The Rudraksham or seeds of the Rudraksha tree have acquired immense popularity over the years. This is because they are believed to be the holy tears shed by Lord Shiva, while lamenting over the sufferings experienced by humankind. Vedic astrologers feel that these spiritual beads from the Himalayan regions offer wonderful resolutions to individual problems. They will, provided they are authentic.

How can you recognise an artificial Rudraksha?

The colour of the Rudraksha is similar to the hues of betel nuts, wild berry seeds and Areca nuts. Therefore, they are popularly used by con artists. These artists are so skilled that they manage to draw artificial mukhis or faces over each bead. Mukhis or faces refer to the deep linings that move through the diameters of Rudraksham. They are created by Mother Nature in a real seed/bead. However, if you are experienced enough and possess keen eyes, you should be able to distinguish the original from the duplicate quite easily.

Of course, there are no foolproof methods to identify a fake Rudraksha. However, you might go ahead with some tests. Place your bead in water or milk. If it floats on the surface, you may consider yourself duped. However, there is a catch here. Sometimes, fake Rudraksham are created from wood and impregnated with lead. They sink, and do not float. This may make you feel that your seeds are genuine, but in reality, they are not.

Are you wondering why sellers feel the need to cheat, when Rudraksham are available in plenty in India and Nepal? Well, there is the pricing aspect to be considered. The five-faced Rudraksha is easily available and affordable. Rudraksham possessing two, three, four, six, seven or eight mukhis are plentiful too, but slightly expensive. If you, as a customer, desire to own an entire necklace, instead of just one or two seeds, you may have to shell out quite a sum. What everyone forgets is that it is a one-time, wise investment.

How can you recognise a real Rudraksha?

As mentioned earlier, the genuine seed refuses to float on milk or water; it just sinks. However, even here, there is a catch. Sometimes, if the authentic Rudraksha is still unripe, it may float over the surface of the water. Therefore, take your experienced astrologer along with you when you go shopping! Otherwise, just pay an online or offline visit to an establishment known as Vedic ratna. All their products are reliable.

When you obtain a Rudraksha, just touch it. It should feel round, hard and slightly greasy. The mouth is protuberant, but the face/mukhi is clear. The hole, through which the thread/string must pass, is natural. There is a belief that if you should suspend a strung Rudraksha over an onion that is contaminated, the vegetable will go into rotation mode on its own. Whatever is the case, just ensure that your holy seed(s) goes/go through a purification ritual, prior to being worn or handled. You will be amazed by what follows your bonding with it!

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Pearls are much sought after stones for both, as jewellery and for their astrological properties. Linked to the planet Moon, which they closely resemble, these precious stones are stated to have tremendously positive effects on individuals suffering from diverse maladies. Although all kinds of Pearls are popular, people, who own South Sea Pearls, consider themselves the luckiest in the world, for they are extremely expensive and rare.

What are the interesting facts associated with South Sea Pearls?

The oysters, which grow these Pearls, thrive in the water bodies found in The Philippines, Australia and Indonesia. These areas are the southern seas, which contain nutrient-rich and fresh salt water. The Pearls are entrancingly lustrous to behold, considering they glow in silver, white, golden or cream hues. Sometimes, there are overtones. They include blue, pink and green. As a result, you may view pale gold, light yellow, silvery blue, etc, varieties. Australian waters go for white and silver, while Indonesia and The Philippines prefer cream and gold. When you touch these precious stones, you will not feel like moving your fingers away from their satiny smoothness. The largeness and luminosity render these Pearls unique and rare, placing them in a class of their own.

Then again, the sheer sizes of South Sea Pearls are bound to astonish you! The largest cultured stones in the world, these Pearls may range anywhere from 8 or 9 mm to 20 mm in size. In fact, the average size is 13 mm. They are bigger than the freshwater Pearl gemstones and Akoya type Pearls.

The oyster or mollusc responsible for giving us these magnificent specimens is known as Pinctada maxima. We obtain two varieties of Pearls – the gold lipped one and the silver lipped one. You should be able to make out the differences in colour by looking at the outer edges of each interior. The splendid hues may be attributed to the nacre (iridescent internal layer of the mollusc’s shell) of the oyster.

Why are people so eager to own these Pearls?

Now, it is imperative that you obtain genuine South Sea Pearls, if you wish to own something of unsurpassed beauty and gain access to astrological benefits. Towards this end, you should chase genuine dealers online! One such is

As mentioned earlier, if you observe both, the planet Moon and the Pearl gemstone, they look wonderfully similar. Both are round and glow charmingly. If this planet is not very favourable towards you, you should use the Pearl to appease it and appeal for favours. When you befriend this particular gemstone, you will discover glorious changes in your body, mind and spirit. It is as if a thorough cleansing is taking place, driving away all negativity and evil forces. Yes, the bodily fluids are being given a good shake-up, in order to remove all kinds of impurities. As a result, your confidence will receive a boost, prompting you to work hard on your personal and professional relationships. Over time, you will attain peace of mind.


If you believed that Indian celebrities are immune to anything offered by the world of Vedic astrology, you could not be more wrong. They are as human as you and I are! Naturally, they have their hidden fears and complexes, which only suitable gemstones can help to resolve. Of course, these precious stones are shown off in the form of jewellery at mega events and large functions, and not as actual astrological items. Nevertheless, the choices suffice to indicate that many of them believe in absorbing cosmic vibrations from their jewellery items. Furthermore, they are as fond of visiting authentic gemmologists, such as, as you are!

Amitabh Bacchan

He is one of the most popular figures adorning the silver screen for all time. Yet, he bows to the demands of planet Saturn by befriending the lustrous Blue Sapphire. In fact, his fingers display a pair of the gemstones. They are worth a whopping price, since they are original Kashmiri Blue Sapphires. Not content with these stones, he also has a Colombian Emerald on his small finger.

Aishwarya Rai Bacchan

She believes in wearing Neelam or Blue Sapphire too. This could be because her film career, as a whole, has gone through several highs and lows. The stone rests on the middle finger of her left hand. The index finger of her right hand displays a superb Opal. Maybe, the addition was required to gain additional advantages.

Priyanka Chopra

The star has no fixed choices. She keeps changing her gemstones in alignment with the changing demands of her career. However, Priyanka exhibits great faith in Rashi gemstones.

Salman Khan

This famous movie star has stuck to a silver bracelet gifted to him by his father several years ago. However, the bracelet prominently displays a beautiful turquoise gemstone. It is supposed to keep misfortune at a distance and invite only good luck into his life.

Kareena Kapoor

Kareena believes in the power of gemstones to such an extent that she refuses to part from her natural Red Coral and Pearl stones even for a second. Regardless of her roles and costumes, they remain an integral part of her personality.

Deepika Padukone

The sparkling Ruby makes for a great fashion statement, according to Deepika. She displays it everywhere she goes.

Shilpa Shetty

Her personal life was in great turbulence, when she turned to the Emerald gemstone for help. Ever since the appearance of this stone in her life, Shilpa has had no worries at all. She has been going from success to success in both, her personal and professional lives.

Kangna Ranaut

The Pearl fascinates this actor. Every bit of jewellery is linked to this lustrous gemstone. The expensive South Sea Pearls are her favourite.

These are but a few examples of the rich and the famous, who love to toy with diverse gemstones. There are plenty of others from various fields, such as sports, politics, Fine Arts, etc, who consult reputed astrologers and acquire guidance on how to change their lives for the better.

Rudraksha Mala

You may find the holy seeds known as Rudraksham (singular = Rudraksha) in the Himalayan regions. They grow only at particular heights and are of the best quality possible. Something in the atmosphere and the soil induce these seeds to emit very spiritual vibrations.

What should you know about genuine Rudraksham?

These seeds/beads (in the form of a necklace or mala) are excellent for meditative purposes. If you are going in for a necklace of Rudraksham, do ensure that the beads number 108. At the point where the 1st and 108th bead meet, an extra Rudraksha should be placed. This is known as the Bindu. Note that as you meditate, a cycle of energy is formed within the necklace. This can cause dizziness. The Bindu brings about a balance.

Do check if the seeds have been strung together with cotton/silk thread or not. Other threads are not to be used. You may have to keep changing the thread every six months or so, but that is fine. It is perfectly all right if you wish to go in for gold, copper or silver wire, instead of thread. Stay with the jeweller when he/she is stringing the beads. The wire should not be knotted too close or too tight. When this happens, there is a pull on all the beads. Soon enough, they crack or crumble.

Would you like a necklace of Rudraksham to adorn your neck? It is not necessary that you should opt for a mala with 109 beads only. You may go in for a single bead mala too, based upon what the astrologer advises you. Furthermore, you are welcome to wear it all the time, especially if you are fond of taking cold-water baths and using chemical-free soaps. It is good to have it cleansed every single day and have purified water moving all over your body. Take off the necklace when you are using warm water and chemical soaps. You do not want the seeds to become brittle and crack.

Why should you select genuine Rudraksham only?

When you purchase authentic Rudraksham from dealers like, you are inviting relaxation and peace of mind into your life. For instance, your job or business may entail a lot of travelling. It is not easy to become used to new places, since they may/may not be conducive to your kind of personal energy. Both, eating and sleeping may prove difficult for you. Your Rudraksha/Rudraksham help(s) to create and maintain a cocoon of your personal energy around you. Thus, you remain unperturbed throughout.

Would you like to check if the food that you eat and the water that you drink, are safe for consumption? Hold the holy bead over water. It moves clockwise over drinkable water and healthy food. It moves anti-clockwise over toxic water and unhealthy food.

Finally, Rudraksham behave like guards against negative forces thrown against your aura by jealous or vindictive enemies. Sometimes, the forces are so powerful that they can cause immense suffering, or even death.


We generally bless technological advancements, since they tend to make our lives easier. In the case of gemstones, such advancements can prove to be a curse too. For instance, let us suppose that your astrologer has requested you to purchase a Yellow Sapphire. Intelligent fraudsters find it quite easy to formulate compositions that will make a synthetic or fake Yellow Sapphire look exactly like a real one. There are all kinds of laboratory equipments available in modern times to make the task seem like child’s play. In fact, you will find it quite a cumbersome job, striving to prove that the gemstone lying in your palm is indeed fake, and not real.

Therefore, here are some tips that might prove handy.

Scissors Sign

Fake or synthetic stones tend to have an X imprinted onto them. Known as the Scissors Sign, it indicates that the precious stone is not precious at all! You may have to use keen eyes to detect it, but take your time.


Another test is to hold the stone in your hand for some time and check its temperature. Observe what it felt like when you first took it on your palm and how it feels currently. There should be no change in its warmth, if it is a genuine stone.


Do you really believe that a natural stone extracted from the earth’s bowels, is flawless? No, it is not. Gemmologists may feel that the appearance or colour is not as nice as it should be. There is the fear that customers may not feel attracted towards natural gemstones. Therefore, they go in for gentle treatments to enhance the beauty of the stone and hide its flaws. These flaws are known as inclusions.

Note that the physical and chemical compositions do not suffer or change in any way, due to such inclusions. Furthermore, trustworthy dealers will let their customers know the truth, for they do not believe in cheating people. Untrustworthy dealers, on the other hand, will take all kinds of steps to prevent clients from discovering inclusions. They use borax or other impurities to cover them, and enhance the lustre of the stones. They are so skilled that only magnifiers may help you view them.


As mentioned before, it is not possible to find a natural or real Yellow Sapphire without flaws, even if they are just minimal in nature. Only laboratory-manufactured stones will be flawless in appearance. Hold the gemstone against bright light. Do you observe a bubble forming under the stone? If the answer is yes, you may be sure that you are holding a synthetic gemstone in your hands.


It is possible that the facets obtained on a genuine Yellow Sapphire are not as crisp as expected. They are not visible to the naked eye. If viewed under the magnification of a 10-x loupe, you might see some grooves, similar to those witnessed on a vinyl record. If your stone is a fake, the facets/cuts will be wonderfully sharp in nature.


Even in the modern world, many people love to retain contact with traditional wisdom and practices. They believe that precious and semi-precious stones possess materialistic and spiritual properties, which will benefit them immensely. This means that they believe in the powers of Vedic astrology. However, for the gemstones to award maximum benefits, they must be authentic in nature. Therefore, they must be bought from reputed dealers only.

How are gemstones useful for you?

Are you successful, happy and financially stable? Alternatively, are you unsuccessful and eternally stressed out? If the latter is true, you will have to find astrological remedies to improve the situation for family and self. An experienced astrologer will be able to peruse your horoscope or natal chart in detail and discover what malefic forces are in predominance in your life. True, there are healthy forces present too, for your life has had its good moments too. However, the imbalance between the positive and the negative is causing immense confusion within your body, mind and spirit.

Diverse kinds of gemstones offer different kinds of benefits. With the help of your experienced astrologer, you may purchase the most auspicious stones for yourself. As your bonding with them strengthens over the course of your life, you will find your physical and mental health recovering. Soon enough, you should gain access to material success, financial stability and peace of mind.

Where should you purchase your gemstones?

You may not be aware of it, but every precious and semi-precious stone has the capacity to give out cosmic vibrations. These vibrations penetrate deep into your body. They begin the healing process from within, and carry it to without. However, all this is possible only if the gemstones are genuine and real. You would do well, therefore, to visit one of the most renowned online stores,

You may wonder why this is the ultimate place for purchasing the stones that you want.

•           Well, for one thing, the shop has been around for a long time. In fact, it may even be considered as a pioneer in this trade of selling gemstones.

•           Secondly, the establishment takes pride in being direct wholesalers. You are bound to find the pricing much more reasonable in comparison to other stores dealing in the same business. Sometimes, discounts are available too.

•           Quality is never an issue, since purchases its gemstones from authentic vendors only. The vendors obtain them directly from mines across the globe. Every vendor is authorised to sell the stones, each of which is accompanied by certification through a reputed laboratory.

•           Above all, the official website of the company provides in-depth details of every gemstone, related to cut, clarity, carat and colour. Even the benefits of each are outlined.

You are welcome to give individual or bulk orders by phone or online. You may pay through bank transfers, money orders, credit/debit cards or direct cash. Every payment method is secure and dependable. As for delivery, the goods will reach your doorstep on time.


The astrological Solar System is quite different from the natural one, although the number of planets is the same in both. Vedic astrologers refer to the nine planets as the Navagrahas. Every graham or planet is governed by a particular deity, as well as a specific gemstone. Therefore, there are nine gemstones or Navratnas. Since they are closely linked to the nine planets, they are often referred to as the Navagraha Ratna gemstones.

Now, the ruling deities direct cosmic energies/vibrations at the human aura. These vibrations may be positive, negative or neutral in nature. The Navagraha Ratna gemstones serve to enhance the positivity, reduce the negativity and balance the neutrality. However, they must be genuine in quality and characteristics. Only a few online stores may be trusted to provide authentic and natural gemstones. One such establishment is


This shadowy and invisible graham is equally malevolent towards all sun signs. He shows no partiality in hurting people, sometimes dangerously. If you wish to appease Ketu, befriend the mystical Cat’s Eye on a Tuesday. Have your precious stone embedded onto a silver ring.


He seems to be in competition with Ketu in dispensing his malefic favours onto hapless individuals, regardless of zodiac sign. Planet Rahu is invisible and shadowy in nature too. Go for a glittering Hessonite gemstone studded onto a silver ring. Wear the ring on a Saturday.


This graham is much feared by human beings, for his actions swing between two extremes. Your life will be wonderfully blissful or terribly miserable, depending upon his moods. If your sun sign is Aquarius or Capricorn, use the bewitching Blue Sapphire to appease him. He adores Saturdays.


This graham loves the glowing Red Coral displayed on a silver/gold ring. Furthermore, he is more inclined towards the Scorpio- or Aries-born. Mars’ favourite day is Tuesday.


The Sun is a planet in the astrological Solar System. The Leo-born should have a lustrous Ruby embedded onto a gold/copper ring. Opt for a Sunday to wear the ring.


The scintillating Diamond is planet Venus’ favourite gemstone. It is apt for those born under the zodiac signs, Libra and Taurus. Have your precious stone studded onto a gold ring, before wearing it on a Friday.


 Planet Moon (It is not a satellite, according to Vedic astrology) and the shining Pearl are similar in appearance. These best friends prefer to look after the Cancer-born. Have the gemstone placed on a silver ring. Wear the ring on a Monday morning.


If you are a Sagittarian or a Piscean, the Yellow Sapphire should be your preferred gemstone. This is what planet Jupiter likes too. The most suitable metal for this gemstone is gold. On a Thursday morning, place the gold ring with the Yellow Sapphire on it, onto your finger.


This graham is inclined to love Wednesdays. If your sun sign is Virgo or Gemini, you should opt for the mystical Emerald gemstone. Place the precious stone onto a gold or silver ring.


There is something about the colour ‘blue’, which inspires tremendous serenity, wisdom and stability. It has an attraction all its own! It follows, therefore, that gemstones possessing shades of blue tend to attract the attention of beholders far more quickly than precious stones possessing other colours do. An example of such a charismatic semi-precious stone is the Blue Topaz.

Which features help you recognise a genuine Blue Topaz?

Of course, there are many online establishments dealing with gemstones. However, not all of them are genuine. Remember that you are aiming for heavy astrological benefits. Therefore, it is imperative that you are not fooled by fake sellers. Amongst the few reliable gemmologists, you are bound to be satisfied with It is a dependable store, which aims to provide customers with natural gemstones, which have not been subjected to harsh chemical or heat treatments. Furthermore, every gemstone carries its own certification, awarded by a reputed laboratory.

Astonishingly, a pure Blue Topaz gemstone, which has been extracted from granite or pegmatite deposits, is white or colourless. This is because it comprises of hydroxide ions, fluoride ions and aluminium silicate. Then, how does it acquire its shimmering blue hues? Well, expert gemmologists take recourse to specific treatments to convert the white/colourless stone to a vibrantly radiant blue. Note that these processes are soft and gentle in nature, refusing to change the physical or chemical composition of the gemstone in any way.

Observe the facets of the semi-precious Blue Topaz. They should reveal clean and neat cuts. Since this gemstone is easy to cleave, an inexperienced or careless gemmologist may cause the appearance of splits or internal cracks. Even then, the stone is quite hard, going up to an eight on Moh’s Scale of Hardness. It is possible to find the gemstone in varying shades of blue. These diverse shades may be attributed to the process of irradiation.

What are the benefits of befriending the Blue Topaz?

In Sanskrit, the name means fire or heat (tapas). This gemstone is mentioned even in the Bible and Hebrew texts. This goes to show how much the Blue Topaz is revered and admired for its healing properties.

The Blue Topaz is associated with the throat (vishuddha) chakra. If you have been having difficulties with communication or self-expression, you need worry no more. With the unlocking of this blocked chakra, you are bound to find it easy to verbalise your thought processes. If you are engaged with writing or with the media, you should be able to scale great heights. The stone is helpful for businesspersons, travellers and salespersons too, encouraging humility and honesty in all dealings. 

Other qualities like tranquillity, self-confidence, wisdom, positivity and stability also become firmly entrenched into your character. They become even more enhanced, when Blue Topaz is paired with other semi-precious stones, such as Tanzanite.

The greatest beneficiary is your thyroid gland, which regains its balance and strength. Similarly, the digestive, circulatory and nervous systems function beautifully, helping you reduce your stress levels and irksomeness.


Planet Rahu can be exceedingly malevolent at times. He is shadowy and invisible, making it difficult to guess when and how he will strike. However, a reputed astrologer will sense his presence or absence in your life, just by making a detailed study of your horoscope. In case, you are being hounded by planet Rahu, it would be best to befriend a natural Hessonite gemstone. An online store like can offer you a genuine stone of excellent quality at a reasonable price, accompanied by authentic certification.

How will you know if your Hessonite or Gomed gemstone is authentic or not?

An authentic stone reveals a wonderful display of colours when viewed against a background of bright light or natural sunlight. Is it a deep brownish yellow or a light brownish yellow? Is it reddish chocolate, light red or deep red? On the other hand, when you just hold the Hessonite stone in your hand, you may feel that it resembles golden honey in its colour.

Another thing to look out for is the stone’s symmetry. Yes, gemmologists do take great care when cutting the natural Hessonite (Gomed) gemstone. You will comprehend when you observe the facets reflecting and refracting light rays beautifully. Light rays manage to penetrate the deepest depths, awarding the gemstone superb clarity and transparency. It becomes obvious that your Navratna is flawless in nature.

Your stone’s weight should be around seven carats at least. It would be best to have the Gomed embedded onto an open-backed silver ring. When the ring is ready, request your astrologer to guide you regarding the purification process to be performed. Do not skip this process. Once you are through with everything, place the ring on the middle finger of your right hand.

What are the benefits of befriending the Hessonite gemstone?

Apart from studying your natal chart, an experienced astrologer also asks the right questions to gain relevant answers. Your answers suffice to convey that you are facing all kinds of trials and tribulations, thanks to a complex mixture of excessive lethargy and defiant mindset. You hate being castigated or criticised, even if your diet is terribly unhealthy, you refuse to complete tasks allotted to you or even practice filthy hygiene.

If this is not enough, you are inclined towards heavy addictions. These addictions may relate to illicit substances, alcohol or cigarettes. Naturally, you may expect your reputation, self-respect and peace of mind to take a terrible beating. If you refuse to seek a remedy for whatever is happening in your life, you will continue to suffer.

Use the Hessonite/Gomed gemstone to appease planet Rahu. You will find your life gradually getting back on track. As you recover your lost self-confidence and decision-making ability, your personal and professional lives will progress in the right direction. You take up everything with a newfound zest and vitality that were missing before. This is because evil forces are driven out of your life through acquirement of spiritual knowledge and awareness. Over time, you become financially stable too.


It is apt that such a holy tree, like the evergreen Rudraksha tree, grows in the towering Himalayan regions of India and Nepal. The ‘holiness’ is actually attributed to the natural seeds (Rudraksham) of the blue fruits growing on the tree. It is believed that these seeds have the capacity to award materialistic and spiritual benefits to those who have true faith.

What are the facts about Rudraksham?

Rudraksha is singular, while Rudraksham is plural, in Sanskrit. There is a legend associated with this terminology. According to the Ancients, when Lord Shiva was contemplating over human suffering, tears began to flow from his eyes. As these tears reached Earth, they became transformed into seeds. These seeds help people to become free from suffering and unite with the Divine. Therefore, the seeds were granted the name, Rudraksham. They literally refer to the Tears of God. Ever since then, these holy beads have been revered by Buddhists and Hindus alike. However, for them to work, they must be obtained from genuine dealers, such as

Every Rudraksha has a set number of clefts on its surface, which run from the top to the bottom. As a result, it becomes easy to count the number of faces or mukhis on each bead. They may range from just one mukhi to as many as 23 mukhis. Every seed emits cosmic vibrations, which help your soul, body and mind to align and strengthen. You will comprehend better if you witness spiritual seekers holding necklaces comprising of Rudraksham between the fingers of their right hands, while meditating.

What are the benefits of befriending Rudraksham?

With regard to the materialistic side, these holy beads are great for healing varied diseases. They include depression, stress, hypertension, etc. Even the addictive side effects caused by consuming tranquilizers, beta-blockers or anti-depressants may be tackled effectively via Rudraksha Therapy. In fact, the popularity of their usage by Ayurveda practitioners, suggests that they are much better than magnetic or crystal therapies. It helps that even scientists believe in their power and have proved it via research studies.

If you keep the Rudraksham in close contact with your heart/chest region, you may expect to find your stamina, concentration and energy levels heightened. With the elimination of anxiety, or even other mood disorders, you may expect to find relaxation and peace of mind. You will even find yourself feeling and looking youthful, for these beads possess anti-aging properties!

On the spiritual side, as your mind acquires greater clarity and sharpness, you even find your powers of intuition increasing. With your bodily aura being surrounded by protective circles, negative thoughts and vibrations will find it hard to gain an entry into your internal depths. Since your connection with the positive forces in the universe become more and more intimate, your karma also begins to change. All the vital energies are healed and brought into harmonious balance. Over time, your soul receives plenty of spiritual healing. Everyone will be able to view its radiance via your wise behaviour.

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