It seems rather strange to name a gemstone as Cat’s Eye or Lehsunia, doesn’t it? However, the stone has a special flavour, not witnessed in other gemstones, and hence, the name.

What does Cat’s Eye mean and how to find it?

Cat’s Eye or Lehsunia refers to the phenomenon of chatoyance. You will understand when you hold up the gemstone against a background of brilliant light or natural sunlight. As you keep twisting it and viewing it from diverse angles, you will be able to see colourful rays of light appearing out of the stone. They are a wonderful interplay of shades of black, grey, white, green, yellow, brown, gold, blue and red! Why does this happen? It is because there is one, a couple, or three, striking bands streaking across the surface of the precious stone.

Limpid or opaque in nature, the oval/round gemstone is available in the mines of Colorado (USA), China, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Brazil. Good quality stones find their way to reliable and authentic dealers, such as Regardless, it pays to have knowledge about how to find a genuine Cat’s Eye. For example, the stone rates 8.5 on Moh’s Scale of Hardness, thereby making it scratchproof and damage-proof. Even its specific gravity is high. You will love its surface, for it is bewitchingly lustrous and smooth. A flawed stone would appear dull, uneven in shape, flat, dented or cracked.

What are the other important facts associated with the Cat’s Eye?

Does your natal chart show planet Ketu residing in the 3rd, 6th, 9th, 10th or 12th house in it? If yes, it means that his influence on your life is extremely strong. It is believed that Sagittarians (born in November/December) and Pisceans (born in January/February) are the only ones frequently troubled by malevolent Ketu, but that is not true. He is impartial in dispensing his favours and disfavours towards everyone born under the 12 zodiac signs!

You can rid yourself of Ketu dosha by befriending the Cat’s Eye gemstone. Request the gemmologist to place it on an open-backed, gold ring. As for how it should be worn, you will have to make the ring undergo a purification ritual on a specific date and at a specific time, as outlined by the astrologer. Then, don it on the middle finger of your right hand.

You will gradually begin to receive all the benefits that go to the wearer of the Cat’s Eye. Your body will no longer be threatened by acute/chronic illnesses. You will not suffer from mental or genetic ill health either. With regard to your personal growth, you might feel astounded by the improvement in self-esteem, thought processes, memory and self-awareness! Tackle life’s trials and tribulations with perfect equilibrium, and you will find yourself on the road to prosperity, happiness and peace.

Pearl gemstone online

Another organic gemstone, similar to the Red Coral, obtained from the creatures living in the deepest regions of the oceans and seas, is the beautiful Pearl. Known as molluscs, these animals ask for nothing in return, despite undergoing pain all the while the precious stone is ‘forming’ next to their sensitive skins!

Is the Pearl different from other gemstones?

Some people might believe so, because of the source of its extraction. Then again, when seen at first glance, it appears like a duplicate of the round and cold-to-the-touch moon in the sky, albeit minus its charming shine and possessing a rather rough texture. Obviously, the raw material cannot be lustrous. Expert gemmologists apply gentle treatments, which do not interfere with the original physical or chemical composition of the gemstone.

Note that the Pearl possesses a genuine warmth and love within its depths, even if you cannot sense it immediately. It is only after you befriend it that you realize how wisely it grants direction to your hitherto harum-scarum life. This is not something that we have discovered in recent years; people in Ancient times knew it long before we did! Ask the American tribes, Spaniards and Romans, if you do not believe us! They deemed the Pearl as the ‘stone of the elite’. If anyone gifted a jewellery item fashioned from this precious stone, the receiver felt wonderfully honoured. However, if you desire to own the Pearl, or even present it to someone, please purchase it from an authentic dealer, someone like, for instance.

How will this precious stone make you pure and perfect?

It is up to the Vedic astrologer to decide if you deserve to wear a Pearl stone on a particular finger of your right hand or not. Your birth chart should show that planet Moon, which is the governing planet of the Pearl, is resident in the 6th, 8th or 12th house. In such a scenario, you will need the protection of this gemstone against evil forces.

At the outset, go for a stone that weighs anywhere between five and ten carats. Now, gemmologists measure the Pearl in a different way from other gemstones. Here, one carat is equivalent to four grains of the raw Pearl. You will need 20 to 40 grains, in order to obtain your desired weight. Once you attain it, have the precious stone placed onto an open-backed silver ring. After the ring goes through a purification ritual, place it on your small finger.

Planet Moon’s cosmic vibrations will enter your body through the Pearl, thereby helping to cleanse it of all poisons resident there. As the evil spirits run away, your face and body will acquire a splendid ‘spiritual’ glow. Over time, you will acquire qualities like humility, serenity, wisdom and kindness. You will even become more communicative by nature.


Call it what you will – Emerald, Panna, Mercury Stone or Pachu – but, everyone covets this absolutely captivating and beautiful gemstone! In fact, many people tend to believe that Beryl’s purest extraction possesses secretive, mythological and supernatural powers.

Those, who are familiar with Latin, know the Emerald as ‘Smaragdus’. It means green gem. The Sanskrit language refers to it as ‘Marakata’, which is the green colour linked to growth.

It is the presence of trace amounts of chromium and vanadium within it, which grants Panna its superb radiance and charming transparency. The shades of this gemstone vary from light green to deep green. It is scratchproof and damage-proof, thanks to a hardness of 7.5 to 8 on Moh’s Scale of Hardness. An authentic stone will possess a smooth surface, devoid of dark-coloured and ugly dots.

You should be able to obtain such stones from the mines of Africa, India, Italy, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Spain, Scotland, U.S., Somalia, Zambia and Madagascar. However, the purest specimens are from Scotland and Zambia. As for cutting expertise, it would be best to visit Jaipur in Rajasthan, India. Regardless, you cannot go visiting mines across the world. Therefore, just step into, and let them take over!

Who can wear the Emerald gemstone?

Well, if you are born under the zodiac signs of Gemini, Virgo or Cancer, you may go for it, without hesitation. Even if you are governed by the number 5 or something that totals five (14 and 23), you may opt for the Emerald. The stone is a close friend of the planet Mercury. When the Vedic astrologer peruses your horoscope, he/she will be able to find out if the position of this planet is weak/strong in your life.

Now, do you know how to wear the Emerald or Panna? Of course, you do not! Once you obtain your genuine gemstone, have it placed on an open-backed silver/gold ring. Then, request your astrologer to provide guidance regarding the purification ritual. When you are through with the ceremony, place the ring on the smallest finger of your right hand.

What are the uses of Emerald in astrology?

If you are a student, you will be delighted to find your memory and ability to recall returning! You will be able to interpret, analyse, perceive and reason, judge and communicate marvellously. This means that you are progressing in intellect and intelligence.

Other Emerald stone benefits include health benefits. All your malfunctioning systems begin operating in harmony once again. As a result, your stress levels come down and you regain your peace of mind. Do not feel surprised if people flock to you for advice or words of wisdom! With the removal of evil influences from your life, you will be able to use your sixth instinct to the maximum extent.


Unlike many other gemstones, which find their homes deep within the bowels of the earth, the Red Coral makes its home in the world’s seas and oceans. The raw material is quite matte or dull in appearance! It is only after a skilled gemmologist decides to do something about it, that the gemstone acquires a truly glossy look!

What does Red Coral mean and how is it made?

If you could venture deep into a sea, you would find a plant-like polyp making its home on the seabed. Now, the animal is very soft and vulnerable. Therefore, it creates an artificial skeleton around itself with the help of calcium carbonate. This external skeleton is not only hard to the touch, but also akin to a tiny tree with branches, in appearance. There are no leaves on these bushy plants.

When the skeleton dies, it yields saffron, scarlet, deep red, white or reddish pink substance. This opaque or translucent substance may be free in form, round or oval. Since it comes from red-coloured, coral-like structures found in the seas, the gemstone is known as the Red Coral.

Who can wear the Red Coral gemstone?

Well, astrologers deem the precious stone as ideal for those suffering from Mangal Dosha. This means that planet Mars, generally referred to as the God of War, is resident in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house of your horoscope. It is generally found that people born under the zodiac signs of Leo, Aries, Cancer and Scorpio become the favourite targets of planet Mars. If you are afflicted, you exhibit a rather overbearing and pompous nature, which tends to drive people away. You also display signs of aggression, cruelty, vindictiveness, etc. It is obvious that evil spirits are after you, even leading you to become involved in accidents.

There is a method of wearing the Red Coral. After you purchase an authentic, evenly toned, vibrant red or orange red stone from a reputed dealer like, have it embedded onto a gold/copper, open-backed ring. Your smooth stone must weigh anywhere between five and 12 carats. Once the ring is ready, perform a purification ritual on an auspicious Tuesday/Sunday. Finally, place it on the ring finger of your right hand.

What are the benefits of the Red Coral gemstone?

There is an astrological remedy about the Red Coral. Otherwise, no one will go to such lengths to retrieve it from the ocean depths. For instance, it will revive your vivaciousness, energy and flow of the blood circulatory system. Over time, you will become highly self confident and courageous, eager to fight adversaries and clear the pathway to success. Furthermore, you will no longer fall victim to acute illnesses, but remain in robust health throughout your life. Above all, your life will become stable in all respects.


It glows like the sun, lustrous and radiant in its appearance! Yes, we are indeed referring to the precious Yellow Sapphire gemstone. Thanks to the aluminium oxide present within it, the gemstone acquires such bright hues. This gemstone is valued for its good looks, as well as the healthy astrological benefits it offers.

How will you gain by befriending the Yellow Sapphire?

One of the benefits of Yellow Sapphire gemstone is improvement in relationships. Let us suppose that all your efforts to find that one ‘perfect’ partner, who can bring bliss into your personal life, are going to naught. Your gender does not matter. The gemstone bestows an added attraction to your personal aura, such that people of the opposite sex automatically feel drawn to you! The harmonious bonding between your spouse and you will remain throughout life, despite the occasional turbulences that may crop up unexpectedly!

With regard to your career or business, you may expect yourself to become so confident and fearless that you welcome the opportunity to tackle challenges. No one, and nothing, can disturb your composure. As a result, all your decisions will prove fruitful and enable you to grow spiritually, physically and mentally.

How do you check for the best Yellow Sapphire gemstones?

Of course, the easiest thing to do would be to purchase an authentic gemstone from an authentic dealer, such as, and forget all about it! Nonetheless, it should not hurt to have knowledge about identifying an original gemstone.

At the outset, look at your stone keenly. Do you find an X on its surface? If the answer is in the affirmative, you are holding a synthetic stone in your hands. True, anything extracted from the bowels of the earth, is bound to possess some inclusions, but they will be minimal in quantity. Similarly, see if bubbles are present underneath the surface. If yes, your stone is a fake.

A genuine Yellow Sapphire will remain unchanged even if soaked in raw milk for 24 hours. When you place it on a white cloth and hold it high above your head, its facets will reveal a marvellous display of golden-yellow hues. If you are wondering where to find the Yellow Sapphire gemstone, look for it in the mines of Australia, Tanzania, Madagascar, Thailand and Sri Lanka. The best ones are found in Sri Lanka and much sought after by gemmologists and astrologists.

When you obtain your gemstone, ensure that it weighs three carats or more. Have it placed on an open-backed silver ring, prior to making it undergo a purification ritual on a Thursday morning. Since it is the stone of Dev Guru or planet Jupiter, you must wear it on the index finger of your right hand. This is how you should use the Yellow Sapphire gemstone, for the best results.

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