How to Identify Red Coral
  February 25, 2017
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If you have been under the impression that all gemstones, especially the Navratnas, are extracted from rocks, you are sadly mistaken. Not all precious stones are inorganic in nature; some are organic too. One such Navratna is the charmingly hued Red Coral. It is obtained from the depths of the sea, and not from the bowels of the earth.

What is unique about the Red Coral?

Famed as Moonga or Praval, this gemstone is obtained from a plant-like sea animal known as the polyp. This animal has a soft internal skeleton. Since it is vulnerable to enemies, it creates an artificial and hard skeleton around this internal one with the help of calcium carbonate present within its body. Since the new skeleton possesses stiff, tiny and leafless branches, it resembles a tree. It is from this source that free form, oval or round gemstones are obtained.

You cannot expect the raw material to appear beautiful. In fact, it has a dull, matte finish. The stone may be opaque or transparent. However, the colours are attractive, such as white, scarlet, saffron, red, deep red or reddish pink. All credit should go to the gemmologist, who polishes the gemstone with skill, in order to award it a marvellous sheen. Sandstone and felt-wheels make for wonderful polishes.

How can you recognise a genuine Red Coral?

The first thing you will notice about it, especially if you obtain an authentic specimen from a store like, is that the gemstone is not hard like many other precious stones. This is logical, since it is the by-product of a sea animal. Now, this does not mean that your stone will behave like rubber, plastic, or some other delicate material. It just means that the

Thanks to the gemmologist’s efforts, the soft stone will exhibit an even colour tone all over its surface. You must be able to view a vibrant red or orange-red shade. Next, look closely at the cut. Are the facets regular and well placed? Do request expert advice, if you find yourself confused and unable to discover anything. Remember that you want to obtain maximum astrological benefits from your precious stone. Flaws will hinder the smooth flow of cosmic energies into your body. Finally, the surface should reveal an evenness that is absent in the raw material obtained directly from the depths of the oceans.

If you desire to maintain its purity and sacredness, cleanse your Red Coral gemstone regularly. Be delicate in your movements. Use a moist and soft cloth always.

Many people suffer from what is known as the Mangal (planet Mars or God of War) Dosha (faulty position of this planet in natal chart). Obviously, their lives are full of ugly twists and turns, causing a lot of personal and familial unhappiness.

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Lord Mahesh most prominently known as “Shiva” is ultimate creator of the universe. According to Vedic astrology and Sanskrit word it is said that Rudraksha is made from two words.  “Rudra” is one of the names of Lord Shiva and Aksha means “tears” for protecting Mankind. Believe it or not there are several types of Rudraksha, some of prominent beads and its benefits are as follows:-

  1. Trijuti Rudrakasha:-  It is important to note that this bead is very rare to find but they are tugged with positive benefits will give great confidence when the wearer wishes to achieve something big and great.
  2. 1 mukhi Rudrakasha:-  Right from decades and age 1 mukhi Rudrakasha is considered to be immortal gift to the mankind. These beads are worn for spiritual benefits and reap advantages of materialistic world.
  3. 2 mukhi Rudrakasha:-  The 2 mukhi Rudrakasha easily represents well “Shiv” and “Shakti”. Mostly worn to reap the benefits of unity and togetherness.
  4. 3 mukhi Rudrakasha:-  These mukhi easily helps in relieving from the karma and liberates positive vibes. Mostly 3 mukhi represents “Fire”.
  5. 4 mukhi Rudrakasha:-  This style of bead represents the energy of Brishapati, which well represents the guru of devas. This bead is best for gaining knowledge and creativity.
  6. 5 mukhi Rudrakasha:-  This bead can easily consider five elements and the ruling planet is Jupiter. This is often worn to control any fat diseases, kidney, thigh or ear. In order to gain maximum benefits it is important to wear it on Monday after performing pooja and rituals.
  7. 6 Mukhi Rudrakasha:-  This bead is very helpful when you wish to eradicate the problems of health. It keeps a check and keeps the problems like mouth or urinary problems away.
  8. 7 Mukhi Rudrakasha:- When you wish to have financial gains then this style of bead is recommended because it represents goddess Mahalaxmi. It can even help you to get calm and composed or stay relaxed even at hectic times.
  9. Gauri Shankar Rudrakasha:-  This bead is beneficial for all age group even if there are pregnancy related issues this rudrakasha can be considered to be one of the useful one.
  10. Garbh Gauri Rudrakasha:-  This bead is symbolic representation of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Parvati. It can be often worn by females who do face issues like miscarriage, ease out pregnancy issues and much more. It is said that this bead could also be worn to get safe delivery and avoid any hassles of complication.

Ganesh Rudrakasha:-  This bead is often worn to eliminate any kind of obstacles and get big success in life.

Rudraksha Dharan Vidhi and rules
  February 23, 2017
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Rudraksha do work wonders on our body chakra. Due to its enormous benefits and advantages, this bead is found in various parts of the world. However it is very important to understand that to attain a positive alignment in life for the first time wearer it is suggested to perform certain kind of rituals. There are enormous things that we could follow for wearing Rudraksha some of them are as follows:-

Auspicious day: - A right kind of guidance and appropriate day is very important. As Rudraksha relates to Lord Shiva, you could choose to wear it on Monday.

Pooja and Rituals:-  Right from the old traditional times it is being said that Rudrakasha could be easily worn in any form of jewelry. However this bead relates to the creator of Mankind therefore only should be worn from head to hand. While performing pooja rituals do prefer sitting on east side. Lit oil lamp and sprinkle flowers on it. Mornings could be the most situable time to wear Rudraksha.

Chants and Mantras:-  Expert astrologers suggest that it is important to recite mantra of Om Namah Shivay for 108 times.

Washing the bead:-  It is said that Rudrakasha could be worn in any form of jewellery, however before wearing and chanting mantra it is important to wash it with unboiled milk and water.  A little bit of sandalwood on the bead of Rudrakasha could also work wonders. The vedic astrology also states that all the vidhis should be properly followed.

No interchange:-  Before adopting to wear Rudrakasha it is important to decide the wearer.  It is important to understand that there should not be any kind of interchange of the person who has decided to wear it.

Specific Mantra:-  If you wish to enhance more positivity and bring in the brighter side, chanting the specific mantra could simply do wonders.

Clean hands:- Dirty things or hands could invade more germs and from hygienic point of view it is not good.  It is important to note that before touching Rudrakasha, the hands should be properly cleaned.

Asking Forgiveness:-  It is said that every human being is born to make some or other mistakes.  The best way of asking forgiveness from Rudrakasha is cleaning it with some amount of Gangajal.

New clean brush:- If you wish to clean your Rudrakasha it is important to have new soft clean brush every time.

Showing Gratitude and Respect:- The genuine bead if worn right according to your horoscope will attract lot of positivity. It is said that showing gratitude and respect towards Rudrakasha will bring in more good vibes from universe.

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The Blue Sapphire occupies a prized position amongst the world’s gemstones. In its natural form, it is deemed as one of the most expensive stones in the world, along with the Ruby, Emerald and Diamond. Yet, many people are eager to own this gloriously bedazzling precious stone.

Why is the Blue Sapphire viewed with such apprehension?

Renowned as the slowest-moving planet in the astrological Solar System, this planet may be extremely beneficial towards you, or extremely malevolent. It all depends upon how Shani Dev views you! You will know by observing the direction that your life has been taking thus far. However, his blessings may be invoked in full only if you appease him via the Blue Sapphire.

As far as zodiac signs are concerned, Buy Blue Sapphire is the ideal birthstone for the Aquarius-born and Capricorn-born. Even Librans, Virgoans and Scorpions may wear it safely if planet Saturn is weak in their respective horoscopes. Regardless, we reiterate that a reputed astrologer is the best judge. In case, the answer is in the affirmative, the stone should be purchased from reputed sellers, such as They will ensure that you do not receive a flawed stone.

You may consider that you have made a bad bargain, if your Blue Sapphire exhibits cracks, white lines or red dots on its surface. Even if the colour is overly bright, terribly dull or double-toned, the stone will prove extremely unhealthy for you. Do not be surprised to find yourself becoming a victim of accidents, sudden illnesses, misfortune and mental disturbances.

How should you wear the Blue Sapphire?

At the outset, have your 3- to 6-carat stone worth embedded onto an open-backed silver ring. It is imperative that the stone remain in constant contact with your bare skin, for the cosmic molecules to penetrate deep into the inner body. Next, on an auspicious Saturday (5 am to 7 am) that falls within the first fortnight of the month, soak your ring in a solution of raw milk, pure honey and pure water. Let the soaking continue for 30 minutes or so, while you burn incense sticks and engage in holy chanting. When you are through with the purification rituals, place the ring on the middle finger of your right hand. This is the perfect place for Blue Sapphire, since the Mount of Saturn lies just below it, on your palm.

Are you still worried about what might happen? Well then, after obtaining the precious stone from the gemmologist, place it directly under your pillow, just before you go to sleep. Observe what happens in the next three days. If everything goes well, the stone is meant for you. Otherwise, if things seem to be worse than before, you may stay away from this particular stone.

Pukhraj Stone

Yellow sapphire also known as the Pukhraj Stone is a gem proposed for planet Jupiter. Being the largest and heaviest among all planets in our solar system, Jupiter is considered as the Guru or the educator of all heavenly bodies prevailing in our universe. Although Yellow Sapphire accounts for its amicableness for all the type of people, it strongly favors towards Sanitarians and Pisces zodiac signs. The gem holds the highest position among all gems and represents the positive aspects of Jupiter comprising the dominant colors of wisdom, wealth, fortune and spirituality. The yellow tinted gemstone reflects the amity and generosity of the Sattvik planet.

Buy yellow sapphire gemstone online Its endows infinite number of benefits to its wearer. It derives quick wealth to its wearer. It brings good luck, fortune and an open sea of opportunities. The stone does not enhance your physical appearance but helps in curing or immunizing against extremely serious diseases.

A yellow sapphire should be worn in the ring finger of the right hand to invite surplus number of benefits that the stone offers. The stunning yellow sapphire should be paired with either gold or diamond ring. The stone can be embedded in gold or in diamond in a way that it touches the skin of its user to channelize its powers in life.

The captivating yellow sapphire stone can be spotted in various parts of the world. Russia is considered to be one of the major suppliers of this stone. Brazil is another supplier of yellow sapphire. It is known to originate the best quality of yellow sapphire. Rhodesia, Japan, Mexico, England and Sri Lanka are also the leading producers of the gem. The Ceylon or the Sri Lankan yellow sapphire is world famous.

A real yellow sapphire will seem heavy when kept in hand for a while. It is crystal clear and the piece of stone is large and without layers. It is soft and glib. The color appears like yellow oleander and the color improves when scrubbed against wall or touchstone.

Differences in the quality of yellow sapphire gemstone bring differences in its price. The gem is categorized into four types based on the quality parameter, namely, yellow sapphire standard grade, yellow sapphire fine grade, yellow sapphire premium grade, yellow sapphire super premium grade.

You can also clean yellow sapphire with clean soft brush. Luminous advantage of yellow sapphire is could bring in prosperity. It is important that you buy this gemstone for certified online store.  Generally yellow sapphire is known as Jupiter. Expert’s astrologers also state it brings in spiritual orientation. It helps physical health well being of heart diseases, cough and fat. In terms of marital bliss also it helps maintaining good relationship. It helps in maintaining good relationship.

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The vivacity of rudraksha bead is now days appreciated worldwide. Be it part of healing process, enhancing wealth or bringing in peace, you can easily count on this humble bead. Prime advantage of this bead is that they are being appreciated right from ancient sages and even scientific research has also confirmed the benefits of the same.  Some of the good reasons why you should own rudraksha that are as follows:-

Unique Vibration: - It is important to note that even the great researchers and scientists have proven the fact that rudraksha contains electromagnetic properties. Rudraksha is also known to strengthen weaken planets in your horoscope. In the ancient times the sages had to ponder from one place to another.  It is believed that sages used Rudraksha to find out if the water is poisoned or no.  If the rudraksha rotated clock wise then the water was safe to drink and if it stopped the water was poisoned. rudraksha creates its own flow of energy.

 Clears out fear: - In the modern times for work or leisure purposes, we have to travel from one place to another, Owning a rudraksha will create its own energy and even helpful in clearing out fear.

Identification of pranic food: - When it comes to fresh food, this bead could be easiest way. The foods that are easy to digest and good for health, the rudraksha mala will slightly rotate clock wise and foods that have chilly or onion will go anti-clock wise.

Chanting of mantra:- When you wish to enhance your concentration level or increase spiritualism, Chanting of mantra will be an great mate to keep you focused.

Wading off negative energies:- If you feel that there are much of negative energies surrounding you on the personal front, then adopting one mukhi rudraksha will be essentially good to work things in our favor and too wand off all sorts of negative energies.

Emotional stability:-  Though they are very hard to find they could virtually work wonders in bringing in emotional stability, calmness and from the health prospects also they do can help in controlling Blood pressure and heart cardiac aliments and you can buy rudraksha online .

Connecting to high level of spiritualism:-  The six mukhi Rudraksha could be beneficial can help in removing dullness and fatigue.

Removes anxiety:- According to expert astrologer, when the wearer wears Rudraksha it can help in removing anxiety. It can help cure problems of weakness, pain in bone and colic pain. Person wearing Rudraksha could gain instant suddhi. The six mukhi Rudraksha could also be worn on increasing power of expression.

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The lustrous Pearl has fascinated women for generations, regardless of whether it is obtained in its natural form directly from the sea or cultured in artificial waters. There is definitely something mystical about this soft, organic gemstone and its powers to heal the human body, soul and mind.

Why has the Pearl hypnotised humankind?

It is definitely not as attention capturing as gemstones like the Emerald, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, etc. Regardless, people have adored the Pearl for centuries! The Romans, who were extremely fond of exhibiting their societal status and wealth, found a great friend in the shining Pearl. They utilised their creativity to the maximum to fashion jewellery items that highlighted the distinction between the elite and commoners.

The Spaniards were not to be left behind. They vied with one another to present special jewellery crafted from the natural Pearl, to their loved ones. Similarly, the wealthier members of tribes residing in The Americas displayed jewellery items on their person. This display was actually a part of their cultures.

Over the years, the Pearl attained the status of an affordable gemstone. People from diverse backgrounds, earning varied incomes, are able to buy pearl online precious gemstone. However, if you desire to obtain an authentic gemstone, do visit an authentic dealer like

How are planet Moon and Pearl connected?

It is apt that the Pearl is compared to the shining, cold, round moon in the night sky. Evidence has been received for the former from the psychological fraternity, and for the latter from the astrological community.

You will be able to understand this too, especially if you keenly observe how human beings behave on full moon nights. Human emotions always seem greatly heightened at this time. These feelings, whether negative or positive, may be brought into balance via the glowing Pearl gemstone. Towards this end, your astrologer will check the positioning of planet Moon in your natal chart. In case, the planet is residing in the 6th, 8th or 12th house, you definitely need help. This gemstone is specifically favourable for people born under the sun sign, Cancer. However, other zodiac signs may also be adversely affected by the cosmic vibrations emanating from planet Moon, sometimes.

What benefits will you obtain by wearing Pearl gemstone?

Soon after, you should be able to witness drastic changes in your health. All your bodily fluids become free from disease. As a result, your body seems to be wonderfully pure and cleansed. This is because the spiritual effects of Pearl are at work. If your business has something to do with liquids or water, you should find it progressing wonderfully well.

As your personality acquires novel humility, faith, loyalty, confidence and strength, you find yourself gravitating towards people for forging new bonds of friendship. Your aggressiveness and arrogance disappear.

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