for healing issues related to your eyes, heart, sexuality and married life, uterus, lungs, brain, mind, sleeping patterns and memory.

Cat’s Eye – This radiant gemstone is linked to planet Ketu. It will ensure that diverse health conditions or mysterious illnesses cause no harm.

Hessonite gemstone – Associated with planet Rahu, the shining Hessonite improves overall wellbeing, including appetite and verve.

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