Ruby the Royal Gemstone of Planet Sun is one of the most expensive gemstones that is available in the market. You will usually find this gemstone in dark Red color but you will also be able to find them in different shades of Red like pink. Astrologically, it is said that you will be able to achieve good results health wise and also in your professional as well. Rubies are said to be the gemstone for the month of July.

Astrological Effects And Benefits Of Ruby, who should wear it?

Those people who are having severe health issues should always use this gemstone provided that the gemstone is suitable for your horoscope. People who are seeking for name and fame also can use this gemstone. Men who are suffering with sexual dysfunction problems or weakness can use this gemstone. You will be able to see a good improvement in the sexual energy levels and overall health as well.

How you should wear Ruby Gemstone (Manik Stone) For Relationship?

You will have to get in touch with the astrologer for getting right and accurate information about how to wear this gemstone. Here is some information that can be useful for you…

  • The weight of the gemstone is very important when you are suggested to wear a gemstone. When you wear Ruby fascinating gemstone, the weight of the stone has to be between 3 carats to 6 carats.
  • This Ruby has to be worn in the form of ring only.
  • You will have to use copper or gold for making the ring.
  • The right day for wearing this ruby ring is Sunday. Make sure that the Sunday is an auspicious Sunday.
  • You will have to wear it during the early hours of Sunday, at around 7 AM or before it if possible.
  • You will have to wear the ring on your ring finger on your proper hand or the right hand only.
  • You will have to take Ganga water, cow milk and honey in a bowl and dip this ring in the mixture for 20 minutes to get rid of all the impurities present in it.

Benefits of high quality ruby stone:

This gemstone is called as the king of all the gemstones and hence you will be able to enjoy a lot of benefits of this gemstone. Your overall physical health and mental health will be improved with this gemstone. When men are wearing this gemstone, they will be able to see a lot of improvements in the man’s sexual health. You will also be able to see a good change in your overall leadership qualities as well. Any kind of depression like feelings or mental issues can be easily solved by wearing Ruby on your right hand. You can consult an astrologer and use the ruby gemstone when you have no idea about it.

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