It is a gemstone that glows and shimmers like the resplendent rays of the sun! Yes, indeed, we are talking about the brilliant-looking Yellow Sapphire! However, Vedic astrologers do not admire just the beauty of the stone, but also its ability to award splendid astrological benefits to its wearer.

Which horoscope would need the assistance of the Yellow Sapphire?

Whenever you discover turbulence in your life, you consult an experienced astrologer. In turn, the astrologer consults your horoscope. If your zodiac sign is Sagittarius, Scorpio, Pisces or Aries, a hunt will be undertaken to discover if planet Jupiter is residing within the natal chart or not. If the answer is in the affirmative, the astrologer will also observe where exactly this planet has settled down. It is possible that Jupiter is found in the 1st, 4th, 5th, 9th or 12 house. Then, you will be advised to befriend Yellow Sapphire gemstone.

If you are wondering how the gemstone and the planet are connected, then you need to understand the connection between planets and gemstones. Planet Jupiter is also known as Dev Guru or the Royal Teacher of the astrological Solar System. It is also the largest and heaviest amongst all the nine planets of this system. This Teacher has a soft corner for Yellow Sapphire, permitting it to absorb the cosmic vibrations emitted by it. Therefore, when you befriend the same gemstone, you automatically acquire the blessings of planet Jupiter.

Will your personality change for the better?

Yes, of course, it will! Just ensure four things. First, buy your precious stone from an authentic dealer, such as Second, place it on an open-backed, silver ring. This makes it possible for the gemstone to remain in touch with your skin always. Third, perform a purification ritual to maintain the purity and holiness of the ring forever. Fourth, allow the ring to rest on the index finger of your right hand, for the next few years or so.

The best change that you will witness in your personality will be the entry of equanimity into your thought processes and behaviour. You will obtain the courage to face challenges, without being plagued by unknown fears or unnecessary stress. Good or bad circumstances, you will be able to tackle them all! It follows, therefore, that your health issues will disappear as well. You will even rejuvenate relationships that have failed in the past. They may relate to your family, your friends or your co-workers at the workplace. Over time, you will experience peace, prosperity and financial stability.

In case, you are in charge of a business, place your Yellow Sapphire in the cash box, which is a substitute for your ‘treasure’ room. Your business dealings are bound to prosper, due to your enhanced intellect, wise decision-making abilities and tactful way of handling conversations with various people.


The Blue Sapphire gemstone is indeed one of the most magnificent gifts bestowed by the earth to humankind! Apart from its superb looks, it also possesses magical qualities to heal the negativity in an individual’s life, especially if the person is being harassed by planet Saturn or Shani Dev.

What are the astrological facts associated with this gemstone?

To begin with, genuine Sapphires are obtained from igneous rocks or alluvial deposits. You will be able to recognise them through their diverse hues, such as light blue, dark blue, navy blue, indigo, violet-blue or purplish-blue. These brilliant colours may be attributed to the presence of corundum and cobalt, amongst other minerals and metals. True, the experienced gemmologist does give the final additions to the raw stones, but ensures that the original physical and chemical compositions are left undisturbed. The gentle treatments only serve to improve the appearance of the stone. You will be able to obtain such genuine stones only at genuine stores, such as Flawed stones contain dual colours, white lines crisscrossing the surface or tainted surfaces.

It may astonish you to know that the Blue Sapphire is one of the hardest minerals on earth. As a result, it is scratchproof and damage-proof. When you obtain your stone, ensure that it is embedded onto an open-backed, gold/silver ring. After purifying the ring via a special ritual, as dictated by the astrologer, you may wear it on the central finger of your right hand. The stone rests above the Mount of Saturn, which lies at the base of this finger.

What is the connection between Blue Sapphire and Shani Dev?

If your zodiac sign is Aquarius or Capricorn, this is the ideal gemstone for you. Planet Saturn or Shani Dev is your ruler. It helps to receive positive cosmic vibrations from this planet via the Blue Sapphire gemstone. Sometimes, you may need this precious stone, even if you are Virgo-born, Scorpio-born or Libra-born.

Whatever your zodiac sign, do remember one thing. Shani Dev adores honesty. You must be truthful at all times, if you wish to improve your decision-making capacity, set appropriate life goals, utilise your creativity to its maximum limit, improve your intuition and focus, and attain tremendous self-respect. Yes, one simple quality will fetch you multiple rewards!

Shani Dev also expects you to respect your parents and elders. They have been kind to you during your childhood and adolescent years. Now, it is your turn to return the favour, by looking after them during their advancing years. In fact, you should feel quite good about the whole thing yourself. After all, the blessings of elderly people carry tremendous weight at all times! As you learn patience through your changed behaviour, you also develop the quality of equanimity. In turn, your existing relationships with family members and outsiders, will acquire new meaning.


At first glance, a yantra may appear to be a weird conglomeration of geometrical patterns with/without the presence of a deity in the centre. Furthermore, everything is outlined on a metal or wooden sheet. However, there is ‘power’, real ‘divine power’, hidden within it!

Why should you award some time to your chosen yantra every day?

The carved patterns on the yantras are actually links to deities in the Heavens. If you wish to receive their blessings, keep the yantra clean, both physically and spiritually. Towards this end, you should sit in front of it and meditate upon it for some time. The combination of meditation, focus and contemplation suffices to grant tremendous spiritual energy to the yantra. In turn, the yantra directs this energy towards the inner depths of your being.

Do treat your yantra with respect via the chanting of appropriate mantras or prayers. You will be able to do this, when you purchase it from a genuine dealer. Although there are several stores online, has acquired a good reputation over the years.

Planet Saturn’s Yantra

You are well aware that planet Saturn is linked to Shani Dev, who may treat you wonderfully well or extremely badly. In case, he is an unwanted intruder in your life, worship the Shani Yantra every day.

Protect your House

Only the Vastu Yantra can do this! True, you have had your residence constructed in alignment with Vastu Shastra. However, there is no harm in awarding it that extra protection, is there?

Get the Blessings of Planet Mars

Why do you want to give planet Mars, the warlord of the astrological Solar System, even the slightest chance of disturbing your life? Avoid his negative vibrations by bringing Mangal Yantra into your home.

The Nine Planets

The Navagraha Yantra is dedicated to the nine planets of the astrological Solar System. It would be good to receive nine-fold protection from the evil forces attacking your sensitive bodily aura.

Fear of Death

There is a special mantra associated with the Mahamrithyunjay Yantra. Chant it daily, in order to gain freedom from life-threatening illnesses and longevity.

Remover of Obstacles

He is none other than Siddhi Vinayaka! Have faith and worship the Ganesh Yantra with devotion, every single day. Success will be at your doorstep in no time!

Improve your Financial Situation

Of course, there is always the Laxmi Ganesh yantra, if you want it! However, the Mahalaxmi Yantra is no less powerful. Do note that it is Goddess Laxmi, who is the giver of abundance in every ‘form’ possible.

In case, you are a business owner, you may take recourse to the Kuber Yantra. You need large amounts of money for covering all kinds of expenses too. Install it in a suitable corner of your business centre, and wait for the accumulation of valuable assets to take place!

The Vyapar Vridhi Yantra is meant for appeasing various deities. You may invoke the blessings of 13 different yantras on this tool.

Although each yantra may be devoted to a different Heavenly Being, the ultimate aim is to request for abundance, peace and happiness in your life.


These holy beads are the “tears” of Lord Shiva, which have dropped onto earth. Yes, we are referring to the seeds of the Rudraksham trees, which grow on the vast Himalayan ranges. ‘Rudradev’ is another incarnation of Maheshwara or Lord Shiva. ‘Aksham’ is the Sanskrit term for teardrops. A single seed is known as Rudraksha.

What is the power of Rudraksha?

The texture of the blackish-brown or dark-brown seed is quite rough. You will also view clefts on the surface of each bead. The number of clefts may range from one to 21. Due to the varying number of clefts, the space between any two clefts may be large or small. This space is termed as face or Mukhi. The Holy Trinity occupy this space, thereby providing the Rudraksha with energy. This energy is not ordinary, but completely divine in nature. Why is this so? The peak of the Mukhi is the seat of Lord Brahma. The widened, central portion is the seat of Lord Vishnu. The base of the Mukhi is where Lord Shiva sits.

Would you like to possess normal-sized Rudraksham with multiple faces? Alternatively, would you like to befriend big-sized Rudraksham with multiple faces? Regardless of whatever you opt for, you will receive the full benefits offered by these holy seeds. You will realise for yourself, when your health issues disappear as if by magic! No longer will you be troubled by harmful incidents or stressors in the environment. As your bodily chakras re-align in the correct manner, you will gain greater mental health and spiritual knowledge too.

What is the Rudraksha dharan vidhi?

It is imperative that you follow a certain procedure while making friends with Rudraksham. Your well-experienced astrologer will guide you regarding the purification rituals to be followed, the mantras to be chanted, etc. Even the date and time for placing it on your person will be decided after perusing your natal chart.

If you hate heavy Rudraksham around your neck, you may take recourse to a Rudraksha made from gold and silver, or even a Rudraksha pendant in gold and silver. Alternatively, you might just hold a mala comprising of 27, 54, 81 or 108 Rudraksha beads in your hands while meditating. This is the japa mala. The number should be a multiple of 27. An additional bead is the guru/Meru bead. It is not to be counted.

What are the types of Rudraksha and their benefits?

The number of Mukhis on a Rudraksha corresponds to the planet governing it. Therefore, you may match your planet and bead, after consulting your astrologer.

•           Planet Sun – 1/12 Mukhis

•           Planet Moon – 2 Mukhis

•           Planet Mars – 3 Mukhis

•           Planet Mercury – 4 Mukhis

•           Planet Jupiter – 5 Mukhis

•           Planet Venus – 6 Mukhis

•           Planet Saturn – 7/14 Mukhis

•           Planet Rahu – 8 Mukhis

•           Planet Ketu – 9 Mukhis


Has your astrologer just informed you that planet Venus is in an unfavourable position in your birth chart? Have you been told that this planet is resident in the first, second, seventh, ninth or tenth house of your horoscope? Well, then, you are the right candidate for wearing the Opal gemstone, especially if you are also a Scorpio-born or a Libra-born. Only the vibrant Opal can counter the ill effects caused by this planet’s wrong positioning.

It is amazing, but the phenomenon of opalescence renders one Opal gemstone different from the other! Opalescence refers to nothing but the abilities to reflect and refract light by the gemstone. This becomes possible due to several factors. For one thing, the precious stone contains hydrous silicon dioxide in its depths. In other words, it is a water-bearing stone.

Such a stone is neither hard nor crystalline in nature.

If you could view the gemstone under a highly magnified lens, you would be able to witness an assortment of tiny spheres arranged in the form of a network. In fact, they resemble a three-dimensional mesh. This mesh is responsible for the play of colours that become visible when the Opal is held high against a background of brilliant light. This is how you can comprehend the phenomenon of opalescence. The changes in hues are also responsible for the gemstone being called Opalus in Latin and Opalliois in Greek. Indians call it Upala or a high-quality precious stone.

Do you know how to wear Opal gemstone?

You are already aware of who can wear Opal gemstones. It is extremely beneficial for you, if you have been born in the month of October. Stay away from Upala, if the astrologer discovers planet Venus resident in your 3rd, 8th or 12th house.

At the outset, ensure that your gemstone weighs at least seven carats. Ensure that you obtain the Opal gemstone online, at a reliable dealer’s store. One such is Once you obtain your gemstone, have it placed on a silver ring. Your astrologer will provide guidance regarding the purification process to be performed, including the date and time for the ritual. You must wear the ring on the little finger of your right hand.

This precious stone is sensitive to unexpected changes in temperature, excessive heat and dryness, for it contains water. Furthermore, it may be scratched easily. Therefore, take care that it never ages, dries or dehydrates. You will not like your stone cracking or losing its shine.

What are the Opal stone ring’s benefits?

Black Opal is great for curing erectile dysfunction and other reproductive disorders in males. With regard to pregnant females, every kind of Opal will make labour pain easier for them to bear. White Opal treats neural disorders and bodily imbalance. The Mexican Opal is marvellous for curing blood disorders, lethargy or depression.

In general, this gemstone is splendid for moulding your personality. You will be amazed by your own creativity, sense of romance, graceful behaviour and courageous spontaneity. You will no longer be haunted by odd fears and complexes. Thus, a new YOU are reborn!

मोती रत्न

मोती हे रत्न चंद्राच्या आधिपत्या खाली येते. संस्कुत मध्ये मुक्ता, शक्तीज, इंद्ररत्न, हिंदी मध्ये मोती, आणि इंग्रजी मध्ये पर्ल असे म्हणतात. मोती सुद्धा अति प्राचीन रत्न आहे. ऋग्वेद माधे सुद्धा या रत्नाचा उल्लेख आहे. मोती हे रत्न विशिष्ठ प्रकारच्या शिपल्यातून प्राप्त होतो. सद्य कुत्रिम पद्धतीने सुद्धा मोत्यांची पैदास केली जाते.

धर्मशास्त्र नुसार स्वाती नक्षत्रा मध्ये पडणार्या पाण्याच्या ठेबाचे ग्रहण शिपाल्यातील जीव ग्रहण करतात. आणि त्या पासून मोती बनतात. ह्या मोत्यांवर पूर्णपणे चंद्राचा प्रभाव असतो. या मध्ये अनेक आकृत्या असतात. हे गोल, बेडोल, लांब, सुदोल, चपटे असतात. मोत्यानं मध्ये गुलाबी आणि काळा मोती सुद्धा मिळतो.

तसे तर जगाच्या सर्व ठिकाणच्या खाडीत मोती मिळतात. पण बसरा येथील मोती सर्वोत्तम गणले जातात. ते अत्यंत महागही असतात. तसेच श्रीलंका, बंगाल, ऑस्ट्रेलिया, वेनेजुयेला आणि जपान येथील मोती पण चागले असतात. वेनेजुयेलाचे मोती पण चागल्या दर्जाचे मानले जातात.

सद्या कुत्रिम मोत्यांची पण पैदास केली जाते खास करून चीन या देशातून. ते अत्यंत स्वस्त असतात. चागला मोती एखाद्या तार्या प्रमाणे चमकदार दिसतो. जो मोती निर्मल, स्वछय, चमकदार, रेखीव असेल असे मोती चागले असतात.

मोती खरा कि खोटा हे ओळखण्यासाठी पुढील पद्धती आहेत :-

एखाद्या मातीच्या भांड्यात देशी गाईच्या गोमुत्रात मोती रात्रभर ठेवावा जर मोती सकाळी अखंड राहिला तर तो मोती खरा आहे आणि तुटला तर खोटा समजावा. काचेच्या भांड्यात मोती ठेवावा आणि त्यातून जर किरणे दिसायला लागली तर तो मोती खरा समजावा.

असे मोती घेवू नका :-

दोषपूर्ण, तुटलेला, वेगवेगळ्या रंगाचे ठिपके, काळा डाग, बेडोल रेखा असलेला मोती घेवू नये हे आपल्याला नुकसान पोचवू शकतात. जे मोती वापरू शकत नाही त्यांनी निमरू नावाचे उपरत्न वापरावे. पण ते मोत्या इतके फायदेशीर नसते. किंवा चंद्रकांतमणी पण धारण करू शकता.

चंद्र हा मनाचा कारक ग्रह असल्यामुळे हे रत्न मनाची विशालता कल्पनाशक्ती व वैचारिक क्षमता वाढवण्यास मदत करते. कवी, लेखक, चित्रकार, संगीतकार, ई. क्षेत्रातील व्यक्तीना या रत्नाचा विशेष लाभ होतो. तापट व्यक्तिमत्वाच्या लोकांनी हे रत्न अंगठीत धारण केल्यास बराच फरक पडतो. तसेच जे चुकीचे निर्णय घेतात किंवा निर्णय घेण्याची क्षमता नसते अश्यानी मोती धारण करावा. मोती रत्न हे शीत प्रकृतीचे रत्न असल्याने सर्दी, पडसे असे आजार होणार्यांनी हे रत्न धारण करू नये. मानवी शरीरातील अनेक व्याधी नष्ट होतात. मोती भस्म सेवन्‍ केल्याने धर्म अर्थ काम या तिन्हींची प्राप्ती होते. बुध्दी व स्मरणशक्‍तीच्या वाढीकरता मोती धारण करणे लाभदायक. उष्णतेच्या आणि कॅल्शियमची कमतरतेच्या विकारांवर मोती धारण करणे लाभदायक. स्त्रियांचे पोटाचे विकार मोती धारण केल्यास अल्पकाळात कमी होतात.

आरोग्य- मानसिक व्याधी, तोंडाची दुर्गंधी, पायोरिया, इतर दंतरोग, मिरगी, मूळव्याध, उष्णतेचे विकार, चंचलता, आळशीपणा अशा आजारांवर मोती रत्न वापरणे लाभदायक ठरते. मोती मध्ये जवळजवळ ९०% चुना असल्याने ज्याला कॅल्शियमची कमी असते त्याला फायदेशीर ठरतो. मोती या रत्नाचे भस्म अनेक आयुर्वेदिक औषधी मध्ये वापरले जाते. 

जर लहान मुलाचे स्वास्थ चांगले राहत नसेल. काहीना ना काही लागत असेल तर मोती चांदी मध्ये घालून त्या मुलाच्या गळ्यात घालावा फरक पडतो. कर्क राशींच्या व्यक्तींनी अवश्य मोती धारण करावा.

कोणतेही रत्न विकत घेण्यापूर्वी त्याच्या शुद्धते आणि खरे पणा बाबत माहिती करून घेतली पाहिजे. रत्‍नों और जेम स्‍टोन के बढ़ते चलन के कारण हर ज्‍वेलर के पास यह रत्‍न मिल जाएगा लेकिन यह जरूरी नहीं हो कि वह प्राकृतिक हो क्‍योंकि लगभग सभी जेमस्‍टोन के सेन्‍थेटिक रूप तैयार किए जा सके हैं।

इसके अलावा ऑन लाइन भी इस रत्‍न को या उससे बनी अंगूठी, ब्रसलेट आदि को खरीदा जा सकता है। यहां इस बात का ध्‍यान रखें कि रत्‍न से संबंधित सर्टिफिकेट अवश्‍य देख लें।

रत्‍नों और जेम स्‍टोन के बढ़ते चलन के कारण हर ज्‍वेलर के पास यह रत्‍न मिल जाएगा लेकिन यह जरूरी नहीं हो कि वह प्राकृतिक हो क्‍योंकि लगभग सभी जेमस्‍टोन के सेन्‍थेटिक रूप तैयार किए जा सके हैं।

इसके अलावा ऑन लाइन भी इस रत्‍न को या उससे बनी अंगूठी, ब्रसलेट आदि को खरीदा जा सकता है। यहां इस बात का ध्‍यान रखें कि रत्‍न से संबंधित सर्टिफिकेट अवश्‍य देख लें।

रत्‍नों और जेम स्‍टोन के बढ़ते चलन के कारण हर ज्‍वेलर के पास यह रत्‍न मिल जाएगा लेकिन यह जरूरी नहीं हो कि वह प्राकृतिक हो क्‍योंकि लगभग सभी जेमस्‍टोन के सेन्‍थेटिक रूप तैयार किए जा सके हैं।

इसके अलावा ऑन लाइन भी इस रत्‍न को या उससे बनी अंगूठी, ब्रसलेट आदि को खरीदा जा सकता है। यहां इस बात का ध्‍यान रखें कि रत्‍न से संबंधित सर्टिफिकेट अवश्‍य देख लें।

म्हणून ह्या रत्नाचे फायदे मिळवायचे असतील तर असली रत्न घ्यावे. रत्न आणि जेम्स स्टोन यांचा वापर वाढत आहे आणि प्रत्येक ज्वेलरकडे मिळतात पण आवश्यक नाही कि ते खरेच असतील कारण जवळजवळ सर्वच प्रकारचे रत्ने आणि जेम्स स्टोन कुत्रिम पद्दतीने बनवले जातात. तसेच आज काल फसव्या साईट वरुन रत्ने, जेम्स स्टोन विकले जातात. त्यावरून ग्राहकाची फसवणूक होवू शकते. म्हणून घेण्याच्या आगोदर त्या रात्नाबाबतचे प्रमाणपत्र आवर्जून पाहावे व फसवूक टाळण्यासाठी मान्यताप्राप्त विक्रेत्याकडून प्रमाणपत्रा सहित घ्यावे.

आमचा Vedic Ratna And Gems चा प्रामाणिक प्रयत्न आहे कि योग्य आणि खरे रत्न ज्याला गरज आहे त्याला मिळावे. आणि त्या रत्नाचे खरे गुणधर्म सर्वाना कळावे.

आमची वैशिष्ट्य:-

आमच्याकडे १००% खरे प्रमाणपत्रा सहित रत्न मिळतील.

तत्पर ग्राहक सेवा.

हे रत्न सोमवारी चंद्राच्या होर्यात चांदी ह्या धातूत करंगळीत धारण करावे.

मंत्र :- ॐ सों सोमाय: नमः ( मंत्र जाप संख्या ११००० )


You must be aware that there are nine planets in the astrological Solar System, similar to the astronomical Solar System. Well, we refer to them as Navagrahas. There are nine gemstones, which Vedic astrology considers as sacred. We refer to them as Navratnas or Navagraha gemstones. Each Navratna is associated with a particular graham/planet.

What are the details of Navagraha gemstones?

Every planet emits cosmic vibrations. They may have a positive, negative or neutral effect on your mind, body and spirit, according to the position of different planets in your birth chart. The Navagraha gemstones enhance good effects or reduce bad effects. Ensure that you purchase your particular Navratna from an authentic dealer like

You must be aware of how to wear Navagraha gemstones. For instance, whenever you buy a particular Navratna, you must have it embedded onto a gold/silver/copper ring, as suggested by your astrologer. This ring must be purified, prior to being placed on a specific finger of your right hand. Even the date and time of wearing the ring must be fixed. Only then, will you be able to receive the Navagraha stone ring’s benefits. An extremely important advantage is the alteration of the bad karmic map of your existing life. When this bad karma is removed, you will discover beneficial changes in your lifestyle and life.

What should you know about who can wear Navagraha gemstones?

•           The Diamond will make you as graceful, charming, polished and refined as itself. You will require these benefits if planet Venus is found in a weakened position in your horoscope.

•           The radiant Blue Sapphire is for you, if you have angered planet Saturn. The gemstone will help to restore your self-esteem, motivation, financial stability, serenity and patience.

•           Scintillating Emerald is the only gemstone that can strengthen a weak planet Mercury in your natal chart. Request it for help, in order to improve your memory, intellect, communication skills and behavior.

•           The lustrous Ruby is closely linked to planet Sun. You must strive to get back your vitality, passion, willpower, independence and leadership qualities via this gemstone.

•           Glowing Hessonite is meant for appeasing the shadowy planet, Rahu. It will help you be rid of strange fears and complexities, move away from the supernatural and develop more respect for relationships and societal norms.

•           Similarly, the mesmerizing Cat’s Eye is a suitable companion for the other shadowy planet, Ketu. With the restoration of your physical and mental balance, your intellect, concentration and intuition will improve.

•           The bewitching Yellow Sapphire is the stone of planet Jupiter or Dev Guru. He will agree to restore your self-esteem, intelligence, motivation and joy, thereby paving the path for financial stability and a purpose-filled life.

•           The splendid Red Coral is meant for handling the adverse circumstances caused by the intrusion of planet Mars into your life. Go all out to rediscover your lost courage, energetic nature and balance.

•           The shining Pearl is linked to planet Moon. You have always been a moody, isolated and anxious person. Let this gemstone help you become mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically fit and fine.


The famous gemstone Pearl is coveted by women across the globe. Despite its extraction from the cold depths of the sea, it awards a kind of spiritual beauty, warmth and love to the wearer, which you will not witness with any other gemstone!

Why are Vedic astrologers so fond of the Pearl gemstone?

To obtain an answer to this question, you must be aware of who can wear the Pearl. Since it is shaped exactly like planet Moon of the astrological Solar System, it is obvious that both are closely linked to one another. Your astrologer will, therefore, check if planet Moon (Chandra Graha) is present in the 6th, 8th or 12th house, or not. If the answer is in the affirmative, it means that this planet’s position is weakened in your horoscope, and needs to be strengthened. This becomes possible only by donning a genuine Pearl. You will be able to purchase natural Pearls at, an old and reputed online store.

Based upon the kind of Mollusc involved in the creation of the gemstone, it may turn out to be black, white, gray, blue, brown or pink. Since it is organic in nature, the ‘raw’ stone is bound to be rather rough in texture and minimally hard (only between 2.5 and 4.5 on Moh’s Scale of Hardness). It will not be crush-proof or scratchproof. Instead, it proves highly sensitive to humidity, variations in temperature, dryness, sunlight, acids and vigorous rubbing. We reiterate that genuine Pearls are available at cheap prices, from reliable dealers only.

What are the changes you will see within yourself after donning the Pearl gemstone?

You should notice a lightening of your body, as the toxic fluids that have accumulated over the years, drain away. The novel glow of your skin suggests that external and internal cleansings have taken place. Will stress or disease exist in your life any longer? No, they will run away as quickly as possible! In case, you have a business connected with fluids/liquids, expect it to prosper, since evil forces move away from the scene.

Take the opportunity to work on your faltering relationships. It will be easy, since your body, mind and spirit experience newfound kindness, equanimity, purity, freedom and humility. People will find all kinds of reasons to praise the new YOU! It is no wonder then, that Vedic astrologers deem the Chandra Graha stone as Pearl/Moti.

Why do people love South Sea Pearls?

Well, they are radiantly beautiful in appearance, thanks to possessing creamy, silvery, golden or whitish hues. In case, they possess overtones, such as green, blue or pink, they appear even more entrancing! Then again, they are satiny smooth, large and luminous. They may range from 8/9 mm 20 mm in size! Since they exist in the seas of the southern regions, such as Australia, Indonesia and The Philippines, we call them South Sea Pearls. It should comfort you to know that you can purchase South Sea Pearls online for similar astrological benefits.

Oh, yes, even Keshri Pearl is available online. Jewellers use it for ornaments decorating the head region. You may use it for astrological benefits.


The Yellow Sapphire is a radiant, deep golden-yellow gemstone. However, you may find it rather difficult to identify the right shades of yellow and gold, while striving to purchase an authentic stone. Therefore, the best thing to do would be to buy Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj online at Yes, this is a reputed and genuine store. 

What is the history of Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj?

Yellow Sapphire has several other names, such as Pukhraj, Pushkaraj and Pushparagam. The stone’s beautiful shades of yellow may be attributed to the presence of aluminium oxide within it. Then again, there is magnificence to Yellow Sapphire, which is not witnessed in other gemstones. Could this be due to the fact that it is closely linked to the heaviest and largest planet in the astrological Solar System, which is Jupiter? Could it be due to the fact that planet Jupiter is Dev Guru or the Royal Teacher of the Solar System? Probably, both are responsible for that aristocratic look! Regardless, just remember that planet Jupiter is for Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj.

If you desire an authentic gemstone, you must buy Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj online at, a wonderfully reputed store.

Are there specific ways to recognise a genuine gemstone?

Yes, you must be aware of how to identify an original Yellow Sapphire. To begin with, see if your keen eyes can find an X on the surface. This is popularly known as the Scissors sign, found only on synthetic stones. To be truthful, no gemstone extracted from the earth will be free of inclusions. They are bound to be there, yet extremely minimal in quantity. When fraudsters tamper with them deliberately, the tampering shows up as bubbles underneath the surface. Then again, the hues are pure, showing up well on every facet of the stone. Above all, even if the gemstone is soaked in raw milk for 24 hours, its colour does not change.

As to how to wear Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj, your astrologer will guide you. You must obtain a stone worth three carats or slightly more. Have it embedded onto a silver ring. At dawn, on an auspicious Thursday, perform a purification ritual. Finally, place the ring on the index finger of your right hand.

What are the benefits of Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj?

This gemstone is for you, only if your zodiac sign is Sagittarius, Aries, Pisces or Scorpio. Furthermore, planet Jupiter must be resident in the 1st, 4th, 5th, 9th or 12th house of your horoscope.

The first benefit you will see is in your love life, especially if you are a male. You will meet the one who is perfect for you! If you are a female, expect to be married soon and enjoy a great marital life.

Yellow Sapphire’s or Pukhraj’s astrological benefits are tremendous for businesspersons. Suddenly, every decision becomes the right one for you! In case, your trade is associated with something that is of a yellowish hue, you will prosper beautifully. If you are looking to progress in a specific profession, you will achieve it, thanks to your improved communication skills, relationship building exercise and ability to confront challenges.


According to Vedic astrology, Manikya represents the planet “Sun”. It is another name for the bewitchingly beautiful Ruby, the favourite gemstone of poets, lovers and rulers. The Ruby is the symbol of great love, deep passion and tremendous power. No wonder it is acknowledged as the king of all precious stones or Ratnaraj!

How is Ratnaraj related to planet Sun?

According to Vedic astrology, there are nine planets in the Solar System. However, the planets are not the same as those found in astronomy’s Solar System. Here, even the Sun (star), Moon (satellite), Rahu (demon) and Ketu (demon) are deemed as planets. Every planet is linked to a specific gemstone from amongst the Navratnas (nine gems). Ruby is one of them.

Ratnaraj is to be befriended only if planet Sun’s position is weakened in the 3rd, 5th, 6th, 9th or 11th house of your horoscope. This will happen in the case of a Scorpio-, Leo-, or Aries-born. Sometimes, you are affected, even if your zodiac sign is Pisces or Gemini. The astrologer will let you know when to wear Ruby stone.

Are you sure your Ruby gemstone is genuine?

To begin with, Manikya may be available in diverse shades of red. This is because the amounts of aluminium oxide, chromium, etc, present with each gemstone may vary. The colours prompt gemmologists to place every Ruby in a different category. The best and most expensive Manikya is the one known as Pigeon Blood. The gemstone is superbly vibrant in its play of colours!

Now, it is not necessary to obtain a Pigeon Blood gemstone, in order to attain astrological benefits. You only have to choose something that is authentic, registering 9.0 on Moh’s Scale of Hardness. It may have the cushion, oval, princess, triangle, kite, etc, cut, but it must be cut well. When the facets are well fashioned, they reflect and refract light perfectly. Small inclusions are allowed, but not too many of them. You should be able to obtain your important gemstone Ruby (Manikya) at This is a reputed establishment, which will even offer your precious stone Ruby Manikya online.

Do you know how to wear Ruby gemstone?

After purchasing a Manikya stone available at the best price and weighing around three to six carats, have it studded onto a copper or gold ring. Between 6 AM and 7 AM of a Sunday morning, which falls within the first fortnight of the month, make the ring go through a purification process. Then, place the gemstone on the ring finger of your right hand.

You should soon feel the effects of wearing Ruby stone. Since this gemstone represents ‘love’ in abundance, it will help rejuvenate all your flagging relationships. It helps that your character changes into a more confident and lively one. As your mind develops greater clarity, hidden confusions disappear. You should be able to outline your life’s goals and work out strategies to achieve them. Even your health issues will disappear. Suffice to say that you grow as a person and as a professional. No more will evil forces attack you. To sum up, you will love yourself and love others.

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