Every Rudraksha has a different number of faces/mukhis. These Mukhis appear due to the clefts on the seeds, running from top to bottom. The benefits vary in alignment with the number of Mukhis. Here is how beads possessing Mukhis varying from one to ten work.

• One Mukhi – The very symbol of Lord Shiva, it tends to make you incline more towards the spiritual, rather than towards worldliness. As a result, you become focused, contented, happy, healthy and wealthy. You no longer fear the power of negative forces.

• Two Mukhi – It is a combination of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Therefore, it is a great symbol of unity. Naturally, it brings about improvement in relationships with both, humans and animals. You will find a life partner to your liking.

• Three Mukhi – Lord Agni is the ruling deity, helping you destroy all the sins of the past. You will learn to love and respect yourself, as you discard vague complexes and an inferiority complex. You are energetic and unstressed.

• Four Mukhi – Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe, willingly bestows knowledge, the powers of concentration, good memory and creativity upon you. You will be able to study and communicate well.

• Five Mukhi – It is governed by a special form of Lord Shiva, that is, Kalagni. As the bad karmas of this life gradually disappear, you will find yourself becoming calm, meditative and peaceful. Fame and name are all yours!

• Six Mukhi – Lord Kartikeya (second son of Lord Shiva) helps you to increase your will power and improve your powers of self-expression. Over time, you become both, wise and courageous.

• Seven Mukhi – Goddess Maha Lakshmi awards you with all the prosperity and success that you want in life. If you are a businessperson, you will always have good health and wealth. The best part is that you will be protected against the malefic effects of planet Saturn.

• Eight Mukhi – Lord Ganesha is a friend, who will help you to overcome all the obstacles coming in the way of a successful life. He is the lord of stability, happiness and serenity. With his help, you will become a great leader.

• Nine Mukhi – The nine incarnations of Goddess Durga rule over this Rudraksha. As a result, even the thought of death will not worry you. You are fearless, powerful, energetic and dynamic. It follows that you will achieve great success in life.

• Ten Mukhi – Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the universe, is the ruling deity. Whatever sins you have committed in the past, will all be destroyed. As a result, your family and you will find yourself moving towards happier times. Furthermore, all of you will be safe from evil forces and black magic.

These are but ten types of Rudraksham or spiritual seeds. There are many more, with faces going up to 23 and beyond. Whatever kind of holy bead the astrologer recommends for you, do get it from an authentic dealer, such as


Did you anytime hear about the precious yellow sapphire gemstone? Most of you would have heard about it, but not many of you will know what exactly it is. This is a stone in bright yellow colors and it is its colors that is attracting a lot of people. Especially women love wearing this kind of stone due to its color effect and so many cuts on the stone making it more attractive. Apart from the fashion and look, this a special gemstone as it represents the planet Jupiter and hence it is considered as one of the most auspicious gemstones as well.

How to use the yellow sapphire gemstone?

One of the common questions that bother you when you are wearing any gemstone is how to use and you will have the same question how to use the yellow sapphire gemstone as well. You will have to wear on Thursday as this planet Jupiter represents Thursday only. It is always preferred to wear the gemstone in the early morning, which is usually called as Shukla Paksha. You should always wear on the right hand and on the ring finger to enjoy the Benefits of yellow sapphire gemstone. You can use either diamond or gold as the base metal for the making of this ring, but you will have to get the ring made in such a way that the gemstone is touching your skin when you wear it. That is when you will be able to enjoy its benefits.

Where to find yellow sapphire gemstone?

What is the right place or where to find yellow sapphire gemstone is a difficult thing, but very important thing that you should know. You will be able to find the original and best yellow sapphire gemstone in Brazil, Russia, Sri Lanka and Rhodesia as well. Some parts of Japan, England and Mexico are also a good choice to find this gemstone.

Do you know how to check best yellow sapphire Gemstones? This is a tough job for a common man. But the astrological experts will be able to help you and that is the reason you should get in touch with them to find out the best one. You will feel a light weight or heavy when you keep that on your palm for some time. Also, when you rub the stone against any wall or hard substance, you will see its color more brighter.

List of Benefits of yellow sapphire gemstone:

• You will be able to see a good improvement in your health when you wear this precious yellow sapphire gemstone.

• Fortune and luck are the benefits of this gemstone.

• All the negativity in your will start fading away and you will face life with more positivity.

• Lots of happiness and joy in your life.

So, it is good to know how to check best yellow sapphire Gemstones and buy the best one to enjoy all its benefits.


The Navratnas are more admired by people interested in jewellery, for they serve to enhance the good looks of any item adorning diverse parts of the human body and face. However, Vedic astrologers have found them to be extremely essential for resolving all manner of problems besetting the human psyche, soul and body.

What are the special features of astrological gemstones?

Around seven of these Navratnas are extracted from deep within the bowels of the earth, via mining equipment. They include Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Hessonite and Cat’s Eye. The remaining two are obtained from the depths of the seas/oceans. They are the Pearl and Red Coral. 

Now, these gemstones cannot be used directly as they are, without undergoing some gentle treatments at the hands of expert and experienced gemmologists. In other words, they take care of the four Cs. To begin with, these individuals do not interfere with the original physical and chemical compositions of the raw materials. Towards this end, they take recourse to dependable tools to award proper cuts to every gemstone. As a result, the stone acquires excellent clarity and shape. This means that its varied facets become capable of reflecting and refracting light rays. Polishing ensures that the colours remain visually appealing. No artificial shades are added to a natural stone. Finally, a price is fixed to the gemstone, in accordance with its weight/carats.

Since you are keen to acquire astrological advantages, make sure that you purchase your precious stone from an authentic dealer. There are several offline and online dealers advertising their wares, but you would do well to go in for a well-known establishment like

What are the special features of synthetic gemstones?

Now, if there is one disadvantage to purchasing genuine gemstones, it is the pricing. They tend to be rather expensive in comparison to artificial gemstones, depending upon their weight and appearance. Therefore, gemmologists go in for synthetically manufactured gemstones at times, in alignment with customers’ demands. Towards this end, they obtain precious stones from laboratories, which use special equipment to create synthetic replicas of the original Navratnas. In fact, you may find it extremely hard to distinguish between the real and the synthetic, since you do not know much about the four Cs.

Synthetic rubies, sapphires, pearls, etc, are available in plenty, for they are highly popular across the globe. Nonetheless, it is not possible for gemmologists to reproduce every kind of precious and semi-precious stone in this world! There are more than 80 of them! Then again, they may even go in for harsh treatments on real gemstones, which depend upon the usage of chemical processes, laser techniques, heat treatments, etc. Thus, natural gemstones acquire the quality of treated gemstones. Whatever is the case, just remember that you desire to have access to cosmic/astrological rewards. Therefore, opt for a genuine gemstone at all costs.


The Navratnas are deemed as extremely precious by Vedic astrologers. This is because, amongst all the diverse precious and semi-precious stones present in the world, the Navratnas alone have the capacity to award powerful astrological benefits to their wearers. However, do purchase your gemstone from a genuine dealer, such as

Venus – Do people look askance at you, when they see how you speak and behave? If yes, you must be using coarse language, exhibiting an excessive fondness for sexual pleasures, and generally being very aggressive in your attitude. Go for the lustrous Diamond, such that your personality acquires grace, polish and refinement.

Mercury – It could be that you are cursing your inability to remember anything much, your dull mind and irrational behaviour. Obviously, planet Mercury is feeling weak and helpless. The bewitching Emerald should suffice to enhance your communication skills, intellectual prowess, alertness and memory.

Sun – People may be running away from you, since they find it difficult to tolerate your emotional imbalance, anxieties and egotistic behaviour. Obtain the glowing Ruby as quickly as possible, if you desire to recover your independence, willpower, leadership qualities and energetic motivation.

Saturn – You may be sure that this planet is playing havoc with your life, when you find yourself giving in to all manner of anxieties related to health, finance, lack of energy and motivation, etc. Only the mesmerising Blue Sapphire can help you get back your sanity and vitality!

Jupiter – The largest and heaviest planet in the astrological Solar System can cause you to wallow so much in self-pity that you remain moody and emotional all the time. Naturally, your life seems to have no direction at all. Use the brilliant Yellow Sapphire to recover your lost qualities of self-esteem, practical intelligence, and so on.

Moon – Since this planet controls the tides, it controls your emotional vicissitudes and mood swings too. As a result, you tend to stay away from the crowds and refrain from building strong relationships. Befriending the bedazzling Pearl should serve to restore your mental and emotional balance.

Mars – It is a fiery planet, which may encourage you to be aggressive, or even be fearful about unknown things, events, etc. If you wish to get back your courage, energy and motivation, go in for the gleaming Red Coral gemstone.

Rahu – This shadowy and invisible planet, if present in your birth chart, will prompt you to become addicted to bad habits, love the supernatural and pay least attention to the following of social norms. Restore your physical, mental and spiritual health via the shining Hessonite gemstone, before it is too late!

Ketu – A close friend of planet Rahu, planet Ketu helps you lose your capacity to distinguish between bad and good, concentration powers and intelligent thinking. Do go for the glorious Cat’s Eye and bring your life back on track!


Many people, who are familiar with the concepts of horoscopes, astrological deductions, planets, etc, are familiar with the phrase, ‘kal sarpa dosha’ too. However, familiarity does not necessarily lead to comprehension. Therefore, an explanation is warranted here.

What is meant by kal sarpa dosha?

According to Vedic astrologers, a person afflicted by this dosha suffers throughout life, unless suitable remedies are brought into the picture. This dosha comes into play, when all the other planets of the astrological Solar System fall between the two shadowy and invisible planets, Rahu and Ketu. Nonetheless, the impact of this dosha is not the same for everyone, since zodiac signs are different. For instance, Rahu is extremely friendly with Venus, Saturn and Mercury. It dislikes Mars, Sun and Moon. The attitude towards Jupiter is neutral. In the case of Ketu, he befriends Mars, but rejects Saturn and Sun.

As per popular belief, you may suffer from this particular dosha, due to having killed a cobra in your previous life, or even in your current life. Therefore, well-wishers advise you to stay away from snakes, since you may be attacked. You may even dream of snakes quite often. Whatever is the case, do not take everything too seriously and become a victim of unnecessary anxieties. It does not matter if you are a victim of shesh kal sarpa dosha or anant kal sarpa dosha. There are remedies to re-align your mind, body and soul.

Which gemstones can offer remedies for ridding self of kal sarpa dosha?

They are the glowing Hessonite and the mesmerising Cat’s Eye. However, you must obtain genuine gemstones from genuine dealers. One such is

Hessonite/Gomed is excellent for removing kal sarpa dosha from your life, especially if planet Rahu is predominant in your horoscope. Your astrologer will understand when he hears you talk about a besmirched reputation, thefts taking place, being cheated, being accused of adultery, becoming a victim of illusions, professional jealousy or black magic. Your career may be in the doldrums. Your business may be on the verge of packing in. Whatever is the case, do not take recourse to alcohol or illicit substances, while seeking comfort. Take your astrologer’s advice about donning Gomed, and wait for the results.

You will comprehend that your life is changing, when you find yourself mentally stronger and highly self-confident. You go in for challenging styles of decision-making, which keep you vitally alive and help you move on in life.

Cat’s Eye is best for removing the malefic effects of planet Ketu, if it is predominant. Apart from suffering from personality issues, you may also find yourself becoming a victim of acute/chronic problems. When you befriend this gemstone, you discover restoration of visionary decision-making, self-esteem, memory power, self-awareness and spiritual inclinations. Over time, welcome good fortune and joy into your life.


Cat’s Eye is one of the most distinct gemstones that is available in the market. It is due to its appearance and its faster effects on the person wearing it, it becomes distinct. This gemstone is for Ketu, which is the north node of the planet Moon.

What does Cat’s Eye means and how to find it?

Cat’s eye, the name itself is talking about the gemstone. This gemstone represents the color and shape of the cat’s eye and hence the name. You will be able to find a beam of light like ray passing though the centre of the gemstone, which is similar to the eye of the cat.

There are many other names of this gemstone like Lehsunia, Cymophane, Vaiduria and Chrysoberyl. Usually, you will be able to find this gemstone in yellowish green, honey color or black colours. In fact, you will be able to find it in many different colours as well.

This Gemstone is found more in Burma, Brazil, Sri Lanka and China. With this stone you will be able to see many benefits.

How to find genuine Cat’s Eye, Lehsunia?

You will be able to enjoy many positive benefits with the Cat’s Eye gemstone, but you should be sure that you are buying the genuine and original gemstone. Your astrologer can help you better in identifying the original gemstones. But there are certain things to check its quality. If you place the gemstone on a man’s bone, then it can even make hole in the bone. Original gemstone will not break into pieces even when you are rubbing it against something really hard.

Benefits to the Wearer Cat’s Eye, Lehsunia:

You will be able to see some amazing changes in your life when you wear this Cat’s eye gemstone.

• You will be able to get back the wealth that you have lost.

• If you have closed any business due to loss, you will be able to restart the business and gain profits as well.

• People who are more into games like gambling can find this gemstone really helpful.

• When you are wearing a Cat’s eye gemstone, you will be protected from the evil eye effects.

• Depression and anxiety problems can be treated with this gemstone.

How it should be worn?

Here is how you can wear the Cat’s Eye gemstone.

• You should make sure to consult the astrologer or gemstone experts before you wear them.

• The weight of the gemstone has to be 7 carats minimum.

• You should wear this stone on your ring finger or your middle finger of your right hand only.

• You should make sure that the ring that you are wearing is made in such a way that the stone touches your skin.

• You will have to dip the ring in Cow milk for ten minutes before you actually wear it. Do not forget to recite the Ketu mantra “Om Ketave Namah” when you are wearing the ring.


When you go in for lustrous gemstones to enhance the beauty of your jewelled items, you may not care whether they are natural or synthetic. However, it is not the same with gemstones utilised for astrological purposes. They need to be real, natural or untreated, if you have to receive maximum benefits from them. Therefore, you need to be able to differentiate between real and fake gemstones.

What are real or natural gemstones?

Of course, the easiest way out would be to approach authentic dealers, such as and leave everything to them. However, it would do you no harm to have some knowledge of your own too.

You will acquire the best of astrological benefits, when you lean towards the Navratnas. They include the Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Cat’s Eye, Ruby, Red Coral, Emerald, Hessonite, Pearl and Diamond. Barring the Pearl and the Red Coral, the rest are extracted from the bowels of the earth via mining equipment. Red Coral and Pearl are obtained from the seas/oceans. Although these stones do look alluring after being extracted, they still need some improvements before being sold to customers.

The first thing that an experienced and skilled gemmologist will do is to award the raw material a proper shape. The facets are fashioned marvellously, such that they absorb and reflect maximum light. Well-cut gemstones display splendid clarity and transparency/translucence. You should be able to witness bewitching displays of colours, thanks to the gentle polishes that every gemstone receives. Every stone has a different weight, referred to as ‘carat’ in the world of gemmology. This weight decides its price in the marketplace.

It must be remembered that whatever minimal treatments the gemmologist undertakes to enhance the appearance of each gemstone, he/she makes sure that no harsh chemicals or physical manoeuvres come into play. Furthermore, great care is taken to ensure that the original physical, optical and chemical properties of the stone remain unchanged. As a result, when you don the stone to avail astrological advantages, all the cosmic vibrations absorbed by it, enter your soul, mind and body, without encountering any obstacles.

How will you recognise a fake gemstone?

In the astrological world, the term, ‘fake’ refers to treated gemstones. Since every gemmologist and jeweller desires to attain healthy profits, he/she will subject the natural gemstone to varied kinds of treatments for enhancing its overall look. These treatments may be permanent or non-permanent in nature.

The heat technique remains a favoured treatment amongst gemmologists. It ensures that the gemstone retains its superb hues and transparent qualities forever. Non-permanent procedures include dying, surface coating, bleaching, irradiation, and so on. Naturally, the radiance of the gemstone does not last forever, and begins to fade after some time. Above all, whether the treatments are permanent or non-permanent in kind, they serve to alter the original physical and chemical compositions of the concerned gemstone.


It may seem rather unbelievable, but Jyotish gems have the power to influence, not only your personal life, but also your professional life. However, you must ensure that the gemstone is authentic, by purchasing it from a reputed store. One such is

As soon as your purchase is complete, hand over the precious stone to an experienced gemmologist. He/she will make sure it is placed onto an open-backed, gold, silver or copper ring, in alignment with whatever the astrologer says. Thus, the stone will absorb the cosmic energies generated by the planets in the astrological Solar System in the skies and transmit them into the inner depths of your body.

•           Diamond - If you are asked to befriend this precious stone, you may be certain that your business ventures will turn out to be extremely profitable, especially if they are connected with automobiles or tours. Then again, your creativity will be at its height, since this gemstone is linked to planet Venus. You will gain name, fame and prosperity, if you are associated with television, cinema, fine arts or the media.

•           Emerald – Associated with planet Mercury, this gemstone will ensure that your powers of decision-making, reasoning, perceiving, analysing, communicating and observing remain marvellous! Therefore, people associated with finance, business, insurance, banks, etc, are bound to benefit.

•           Blue Sapphire – Businesspersons will adore this gemstone, which is closely linked to planet Saturn. Regardless of whether your venture deals with copper, alcoholic spirits, electric machinery, iron, etc, you will achieve success. Just make sure that you give due respect to your elders, follow a disciplined life and are truthful in your ways.

•           Ruby – It possesses a glow, which can only be imitated by the rays of planet Sun, its ruling planet. Your reputation is bound to grow too, especially if you are linked to the medical field, governmental arenas, etc. You financial future is bound to be secure too.

•           Yellow Sapphire – This gemstone is ruled by the royal teacher of the astrological Solar System, which is, planet Jupiter. Expect to progress wonderfully well in the academic arena. It helps that your knowledge and communication skills improve day by day.

•           Hessonite – This precious stone is a splendid protector, for it will keep away the malevolence of planet Rahu. If you do not want evil forces or evil eyes working against you, befriend this gemstone. Soon enough, you should feel an increase in energy, motivation and decision-making abilities.

•           Cat’s Eye and Red Coral – Associated with planet Ketu, the Cat’s Eye is specifically inclined towards surgeons. Planet Ketu is as malevolent as planet Rahu. Red Coral is governed by planet Mars and inclined towards professions linked with upholding the nation’s security. Nonetheless, both the gemstones are excellent for driving away the ill effects of supernatural powers, black magic, waves of jealousy, etc.


Popularly known as Neelam in the Vedic Astrology, Blue sapphire gemstone is for the planet Saturn. This gem stone is usually worn by babies who are born in the month of September and it is known for its extreme results. Yes, this stone is not for everyone. You will have to make sure that this stone is right for you before you actually wear it. You can consult an astrologer to get the right information about this gemstone.

It can give you extremely favorable results when worn by people for whom it is suitable and give extremely positives changes in life. Also, it gives negative reaction on those for whom it is not suitable.

Here is some useful information about the precious Blue sapphires:
Numerous Benefits:
One who wear this gemstone is going to see numerous benefits from it. You will see a change in your social status, you will be respected and regarded by people around you, all your misfortunes will vanish away, your will seen an improvement in your overall health conditions, long life and much more. Above all, if you have lost any of your properties or wealth in the past, you will be able to regain it back. Benefits of blue sapphire do not have an end when you use it in the right way.

How to use this blue stone sapphire?

Blue sapphire represents Saturn planet and you need to follow the rules which are set for using it and wearing it. The first thing that you will have to take is, you need to make sure that you are checking the suitability of the gemstone. It cannot just be worn if you are born in the month of September. 

•    The fisrt thing to take care is how to made Blue sapphire jewellery to wear. You will have to embed that gemstone only in metals like Iron, Gold or Silver. No other metals can be used.

•    Make sure that the weight of the gemstone is not less than five grams.

•    You will have to wear it for the first time on an auspicious Saturday. You can consult your astrologer to get the details about this.

•    Take a bowl full of water and immense it in that bowl of water. Leave it in the water for a few hours. One the same time, you will have to take it out of the water and wear it on the index finger of the right hand only. It should not be worn on the left hand at any cost.

•    You need to make sure that you are chanting mantra “Om Aim Hreem Shanecharaya Namah” while you are wearing the gemstone. 
•    Now you will have to pour that water under some tree, Peepal tree is preferable. 

To conclude, this is one of the best gemstones which can show good results when worn. Women should wear this if they are having the fertility problems, provided that it suits their planet chart. Where to found Blue sapphire is not a big question these days as it can be found at almost all the gemstone stores, which are even available online.


There are at least 80 (or probably more) precious and semi-precious stones across the globe, each possessing its own charm. Yet, Vedic astrologers grant importance to only nine gemstones amongst them, believing that they provide tremendous benefits to their wearers. Therefore, they have been named as the Navratnas.

How are these gemstones different from every other precious and semi-precious stone?

According to Vedic astrologers, the Navratnas are capable of absorbing cosmic vibrations generated by the nine planets that form part of the astrological Solar System in The Heavens. These cosmic vibrations may have a positive, negative or neutral effect on human beings. Each of the Navratnas has the power to enhance the positive and reduce the negative. This helps to realign the soul, mind and body into one linear and harmonious pattern, as evinced by the improved functioning of the bodily chakras.

Are you wondering what is meant by chakras? Well, your body, similar to everyone else’s, has seven invisible chakras nestling alongside the spinal cord or vertebral column. They may be found from the crown of the head to the base of the spine. The Navratnas help to revitalise them too.

Thus, the scintillating Navratnas, with the aid of their metaphysical properties, they ensure that the human personality and the aura that surrounds the human body become wonderfully pure in quality. Just ensure that you purchase your stone from a reliable dealer, such as

Which Navratna is linked to which zodiac sign?

Aries and Scorpio – They are governed by the fiery and passionate planet, Mars. They will receive benefits by befriending the glowing Red Coral gemstone.

Virgo and Gemini – The intelligent and quicksilver planet, Mercury is their friend. He loves the mesmerising Emerald gemstone.

Aquarius and Capricorn – The enchanting Blue Sapphire is perfect for them. After all, they are governed by planet Saturn, who desires his beneficiaries to adhere to a specific Code of Conduct.

Sagittarius and Pisces – Planet Jupiter is the Dev Guru or royal teacher of the astrological Solar System. He is large and heavy, having a close friendship with the beautiful Yellow Sapphire.

Taurus and Libra – The scintillating Diamond is the lucky charm of these zodiac signs, who are governed by a planet, who is a lover of beauty and good fortune. This is planet Venus.

Leo – It is apt that this sun sign is governed by the brilliant and optimistic planet, Sun. The glittering Ruby gemstone is ideal to serve as a bond between the planet and the wearer.

Cancer – The lustrous Pearl is the birthstone of people born under this sun sign. The gemstone is closely linked to the round and supposedly cold planet, Moon.

Two other Navratnas, the gleaming Hessonite and bewitching Cat’s Eye, are associated with the evil, shadowy and invisible planets, Rahu and Ketu. These planets influence every sun sign negatively.

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