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Ruby is the gemstones in the colour of the Fire

The Ruby is called as the king of gemstones because of its colour that stays for eternity. Rubies are dazzling gemstones that are blood red in colour. The word comes from the Latin term called as Rubens which means red. Rubies are available in shades of red like dark red, pigeon blood red and pinkish red. This hue arises from ruby because of the prevalence of chromium. The rubies are considered strong and hard, they can be harder than the sapphires and only slightly softer than the diamonds.

There are some places in the world which are popular for Rubies. Myanmar, Australia, Africa and the USA are the famous mining fields. The rubies put up for sale at the Israel-Diamond come from these places were the rubies are mined. The rubies with rich and dark red colour with a tinge of bluish shade are considered precious and expensive. These kinds of precious and high-quality ruby gemstones are mined in Myanmar and that’s when the term Burmese Ruby became well-known because of the quality of the Rubies. They are counted as the Grade A rubies.

Many of the rubies have some sort of a crack or blemish. The rubies without any of the imperfections are really rare. They are treated before they are made into jewels. It is the acceptable mode for all ruby gemstones. It is cleaned and the imperfections are corrected by the experts who are qualified to handle delicate gemstones. And after this process, the gemstones are sold to various shops to fashion it into a beautiful piece of artistic jewellery.

The state- of- the -art gemstone inspired jewellery

 A chuni stone means Ruby stone that also goes in the popular term Manik. The Manik or chuni is a very popular wear among many men and women. The Boasting quality, cut and clarity of this amazing rubies will make you look ravishing. They are the show stealers. They are breathtakingly beautiful and are also a good investment. There is also the loose gemstones ruby obtainable in the best of online jewellery shops. The Burmese Rubies are the gorgeous rubies that contain the top class shine and the gleam. These newest collections of the ruby embedded jewels are all the rage now.

Do you know that some rubies are more expensive than Diamonds? Many have preferred gemstones for the purpose of wedding rings and engagement rings. You can also make yourself a set of ruby earrings to flaunt on many superb occasions. It will give you a bold and beautiful look. The cost ruby stone of high quality, certification and 4.02 carat is 3, 11,000 lakhs. This is also an unheated ruby which means that it doesn’t lack any of its value. Heated rubies can lose quality. There are rubies which are available in much less cost like five layered Ruby necklaces that are made in tiny rubies. They cost 1,890.

Buy ruby gemstone online

The ruby stones online are really easy to get hold of. They deliver it freely and you only need to choose the kind of Ruby shape and design you want.

Neelam, Blue Sapphire, Benefits, Stone

The blue sapphires are the dark blue coloured gemstones. They were polished frequently and used as a piece of jewellery by the Romans. There are many colours of the sapphires but the blue is the best among them.  They belong to the mineral conundrum. They get that rich blue hue form this mineral. This contains the iron and titanium. Some sapphires turn pink and the blue coloured sapphires turn into rubies.

The sapphires are best among the gemstones because they are durable. They are naturally created strongly. They are measured in a scale called as Moh to check there ability to endure scratches. The sapphires are found in places like Australia, Malawi, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and United States.  Many cultures of the middle ages believed that sapphires have powers. They considered sapphire to ward off evil.

The sapphires bold and beautiful

  • The ability of the sapphires to stand the test of time makes them the best choice to be worn as a wedding ring. Many people wear wedding rings made from blue sapphire because of its exquisite colour and durability. It can be worn every day because they can withstand any damage and scratch.
  • The sapphires are also used for the industrial purposes. They are hard and strong. They cannot be broken easily. The Apple Watch has the lab created sapphire glass on its screens surface.
  • The surfaces were always thought of in association with royalty. That’s why the colour of the sapphire is called as the ‘Royal Blue’. They were worn by kings and queens. It also has the same effect now. People who wear blue sapphires to match with any attire can look regal and rich with its glorious colour and look.
  • There are sapphires that have a colour changing quality. They will change colours according to the lighting. These sapphires illuminate amazing colours. It will exhibit blue colour during the day and purple in the time of the night. These sapphires are intriguing and wonderful to possess.


Have majestic and magnificent sapphire of your own

Not only the royals, you also can possess blue sapphire of your own. There are many types of jewellery created with sapphires. Many designs are available online. Choose the design you like. You will fall in love with them. The blue sapphire price per carat unheated and of top quality starts from the rate 86, 625 and rare, big and splendid blue sapphires are available for 1,36,750 lakhs.

Ofcourse the price may differ as the change in season. The blue sapphire will be put on sale during the wedding season or other important occasions and festival. You can avail of the offers and buy your favourite gemstone. The gemstones are really great and impressive add them to your jewellery box.

Buy genuine Rudraksha bead

Do you often feel threatened by evil forces/enemies that you cannot see or identify, but can only sense? If the answer is in the affirmative, it would be best to consult an experienced Vedic astrologer as soon as possible, or even a genuine online shop like, for healthy advice on the Rudraksha seed.

What is so unique about the Rudraksha plant?

There is the general belief that when Lord Shiva was gazing upon the earth from His Heavenly abode, he felt terribly saddened by the catastrophic conditions surrounding human lives. As a result, huge tears began to drop from his eyes. Even his third eye failed to remain unaffected, inducing the tears with powerful cosmic energies.

Every tear that fell onto the earth took the form of a seed, and in turn, gave birth to a tree. This was the Elaeocarpus ganitrus or Rudraksha tree. You should thus, find the holy Rudraksha bead in every fruit on such trees. Even the soil and atmosphere surrounding such trees are holy in nature.

How should you use the Rudraksha seed?

It is imperative that you buy genuine Rudraksha online. This is because you want your life to become more relaxed and peaceful, prosperous and healthy. In case, you are going in for a mala, ensure that you purchase 109 beads. While 108 beads are for ‘counting’, the extra one is the link between the beginning and ending of the necklace. This joint is the Bindu, useful for balancing. Meditation induces the formation of a cycle of energy, which can leave you feeling dizzy at times.

Ensure that you use only silk/cotton thread for stringing the bead/beads. Alternatively, you may use only silver/gold/copper wire. Then again, there is a best time to wear Rudraksha. It is generally a Monday in the first fortnight of any month, since it is the day of Lord Shiva.

What are the interesting facts associated with the Rudraksha bead?

It may astonish you to know that there is a bead measuring 55 mm in length and 650 mm in width. Originating in Indonesia, it is the Maha Rudra Rudraksha, and the biggest Rudraksha in the world! It is supposed to be a representation of the Holy Trinity, which is, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. You may just place it in a sacred place at home/workplace. In general, however, Nepali Rudraksha beads are larger than Indonesian ones.

The Rudraksha beads are not available in dark colours only. They may be white, blood-red or yellow, too. In earlier times, each caste had to wear a different coloured bead, for the purpose of identification. Today, such beliefs do not exist, especially not in astrology. In this arena, black or dark-brown matter the most, for everyone believes that black Rudraksha benefits are more than those awarded by Rudraksham of other colours.

ruby gem strength

Its exquisite and flawless appearance can leave the onlooker feeling awed and amazed! This precious stone, which is one amongst the four most valuable gemstones in the world, has been revered and admired since Ancient Times. Today, the veneration and admiration has gone up ten-fold, thanks to the eyewitness accounts of people, who have attained astrological benefits from it!

What will Vedic astrologers tell you about the Ruby?

Well, for one thing, when you buy a natural Ruby Gem, you will comprehend that it is damage-proof and scratch-proof. This is because the stone measures 9.0 on Moh’s Scale of Hardness. Only the Diamond and Moissanite are stronger than the Ruby.

As for the glorious hues of the stone, it gets them from the traces of chromium present in it. In fact, the Ruby is a type of corundum or aluminium oxide. In Sanskrit, corundum becomes kuruvinda. Similarly, Ruby becomes Ratnaraj or the King of all Gemstones. When you see loose rubies for sale, you will notice that their colours vary from pinkish-red to blood-red. However, for obtaining maximum benefits, opt for slightly purplish-red or deep-red specimens. You will appreciate the stunning splendour that these stones exude!

Where will you be able to obtain a certified Ruby gemstone?

Genuine precious stones have accompanying certificates provided by authentic gemmology laboratories. Therefore, you should approach authentic dealers only, when you opt for online purchases. Otherwise, you may be fooled by imitation, lab-created, synthetic or highly treated stones. They will not satisfy your astrological inclinations at all!

Now, amongst all the mines in the world, the Mogok Mines in Burma are the best. These mines yield natural and superb-quality specimens that generally possess highly-saturated and medium dark-red tones. Of course, the tones may be too darkish or lightish at times, but just stay away from them. The size of each Ruby rarely goes over one carat. As for the price per carat, it can run into a million too! In case, you desire to purchase such a specimen from an authentic seller, request Burma Ruby gemstone price on

If you do purchase a Burmese Ruby, you will be paying the best quality Ruby stone price, since its cuts are out-of-this-world too! Gemmologists experiment with cushion, marquise, round, pear, oval, in heart, emerald and briolette cuts.

What are the benefits of wearing Ruby?

It targets the heart chakra, the seat of all emotions and feelings. As a result, your personal and professional relationships improve wonderfully well. Even your performance at work will be out-of-the-ordinary! With regard to health, if you have been suffering from issues related to lungs, kidneys, heart, backbone, etc, you may say goodbye to all of them, soon after befriending the Ruby gemstone. The blood circulatory system will receive a tremendous boost. Then again, you will discover good enhancement in your communication skills, self-confidence and independence.

Emerald green color gemstone

The Beautiful Green Color hue Emerald

The most beauteous of the emerald green color is found in the gemstone ‘Emerald’. We have often listened to the phrase ‘as green as emerald’ to mean the bright green colour that characterizes emeralds. They are the most popular gemstones; they are the most sold gemstones in the jewel market. It has a lush bluish green shade. This unique colour of the emerald makes it more superior and grand. You can use this rare jewel to suit any of your attire. They have bested the other gemstones with their dark green coloured hue. The colour is very suitable for the people who are daring and unconventional.

There is a wonderful saga behind this precious stone. Let’s learn what they are-

  • The emerald is the traditional gift in the US where they give it for the couple celebrating their anniversary.
  • It is created from the beryl same as the gemstone aquamarine.
  • The stunning gem emerald gets its colour from the traces of chromium and vanadium.
  • A one carat emerald is bigger than the one carat diamond because it has lower density than it.
  • Though they are considered a strong gemstone they are prone to break and get cracks. So they must be handled vigilantly. It is hard to set it in to jewellery.
  • The place where there are plenty of emeralds is in Columbia. Most of the emeralds are imported from Columbia.


The chronicles of the Emerald

  • The emeralds were firstly unearthed in Egypt around 1500BC.
  • The beautiful queen Cleopatra’s favourite gem was the emerald and all the historical records are proof of her fancy for it.
  • Emeralds are scientifically known to relive the strain in the eyes because of the green colour. It gives relaxation to the eyes.


The emerald green stone a treasure

Top quality emeralds are priced higher than the diamonds. Most of the emeralds have imperfections in them like small cracks and they may also be misshapen. This is the reason why the perfect emeralds are costly and rare to get. The emeralds with imperfections are called by the dealers as Jardin a French term. 

The quality of the emerald is judged by the factors like clarity, colour, cut and carat. The most important of all, is the colour of the emerald. The emerald needs to be in a vivid green hue or in the shade of bluish green. A very valuable and priceless emerald is very transparent. It is not very dark or very light. ElizabethTaylor’s emerald necklace was sold at the auction for 6.5 million dollars in 2011. This neckpiece was made in a very rare set of emeralds. This gives us proof that emeralds can surpass the popularity of the diamonds in some cases like these.

Where to get top quality emeralds?

Buy Emerald Gemstone Price Per Carat Online. You can get the emerald gemstone on lovely attractive gems are available on vedicratna. There are variety ofemerald gemstones for sale therefore you can get it for preferable costs.

Freshwater Or Cultured pearls

Every woman has a set of jewellery made of pearls at their jewel box. If not it certainly needs to be added. A pearl is a very different gemstone than the other stones. It comes from the watery depths, unlike the gems that are unearthed or uncovered on and under the land. That is why it looks simple and unassuming than the other gemstones. Pearls are pure, burnished and is a constant delight to a woman’s heart when she sees it. Let’s look at the different types of pearls and many other interesting details about it.


Different kinds of pearls

Cultured pearls: A small piece of an object that is called as a mother of pearl is placed inside a clam or oyster. After some time the pearl is formed by the growth of the layer called nacre. The process may take several years for the formation of pearls. Cultured Pearls do not have a very smooth surface like the other pearls.  The technique of cultured pearls identification can be done by seeing whether it is similar to the layers of an onion. The pearl examiners will do it with the aid of a specialised scope put in the hole of the pearl. They can also use a light to shine through the pearl and observe it through the jeweller’s loupe.


Freshwater pearls pearls are used mostly in the creation of antique jewellery. They are formed in the rivers, ponds and lakes. They have a rocky shape and can be skilfully used in making wonderful designs that matter. The most popular site to get the freshwater pearl is in China. The modern freshwater pearls are more perfect and are less valued as the former old freshwater pearls.


Maybe pearls: These pearls are grown differently. The shell is left out but the blister is cut to reveal pear-shaped nacre. Some filler is added to the spaces to make the delicate pearls stronger and hard. It is closed with a mother of pearl surface. The round and oval maybe pearls are designed into rings and earrings that are often made exquisite by diamonds.


Do pearls come in different colours?

The pearls exist in many shades like green, purple, pink, black, blue, cream and the traditional white. Grey and silver can also be obtained. This variety in colours has made the pearls notably famous now. Akoya pearls are found in pink and bluish shades and these are very rare to get. The colour of the pearl depends on the colour of the molluscs’ lip that is the outer surface of the shell.


Original Pearl Gemstone Online:

Get the pearls from the online stores that offer excellent deals on it. Buy pearl bracelet online from these shops. The quality is unsurpassed and there are many designs for you to choose from.

Natural Cultured peals

The formation of pearls

It is very interesting to study the beginning of pearls that we use as a jewellery to flaunt. It is the most cherished possession that is loved and adored for its simplistic look. More than a jewel it is a legacy that can be bestowed from generation to generation. It is like a gift from the ocean below. All the other gems are found in the land but only the pearl is known to come from the blue depths that are unknown to us. You may ask the question, are the pearls considered as gems?  Yes undoubtedly pearls are grouped in the category of the gems because they are special and costly like the gemstones and all pearls are not round. They are available in oval and misshapen forms.

Even so we know the exact process of how a pearl is made. It is formed by a simple dust like particles that get trapped inside a shell causing an irritant in it. To stop the irritant the shell creates a layer called as the nacre. This is how the pearl comes to existence to amaze us. Let’s see the different types of pearls that are available for you.

 All Types of pearls

Nature pearls: These pearls were found near the gulf of Persia many centuries before. The pearls were harvested already therefore the natural pearls are really rare and difficult to get.  There are tiny natural pearl available in some of the jewellery shops. They are priced really high.

Cultured pearls It is the pearl raised in a farm. A pearl farmer will surgically implant a mother-of pearl-bead inside the mollusc. Then they are returned to water and taken care of where it grows in to a pearl. They will not be of high quality sometimes and not all pearls look the same.

Saltwater pearls: These pearls are known as the Akoya pearls and found in the waters of Japan and China. They are usually seen in sizes 2mm but sometimes they are also found in size 10mm. They are round in shape and they are formed in the natural colours like white or cream. They are imported to the other countries. The brand Mikimoto is a world famous Pearl.

South sea pearl: This pearl is acquired in the areas of Philippines, Indonesia and Australia. This is the largest of all pearls. They are found in the gorgeous white, cream and golden colours.

Tahitian pearl: These pearls have the natural colour of blue, green, grey, and purple. They are really striking to see and have a large demand in the market. They have the natural colours and are considered most stylish because they are fashioned in to pearl necklaces.

Fresh water pearls: It is found in the rivers, ponds and other water resources near china. They resemble the Akoya pearls but they lack the bead nucleus but have the tissue that makes it thicker than the cultured Akoya.

Pukhraj good fortune

The light yellow color of this gemstone becomes the centre of attraction in yellow sapphire.  Generally the cosmic rays transmitted for this gemstone gives the positive aura of the planet Jupiter. Throughout the years, the yellow sapphire is recommended by the expert astrologers for the people willing to have benefits of fortune from Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Gems stone like.

  1. Getting into marital bliss: - Due to the dosha to things could not get materialized in maritial matters. The dharan of 2 carat yellow sapphire ring is good for females as this stone removes all the hurdles.
  2. High end energetic and optimistic level: - Sometimes due to various problems we do get surrendered by stress or pessimistic thoughts. The dharan of yellow sapphire gemstone could help in regaining energies and positivity’s back in life. Yellow Sapphire price is unmatched and feasible on the online store. With just simple clicks you could order yellow sapphire online.


Here are some greatest differences between the Bangkok and cylone mine yellow sapphire stone.

  1. When you neatly observe the texture of Bangkok pukhraj you will find them to be polished whereas the cylone mine yellow sapphire stone as they are mined and are costly in nature.
  2. The Bangkok ones are relatively cheaper and compared to the cylone ones.

Best pukhraj yellow sapphire is also connected with the fortunes and therefore it could also give you immense fortune. Even if your travel is stuck from longer period of time, this gemstone could truly do all that wonders. The wearer of this gemstone is always blessed with innovative things. The prime benefits of this gemstone are that there are no restrictions of the age even the students willing to excel could wear this gemstone.


In health too, the dharan of the gemstones could bring you immense benefits. Often people facing problems of digestion, the dharan of this gemstone could work wonders. It is equally important to respect and follow proper instructions for wearing, with good fortune this gemstone is well known to bring in desired wealth to the wearer. This gemstone is also vital in increasing the longevity of the person and therefore this gemstone should be properly maintained and should be cleaned with soft brush. The yellow sapphire could only bring in desired effects if worn with the contact of skin. This gemstone is also known to keep all the heart problems away. Usually according to your rashi, birthday and time this gemstone is advised to you by expert astrologers, therefore before buying do take proper consultations. The yellow sapphire could be also worn in form of jewelry and must buy for people willing to have spiritual connect in life.

Summary - Usually the light yellow color does attracts the attention in yellow sapphire. The Bangkok pukhraj are polished and cheaper compared to cylone ones that are less polished and expensive in nature. Yellow sapphire is bound to give you materialistic benefits, good fortune and in particular there is no age criteria for wearing up this gemstone.

the ruby wonderful benefits

The bedazzling Ruby gemstone is the epitome of love and passion, courage and self-confidence, and good health and vitality! However, it is imperative that if you are keen to utilise it for astrological benefits, a genuine stone must come into your hands. The ruby gemstone may only be supplied by an authentic dealer, someone like, for instance.

What do we know about Ruby gemstone?

Ruby stone Manik is extracted from several mines across the globe, including India, Colombia, Cambodia, Japan, Brazil, and so on. However, there is nothing to beat the specimens found in the mines lying in Mogok Valley, Upper Myanmar. The rich colours and smooth textures of the stones suggest that it is here that you will find the best quality Ruby in the world!

This navratna has an astounding hardness of 9.0 on Moh’s Scale of Hardness! It stands next only to Diamond and Moissanite! As for its glorious shades of colour, the aluminium oxide, chromium, etc, which are within the raw material, are responsible for them. Probably, this is why the African Ruby stone is rapidly rising in popularity. Its hues range from purplish to dark-red. Apart from the fact that this specimen is available in different sizes, it also displays perfect transparency, translucency or opaqueness.

What are some of the benefits of wearing a Ruby gemstone?

Before proceeding to answer this question, it would be best to discuss, whom this gemstone favours most. Since it is closely linked to planet Sun in the astrological Solar System, this navratna exhibits partiality towards people born under the sun signs of Leo, Aries and Scorpio. At the same time, it is not necessary that the position of the ruling planet be necessarily weak in every individual coming under the umbrella of the above-mentioned zodiac signs. The astrologer will take a keen look at the person’s birth chart, specifically the third, fifth, sixth, ninth and eleventh houses. If these houses are rather weak, it becomes imperative to go for the Ruby. Sometimes, Geminians and Pisceans require its help too.

The Manik or Ruby serves to bring positive changes in personality, along with the development of good health. It follows, therefore, that financial stability will become an integral feature of your life too.

What should you check for, prior to a purchase?

Go for the four Cs, which stand for carat, colour, cut and clarity. If you are confused, expert and reliable gemmologists are more than willing to help you choose! Note that every gemstone does have some inclusions in it, albeit minimal in nature. Even if your Ruby gemstone has undergone some treatments, provided they have no link with heat/harsh chemicals, and have not altered the physical and chemical compositions of the stone, you need not worry. You are welcome to buy Ruby gemstone at its price per carat online, and use it for your betterment.

The Emerald Benefits

Cleopatra of Ancient Times loved the Emerald gemstone! In fact, it often seemed as if she was a walking display of the best quality Emeralds in the world! Obviously, a woman’s fascination with this bewitching Navratna has been in existence for years and years. In those days, however, the demand was in alignment with jewellery items. Today, its value has gone up even more. This is because Vedic astrologers have demonstrated the stone’s tremendous benefits for specific zodiac signs.

Why are people so fascinated by the emerald (Panna) gemstone?

The mesmerisingly cool, greenish hues of the precious stone immediately bring to mind the diversity of colours exhibited by Mother Nature’s gifts to humankind! These hues were responsible for Sanskrit-speaking people to refer to Emerald as Marakata (the green of growing things). The Europeans referred to it as Smaragdus in earlier times, translating it to Esmaeraulde/Esmaraidus/Esmaralda in modern times.

The parent of the Emerald is Beryl. It is one of the costliest minerals in the world! Panna/Emerald, which is extracted from it, displays a superb reflection of greenish shades, thanks to the presence of chromium and vanadium in it! You should go for the

What kind of an Emerald should you choose for receiving astrological benefits?

To begin with, it should be damage-proof and scratch-proof. This is possible, because this gemstone is one of hte hardest minerals in the world. Then again, a natural and untreated stone, minus unsightly black dots on its smooth and shining surface, is the best Emerald gemstone. You should be able to comprehend via its marvellous transparency and clarity. The best Emerald colour is a bewitching light-green (not dull or faded) or a scintillating dark-green. A stone with such perfect features is available only at genuine shops, such as

Gemmologists obtain the Panna from diverse mines across the globe, including the Cleopatra Mines in Egypt. Nonetheless, many buyers hanker after the Colombian Emerald gemstone, despite its out-of-the-world pricing! This is because this product of the Muzo Mines, Republic of Colombia, exhibits excellent and flawless qualities. It is your good fortune that that Vedic astrology does not insist upon high-priced gemstones, but only on genuine stones!

What are the benefits of befriending the Panna?

When your astrologer suggests that you buy Panna gemstone online, it is because he/she has perceived that the position of planet Mercury is weak in your horoscope. Only this particular gemstone can bring about a positive change in this scenario. In fact, ‘green’ is synonymous with tranquillity, peace and balancing of emotions. It also represents eternity, wherein there is continuation of generations, similar to what occurs in the natural environment. Best of all, the gemstone is linked to the heart chakra, which is the house of love and harmony.

Virgoans and Geminians, whose birthstone is the Panna, should find it highly useful for improving cognitive functions and communication skills.

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