how to activate blue sapphire

A how to activate blue sapphire varies, depending upon its colour, clarity, cut and carat. For instance, an inexpensive specimen may cost just a couple of thousands, while a high-quality stone would definitely go into several thousands.

What are the qualities of a natural Activated Blue Sapphire?

Your gemstone must be devoid of flaws. For instance, there should be no cracks or shallows in the Blue Sapphire. There is the possibility of accidents, boils, ulcers, etc. In case, the hues appear rather milky or exhibit dual colours, you are bound to attract enemies, or even poverty. Then again, family issues may raise their ugly heads, if your stone is opaque or dull. White lines are indicators of troubles with vision, while red dots are suggestive of financial troubles.

In order to avoid adverse effects, opt for a genuine stone when engaged in online shopping for Blue Sapphire. You should enjoy the lush velvety lustre of the precious stone! Then again, when you take it in your hand, you should feel its heaviness, for this gemstone is one of the hardest minerals on earth. It is scratchproof and damage-proof. As for transparency, it must be pure and clean. The facets should be so well cut that they reflect the radiance from within in beautiful arcs!

What is Blue Sapphire’s power?

Astonishingly, planet Saturn is the slowest moving planet in the astrological Solar System, while its best friend is the fastest-acting gemstone on earth! Health, wealth, prosperity, etc, will all be yours, if Shani Dev/planet Saturn is pleased with you. In fact, no evil forces or enemies will be able to touch you, once you come under the protection of the Blue Sapphire.

The precious stone has the capacity to improve your digestive and nervous systems. As a kind of serenity steals over your senses, you experience a calmness that you have never experienced before. There is no confusion while making decisions or facing challenges. You will be able to maintain positive thoughts all the time. Above all, this stone is responsible for bringing kundalini (extended state of consciousness) energy and cosmic energy (radiating from the heavens) together at the crown chakra on the top of your head.

Which is the best place to obtain Blue Sapphire gemstone?

You are welcome to purchase Blue Sapphire jewellery online, which is available on We suggest this shop, because it is genuine and has a good reputation. However, the jewellery should not be for ornamentation purposes, but for receiving astrological rewards. Your astrologer will find out from your horoscope if you are suffering from Shani Dosha or Shani Sade Sati, prior to recommending the wearing of a silver ring bearing a Blue Sapphire gemstone on it. Alternatively, you may go for a Blue Sapphire pendant. Whatever is the case, you should receive benefits from the precious stone.

Neelam Blue Sapphire

Few people shy away from the Blue Sapphire, when it comes to adding it to a necklace, earrings, bangles, etc. However, the very same individuals would hesitate to touch it, if it were to be used for astrological purposes. This is because the stone has a powerful bonding with Shani Dev or planet Saturn!

Now, why should planet Saturn evoke such fear in the human mind?

Hindu mythology depicts this son of the Sun God as someone riding a chariot pulled by a vulture or crow. His choice of a vehicle and the occurrence of an eclipse on the day he was born seem to suggest that Shani Dev is a harbinger of bad luck and misfortune. Therefore, people prefer not to initiate anything new on Saturday/Shanivaar.

As if this were not enough, when planet Saturn is in close proximity with planet Moon, it indicates the advent of seven-and-a-half years of troubled times, financial instability and fatalities! This is the Shani Sade Sati period. As per the belief of Vedic astrologers, this would be one of the best times to befriend the Blue Sapphire or Neelam. The gemstone serves to mitigate the ill effects caused by planet Saturn’s entry into your life.

What is the meaning of Blue Sapphire in astrology?

All that Shani Dev wants is for you to be truthful, devoted to your parents and elders, be disciplined and diligent in your work, and practice a life of penance. However, not adhering to this Code of Conduct, or the weak position of planet Saturn in your birth chart, could result in punishments and misfortunes.

Now, your Vedic astrologer may feel that you need to go for befriending the precious stone, if the position of Shani Dev in your horoscope needs strengthening. However, it is imperative that you make your Blue Sapphire online purchase from a genuine dealer of gemstones. One such is Yes, Blue Sapphire is a rather expensive stone, but you may rest assured that the price will be well worth it. In fact, the Blue Sapphire price in Sri Lanka is quite high, since the Ceylonese gemstone exhibits superb brilliance, clarity and royal blue colour!

What are Blue Sapphire gemstone’s benefits?

This gemstone is responsible for the wellbeing of the crown chakra on the head. The Blue Sapphire looks after the pituitary gland within the brain. This gland takes charge of your emotions, feelings and moods.

When you don the Blue Sapphire, you ensure the meeting of two kinds of energies within your body. One is the Kundalini energy, which moves upwards from the spinal root to the crown of your head. Simultaneously, cosmic energy radiating from planet Saturn enters your body via the top of your head. When these energies come together, they ensure that the body, soul and mind come into perfect alignment.

mukhi rudraksha powerful effects

Unlike specific gemstones, which are associated with specific zodiac signs only, the Rudraksha bead is available for all. Anyone can wear it, regardless of gender. It could be for attaining astrological benevolence or for use in prayer. The best part is that there are no side effects of wearing 1 mukhi to 21 mukhi Rudraksha, either around your arm or around your neck!

Now, what exactly is a Rudraksha bead & effects?

Lord Shiva, like every other God and Goddess, took various forms at diverse periods, in order to tackle all kinds of challenges on Earth and in Heaven. He had even manifested himself as 11 Rudras, in order to destroy all the evil forces troubling the world. This led to him receiving a novel name, Rudra Dev.

It was during this period, that the Rudraksha tree was born. Soon after coming out of deep meditation, Lord Shiva looked down at earth and its earthly beings. He was appalled at the catastrophes and ills that befell humankind. The compassion he felt, displayed itself in the form of huge tears. Every teardrop that fell, touched earth, and turned into a seed. Each seed grew into a tree (Elaeocarpus ganitrus). The tree’s fruits bore large seeds. These seeds became renowned as Rudraksham, or the tears of Shiva beads.

Why should you befriend the Rudraksha bead?

Just take the bead in your hand first. Its texture should feel quite rough! Do you also see raised portions, where the seed seems to have cracked and the cracks brought together via joints? Well, each crack/joint is a cleft. The space viewed between one cleft and another is the mukhi/face. If you could examine different Rudraksham, you would notice that a Rudraksha seed may have anywhere between 1 and 21 faces/mukhis.

Well, the kind of benefits that you receive from befriending a Rudraksha seed depends upon the number of faces/mukhis it possesses. For instance, the rare 21-faced Rudraksha bead bestows tremendous prosperity on the owner. Then again, three mukhis will help to free you from the cycle of life and death, as well as destroy all your previous bad karmas. With 16 faces, you may annihilate your enemies. This should help you comprehend the power of Rudraksha.

What is the effect of size in a Rudraksha bead?

It is possible to obtain Rudraksham in three sizes. The first one is akin to a small pea. Obviously, a Rudraksha small bead’s effect will not be much on your physiology or psychology.

Then again, you have the seed, which is medium in size. In other words, you may compare it to the size of an Indian berry. It does award good astrological benefits, but may not prove completely satisfactory for your specific needs.

The best one or the truly first class Rudraksha bead is large in appearance. You may consider it the size of a gooseberry (amla) fruit.

Certified Pukhraj jupitar

Has a Vedic astrologer asked you to purchase a Certified Pukhraj stone from an authentic online dealer? If yes, it means that you need some cosmic help for bringing about some positive changes in your life, lifestyle, personality and career/business.

Now, why would you need only the Yellow Sapphire/Pukhraj, and no other stone?

It could be that you have been born under the sun signs of Sagittarius, Scorpio, Pisces or Aries. It could be that, regardless of your zodiac sign, the position of planet Jupiter is rather weak in your horoscope. To illustrate, his residence in the first, fourth, fifth, ninth or twelfth house may seem rather shaky and unable to withstand adverse circumstances! Then, you would need to strengthen the foundation, would you not? Only Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj can help, for it is the best friend of planet Jupiter!

You may not be aware of it, but Jupiter is the royal teacher or Dev Guru of all the planets in the astrological Solar System. The cosmic rays emanating from this planet may cause immense/moderate harm or immense benefits. If the vibrations are harmful, you will feel as if you are eternally surrounded by darkness and ignorance. If the vibrations are good, you will discover intelligence and wisdom on the rise, within yourself!


Are there specific features that testify to the genuineness of the gemstone?

Yes, indeed, there are certain methods of identifying the authentic Pukhraj! For instance, just place the gemstone on a white cloth first. Next, hold it up against bright sunlight or artificial light. Do you see bedazzling rays of pure gold radiating in all directions? You should not be able to view tinges of orange in the light reflecting off the facets of the stone. Well, then, you are holding a genuine stone in your hands! An authentic gemstone will not lose its colour, despite being soaked in raw cow’s milk for 24 hours.

Of course, the easiest way to obtain a natural gemstone would be to approach a reputed and dependable online dealer. For instance, you could buy Yellow Sapphire from Pukhraj travels across the globe from Madagascar, Thailand, Tanzania, Australia and Sri Lanka. However, it is possible to buy Yellow Sapphire on a ring, online in India.


How should you wear the Yellow Sapphire?

You must have a gemstone weighing at least 3.25 carats studded onto a silver ring. Make sure that the ring has an open back, for the gemstone should be able to touch your bare skin always. On the dawn of a Thursday morning, which falls in the first fortnight of any month, soak the ring in a mixture of raw cow’s milk, pure honey and distilled water. Alternatively, you may just use Gangajal. After an hour or so, remove the ring and wear it on the index finger of your right hand. Cleanse the ring regularly.

Japanese Keshi Pearls

It is all too easy to be fooled by treated, synthetic or imitation stones! However, if you were keen to obtain a natural specimen for attaining astrological rewards, you would do well to buy Japanese Keshi Pearls Gemstone Online at This is a reputed and renowned dealer of gemstones.

What comes to mind when visualising a Japanese Keshi Cultured Pearls?

You may conjure up visions of something small, spherical and creamy-white in colour. Alternatively, if you have some knowledge about this precious stone, you may immediately think of a round, smooth and lustrous structure, which has been yielded by an oyster or a clam. However, these are ‘dictionary’ definitions. A Pearl’s definition has been quite different in the world of jewellery, since Ancient Times.

To illustrate, a few cultures in The Americas found that donning jewellery items created from Pearls, enhanced their social statuses. The Ancient Romans followed the same pattern of thinking. However, they even instructed jewellers to design unique patterns, in order to show off their elite status and keen eye for fashion! The Spaniards loved exhibiting their passion for their romantic partners through Pearls. Even in modern times, every woman dreams of owning a string of Pearls.

How does Vedic astrology view a Pearl gemstone?

An expert in Vedic astrology could not care less if a collection of Pearls is called a string, or something else! What matters to this person is whether this precious stone will prove useful in turning your life around or not. To illustrate, if your zodiac sign is Cancer, you would do well to befriend the Pearl, for it is your birthstone. Water is your element and this stone is linked to planet Moon, which has a great influence on tides, water bodies and emotions.

At the same time, regardless of your sun sign, the astrologer is bound to be interested in perusing your horoscope too. It is imperative that the position of planet Moon be strong in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house. In case, it is not, you will have to approach the Pearl for help.

Does a Vedic astrologer know all about Pearls?

Yes, indeed, for he/she senses keenly that something is going terribly wrong in your life. You could be giving in to depression, mood swings or all manner of phobias. Then again, you could be suffering from acute/chronic respiratory illnesses, hypertension, and so on.

Now, you are bound to expect the precious stone to be blemish-free in appearance. The astrologer, however, knows differently. Considering that, the raw material is the by-product of a mollusc’s tussle with an irritant, it is not possible for it to be devoid of irregularities or blemishes at all. However, these are minor, and may be dispensed with via gentle treatments. In fact, gemmologists take great care to ensure that its physical and chemical compositions remain unaltered.

7 mukhi rudraksha bead

The Rudraksha seed may be small or big. It may a single-faced Rudraksha, or a seed with several mukhis/faces like 2 mukhi rudraksha Benefits. It does not matter. Since it is a divine gift from Lord Shiva, it will offer you all the spiritual benefits possible. You just have to believe in its ‘wisdom’!

What is the story of Rudraksha bead?

It is said that Lord Shiva was seated in his Heavenly Home and looking down at the world, which Lord Brahma had created. He observed humankind battling with all manner of sorrows, natural disasters, etc. Horribly saddened by the sights that he was witnessing, he began to cry. Huge tears began to pour out of his eyes, even from his third eye.

As each tear touched the ground, it crystallised into a seed. This seed sprouted forth as the Rudraksha tree. Scientists refer to it as Elaeocarpus ganitrus. As each tree grew to its natural height, it bore fruits. Every fruit had a ‘holy’ seed inside it – the Rudraksha seed. If you were to stand near an actual Rudraksha tree, you would feel as if the very atmosphere and soil screamed ‘divinity’!

What are the scientific facts related to 2 mukhi rudraksha benefits?

Even the scientific world believes in Rudraksha’s Shakti!

For instance, you are well aware that the blood circulates automatically within your body. However, stressful circumstances and lifestyles can cause disturbances in this smooth flow. In turn, you may fall prey to diverse cardiovascular illnesses, including heart attacks and hypertension. Request the Rudraksha bead to help bring everything back to normal!

The holy seed is akin to a magnet, wherein it draws out all the wastes, as well as the aches and pains troubling your body from within. Naturally, any blockages in the arteries and veins will disappear. Not only will you become free from ‘sickness’, but also acquire resistance against aging.

Then again, whenever you feel that you need to enhance your immunity, soak Rudraksham in pure water. Drink this water after some time. It is a rich source of vitamin C, and possesses anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties too.

Are there any interesting facts associated with the Rudraksha bead?

We are often used to small Rudraksha beads. However, the Maha Rudra Rudraksha from Indonesia measures 650 mm in width and 55 mm in length! The largest seed in the world, it symbolises the Holy Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. However, not all beads from Indonesia are so large, or even big-sized. In fact, the seeds from the trees in Nepal are much larger in appearance.

Whatever is the case, remember to go for black or dark brown Rudraksham only, since you desire astrological benefits. Of course, no Rudraksha displays side effects, for it is not a precious stone. However, blood red, white or yellow colours will not grant spiritual rewards

21 mukhi rudraksha ratna seed

1 Mukhis to 21 Mukhi Rudraksha Seed

Have you ever held this bead in your hands? It is rough to the touch, isn’t it? Furthermore, you find that it seems to be jointed at different places along its circumference. Well, each joint is a cleft. It is not necessary for every seed to have just one cleft. It could have multiple clefts along its entire surface.

Now, there is always some space left between one cleft and another. This space is the face/mukhi of the Rudraksha seed. Based upon the number of clefts present on a seed, a Rudraksha bead may display just a lone face/mukhi, or even as many as 21 faces/mukhis. Each seed awards different spiritual benefits, depending upon the number of faces/mukhis it exhibits! To illustrate, a seed with three mukhis is bound to have different advantages, if you compare it with the all - 1 mukhi to 21 mukhi Rudraksha usage and benefits. All mukhi would be 21 faces.

You must have viewed many people holding a necklace of large-sized beads, deep brown (almost black) in colour, while chanting prayers. Alternatively, you may have seen people having black, silk threads around their necks, displaying a single bead strung on it. Well, this bead is the Rudraksha seed.

The Sacred Bead

Everything in Hinduism has a link to the language of Ancient Times, which is Sanskrit. For instance, Lord Shiva often took diverse forms. One of them was Rudra. Therefore, Rudra Dev is another name for the Lord.

Once, Lord Shiva opened his eyes after a long period of deep meditation. At that time, his eyes (or Aksha) happened to fall upon earth and earthly beings. He was stunned to witness the diverse traumas and catastrophes that they faced from time to time. In fact, huge tears of sadness began to drop onto earth, from his eyes. Where every tear touched the soil, it crystallised and gave birth to a tree. Since the tree originated from the eyes of Rudra Dev, it attained the name of Rudraksha tree. Thus, the literal meaning of Rudraksha is Rudra’s tears. Botanists, however, refer to it as Eliocarpus ganitrus.

The Five-Mukhi Rudraksha Bead

It helps that every seed has a natural hole in the centre. This makes it easy to string a necklace with the aid of silk thread. Amongst all the Rudraksham, the one with five mukhis is supposed to be extremely powerful. It is symbolic of the five forms of Lord Shiva, as well as the five elements of nature. Furthermore, the ruling planet of this bead is Lord Jupiter. He is the Dev Guru, the distributor of knowledge.

In case, you desire to wear it as an armband or around the neck, you must make the bead go through certain purification rituals on a Thursday, first. It will definitely enhance your material, academic and spiritual wealth over time. You will also feel relieved from stress, if combined with meditation. In fact, you will discover that the bead, obtained from a genuine dealer like, magically improves your meditative techniques too!

yellow sapphire stone substitute

When you hold the yellow sapphire substitute  in your hands, you feel as if the sun itself has come to you! The deep golden-yellow hues of the gemstone are so awesome to behold, in all their purity! However, not all online shops can offer the ‘genuine’ Pukhraj, as it is also called! Therefore, you had better buy Pukhraj stone on

What are the facts associated with Pukhraj?

Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj is a cold stone. Paradoxically, its hues are wonderfully warm in appearance! An authentic specimen displays not a tinge of orange in it.

Now, this gemstone is the birthstone for all those individuals governed by the zodiac sign, Sagittarius. At the same time, other zodiac signs need not shy away from this gemstone. It is a close friend of planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the heaviest and largest of all planets in the astrological Solar System. Should the planet ever turn malefic towards you, regardless of whatever your sun sign is, you will have to reach out to the Yellow Sapphire for assistance. Do not forget to buy natural Sapphire, though, when you decide to buy gemstones online.

How will a genuine yellow sapphire substitute stone improve your personality?

It could be that thus far, you have been allowing people to get under your skin via unnecessary provocation. It could be that challenges and changes make you uncomfortable. Well, once Lord Jupiter’s cosmic vitality enters your life via Pukhraj, you will learn to remain poised and calm in all kinds of situations and circumstances. Nothing can affect you physically or mentally. In fact, you find yourself inclining towards spiritual wisdom more than before. Above all, with the advent of financial stability, your quality of life becomes much improved than before. Be prepared to lead a stress-free, healthy and magical life!

How will the best Yellow Sapphire  improve your career/business?

Bonding with other people at work and communicating skilfully are imperative to success in a profession or business. Yellow Sapphire gemstone will make you feel that this is all child’s play for you! In fact, no challenge will seem impossible to surmount, as your decision-making talent and clarity in thinking touch new heights! You appear so knowledgeable and wise, setting a good example about balancing income and expenditure to everyone!

Pukhraj generally favours businesses associated with diverse shades of ‘yellow’. To illustrate, your business may deal with bronze/brass items, jewellery and other items designed from gold, apparel, commodities, items created from wax, and so on. Therefore, you may give serious thought to keeping this gemstone in your cash box or hanging it over the cash register at your place of trade. At the same time, you are not to conclude that your business will fail if it has nothing ‘yellow’ linked to it. If planet Jupiter decides that it must succeed, it will!

Blue Sapphire Benefits

Jewellery lovers do not fear the Blue Sapphire, but believers in astrology do! This is because the ruler of this precious stone is the mighty Shani Dev or planet Saturn in the astrological Solar System. Shani Dev is known to award glorious rewards if he is pleased with you. He is also renowned for distributing terrible punishments, if he is displeased with you!

Who can gain the benefits of wearing Blue Sapphire ring?

Your astrologer will look at your birth chart and check if the position of Shani Dev is severely or mildly poor in it. It is imperative to strengthen him, and the only ‘friend’ that can do so is Blue Sapphire! Therefore, if you have been born under the zodiac signs of Scorpio, Virgo or Libra, it would be best to know your ‘Saturn’ status as quickly as possible. As for Aquarians and Capricornians, you are welcome to go for Neelam, since it is your birthstone.

A lush-looking, velvety-blue coloured gemstone, exhibiting rich saturation in tone, is imperative to receive maximum benefits. It is the best Blue Sapphire colour on earth! The Blue Sapphire targets the sahasrara chakra lying in the crown of your head. In other words, the gemstone handles the pituitary gland (master gland of the body) in the brain, wonderfully well! Thus, you will be in full control of your mental health and emotional balance.

Do you still feel hesitant about wearing the Blue Sapphire?

If there is a lack of confidence, it is possible to undertake some tests. After you obtain the stone from, the best place to buy Sapphires, sew it within a white cloth, which is twisted to resemble a band. Ensure that a tiny portion of the gemstone is able to remain in touch with your skin. Now, wear this band around your bicep/arm. Face the east, while doing so. What happens in the next three days, from morning to night? If nothing drastic happens, or you have pleasant dreams about intimate and not-so-intimate relationships, it means that the stone suits you. Otherwise, it would be best to avoid befriending even the best Neelam stone in the world!

If you do not wish to wear the stone as a band, you may place it under your pillow every night, prior to going to sleep. The duration is the same, which is, 72 hours. A third method is to carry the gemstone in your shirt pocket (left side) for three days.

What is the price of Blue Sapphire?

You may not be aware, but Neelam is one amongst the four most precious stones in the world. The other three are Ruby, Diamond and Emerald. Naturally, all these four specimens are expensive. You will find that the gemmologist charges you per one carat Blue Sapphire price, when you offer to buy the stone.

yellowstone pukhraj

The Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) is associated with the biggest and heaviest planet in the astrological Solar System. Which is this planet? It is Lord Jupiter or Devguru! Just as Devguru or the Royal Teacher spreads the light of knowledge to his followers, similarly, the Yellow Sapphire gemstone disseminates the illumination from its superb golden-yellow rays within the aura surrounding your body!

However, why will you befriend the Yellow Sapphire stone?

Well, you will go for it only if your astrologer has found that the position of planet Jupiter to be rather weak in your birth chart. Only a certified Yellow Sapphire stone can help the Devguru become stronger. Now, such a stone is available only at an authentic gemstone dealer’s shop. You should be able to obtain the best quality Pukhraj stone benefits on

You will require the friendship of Pukhraj, if planet Jupiter resides in the first, fourth, fifth, ninth or twelfth house of your horoscope. The astrologer will not suggest this stone, if the Devguru is in the tenth house, for things will turn bad for you. Then again, the precious stone is specifically partial to those born under the sun signs of Sagittarius, Aries, Pisces or Scorpio. Good fortune, wisdom and intelligence will all be yours!

What qualities should your Pukhraj have?

The aluminium oxide within the gemstone grants it, its scintillating appearance. A genuine gemstone will be devoid of black inclusions or cracks. The facets may be round, Emerald-shape, cushion or oval in nature, for the purpose of maximum reflection of light. You will know when you place your stone on a white cloth and hold it up against bright light/sunlight. You will find stunningly yellow rays surrounding you! Even when the stone is soaked in raw milk for 24 hours, its colour remains unchanged.

It would be worthwhile to mention here that people hanker after the gemstones obtained from Bangkok and Ceylon (modern Sri Lanka). Bangkok does not mine its own stones, but processes and sells gemstones obtained from other parts of the world. In contrast, the Ceylon Yellow Sapphire gemstone is extracted from the bowels of the earth. It is affordable, despite being gloriously lustrous in quality and appearance!

How should you use Pukhraj?

If you desire financial growth and stability, it is imperative that you buy an original Yellow Sapphire and place it in your cash box. Alternatively, you may hang it over the place where you keep your money. Now, you may purchase your stone in carats or rattis. However, carat is a standard measurement across the globe. In India, ratti is popular, and you will have to do your conversion from carat to ratti very carefully. In addition, the expenses may vary from place to place. For instance the cost of Pukhraj stone 7.25 ratti (a little beyond 6.5 carats) could be affordable at certain places and high at others.

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