Cats Eye – if you have seen this Lehsunia brilliant looking gemstone then you must have understood why this name. The look of this gemstone is very much similar to the Cat’s Eye and hence that name. This gemstone is very effective for intellect enhancement and wisdom, but there are also many other benefits that you will be able to enjoy when you wear Cat’s Eye gemstone. This gemstone can be found in different shades like yellowish green, brown, black, green or honey color.

How to identify the best Chrysoberyl cat’s eye gemstone?

There are so many stores where you will be able to find this Cat’s eye gemstone, but not all the stores will sell original gemstone or high quality gemstone. So, here are the physical qualities of Chrysoberyl cat eye stone to identify the best one.

•              Original Cat’s eye gemstone will have good shine. You will have to pick the one with good shine and not the dull finish ones.

•              The weight of this gemstone is heavy. Yes, it is having high gravity and hence its weight is high compared to other stones.

•              There will be three streak lines on this gemstone.

•              You will have to buy the gemstone only from a certified gemstone store when you have no idea about how to select the right one.

How should you wear Cat’s Eye gemstone?

Cats Eye gemstone ensures relief from the malefic effect of Ketu and hence you should wear it in the right way to enjoy all the benefits of it. Any gemstone that is worn for Rahu or Ketu has to be worn with a lot of care.

•              Just like any other gemstone or just like any other step of wearing this gemstone, weight is also very important. The gemstone has to be a minimum of 3 carats and maximum of 7 carats in weight.

•              You will have to choose the most heavy stone if you are looking for better results.

•              You should either use Silver or Gold to get the ring done. You should not choose any other metal for Cat’s eye gemstone.

•              You will have to wear this ring on your middle finger of the right hand. Make sure that the gemstone is touching the skin when you are wearing it.

•              Unlike other gemstones which you usually have to wear in the early mornings. This gemstone has to be worn in the evening.

•              You can wear on Thursday or Tuesday, but that has to be a Shukla Paksha Thursday or Tuesday.

•              You will dip the ring in Cow milk or Gangajal for at least 20 minutes for purification of the gemstone.

Cats Eye is a durable gemstone and its effect will last for really long if you are buying an original stone.


Very commonly called as the Green stone, Emerald is one of the nine gemstones used by people. This stone is know for successful love. The color of this gem stone is usually Green in color but you also be able to find it in any different colors like white and red as well. Its colour itself is very attractive and apart from that, this gemstone emerald stone belongs to planet Mercury. This planet is known as the prince of all the nine planets.

How to Wear green emerald gem for confidence?

When you are wearing any gemstone, you will be able to see positive effects of the gemstone and also some kind of negative effects as well. The reason why you will have to face the negative effects of the stone is you are not wearing it in the right way. It is very important to make sure that you find out the right procedure to wear this gemstone. Any astrologer can help you and at the same time, you can read below about how to use the gemstone.

  • The weight of the gemstone is very important just like any other gemstones. The weight of Panna Gemstone for Spiritual benefits has to be 3 rattis, 6 or 7 rattis maximum
  • You will have to use metals silver or gold only.
  • You will have to wear the right on your little finger of the right hand.
  • When you are making any kind of gemstone, you will have to make sure that the gemstone touches the skin in order to enjoy the effects of the stone.
  • You will have to wear the gemstone on Wednesday only.
  • You will have to dip this emerald ring in cow milk or ganga jal for at least 10 minutes before you wear it on your finger.

Selecting the right gemstone:

There are so many stores where you will be able to buy Natural Panna Ratna. This is a gemstone that is easily available. But you may not be able to check which is original gemstone and which is duplicate. It is very important to check them before you buy as using duplicate gemstones will give bad effect on the body. So, here is how to choose high quality Emerald:

  • You should take the stone in your hands and hold it in your hand for some time. The stone which is making you feel warm is the natural and original gemstone.
  • You should not go for an emerald stone which is heat treated.
  • Always make sure that the colour of the gemstone is deep in colour.
  • The Emerald gemstones which are oval in shape are said to be the original gemstones.

In order to avoid all this problems and get the best in your hands, you should always choose a certified seller of the gemstones. 


One of the most important gemstones among all the nine gem stones is Blue Sapphire. There are so many names for this Blue sapphire, but the most common name is Neelam. This name is due to the color of the gemstone. It is believed by many people that you should wear Blue Sapphire gemstone to achieve huge success in life and many people see good results due to the use of this gemstone as well. Want to know the reason behind it? Here you go…

Blue Sapphire represents Saturn

This gemstone Blue Sapphire represents the planet Saturn, which means Shani. When you are wearing a gemstone for your Shani, then obviously you will be able to see good results for wearing. It is due to the Shani that you will not be able to see good results in life. But Saturn also represents hard work and only those who do hard work will be able to see positive results due to this gemstone.

To avail benefits of Saturn planet with Blue Sapphire how to wear the gemstone

• Just like any other gemstone, the first and foremost thing that you should take care is the weight of the gemstone. You can wear a blue sapphire in the weight of 3 to 6 carats only. Make sure that it is not below 3 carats or above 6 carats.

• You will have to use metals like Silver or gold to get the ring done with this gemstone.

• You will have to wear this ring to your middle finger of the right hand. It is always good to wear any kind of gemstone on your right hand only.

• As this stone represents the planet Saturn, you will have to wear it on a Saturday morning, but make sure that the Saturday is a Shukla Paksha Saturday.

• You will have make sure that you purify the ring before you wear and for that you will have to dip the ring in a mixture of pure water, milk and honey for 20 minutes to 30 minutes.

How long do the effects last?

When you get a High Quality Blue Sapphire Neelam Gemstone and wear it, you will start seeing the effects of this gemstone after 60 days minimum and these effects will be seen for as long as four years only. After that the gemstones become inactive and you should get a new gemstone.

You should always go for Untreated Blue Sapphire Gemstone. They will always give you positive results. Gemstones which are heated may not give you the results that you are looking for. You can  Get Saturn Blessed Neelam Collection from the online stores. The price of the stone is going to be less and you also have experts to provide you with the best suggestions for your queries.


Do you believe in astrology? There are many people out there who have complete trust on astrology and use gemstones which are just perfect for them. Selection of gemstones depends on your birth date. Yellow Sapphire is one of the most powerful gemstones that many people use. This gemstone is not just beautiful, but also is very powerful. This gemstone represents the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is considered as the most important planet in the solar system and known as the Deva Guru of all planets.

Yellow Sapphire birthstone for Sagittarius is very powerful and represents all the positive energy and powers of the planet Jupiter. The other names given to this planet are Pukhraj and Pushparagam and some of the astrologers also call it as the Peetmani. So many names, but the effect of this gemstone has been always positive, and you will find it really beneficial.

A person who wears this gemstone is going to enjoy a lot of benefits from it. It helps in the business and profession and this is considered as one of the main benefits of this gemstone. Many people also enjoy positive energy levels and good health, fame and name in the society. Yellow sapphire bring peace of mind and you will be able to concentrate on whatever you are doing, which in turn means you will be successful in whatever you do.

How to wear Yellow Sapphire?

Yellow sapphire strengthens Jupiter, but this can be done only when you are using it in the right way. That means, you should be wearing it in the right way. Here is how you should be wearing this gemstone to enjoy the complete benefits of it.

•              The first and foremost thing to take care when you wearing this gemstone is you will have to take care of its weight. Minimum weight of this gemstone has to be 3.25 carats.

•              It has to be worn only on Thursdays and that Thurdays has to be Shukla paksha.

•              You will have to wear this on your right hand on index finger only.

•              Make sure that the gemstone touches your skin when you are wearing it. Only then you will be able to enjoy its benefits.

You buy fascinating yellow Sapphire gemstone from any gem store. But you will have to take care of certain things when you are buying this gemstone.

•              This gem stone is basically in bright yellow in color, but some will have small black dots inside it and you should not buy such gem stones.

•              When the yellow sapphire is having two different shades in it, then that is not the right one for you.

•              When you find some messy web like design or shapes inside the gemstone, you should strictly avoid it.

•              Heat treat gemstones should be avoided. You should always go for untreated natural yellow sapphire in order to enjoy its complete benefits.


Ayurveda is an extremely ancient form of healing that has been prevalent in India for years and years! Its practice is in alignment with Vedic traditions, as described in the Ancient Hindu scriptures. Therefore, it becomes obvious that the practice of Vedic astrology and the practice of Ayurvedic medicine are well bonded with one another.

What does Ayurveda study, in order to initiate healing?

Practitioners of this form of medicine grant great importance to the three doshas. They are kapha (elements of earth and water), vata (element of air) and pitta (element of fire). In general, it seems easy to recognise the prevailing dosha.

For instance, a person with the kapha dosha predominant in him/her appears slow and corpulent, since he/she is a typical foodie! This individual displays a thoughtful and calm disposition.

In contrast, the vata-type of personality is thin or slim in appearance, highly susceptible to cold. This individual finds it difficult to concentrate, since he/she is possessed of a restless disposition, which is eager to have all needs satisfied rapidly. Even while eating, generally at irregular hours, this person chews less and swallows more.

A person with pitta dosha tends to possess a well-balanced physique, but not such a well-balanced temperament! His/her tastes incline more towards a busy life and action, rather than towards food.

Which planets and zodiac signs are connected with each dosha?

People born under the sun signs of Pisces, Taurus and Cancer are supposed to possess kapha dosha. It follows, therefore, that the primary ruling planets of this dosha are Jupiter and Venus. The secondary rulers are planets Saturn and Moon.

People born under the zodiac signs of Virgo, Aquarius, Gemini, Capricorn and Libra are dominated by vata dosha. While planets Rahu, Saturn and Mercury are the primary rulers, Venus is the secondary ruler.

People born under the sun signs of Sagittarius, Aries, Scorpio and Leo are victims of pitta dosha. Their primary rulers are planets Sun, Ketu and Mars, while their secondary ruler is planet Jupiter.

Vedic astrology refuses to take Uranus or Neptune into consideration.

How does a Vedic astrologer figure out the individual’s constitution?

It may seem rather complicated to you, but the astrologer knows how to go about the whole process. This individual looks towards the ascendant and the lord of the ascendant sun sign, to figure out your constitution. To illustrate, suppose your ascendant is Aries with pitta dosha. The lord of this ascendant is planet Mars. In turn, if Mars is present in Scorpio, a pitta sign too, then the astrologer decides that your constitution is of the pitta type. Similarly, other factors such as planets in the first, which planets are present in the sixth house, where the lord of the sixth house resides, the position of the moon and the strongest planet in your natal chart, are all taken into consideration too.


It may seem rather unbelievable, but Navratnas or the nine gemstones award all kinds of marvellous astrological benefits to those, who befriend them. However, some of them prove to be more valuable than others are, as far as bringing ‘good luck’ is concerned.


Considering, that, it is linked to a planet like Mercury, which possesses a quicksilver character, the bewitching Emerald should prove the perfect stone for you. It will bring into your personal and professional lives via transmission of cosmic vibrations into your body, mind and soul! You will find that your powers of communication and intuition are increased, along with improvement in memory, intelligence and creativity.


It is possible that you are being hounded by the shadowy, invisible and extremely malevolent planet Rahu. Therefore, get hold of the glowing Hessonite as quickly as possible. The gemstone will aid in stimulating the seven chakras lying alongside your vertebral column, from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. You will outdo everyone at interviews. You will shine in your personal, as well as professional life. If you were a businessperson, you would do well to place the precious stone inside your cash box. You may place it next to your cash register too, or have it hung from the ceiling directly over it.

Red Coral

This bright gemstone is a close friend of the fiery planet, Mars. Therefore, it should help to restore your motivation and courage, such that challenges no longer faze you. Your newborn qualities will ensure that you bring stability into your career/business. Over time, you should be able to acquire great fame, material happiness and social success.


Similar to the Red Coral, the scintillating Ruby is a symbol of power, courage and recognition. If you desire to emulate the example set by planet Sun, the gemstone’s ruler, strive to be passionate about whatever you do. Be calm and balanced in mindset, permitting your creativity to soar to the maximum. You should soon find yourself enjoying prosperity, independence, social recognition and professional favours.

Cat’s Eye

This is the only gemstone that can appease the malefic and shadowy twin of planet Rahu, which is planet Ketu. Ketu can prove to be a terrible influence upon your life, making you feel as if you are surrounded by evil forces all the time. When you take the help of the bedazzling Cat’s Eye, you will find that you have psychic abilities that will warn you of impending dangers. The intrusion of divine knowledge will help you comprehend the mystic forces surrounding you, and take necessary action. As your energy and creativity are restored via the removal of obstacles, your fortunes definitely take a turn for the better.

Just ensure that you purchase these stones from a reliable dealer, such as

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