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When we talk about Rudraksha, the one thing that comes in our mind is Lord Shiva. According to ancient mythology, Rudhaksha was one of the incarnations of Lord Shiva.  According to mythology it is believed that Lord Shiva shredded tears to protect mankind. There are enormous benefits and importance of wearing Rudraksha, some of them is as follows:-

  1. It is said that Rudraksha can be worn by anyone without any discrimination of culture, sex or caste.
  2. Before adopting to wear Rudraksha, it is important to perform necessary pooja or rituals suggested by expert astrologers.
  3. It is also said that the cultural rituals offered to the Lord Shiva are incomplete without Rudraksha.
  4. In order to reap maximum benefits of Rudraksha it is important to wear those before 9 pm and for 108 times the wearer needs to chant mantra “Om Namaha Shivay”.
  5. Buy Rudraksha online it can reap positive benefits like deriving good vibes, enhancing confidence and can even work out wonders even for people who face difficulties in concentration.
  6. There are various mukhi in Rudraksha starting right from 1-21, the Ganesh Mukhi is prominent now a days.
  7. Ganesh Mukhi Rudraksha is basically worn to gain momentum in success or clear out any obstacle. In order to reap positive benefits it is important to chant “OM hum Namah”.
  8. The Ganesh Mukhi Rudraksha should also be worn to gain spiritual power and prosperity.
  9. There is even 21 mukhi Rudraksha is worn to enhance financial powers and considered well to keep the problems at bay from the universe.
  10.  When we talk about Rudraksha, the most prominent is also Gauri Shankar Rudraksha. This thing is considered to be very auspicious when it comes to gaining marital happiness.
  11. Even in case any women facing any kind of difficulties during pregnancy, the Gauri Shankar Rudraksha is highly recommended to strike out the odds.
  12. In order to get the fastest and positive results, many expert astrologers do suggest that you should chant mantra like “Om Ardhinarishewar Namah”.
  13. The best part of Gauri Shankar Rudraksha is that women belonging to all different age groups can wear this. According to age old times it is said that this rudraksha is grace of both Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, therefore could work wonders to eradicate the problems.
  14. The six faced Rudrakasha can even help in giving creativity and does work wonders for people associated with this field.
  15. The seven faced malas are often used to remove negative affluences or can even protect from evil eye.

It is primary thing to note that Rudrakasha does comes with proper authentication certificate, thus it is important to have a check on the same.

astrological benefits of gemstones

Not everyone can understand the benefits of astrology or the advantages of befriending particular gemstones. It is not your fault, for many people regard astrology as a pseudoscience and anything associated with it as mere superstition. Nevertheless, there is no harm in trying on a gemstone advised by your astrologer for a trial period, at least. The gradual changes taking place within your mind, body and soul should suffice to convince you of the truth of astrological benefits of gemstones.

Why do we grant so much of importance to Vedic astrology?

Well, there is another kind of Solar System in the universe, according to Vedic astrology. This is a configuration of nine planets too, albeit including slightly different ones in comparison to the astronomical Solar System. You may see Sun (not considered a star over here), Moon (not considered a satellite over here), Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, Mars, Venus, Ketu (shadowy planet) and Rahu (another shadowy planet).

Now, each of these planets tends to vibrate, while moving along its specified orbit. These vibrations reach Earth from the cosmos, affecting every living being on it. The effects may be positive, negative or neutral. Well, then, you need some tool to enhance the positive and reduce the negative, don’t you? These precious stones are your tools. Your particular tool will depend upon the time and date of your birth, positions of the planets in the eastern horizon when you were born and the relationships between diverse planets.

What benefits will you receive from astrological gemstones?

They are known as Jyotish gemstones too. You would be well advised to buy gemstone from genuine gemmologists, such as and others. The first thing that will fascinate you will be the brilliant hues of your chosen gemstone. They are highlighted even more when held up, against bright light. This should bring to mind the superb light spectrum that exists naturally in the universe. When these colourful rays penetrate your skin and enter the deeper recesses of your body, mind and soul, they bring about wonderful changes. You will never know how the miracle happened! Your personality, mindset and attitude – all undergo a transformation. As a result, even the invisible aura that surrounds your body becomes more positive in nature, since the negative vibrations emanating from the cosmos fail to leave much of an impact after you befriend your chosen gemstone.

If you are still sceptical about such distant heavenly bodies affecting your aura, well, just take a close look at your palms.. Each of them represents a particular planet. The presence of a gemstone studded onto an open-backed ring, which is in continual contact with your skin, suffices to keep their energies in control. The gentle pressure applied by the gemstone is akin to a skin massage.

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Do not ever expect life’s journey to be free from diverse trials and tribulations. After all, you must experience the bad to enjoy the good. However, you can take certain steps to mitigate the adverse effects caused by the entry of unwanted situations/circumstances. One of them is to consult a reputed astrologer and find out which form of gemstone is most suited for you.

Should you trust your astrologer?

Yes, of course, you should! Do note that this individual has studied the Ancient Scriptures, that is, the Vedas. They are the foundation of Vedic astrology. The astrologer has also been able to fathom the mysteries of your natal chart, including the effects of your ruling planet on your existing life.

You should be able to obtain an authentic gemstone at an online shop called

Are your reasons for wanting a gemstone, clear?

Give a little thought to the feedback about your horoscope. Then again, ponder over what your life has been like since the day you were born. Have you been able to fulfill all of your life’s goals? Have there been sudden obstacles popping up at odd times, when you fully expected everything to go through smoothly? If the answers are in the affirmative, and you believe that someone has been sent by the divine to help you.

Why should you go to a gemmologist?

Few people are aware that a jeweller and gemmologist are different. The former could not care less about the astrological benefits bestowed by precious stones, especially the Navratnas or the nine Jyotish gems. This person is only concerned with fashioning glorious ornaments, even fit for royalty. The latter, on the other hand, is able to sense something more about the aura generated by every gemstone, and what it can do for your own aura.

You will comprehend by the way this expert focuses on the four Cs, which are colour, cut, clarity and carat. They reveal the authenticity and natural beauty of the untreated gems. Furthermore, a genuine gemmologist will never hesitate to provide you with a certificate of approval from an authentic gems-testing laboratory.

Are you able to sense a connection between the precious stone and yourself?

Soon after wearing your chosen gemstone, you should be able to feel a deep bonding with it. In fact, you will hesitate to remove it from your person even for a short time! This is because the stone radiates cosmic energy, which is unseen, but easily felt if you have faith. The cosmic vibrations received from the astrological Solar System are captured by your gemstone and transferred to your body. Sometimes, the connectivity is established even before you actually purchase the stone. Your mind urges you to possess this particular shade of your selected stone, and you are helpless.

gemstone yellow sapphire

The Yellow Sapphire gemstone is so hypnotically glowing in appearance that it is hard to take your eyes of it. It is as resplendent as the royal planet that it represents – Jupiter or Dev (royal/God) Guru (tutor). However, you should be able to obtain a genuine stone from an authentic dealer like only, if you are to experience its full effects on your life and lifestyle.

What kind of changes will you witness in your life?

It is advised that you make your desired precious stone undergo a purification ritual, prior to making it your ‘best friend’. Now, it is understood that you cannot place the gemstone directly on your finger; it has to be supported by a ring. Do ensure that your ring is open-backed, for only then will the gemstone be able to touch your skin all the time.

Since it is your close friend, the yellow sapphire gemstone will absorb the light rays from the planets residing in The Heavens and send them deep into your body in the form of cosmic vibrations. As these vibrations/energies reach the inner depths of your mind, soul and body, they bring about changes in your life.

The first thing that you will notice about yourself will be the development of equanimity. You comprehend that life is a mixture of the good and bad. You cannot escape either of them. However, you now have the courage to face adversities without losing your cool. In fact, you urge your brain to discover quick solutions and free you from unnecessary anxieties. Do you think that others will not have observed the drastic transformation in your personality? They definitely will have! Furthermore, they will not be able to prevent themselves from showering your serene temperament with compliments.

Domestic harmony comes to the fore, as your family members bond with you much better than before. You may even renew broken friendships and forge new ones at work and within the community. Everybody wishes you well. As a result, all those health problems that had been dogging you for years will disappear. Your focus in life will be on re-inviting good luck and good fortune into your life.

What kind of changes will you witness in your lifestyle?

It could be that you are in a job or business. There will be things about both that will fail to thrill you, and even affect your lifestyle. After wearing Yellow Sapphire, you will discover that you are able to make decisions with great wisdom and wonderful mental clarity. It follows that you will have the satisfaction of witnessing varied tasks being completed successfully or business deals going through rapidly. All the values and notions that you had been harbouring all this while will undergo welcome changes. Your lifestyle will change too.

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People are generally frightened of Shani Dev, that is, planet Saturn. It is well known that He is a planet of contrasting characteristics. As a result, you may find yourself becoming the helpless victim of his extreme maliciousness or a happy recipient of his extreme kindnesses. Therefore, it becomes imperative for you to befriend the scintillatingly lovely Blue Sapphire gemstone. The ill effects of planet Saturn may be reduced, while the good effects may be enhanced.

How will you forge a strong bond of friendship between Blue Sapphire and yourself?

When you make friends with someone, it is perfectly reasonable that you would like this person to be the ‘best’ amongst all. Similarly, your precious stone must possess genuine certification from an authentic laboratory. is able to give you this assurance, for they are reliable dealers.

After obtaining this kind of stone, have it embedded onto a silver or golden, open-backed ring. Purify the ring in accordance with the instructions issued by a reputed astrologer. When the ring is ready, place it on the middle finger of your right hand. The Do this on a Saturday, for that is the favourite day of the slowest-moving planet, Saturn. The timing should be between 5 AM and 7 AM. It would be ideal to opt for a day in the first fortnight of any month (Shukla Paksha). It is believed that the gemstone will be in full strength for at least four years; its strength may wane after that.

What changes will you witness in your life after wearing Blue Sapphire?

It will be a relief to discover your peace of mind returning, albeit in a gradual manner. As a result, even your digestive system, which has faced the brunt of terrible stress until now, will begin to recover its normal functioning. Yes, all the stressors, fear of unknown things and complexes intertwined with your personality, will disappear. Thus, your psychology and physiology reveal tremendous improvement.

You will be able to think clearly, permitting the setting of life’s goals in a mature manner. Clarity is further enhanced by the development of deeper intuition, greater wisdom, intelligent thought processes and an urgent drive to move ahead in life. You refuse to let any novel opportunity slip through your fingers. You will be able to focus on your tasks much better, thanks to your creativity, discipline and patience. Yes, your family and co-workers are going to be terribly surprised by the new YOU!

Shani Dev loves people, who respect their elders, give due attention to responsibilities and duties, cast aside unnecessary luxuries and focus on the attainment of spiritual wisdom. Rest assured that your truthful nature, generosity and tranquil habits will fetch healthy results.

Over time, you will become a vivacious and charismatic leader, whom others will be eager to follow. You will be blessed with longevity too.

Occasions gemstones

Every gemstone is akin to a celebrity. Its popularity waxes and wanes according to personal likes and dislikes, seasonal changes, occasions and fashion trends. However, amongst the 80+ gemstones that exist on this Earth, four remain timeless and ageless. They are the Diamond, Ruby, Blue Sapphire and Emerald. They may be worn for any and every occasion, and all the time.


It is the hardest gemstone on this planet, as well as the most mesmerising. It is no wonder then that it is a favourite amongst women! The sparkle emanating from it is magical indeed! Although the gemstone is available in various shades of colour, such as blue, yellow, red, etc, the colourless variety is more popular amongst people.

It is apt that this gemstone is linked to the planet of luxury, beauty and splendour. This planet is Venus. If your astrologer has indicated that you should be wearing this gemstone, you are indeed lucky. You will succeed tremendously in life, provided you work with honesty and diligence.


The gemstone of planet Sun is vibrant in its reddish hues and breathtakingly beautiful to behold. The qualities associated with this gemstone include passion, courage, love and sensuality. Therefore, it makes for an ideal anniversary gift, especially on your 15th, 18th and 40th wedding anniversaries.

Now, Ruby is meant to enhance your confidence and charisma. Naturally, you will find yourself becoming more focused on your tasks and life’s goals. Keep the gemstone with you at all times, for it will keep evil influences at bay. Over time, you will reach the zenith in your personal and professional lives, similar to the sun in the sky.


Which coloured Sapphire would you like to wear, for it is available in diverse shades? You may opt for blue, yellow, green, white, pink, purple, black, gray or multi-hued. However, the Blue Sapphire is the most popular.

Associated with planet Saturn, Blue Sapphire can bring you extreme success or extreme harm. If it becomes your friend, however, there will be no looking back. You may expect your lethargic habits replaced by alertness, focused behaviour, healthy decision making abilities and deepening of creativity. Apart from this, you become inclined towards spiritual awareness and meditation. Thus, your overall wellbeing is not in question.


There can be nothing so deeply mysterious, yet rich in appearance! The Emerald has fascinated everyone over the centuries, including royalty. It continues to do so, even today.

Emerald and planet Mercury are good friends. As a result, it will enable you to recover from ailments related to the respiratory system, nerves, allergies, etc, quickly. As for your mental health, it will improve rapidly. You are intelligent, skilled, focused and possess a good memory. Naturally, people are attracted towards your charismatic personality. They love to receive wise advice from you, and are even keen to build long-lasting bonds.

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Amongst the numerous beautiful navratna gemstones discovered worldwide, only nine have received tremendous veneration and admiration in the world of Vedic astrology.

What sets the navratnas apart from other precious and semi-precious stones?

For one thing, each gemstone possesses its own unique personality. This enables it to overcome the challenges presented by the negative cosmic vibrations sent out from any specific planet. Similarly, it also allows it to enhance the positive cosmic energies directed at any living being on Earth.

Then again, every navratna is superbly hued, permitting it to enhance the charm of the clothing worn by the wearer. Even the wearer’s personality takes on a new definition. It is no wonder then that people use these unusual gemstones to make fashion and astrological statements.

To sum up, the navratnas are supremely beautiful, extremely pure in quality and behaviour, possess metaphysical properties and comprehend the human psyche so well.

What are the benefits of selecting a particular navratna?

To begin with, there are two shadowy and invisible planets, known as Rahu and Ketu. They are the north (head) and south (tail) nodes of the dragon in the sky, with a head and a tail, but no body. These planets are horrifically malevolent towards the human race. Their malefic effects tend to last for great lengths of time. Furthermore, they influence all zodiac signs equally, for they practice no partiality.

If you are lucky, your natal chart will reveal a lucky escape from Rahu and Ketu. If you are unlucky, you might find one of them residing proudly in various houses within your horoscope. Your only way out is to purchase an navratna gemstone from a reputed dealer, such as

Planet Rahu may be defeated through the usage of the shining Hessonite, generally known as Gomed in India. Cat’s Eye is courageous enough to withstand everything that planet Ketu dishes out to the wearer.

As for the other zodiac signs, the gemstones suitable for them are listed below.

Planet Mars may be appeased via the attractive Red Coral gemstone. This fiery planet rules over the equally fierce Scorpio-born and the Aries-born.

Planet Mercury loves the bewitching Emerald. Hence, if your zodiac sign is Virgo or Gemini, you should be favouring this precious stone.

Everybody loves the mesmerising Diamond. However, only Librans and Taureans may wear it, for it is a friend of their ruling planet Venus.

Planet Sun governs those born under the sun sign Leo. The ideal stone is the scintillating Ruby.

Planet Moon and the lustrous Pearl are very similar in appearance. They favour Cancerians.

The glittering Yellow Sapphire is meant for the Piscean-born and the Sagittarian-born. The royal planet Jupiter looks after them.

Planet Saturn loves the bedazzling Blue Sapphire. This gemstone is perfect for the Aquarius-born and the Capricorn-born.

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