The shining Pearl is a much coveted gemstone all over the world, specifically as a jewellery item. However, Vedic astrologers attach even greater significance to this stone as a resolver of problems that often beset individuals governed by planet Moon. This is why they say that Chandra graha stone is Pearl or Moti.

What are some interesting facts associated with this precious stone?

Pearl gemstones are products gifted by soft-bodied molluscs to humans. These animals reside in the depths of marine water bodies across the globe. Sometimes, tiny grains of sand wedge themselves between their outer shells and their soft skins. These Molluscs secrete a liquid from their bodies to cover these irksome, gritty grains of sand. The liquid hardens in the form of layers. The final outcome is a rough-textured, albeit famous gemstone, Pearl.

Depending upon the kind of mollusc producing the precious stone, it may exhibit gray, black, pink, white, brown or blue shades of colour. Do not expect the raw or genuine Pearl or Moti to be completely free of irregularities or blemishes. True, they will be extremely minimal in nature. Nevertheless, they will be present, for the gemstone is obtained from a ‘live’ animal. When you hold up the stone against a brilliantly-lit backdrop, you will discover subtle white or rose tones showing up. The clear lustre of the stone should dazzle your eyes! The gentle rubbing of two Pearls produces slight friction. This means that authentic stones possess rough textures.

How can you obtain an authentic Pearl?

Several dealers, both offline and online, profess that genuine Pearls are available with them at cheap rates. Do not allow yourself to be taken for a ride, without properly verifying your purchases. In fact, the best thing would be to buy high-quality, natural Pearls at only, for this dealer is reputed and dependable. Do note that the weights of these gemstones are measured differently. A grain of Pearl is deemed as equivalent to quarter carat of another precious stone. Thus, four grains of Pearl are equal to a carat of another gemstone.

A Pearl is delicate. Please look after it carefully. This gemstone is vulnerable to dryness, sunlight, temperature variations, humidity, vigorous rubbing, acids, scratches and pressure. This is because its hardness lies between 2.5 and 4.5 on Moh’s Scale of Hardness.

Who can wear the Pearl?

The astrologer will check where planet Moon is residing in your horoscope. You are in trouble if this ruling planet is positioned in the 6th, 8th or 12th house. Sometimes, other planets that are particularly malevolent towards you, may reside alongside planet Moon. Only Moti or Pearl will be able to protect you against every kind of evil force affecting your bodily aura. Newborns and toddlers are particularly susceptible to the ill-effects of negative cosmic vibrations.

This gemstone ensures that all bodily fluids are thoroughly cleansed, thereby bestowing you with perfect health. It follows that a cleansing of the body leads to a ‘cleansing’ of the mind too. Over time, you regain harmony between your thoughts, behaviour and emotions. Your relationships will improve and self-confidence will be restored. Thus, you become stress free.


Intensely malevolent by nature, planet Rahu does not stop short of attacking any zodiac sign on earth. He is a shadowy villain, whose powers become even more enhanced, if he gains residence in the 3rd, 6th, 8th or 12th house of your horoscope. The only way to control him is by befriending the glowing Hessonite gemstone.

How ruthless can planet Rahu be towards you?

To begin with, wherever you turn, you seem to find evidences of black magic, thieving, cheating, professional jealousy, etc. The forces of darkness gradually push you towards substance abuse, the onset of mental illness or bad practices (adultery, alcoholism, etc). Do not be surprised to find your career in the doldrums, your reputation completely besmirched or your health heading towards deterioration. Although you know that things are not going the right way, your laziness and lack of self-confidence prevent you from resolving issues. You seem to wallow in physical and mental filth, with no inclination to seek spiritual wisdom whatsoever. Therefore, astrologers suggest that Gomed is the gemstone for Rahu.

How will Hessonite gemstone help you?

True, some dealers offer genuine stones, while others go all out to take advantage of your faith in them. It would be best, therefore, to visit, an authentic establishment, online, for obtaining certified precious stones. You should even be able to buy Hessonite gemstones at wholesale prices there. It is easy to recognise an authentic stone by the skill with which it has been cut, its splendid clarity and superbly radiant facets. The Gomed reveals a rare all-round symmetry and a glorious display of colours. You may find it hard to define its exact hues, as they seem to vary from golden honey to light/deep brownish-yellow, and from reddish chocolate to light/deep red.

By wearing a genuine Hessonite (Gomed) gemstone, you will be able to rid your life of disappointments, tragedies and despair. Your bad habits will run away, as if by magic. Over time, you will regain self-respect, greater confidence, vitality in your actions and clarity in everything that you undertake. Yours will be a life of discipline and strength, without any stress. Hessonite is specifically beneficial for those in the Armed Forces or the police forces. You will also find the gemstone helpful for a career in law, politics or journalism. Above all, there is one important fact that you should know about Gomed gemstones. They award 100% results only if you pay special attention to diet, sleeping patterns and anger control.

How should you wear the Gomed?

Have your gemstone placed on an open-backed silver ring. It would be good to go in for a stone weighing at least seven carats. Opt for a Friday that falls within the first fortnight of any month. That night, soak your ring in Gangajal or raw and undiluted milk. It would be good if you obtain cow’s milk. The next morning, that is, on Saturday, prior to sunrise, take out your ring and dry it. Place it on the middle finger of your right hand. Chant “Aum Rahave Namah” 108 times. This is the procedure for wearing Hessonite.


It is supposed to be the most mystical, most enchanting and most influential amongst all the Navratnas. Yes indeed, we are talking about the precious gemstone, Emerald! The Emerald is also supposed to bestow eternal youth on the person, who befriends it.

Why do people covet the Emerald so much?

Many people, especially women, would love to own a good quality Emerald, purely because of its striking appearance. It is an asset that jewellers and gemmologists value highly, especially if the precious stone has been extracted from the mines of Zambia and Scotland. These extractions are of superb quality! Several other geographical locations in the continents of Europe, Africa and Asia, are famed as Emerald origin and gemstone sources too.

Vedic astrologers expect the Emerald gemstone to award great astrological benefits to Geminians and Virgoans, and sometimes, Cancerians. Then again, Panna is lucky for people, whose birth histories are governed by the numbers 5, 14 or 23. This is because the precious stone is linked to planet Mercury. If the position of this ruling planet is strong in your horoscope, you will acquire wisdom, the gift of prophecy, tranquillity and wonderful powers of reasoning. In case, the planetary position is weak, evil forces will find it easy to tamper with all aspects of your life.

Get back your lost confidence, therefore, by befriending Panna. As a student, you will be delighted to discover your memory improving tremendously. As a job-holder or businessperson, you will be amazed by your own creativity, alertness and agility, display of with and intellect at meetings, communicative powers, focus, analytical abilities and perception. Relationships are no longer an issue with you. Finally, your body, soul and mind realign, in order to ensure that you remain healthy and immune to illnesses.

What are the facts related to purchasing and wearing Emerald gemstone?

If you wish to avail maximum benefits, purchase a valuable green Emerald or Panna gemstone online at You will comprehend that your stone is authentic by the fact that it is splendidly transparent and clear in appearance. Furthermore, the stone will appear a bewitching dark-green or smooth light-green in colour. There will be no black dots visible on the surface. The minute you take the stone in your hand, you will be struck by its hardness. The Emerald measures 7.5 to 8 on Moh’s Scale of Hardness. In case, the stone has gone through the hands of the skilled gemstone cutters of Jaipur in Rajasthan, India, you need have no worries. They may be depended upon to pay great attention to every Emerald’s cut and shape.

The Emerald or Panna owes its good looks to the traces of vanadium and chromium present within the mineral known as Beryl. Yes, Beryl is the ‘mother’, from whom Emerald, its purest form, is extracted. The name of the gemstone is derived from Markata (the green of growing things) in Sanskrit and Smaragdus (green gem) in Latin. After obtaining Panna, have it studded onto a silver/gold ring. Put the ring through a purification process, before placing it on the smallest finger of your right hand.


रत्न वास्तवात खनिज प्रदार्थ आहे. लाखो वर्ष पृथ्वीच्या भूगर्भात उच्च तापमानावर भौतिक आणि रासायनिक परिवर्तनातून, तर काही रत्ने ज्वालामुखीच्या उद्रेकातून घडत असतात. लाखो वर्ष पृथ्वीच्या गर्भात राहिल्याने त्याच्यात पृथ्वीतील चुबकत्व आणि तेज निर्माण होते. आणि ते मानवी जीवनाला फायदेशीर ठरतात. पृथ्वीच्या भूगर्भात भिन्न भिन्न भूभागात भिन्न भिन्न तत्वे एकत्र आल्यामुळे रत्नाची निर्मिती होते. या रत्नान मध्ये मुख्यतः कार्बन, बेरियम, बेरीलियम, एल्युमिनियम, केल्शियम, जस्त, टीन, तांबे, लोखंड, फोस्फारस, मैगनीज, गंधक, सोडियम इ तत्व असतात.

या खेरीज जैविक आणि वनस्पतिक रत्ने सुद्धा असतात. खनिज रत्ने भूगर्भातून प्राप्त होतात. तर जैविक रत्ने समुद्रातून प्राप्त होतात. तसेच वनस्पतिक रत्ने पर्वतातून प्राप्त होतात. काही रत्ने ठिसूळ असतात ती कालांतराने झिजतात. उदा:- मोती, पोवळे. तर काही रत्ने कठोर असतात. उदा:- हिरा. आजकाल कुत्रिम पद्धतीने सुद्धा रत्नांची निर्मिती केली जाते.

ग्रह प्रमुख रत्न इंग्रजी नाव वैश्विक किरणांचा रंग
रवि माणिक Ruby तांबडा
चंद्र मोती Pearl नारिंगी
मंगळ पोवळे Coral पिवळा
बुध पांचू Emerald हिरवा
गुरु पुष्कराज Yellow sapphire निळा
शुक्र हिरा Diamond पारवा
शनि नीलम Blue sapphire जांभळा
राहू गोमेद Agate (Hessonite) अतिनील
केतू लसण्या Cat’s eye अतितांबडा

मुख्य राशी रत्ने ऐकून नऊ प्रकारची आहे. तसेच त्याची उपरत्ने सुद्धा आहेत.

अलेक्झांड्रा:- हर्षल या ग्रहासाठी आकस्मित लाभ मिळवून देते. मात्र हे रत्न निट चाचणी करून वापरावे. तीव्र डोके दुखीचा त्रास असणार्यांनी वापरल्यास लाभ मिळतो. हे रत्न अनामिका किवा तर्जनीत शनिवारी शनीच्या होऱ्यात धारण करावे

ओपेल:- हे नेपचून ग्रहाचे रत्न आहे. याला क्षीरस्फटिक सुद्धा म्हणतात. अंत:स्फूर्तीचा कारक असल्याने ज्योतिषाना फायदेशीर. काही मुले हुशार पण व्रात्य स्वभावाची असतात. अशा मुलाना गळ्यात लॉकेट करून घालावे. फायदा होतो. हे रत्न ठिसूळ आणि नाजूक असते. बुधवारी बुधाच्या होऱ्यात धारण करावे.

एमिथीस्ट:- कोर्ट कचेरीत यश मिळवण्यास, व्यसनमुक्ती लाभदायक, प्रेमी युगुलांनी हे रत्न वापरावे विवाह होण्यासाठी अडचणी येत नाहीत. अनामिका किवा तर्जनी शनिवारी शनीच्या होऱ्यात धारण करावे. यदा होतो. हे रत्न ठिसूळ आणि नाजूक असते. बुधवारी बुधाच्या होऱ्यात धारण करावे.

फिरोझा:- अल्पमोली बहुगुणी असे रत्न आहे. पती पत्नी मधील प्रेम वाढवणारे, समाजात प्रतिष्ठा मिळवून देणारे असे रत्न आहे. हे रत्न धारण करणार्या व्यक्तीस शत्रूंच्या हालचाली, कारस्थाने व येणाऱ्या संकटांची चाहूल मिळते. ज्याला लाभते त्याचा भाग्योदय नक्कीच होतो. करावे.

टायगर स्टोन:- नावा प्रमाणेच हे तसे रत्न आहे. टायगर आय मनातली कोणत्याही प्रकारची भिती व मरगळ असेल तर तो नष्ट करून आत्मविश्वास वाढवतो. तणाव दूर करतो. तसेच हा स्टोन मानसिक शांति आणि शक्ती देतो. सहनशीलता आणि धैर्याची भावना वाढवतो. लहान मुलं जर झोपेत घाबरून उठत असतील किंवा मुलांचे अभ्यासात काँन्सट्रेशन होत नसेल, अभ्यासाची भिती वाटत असेल तर त्याकरता हा अत्यंत आदर्श स्टोन आहे. स्मरणशक्ती वाढवतो. अंगठीत अनामिकेत किवा गळ्यात धारण करू शकतो. बुधवारी बुधाच्या होऱ्यात.

हकिक:- अत्यंत फायदेशीर असे रत्न आहे. लक्ष्मी प्राप्तीसाठी हे रत्न वापरतात. हे रत्न अंगठीत धारण केले असता रागावर नियंत्रण येते, शत्रू नाहीशी होते, मानसन्मान प्राप्त होतो. हे रत्न वापरल्याने कोणतेही विपरीत परिणाम होत नाहीत.


True, the Blue Topaz gemstone may pale in comparison to the scintillating Blue Sapphire, but it does have a unique charm, all its own. After all, there is something wonderfully alluring about the various shades of ‘blue’. They promise stability, serenity and wisdom, all at one go.

What should you know about Blue Topaz?

The first thing you should become aware of is that Blue Topaz is not a precious stone, but a semi-precious stone. Secondly, the stone imitates the Blue Sapphire in hardness, reaching up to an amazing eight on Moh’s Scale of Hardness. Even then, gemologists find it easy to cleave the raw material obtained from pegmatite or granite deposits across the globe. Therefore, a skilled gemologist will go in for careful, neat and clean cuts, whereas, a careless one will not mind causing cracks and splits all over the place.

If you were to observe the natural Blue Topaz when first extracted from the bowels of the earth, you would turn away from it. The stone appears colorless or white, leaving you flummoxed about its later appearance! The gemstone cannot help its original looks, for it comprises of colorless/white aluminum silicate, hydroxide ions and fluoride ions. It has to thank the talented gemologist, who goes to great lengths to change it into a bewitchingly beautiful gemstone. Of course, no harsh treatments are undertaken, for it is important to keep the physical and chemical compositions intact. All the irradiation processes are quite gentle and soft in nature.

What features help you recognize a genuine Blue Topaz?

The easiest way out is to just buy Blue Topaz gemstones at wholesale prices, at, without a second thought. This establishment is authentic in its dealings, thereby ensuring that you receive great astrological benefits from your purchase. Whenever you buy something, observe the nature of the facets, transparency of the stone, colour and weight. A genuine gemologist will be glad to explain everything to you and guide you. The best proof of authenticity, however, is the presentation of a certificate, signed by owners of a reputed laboratory.

How will you be rewarded by befriending the popular Blue Topaz gemstones?

If you are suffering from lack of communication skills or find it difficult to express yourself properly, it indicates a blockage of your throat chakra. This gemstone can help you remove this blockage, permitting you to be fluent in the expression of your thoughts. Imagine the joy of being able to talk and write well, once again!

With the blossoming of the throat chakra, even your thyroid gland will benefit. It will regain its lost strength and balance. Then again, your stress levels become drastically reduced, thanks to improved functioning of the nervous, digestive and circulatory systems.

The magical power of Blue Topaz can also be witnessed in the way your personality oozes confidence, positivity, serenity and stability. These qualities become such an integral part of your character that onlookers are left feeling astonished beyond limits. Above all, whatever your choice of career or business, you refuse to be arrogant or dishonest in any of your dealings. You are always honest and humble.


Elaeocarpus ganitrus, found on the slopes of the Himalayan Ranges in India and Nepal, is a spiritual tree. Its seeds or Rudraksham, when dried, prove advantageous as prayer beads. It is believed that these seeds have the capacity to heal the spirit, body and mind.

Why are Rudraksham so revered?

According to the Ancient Hindu Scriptures, when Lord Shiva was in his usual state of meditation, he could not help feeling compassionate about humankind’s sufferings. His deep prayers displayed themselves as large tears, which rained upon planet Earth. Every tear developed into a tree. The trees were awarded the name ‘Rudraksham’. In Sanskrit, Rudra means Lord Shiva, while Aksham means teardrops.

The seeds may be dark brown or blackish-brown in colour, similar to the shades displayed by Areca nuts, betel nuts or wild berry seeds. Then again, every seed displays clefts on its surface. The space between two clefts is referred to as Mukhi or face. This space is a representation of the Holy Trinity. The apex is Brahma, while the bottom is Shiva. The middle region is Vishnu. This grants greater sanctity to the Rudraksha.

The mukhis on the Rudraksham may vary from one to 21. Benefits differ, in alignment with the number of faces on a particular seed/bead. Nonetheless, every Rudraksha promises to keep the wearer safe from health issues, stresses and harmful incidents. Furthermore, your bodily chakras come back into harmonious balance, ensuring that your physical functioning and immunity, mental abilities and spiritual wisdom steadily improve.

Do sellers create duplicates of these beads?

Yes, there are con artists all over, who are extremely skilled in preparing duplicates. They find it easy to copy the hues and clefts of Rudraksham. Duplicates of Rudraksham with two, three, four, six, seven and eight faces are more popular, since they are higher priced in comparison to other Rudraksham. Natural seeds are available in large numbers, but people hesitate to pay for them.

Certain North Indian states are believed to use a poisonous seed known as Badraksh, to fool people. It is exactly similar to the Rudraksha. The adverse effects of such toxicity on sensitive skin may only be imagined!

How can a genuine Rudraksha be identified?

True, there are no tried-and-tested ways to identify genuine seeds, but you may observe their physical appearances keenly. For instance, a natural Rudraksha is slightly rough and greasy, hard and round to the touch. The Mukhis are extremely easy to view. The bead has a protuberant mouth. Above all, every seed has a natural hole, through which, cotton or silken string/thread may be passed. The thread may be deep black, white or yellow in colour. Wires designed from copper, gold, mixed metal or silver are also permitted.

It is believed that the milk and water test helps to identify genuine beads. Only duplicates manage to float on the surface of water or milk; natural beads sink. However, this test works only if the Rudraksham are fully ripe.

Whatever is the case, an energised Rudraksha, even more purified via the chanting of ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ 108 times, should prove marvellously beneficial to the wearer, regardless of age or gender.


खरे रत्न पुढील काही बाबींवर पारखले जाते.

१)    रंग - प्रत्येक रत्नाचा जो काही ठरलेला रंग असेल त्या रंगांत त्या रत्नाचा रंग गहिरा असावा उदा माणिक ,पाचू. परंतु पुष्कराज मध्ये मात्र सिलोनच्या खाणीतले पुष्कराज अतिशय उत्तम दर्जाचे असूनही रंगाने पांढरट पिवळसर असतात.

२)    वजन - म्हणजे कॅरट. एका ग्रॅम मध्ये ५ कॅरट बसतात. म्हणजेच १ कॅरट म्हणजे ०.२ ग्रॅम. यामध्ये आपल्या अडचणीच्या तीव्रतेनुसार कॅरट ठरवले जाते.

३)    कट - प्रत्येक रत्न कोणत्या आकारात, कशा प्रकारे, किती प्रकारे, आणि कसे कट केले आहे यावर त्या रत्नाची किंमत असते.

४)    पारदर्शकता - उत्तम प्रतीचे रत्न चांगल्यापैकी स्वच्छ असते. त्यामध्ये सूर्यप्रकाशात पाहिल्यास आत मध्ये जाळी किंवा रेषा दिसत नाहीत. पण अशी रत्ने कित्येक हजार रुपये प्रती कॅरट असतात.

५)    उद्गम- प्रत्येक रत्न कोणत्या खाणीतून निघाले आहे. या वर बरेचदा त्या रत्नाचा दर्जा अवलंबून असतो. उदाहरणार्थ बंकोक, कोलंबिया, सिलोन अशा विविध ठिकाणी आणि विविध प्रकारच्या खाणी आहेत. तसेच काही खाणींची विशेषता तिथे गडद किंवा हलक्या रंगांची रत्ने सापडतात यावर असते

आपणाला माहीत आहे की प्रत्येक पदार्थ अणूंचा बनलाय. मिनरलचे असे अणू पृथ्वीच्या पोटात एकत्र येतात. पृथ्वीच्या पोटातील दाब, उष्णता आदींचा संस्कार त्यांच्यावर होऊन या अणूंपासून एकजीव, विशिष्ट भौमितिक रचना असलेला, भौतिक-रासायनिक-प्रकाशीय गुणधर्म एक असलेला पदार्थ तयार होतो त्याला म्हणतात क्रिस्टल. हे क्रिस्टल म्हणजे बहुधा रत्न असतं. प्रत्येक रत्नाचा क्रिस्टल मग तो एक फुटाचा असो की पाच फुटाचा एका विशिष्ट आकारतच तयार होतो. म्हणजे पाचूचा क्रिस्टल असेल तर तो षटकोनीच बनतो. तो कधीही चौकोनी किंवा त्रिकोणी बनत नाही. माणिकचं क्रिस्टल नेहमी ट्रायगोनल किंवा ढोलकीच्या आकारातच बनेल. ते कधीही चौकोनी, षट्कोनी बनणार नाही. सगळे मिनरल त्यांचे आकार आणि भौमितीक अक्षांच्या निकषावर सात सिस्टिमम्ध्ये विभागले जाताअत. याला क्रिस्टेलोग्राफी असं म्हणतात. या सात सिस्टिम म्हणजे १) क्युबिक सिस्टिम २) हेग्झॅगोनल सिस्टिम ३)ट्रायगोनल सिस्टिम ४)ट्रेट्रॅगोनल ५) ऑर्थोरोम्बिक ६) मोनोक्लिनिक आणि ७) ट्रायक्लिनिक सिस्टिम पृथ्वीची पोटात चालणारी ही प्रक्रिया अजैविक असते. म्हणजे कोणत्याही जीवाचा त्यात संबंध नसतो. पण कधीकधी जैविक प्रक्रियेतूनही रत्न तयार होतात.

आता या सर्वांची माहिती घेतल्यावर लक्षात येते की अतिशय उत्तम पारदर्शकता असलेले अंदाजे ३ कॅरट चे रत्न जर एखाद्या दुकानात आपल्याला ३००० ते ५००० मध्ये देत असतील तर नक्कीच तिथे फसवणूक होण्याची शक्यता आहे .कारण खरे रत्न इतक्या स्वस्त किमतीत मिळू शकणार नाही .म्हणजे हे खऱ्या रत्नाप्रमाणे दिसणारे उपरत्न असले पाहिजे. जी जवळ पास ८४ प्रकारात येतात. आणि त्यांची किंमत ही ३०० रुपयांपासून ते ११०० पर्यंत असू शकते.

खरी रत्ने हि अत्यंत महाग असतात. त्यामुळे बाजारात त्यांची नक्कल स्वस्तात मिळते. किवा खरे रत्न म्हणून ग्राहकाला दिले जाते, आणि ग्राहकांची फसवणूक होवू शकते. सध्या कुत्रिम रत्ने इतकी बेमालूम पणे बनतात कि ती सध्या डोळ्यांनी पाहिल्यास पण खरी वाटतात. रत्ने खरी कि खोटी हे ठरवण्यासाठी योग्य जागा म्हणजे gemology lab. कारण प्रत्येक रत्नाची पारदर्शकता, त्याची गुणवत्ता त्याच्या रंग त्यातून परावर्तीत होणारी किरणे याची काही प्रमाणित मानके असतात. आणि ती फक्त प्रयोगशाळेत आधुनिक यंत्रांच्या सहयाचे पाहता येतात.म्हणून नेहमी रत्ने विकत घेताना प्रमाणपत्र असलेले रत्न विकत घ्यावे. त्या प्रमाणपत्रावर ते रत्न कोणत्या खाणीतले,त्याच्या रंग,वजन ,कट,पारदर्शकता, हे नमूद केले असते. त्यामुळे फसवणूक होत नाही.

म्हणून खरेआणि खात्रीलायक  रत्न पाहिजे असल्यास पुढील वेबसाईट वर मिळतील.


There may be few stones boasting of such charming beauty as the Opal does. This is because of the three-dimensional network or meshwork hidden within its innermost depths. The network is created by numerous tiny spheres coming together as a compact group, which have the capacity to reflect, as well as refract light rays. Held against a brilliantly-glowing background, the Opal exhibits a superb play of colours. This phenomenon is called opalescence.

What are the physical and chemical properties of Opal?

If you were to purchase a genuine gemstone from a genuine dealer like, you would discover that the Opal is a delicate, non-crystalline and soft stone. It owes its fragility to the presence of hydrous silicon dioxide. Therefore, gemologists hesitate to go in for harsh chemical or heat treatments, even in the name of enhancing its allure. The colour of the gemstone, therefore, remains raw and rare.

Surprisingly, every single Opal is different from the other because of the variations in hues. The White Opal exhibits flashes of pastel shades when held against bright light. Dark/Black-coloured Opal throws out vivid sparks when placed against a background of white light. The Mexican/Fire Opal shoots out rays of yellow, orange, red or brown. The Crystal Opal only refracts light, rendering it colorless in appearance. The Jelly/Water Opal may be transparent, semi-transparent or colorless in appearance.

If you wish to retain your precious stone for a long time, obey its wish to reside in low temperatures. The Opal hates dry/hot areas, as well as temperature fluctuations. Heat drains its water, leaving it looking aged, dehydrated or dry. This is because the stone loses its shine or cracks. Whenever you engage in vigorous activities, remove your Opal ring. The soft gemstone is not scratch-resistant.

Whom does the Opal favour?

If your zodiac sign is Scorpio or Libra, this is the stone for you! Yes, Opal goes hand-in-hand with the month of October. The planet Venus has a soft corner for the Opal. Ask your astrologer to check if this planet has taken up residence in the 1st, 2nd, 7th, 9th or 10th house of your natal chart. If yes, the planet and gemstone are compatible. However, if Venus prefers to stay in the 3rd, 8th or 12th house, do cut off your friendship with Opal.

The unique name of Opal is derived from the word Opalus in Latin, Opalliois (changes in colour) in Greek and Upala (precious stone) in Sanskrit. Ensure that your gemstone is seven carats in weight, before having it embedded onto a silver ring. On a Friday morning, soak your ring in a combination of raw milk, distilled water and pure honey for half-an-hour or so. An alternative is genuine Gangajal. Then, remove it and dry it. Place it on the little finger of your right hand, while chanting a mantra dictated by your astrologer at least 108 times.

The Opal is believed to heal reproductive disorders in males, as well as neural and blood disorders in both genders. As a good luck charm, the Opal provides the perfect pathway to acquire a charismatic personality. Above all, it encourages the blossoming of spontaneity and creativity.


ग्रहांचे अनिष्टकारी प्रभाव दूर करण्यासाठी रत्नधारण करण्यात येतात, ते निरर्थक नसून त्या मागे शास्त्रीय कारण आहे. आपल्या सर्वाना माहित आहेच कि सूर्यमालेतील किरणांचा प्रभाव दगडांच्या रुपरंग, आकार, ठेवण, पृथ्वी, जल, हवा यांवर पडतो. जर ज्या राशींच्या उपयुक्त अशा ग्रहांच्या किरणांची रत्ने त्या व्यक्तीने धारण केली असता त्याच्या हितकारी उत्पन्न होणार्या किरणांनमुळे त्या व्यक्तीत सकारत्मक प्रभाव निर्माण होतात, आणि त्याला मनोवंचित फल प्राप्त होते. तसेच त्याच्या राशीस्वभाव गुणांन विरुद्ध रत्न घातले असता त्यास अहितकारी होते. त्यास अनिष्ट फले प्राप्त होतात.

रत्नधारण करण्यासंबंधी काही नियम आहेत. विरुद्ध गुणधर्मावाले रत्ने धारण करू नये.

हिरा :- माणिक,मोती,पुष्कराज,पोवळे धारण करू नये.

नीलम :- माणिक, पुष्कराज, मोती धारण करू नये.

माणिक :- नीलम, गोमेद, लसण्या (cats eye) धारण करू नये.

पाचू :- मोती, पोवळे धारण करू नये.

गोमेद :- माणिक, मोती, पुष्कराज, पोवळे धारण करू नये.

पुष्कराज :- हिरा, नीलम, गोमेद धारण करू नये.

पोवळे :- हिरा, पाचू, लसण्या, गोमेद धारण करू नये.

मोती :- हिरा, पाचू, नीलम, लसण्या, गोमेद धारण करू नये.

आपल्या राशीनुसार योग्य रत्नधारण केल्यामुळे पुढील फायदे मिळतात.

मोती :- मोती धारण केल्यामुळे चंद्र शक्तिशाली होतो. मनातील दुषित, पापयुक्त विचार निघून जातात. मनाची निर्बालता दूर करते. चंचल मन शांत होते. ज्ञानवर्धक रत्न आहे.

माणिक :- माणिक धारण केल्यामुळे सूर्य बलशाली होतो. पण रवी हा राजा व अधिकारी ग्रह असल्याने अहंकार देखील वाढतो. आत्मविश्वास आणि मनोबल सुद्धा वाढते. हे रत्न उष्ण प्रकृतीचे असल्याने ज्यांना उष्णतेचे विकार, पित्ताचे विकार, तापट स्वभाव असणार्यांनी घालू नये.

मंगळ :- पोवळे हे रत्न धारण केल्यामुळे मंगळ बलवान होतो. साहसपूर्ण कामे करणार्यांनी हे रत्न घालावे. जर जन्म कुंडलीत मंगळ बाधित असेल तर हे रत्न घालावे. हे रत्न घातल्याने मन प्रसन्न राहते. मात्र तापट व्यक्तींनी हे रत्न धारण करू नये.

बुध :- पाचू धारण केल्यामुळे बुध हा ग्रह प्रबळ होतो. बुध्दीचा वापर करणार्यांनी याचा अवश्य वापर करावा. सर्व रत्नांन मध्ये पाचूला फार महत्व दिले गेले आहे. याने चित्त स्थिर होते, बुद्धी तीक्ष्ण होते, वाणी सुधारते.

गुरु :- पुष्कराज हे रत्न धारण केल्यामुळे गुरु हा ग्रह बलवान होतो. सर्व रत्नाचा राजा अशी ख्याती आहे. गुरु हा ग्रह हा वाढ करणारा ग्रह असल्याने याचे रत्न हे धारण करावे. पुष्कराज धारण केल्यामुळे वाईट विचार, कामे यांनमध्ये कमी येते. शुभ विचार निर्माण होतात.

शुक्र :- हिरा हे रत्न धारण केल्यामुळे शुक्र ग्रह शक्तिशाली होतो. सुखी आणि संपन्न वैवाहिक सुखासाठी हे धारण करावे. बळ, वीर्य, कामेछ्या वाढते. हे रत्न सर्वांनाच लाभत नाही. त्या मुळे प्रथम चार पाच दिवस कपड्यात बांधून अंगावर घारण करावे. जर अशुभ फळे न मिळाल्यास धारण करावे. त्याना हे रत्न लाभत नाही त्याना भाजणे, कापणे, जखमां होणे असे प्रकार होतात. काही वेळा धारण केलेला खडा हरवतो.

नीलम :- हे रत्न धारण केल्यामुळे शनी हा ग्रह बलवान होतो. हे रत्न ज्यांना लाभते त्यांना खूपच फायदा होतो. रंकाचा राव करण्याची शक्ती या रत्नामध्ये आहे. भाग्य खेचून आणण्याची ताकद या रत्ना मध्ये आहे. प्रामाणिक पणे मेहनत करणाऱ्या लोकांना विशेष लाभ मिळतो. संधिवात, सांधेदुखी इ. आजारांमध्ये लाभदायक ठरते. हे रत्न पण कोणालाही लाभत नाही. हे रत्न पण चाचणी करून वापरावे. हे रत्न लाभत नसल्यास किरकोळ अपघात, पैसे हरवणे चोरीला जाणे असे प्रकार घडतात. या काळात शक्यतो मोठी रक्कम जवळ बाळगू नये. उधार देवू नये.

गोमेद :- राहू या ग्रहाला बलशाली बनवण्यासाठी हे रत्न धारण करावे. शत्रूवर विजय मिळवण्यासाठी हे रत्न धारण करावे. गोमेद कफ पित्त नाशक आहे. हे पण रत्न कोणालाही लाभत नाही. काही दिवस चाचणी करून वापरावे. जर अशुभ फळे न मिळाल्यास धारण करावे. केतूची महादशा विपरीत परिणाम दाखवीत असल्यास हे रत्न वापरावे.

लसण्या :- केतू ह्या ग्रहाला शक्तिशाली बनवण्यासाठी हे रत्न वापरावे. राहूच्या महादशेत वाईट परीणाम अनुभवायला येतात. ते टाळण्यासाठी हे रत्न उपयोगी आहे. करणी बाधा, पिशाच्य बाधा, दु:स्वप्ने पडत असतील तर हे रत्न धारण करावे.


It is not necessary that you should have a necklace/mala with the same kind of Rudraksham throughout. If you need highly powerful forces working for you, you are welcome to go in for combination necklaces awarding greater astrological benefits. An experienced Vedic astrologer will be able to give the right suggestions by studying your horoscope. Furthermore, visit authentic shops like, to avoid being duped.

A few combinations are outlined below.

Siddha Mala

This extremely powerful combination serves to rid your life of unwanted fears and complexes, as well as stresses and stressors. All your family issues and legal problems, if any, will be resolved, thanks to the presence of Rudraksham ranging from one Mukhi to 14 Mukhis, Ganesh Rudraksha and Gaurishankar Rudraksha. The design of the mala/necklace may vary with regard to the placement of the diverse beads, but the cosmic vibrations remain intact. The holy seeds are strung together with the aid of copper, gold or silver wires, or wool. Alternatively, a wire created from panch dhatu (five elements) may be used. If you perform a purification ritual, the Siddha mala will become wonderfully energised. Keep the seeds in constant contact with your body, and wait for the miracles to follow.

Shani Dosha Nivarana Mala

Are you being troubled by planet Saturn? Are you at risk for the commencement of the Sade-Sati period? Well then, you should try this combination of 7 + 7 + 7 + 14 + 7 + 7 + 7. The number 7 stands for a Rudraksha with seven faces/mukhis. The seven mukhis represent the seven Rishis (saptarishis), renowned for their wisdom and knowledge. They are in a set of three on either side of the 14 in the centre. The central bead refers to a Rudraksha with 14 mukhis. This bead is a representation of Lord Hanuman. By activating the third eye chakra (situated between the eyes on your forehead), it will help you acquire the gifts of clairvoyance, self-awareness, and so on. Thus, when you befriend this auspicious and sacred mala, your financial troubles will vanish. Along with prosperity, you also acquire name, fame and spiritual wisdom.

Kaala Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Mala

It could be that you had killed a snake in your previous birth, or even in this current life. This is considered a sin in the world of astrology. Because of your action, you are afflicted by kaala sarpa dosha. Your astrologer will be able to recognise this by observing the positions of all the planets in your horoscope, specifically the residences of Rahu and Ketu.

This mala/necklace comprises of eights, nines and fives (small). The eight-faced Rudraksha stands for Lord Ganesha, who is an expert at pacifying planet Rahu. There are four representations of this Lord in this necklace. The nine-faced Rudraksha refers to Goddess Durga, who knows how to handle planet Ketu. Even this Goddess is represented by four beads. Finally, 46, small, five-faced Rudraksham complete the rest of the rosary. This should suffice to absolve you of all sins.

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