Unlike many inorganic gemstones, the Red Coral gemstone or the Moonga Ratna is organic in nature, since it originates from a plant-like, living polyp. Yet, Vedic astrologers view it with great reverence, for it offers a divine solution to individuals beset by Mangal Dosha.

What is Mangal Dosha?

Every gemstone is under the governance of a specific planet in the astrological Solar System. The Red Coral is ruled by planet Mars or Mangal Grah. He is inclined to be rather aggressive, pompous, vain, etc, for Mars is the God of War and the leader of all the planets. You tend to emulate his behaviour.

Your natal chart will reveal if planet Mars is settled in your 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house, or not. If the answer is in the affirmative, you may rest assured that you are a victim of Mangal (Mars) Dosha (adverse energy). Every planet transmits positive and negative cosmic energies towards Earth. Since planet Mars is your ruling planet, your bodily aura will receive more of his negative vibrations rather than positive ones. However, you may appease him and reverse the vibrations by befriending the Red Coral.

How should you wear the Moonga Ratna?

At the outset, ensure that you obtain a good-looking and healthy stone from a reputed dealer. One such is You will be able to recognise your authentic gemstone by its soft and delicate appearance. The colour tone will be a vibrant red or orange-red in nature, spread evenly over the entire surface of the gemstone. Check the surface for dents or holes. A genuine dealer will offer you a precious stone that possesses an even surface and regular shape.

Purchase your precious stone on an auspicious Tuesday or Sunday. Adhere to the first fortnight (Shukla Paksha) of any month. Check that your stone weighs anywhere between five and twelve carats. Have it embedded onto a gold or copper ring. When you receive the ring, immerse it in a special solution. This solution should comprise of pure water, raw milk (preferably cow’s milk, for the cow is considered a sacred animal) and pure honey. Let the ring remain in this mixture overnight. If you desire an alternative solution, go in for pure Gangajal.

Perform this immersion process on a Monday, so that the ring is ready for you to wear on Tuesday. On Tuesday, any time between 7 AM and 9 AM, remove the ring from the purification solution. Place it on the ring finger of your right hand, while chanting “Aum bhaum bhaumaye namah Aum”. The chanting must continue for 108 times. With this purified ring on your finger, you should be able to see healthy results within a few months. The positive effects of Moonga Ratna last for around four years, after which, you may need to go in for a replacement.

When you wear the Moonga Ratna, it invokes spiritual vibrations within yourself, and without. As a result, your body, soul and mind become cleansed of evil forces.


Blue Sapphire gemstone in the world of astronomy is associated with the Planet Saturn. The gemstone is commonly known as Neelam among the masses. Saturn is recognized as the planet which creates maximum impact in the lives of all living creatures among the other planets. Thus it is the most crucial planet. It has the capability to make both positive as well as negative effects on the life of its wearer. Blue Sapphire gemstone is regarded as the carrier of Saturn’s intense energies. If you are lucky to find a blue sapphire that suits you, it will surely bring you power, success, financial abundance and sound health. However, to attain these benefits you must first be able to find a genuine blue sapphire and should wear it correctly for best results. Here we bring you a few tips on how to check a blue sapphire gemstone.

While buying a precious gemstone one must keep a couple of things always on the top of their mind. Visit a jeweler or a gemstone seller having a good reputation. Consult others and take their opinions about the seller. Buy from a certified store or people you know via reference. Also neelam gemstone is considered to be very expensive and thus make sure to collect the certificate and receipt from the seller. The documents you receive should contain all the details about the size, weight and texture of the stone. Keep the documents safely and do not lose them under any condition.

Although these gemstones are derived from the Earth and might contain certain impurities, from an astrological point of view not every impurities or inclusions are good for use of the stone. Avoid a Neelam with any visible cracks or chipped surface or any other such irregularities.

Some blue sapphires might have little blurred formations inside the stone. This is not really a good sign rather I blue sapphire should be as near as being transparent such that you can see through it. When it comes to the color of the stone, most people are confused about which shade of blue signifies a genuine neelam. A genuine blue sapphire’s color in reality can range from deep blue to very light blue however, generally speaking, lighter the color the better is the stone.

Blue sapphire is a very heavy gemstone. When given a few blue colored gemstones, the heaviest one would be a Neelam but again this isn’t a very acceptable form of identifying the stone as other artificial materials are heavier and one cannot determine difference in weights just by feeling the stones or holding them. In such a case you can go for other scientific methods such as yellow rays, doubling effect, dichroscope and refractometer and artificial glass to identify a genuine Blue Sapphire.

About how to wear a Neelam correctly, you must first pair it with the right metal. You can fix or embed the stone in silver, platinum, gold or Panchdhatu. Next is the finger you wear the stone in. The middle finger of the right hand is closely associated with Saturn and thus is chosen for the gemstone as well. It is advised to wear the stone either on Saturday morning during Shukla Paksha or in the evening before sunset.


The practice of worshipping Rudrakasha beads is done right from the ages. The relevance of this gemstone is even marked sacred in mythological books also. Rudraksha beads are often used to connect well mind and soul. You could avail Rudraksha beads in various different forms like:-

  • One Mukhi Rudraksh: - Generally you could avail this form of Rudraksh in form of half moon. Expert astrologers quote that the ruling planet of one mukhi Rudraksh is generally sun and therefore if you desire to have worldly powers, then adopting this type of gemstone could be an ideal option. It is important to give equal respect to this beadstone and take advice of expert astrologers before the dharan of this Rudraksh.
  • Two Mukhi Rudraksh:-  This facet of Rudraksh is often advisable for people who will to have bliss in the marital relationships as this facet symbolizes the combination of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati. Expert astrologers also quote that the ruling planet of two mukhi Rudraksh is moon. Chanting mantra of Om Namaha for 108 times will give you positive benefits.
  • Three Mukhi Rudraksh:- According to the vedic Sages often three mukhi Rudraksh is use and wore to destroy or culminate the worries of past sin. As this mukhi represents Agni (fire) it could take the wearer to the high spiritual levels. This facet represents Mars therefore it could be also worn to eliminate unnecessary fears from the unknown.
  • Four Mukhi Rudraksh:-  One of the impeccable advantage of this form of Rudraksh is that they could be easily worn by all age groups. The four mukhi Rudraksh symbolizes Lord Brahma and therefore could be used by anyone to enhance memory power. Students who wish to excel in the respective career, the dharan of this form of Rudraksh is advisable. The ruling planet of this facet Rudraksh is Mercury.  The best way to avail four mukhi would be to order it from online stores.
  • Five Mukhi Rudraksha:-  In order to get the complete contented life, it is important to have good karmas and eliminate the bad ones, the five facet rudraksh are perfect to culminate the presence of bad karmas. The ruling planet is Jupiter and therefore it is advisable to be calm and serene, while wearing five mukhi Rudraksh. Five mukhi Rudraksh could just effectual work wonders in stablising mind and giving proper peace.
  • Gauri Shankar Rudraksh:-  If you wish to have bliss and complete longevity in any kind of relationships, this type of Rudraksh is highly advisable. Even for the females who wish to increase their chances of fertility, this type of Rudraksh is highly advisable.

It is important to check compatibility of Rudraksh with your zodiac sign. The reputed online store does help you to buy genuine quality Rudraksh with proper certification. Complete guidance and customer service is provided for every purchase.


The beauty of blue sapphire and instantaneous impact on the wearer is one of the most renowned things in the world of gemology. Often experts state that the Blue sapphire to give positive results to people who are born with Aquarius and Capricorn sun sign.

As per the Vedic astrology, Blue Sapphire resembles the planet Saturn. It is one of the most magnificent looking gemstone to ever exist. The blue sapphire is known to be the strongest and the fastest acting gemstones. Saturn being a Karmic planet can thus either make or break an individual’s life. The Sade Sati which is the Saturn circle can be a defining phase in an individual’s life. A superfine quality of blue sapphire can be rarely found now days. These sapphires are from Jammu and Kashmir. If an original Kashmir blue sapphire is found, it is very expensive as it is the most costly blue sapphire on Earth. For a number of users, the blue sapphire stone has shown instant effects by the way of wealth gain, resolution to a problem, windfall gain etc.

Often this gemstone could also be advisable for people who are facing the difficulties caused due to the Shani. The high raising rays have the energies to cure the problems caused due to the shani. People who love travelling or go for business trips very often, the dharan of Blue sapphire is advisable to protect yourself against all kind of thieves.

A blue sapphire should however be recommended with caution. The gemstone should be bought by consulting a Jyotish and it should be made sure that it is free from any flaws stated in the sacred texts since a flawed sapphire can lead to accidents, health problems and fall from grace. Even in the case of numerology 8, the blue sapphire gemstone is helpful in clearing anxiety. It is vital for blue Sapphire gemstone to be worn on Saturday. In order to gain vitality blue sapphire is ideally worn to gain the auspicious benefits of good start.

A Blue Sapphire gemstone is also known as Neelam due to its color. If the gemstone suits you, it will show miraculous results as it makes you feel instantly relieved by boosting your metabolism, energy and also vanish away the clouds of darkness over you. It ensures mental clarity, clears confusion and improves digestion once worn. The gem is also known for its excellent healing abilities and providing calmness to the soul.  Blue Sapphire gemstone has plus advantage of new door of opportunities.

The online store has variety of choices and sizes. Blue sapphire gemstone can be used for creative people. High end focus is bestowed often to the wearer after the dharan. Often the Blue Sapphire is also known as “Neelam”.

On the online store you get assuredness of buying genuine and certified quality gemstone. Blue Sapphire gemstone is often available in feasible prices and superior customer service is guaranteed. Even in terms of Blue sapphire it helps in curing heart diseases.


Due to the quiet fast results and planetary benefits, the cat’s eye is considered to one of the prominent gemstone. Buy Cats eye (Lahsuniya) is often related to ketu and could often give you realm of worldly benefits. There are various prominent benefits to buy cats eye online, some of them are as follows: -

  • Restarting business: - If you have problems of debt and incurred heavy loss in the business, then getting this Lahsunia gemstone at cheap price would be one of the most feasible option. Before the dharan of cat’s eye it is suggested that you should consider the opinion of expert astrologer. As the cats represents Ketu, the presence of it could create a strong impact. It is very important to wear cats eye only after proper vidhi dharan.
  • Ward off the problems of evil eye: -  Certainly there could be many times that our competitors may get jealous of success or any kind of other personal reasons. The best part of cat’s eye gemstone price online is that they are perfect once to ward off obstacles caused due to negative energies or evil eye.
  • Spiritual advancement: -  In order to lead a peaceful life it is important to get the blessings from the almighty and thank the lord for the good things in life. This gemstone is naturally found and if you have confusion of where to buy cats eye online?  All you need to do is trust only the reputed gemstone portals.
  • Clears off mental anxiety and confusions: -  There could be myriad reasons which could upset us like tensions in personal or professional front. If you wish to have a blissful life, then considering cats eye to clear off mental anxiety would be a perfect option. Buy cats eye gemstone from to reap positive benefits and enjoy earthy pleasures.
  • Brings in strength and destroys sorrow: -  The unique cat’s eye gemstone online could not only embrace your overall appearance but it is even effectual in keeping the enemies at bay. The regular dharan of it could give you positive strength and help you in destroying sorrow. Expert astrologers do recommend the dharan of Cats eye on Tuesdays or Thursdays evening to reap positive benefits.

In order to ensure the longevity of money, you could consider buying cats eye gemstone. The prime advantage of cat’s eye gemstone is that they could be worn in any form of jewellery, it is important that the wearer should respect this gemstone. Expert astrologers also state that the maximum weight of the cat’s eye gemstone should be at least 7 carats. Keeping the good contact with the skin could help in giving in you positive results. It is vital that you wear this ring on your working hand. If suited right according to your needs, birth chart and zodiac sign, then this gemstone could help you keeping contented.


The translucent look and shiny texture, makes the ruby gemstone class apart. In the good old days ruby was always a symbol of representing status quo.  According to vedic sages, there are multiple ways through which you could gain benefits of this gemstone after wearing it. It is utmost important thing to complete all proper pranpratisha. Order for ruby gemstone online at to gain the benefits of the following things, some of them is as follows:-

  1. Vital energy provider:- As the ruby draws its energy from sun it is vitally important to respect this gemstone, people who are blessed with Aries sun sign can wear ruby to achieve success in venture and getting the wisdom of vital energy.  The best part of this gemstone is that could be worn in any worn. Buy ruby gemstone online at wholesale price is simply ideal for making at as jewelry.
  2. Wisdom and prosperity: - Experts suggests that the sun itself is a charismatic leader and people who are blessed with Leo sunsign can think of wearing a ruby gemstone for getting wisdom and prosperity. Buying Natural ruby gemstone for astrology benefits can help you lead the pleasures of earthy world.
  3. Stability in love and happiness: - People who are blessed with the scorpion sun sign could get stability in love and happiness. Before the Dharan of ruby it is important to check with expert astrologers. Those who wish to achieve big in life, this gemstone could be perfect one to keep you contented. Buy ruby gemstone online do get feasible deal with proper certification. The best part is superior customer service will give you hassle free shopping experiences.
  4. Increased confidence: - People who are blessed with Sagittarius sun right, the Dharan of ruby gemstone could bring in impeccable benefits. If you are looking forward to enhance your confidence on personal or professional front, then ruby gemstone could be consider to be one of the great options. It is ideal for people who have given up on life and need some strong element to fight against depression.

Not just the materialistic benefits, Ruby enlightens you with healthy well being too. If you have problems like blood pressure or other cardiac related disorders, you could consider wearing ruby after consultation of expert astrologer.  This is an excellent gemstone to cure problems of eye related disorders. Ruby (gemstone) Manek online is available at feasible prices and you get a door step delivery for the same. It helps in solving heart related issues.


In order to gain or reap all the positive benefits of ruby gemstone it is important to wear them with proper vidhi dharan. When you are trying to buy ruby the ideal weight of this gemstone should be approx ranging between 3 to 6 carats.


In the contemporary times many of us are able to make sufficient amount of money but when faced with the reality, saddest part is that we cannot save it properly. One of the merits of Sri Yantra benefits is that we get an awakening of properly channelizing our money. Expert astrologers suggest the usage of this yantra, if you wish to turn the wheels of fortune around in your favor.

There is throttle neck tight competitions and in certain emergency situations, it is utmost crucial thing to have it, the installation of shree yantra could help you gain positive reinforcement towards life. It certainly helps in clearing out all negative aspects of life. It is definitive thing to bring in the bliss of spiritualistic and materialistic thing in life. Many of us may have query in mind in terms of how to use shree Yantra?

The basic thing here to remember is Yantra means an instrument. The sacred geometry shape of the yantra can help out in removing all kinds of obstacles and fears in life.  This yantra could be considered as one of the powerful tool when you wish to attain peace and harmony. Even if you are confused over choices where to place Sri Yantra, the simple solution to it you can place at your workplace or home. It is said that the Yantra existed right before thousand years and because of its incredible positivity, people still worship it.

In order to buy shree Yantra for business, it could be an allocate thing to consult an expert astrologer for the placement. Before using the Yantra, first adequate thing required is to meditate with an clear mind and perception. It is advisable to keep a yellow cloth or wrapping it in yellow cloth after performing pooja will work wonders. Expert astrologers also state that chanting of mantra “OM shrim hring shrim mahalaxmaye shrim hring shrim namaha for 108 times. It is said that the installation of this Yantra could be done Wednesday, Friday or purnima. In order to reenergize the Yantra it is important to do clean and perform all the rituals on timely basis. In order to gain positive benefits it is important to respect the Yantra at first place.

One of the interesting factor of Sri Yantra is that there are 9 layers, each one has own benefits. Even while doing the pran pratisha its important to remember your guru and perform rituals. According to hindu mythology, Shree Yantra does plays an vital role in pleasing goddess Laxmi- The wealth giver. Worshipping the Yantra every Friday could bring abundance of wealth and focus. The yantra is also good for the students willing to focus on studies and achieve something bigger in life. The Shree yantra is also beneficial for people who wish to get away from negativity and gain positive reinforcement in life.


In the past history also there are numerous stories attached with Vyapar Vridhi Yantra. It is said that regular worship of the Yantra does help in getting a good professional growth. Buy Vyapar Vridhi Yantra is beneficial for people looking out to achieve something big in business.

It is said that respecting the Vyapar Vridhi Yantra for financial stature could easily help in opening up various doors of life and bringing in enchanting opportunities. Even for the entrepreneurs who are looking out for substantial sales, turnovers and profits, this Yantra could be considered to be one of the beneficial things. It is utmost important that one must stay positive while doing the pooja. It is important to chant mantra of “OM BhoorBhuvah Swah Tatsyavitur Varenyam,Bhargo Devasya Dhi Mahi Dhiya Yona Prachodyat.” To a lot of extent this Vyapar Vridhi Yantra for enhancing sales will help in daily business activities.

According to the vedic sages it is being said that the Yantra is best for people worshipping Lord Ganesha or Goddess Mahalaxmi.  It is said that to reap positive benefits or rewards it should be placed on Wednesday or Thursday. The best thing of the Yantra is without any discrimination of caste, sex or religion, this yantra can be worshipped. The vyapar Vridhi Yantra for strengthening career path could be helpful one for removing different sorts of obstacles. While performing the pooja, it could be lucrative thing to apply sandal wood paste in the centre of Yantra. It is important to sit in the east direction while performing rituals.

The importance of vyapar vridhi Yantra is crucial therefore the mind should away from any kind of negative thoughts, while performing rituals thinking positive is utmost important.  In the terms for growing the business, it is important to keep it near the place where you keep major important documents or for right placement of the yantra you could even consult expert astrologer.  In terms of wealth and happiness, this Yantra could be considered as top notch in the field of astrology. In order to reap its benefits, it is equally important to respect the yantra. In the phase of technology, you could even order the Yantra from online store. After owning the Yantra, you by yourself will see its positive benefits as this Yantra gives a good vibe.

According to the expert’s opinion, the vyapar Vridhi Yantra is also beneficial for people looking out for getting the bliss of spirituality. After placement of Yantra it can help you to remain focused with the work and gives a unique sense of bonding. Those who are in sales can also use the yantra as it is said if suited to your zodiac sign then this could work wonders in terms of gaining the attention of potential customers.


Dates back from ancient history, the red coral gemstone was considered to be one of the prominent discovery.  Red coral determines the planet Mars and due to its healing properties they are being highly respected in the history of gemology. There are various benefits of red coral gemstone, some of them are as follows:-

  1. Overcoming obstacles:-  one of the prime benefactor of moonga stone online is that represents the god of warfare, planet Mars thus this gemstone could be perfect option to overcome obstacles. It is suggested that this gemstone should be worn according to the zodiac sign.
  2. Helps in removing laziness and delays:-  According to the ancient sages, this gemstone could be worn without any biasness of age or gender.  The regular dharan of the red coral can energize cells and can work wonders in removing laziness and delays. If you are looking at best price buy red coral online, then reputed virtual stores could be a great option.
  3. Temperamental issues: - Expert astrologers state that certain positions of Mars may bring in issues of mood swings. The daily dharan of red coral could keep all the temperamental issues away. It is recommended to reap positive benefits of this gemstone it should be worn on Tuesday mornings during shukla paksha. Buy natural Red coral gemstones at with proper certifications. This trusted virtual store values your hard earned money and gives this gemstone at feasible prices.
  4. Gives protection against evil eye:-  As the red coral represents the planet mars, it can help in keeping manglik dosha away and can act as an perfect wand to keep  black magic or evil eye away. Red coral is the gemstone of mars thus helps in eradicating the intentional harm. Expert astrologers suggest that the red coral should be worn in right hand and ideal if worn in ring finger. It could be worn with precious metals like gold or copper.
  5. Long life of spouse: - According to Hindu mythology, it is very important to activate or energize the red coral gemstone. It is advisable to chant mantra like “OM sri Sarvayya bhaaya namaha”. Red coral can also be considered for married females who intend to have long life of spouse.  Buy natural Red coral gemstones at to eliminate various problems of life. It is important to note that taking consultation from expert astrologer is highly recommended.

It is important to decide the wearer first then decide on the wearing as after the dharan of this gemstone you will not be able to interchange. Respect this gemstone is equally important therefore touching with the dirty hands is not all recommended. In order to reenergize this gemstone you could dip it up in clean water and unboiled milk. Even if you are intending to clean the red coral gemstone then soft brush will work wonders.


Rahu Yantra is known for years for removing hurdles in life.  It is important to give respect and homage gold plated Shri Rahu Yantra in turn it will remove obstacles and miseries from life. The proper pranpratistha of it helps in controlling the mysteries or cruelty. Right from ancient times, Yantra is considered to be sacred one.

Even for the auspicious start, Shri Rahu Yantra to protect from enemies and can remove darkness in life. According to vedic astrologers, if Rahu is not positioned properly in the horoscope it could cause negative effects on body. Before you touch the yantra, it is very much important to purify body. According to vedic astrologers, the Yantra brings in positive mind frame. It is crucial thing to note that when you sit to do pooja to activate yantra you should always sit towards the east side.

During the activation of yantra it is must that you should light an incense or oil lamp. If the ancient ages and problems of contemporary times are to be believed then rahu yantra benefits can help in removing all bad effects of life. Basically they are also available in copper or gold. It is important to understand that before performing rituals you should be in a positive state of mind. Expert astrologers also state that the chanting of Mantra “OM Bhraang bhreeg bhrang Sa Rahve Namah for 108 times can help you reap positive benefits.

According to the experts rahu is simply a node of moon but could make life like roll coster if not in favor. Usually Rahu is considered to be one of the favorite devotee of goddess Durga  and if he is impressed could give the treasures of life. It is important while performing the rituals one must remain calm and composed.

It is said that the Rahu usually like to work alone and interference of others could cause negative impact. It is advisable to seek consultations of the experts before purchasing it. Often many people may think on how to use it, the best way is give respect and without any kind of discrimination or negative things this yantra can be used.

Rahu Yantra could be worshipped by every age group thus if you are seeking out for new employment opportunities then it can be regardless a best one. In order to reap the best of benefits it is always important to buy genuine ones from the reputed online store. It does triggers energies and helps in culminating the problems of laziness and much more. If suited right, the Rahu Yantra could be useful in terms of sorting out various physical problems. Expert astrologers state that Rahu yantra is unique and different in myriad ways. In the phase of technology, if you wish to gain this yantra in hassle free way, then online store would be a best option.

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