According to the vedic astrology, Hessonite gemstone is considered to be powerful and eliminates the negative risks of Rahu. As Rahu rules Gomed gem, the dharan of this stone is perfect even for people who are facing problems of Sarpa dosha. Apart from it, there are myriad other good benefits of Hessonite, some of them are as follows:-

1) Balanced and Composed Mind:- In the fast paced life, there are high end chances that many of us do face temperamental issues. As Gomed Gem symbolises Rahu this results in getting quick action and bring in clearer result. Buy a natural hessonite stone only from a reputed virtual store.

2) Power and Influence:- Hessonite gemstone is known for quick action. If suited well, this gemstone should be worn on daily basis. Hessonite for business enhancement gives the power to influence others. This gemstone is ideal for people for those related in trade, politics or public relations. The Hessonite gemstone if suits your horoscope then could bring end to problems of lack in cash.

3) Skin Disorders:- If you are prone to getting skin aliments or not getting diagnosed properly, then buy a natural hessonite to get end to skin related problems.

4) Cuts Down Risk of Black Magic:- Hessonite gemstone is greatly helpful is cutting down the risk of black magic, evil eye or any other kind of unknown fears. This gemstone is clearer in nature and original ones do exhibit higher level of clarity. Buying from authentic virtual store will give you complete seamless results and proper certifications for the same.

5) Bowel Moments and Gastric Disorders:- Gomed stone is known in the world of Gemmology since ages and its immense healing effects. It cuts down problems like gastric disorders or sluggish metabolism. While wearing a hessonite gemstone it is important that one must take care of all the rituals and only after consultation of experts one must buy this gemstone.

6) Relieves and Helps in Getting Rehabilitation Treatments:- Buy Gomed wear hessonite or certified Gomed stone to ensure positive results and helps in getting relived faster from staying away with addictive things like drugs. The stone could be best worn with silver or astadhatu.

One of the most suitable and preferred way to wear this gemstone is by considering wearing on days like Saturday or Wednesday. Before the wearing of this gemstone, ideally wash the stone with warm water and unboiled milk. After the sunset, this stone should be worn. Ideally this stone will bring you great advantage if bought on Saturday and important to check horoscope compatibility before the wearing of this stone.

Before the wearing of Hessonite stone it is said that the wearer must chant Rahu mantra for 108 times. The wearer can consider wearing this stone in middle or little finger of right hand. Expert states that the honey coloured gemstone could be of the finest qualities. On the completion of rituals, the wearer could also go and donate black sesame seeds to the needy and poor.


It is the demonstration of the Ardhnarishwara. The Lord Shiva anticipated in Goddess Parvati, i.e. part Lord Shiva and half Goddess Parvati. The consequence which one can obtain by worshipping or by holding the two faced Rudraksha is joyful married & admire life.

The verdict planet of Two Mukhi Rudraksha is Moon. They successfully organize the evil effects of Moon and ailments of the left eye, kidney, intestines etc. Sensitively, there is synchronization in relationships. This bead assists in budding harmonious dealings.

Two mukhi rudraksha is incredibly helpful in extracting negative outcome of planet moon. The moon is the leading power and therefore it can really help in domineering unenthusiastic traits like annoyance and lack of attentiveness.

Astrology in which Moon is in combination with Rahu or Saturn should put this rudraksha bead as it build up the planet moon, whose control is abridged by the combination of evils. Carrier of this Rudraksha acquires the boons of Ardhnarishwar, an additional personification of Lord Shiva. It is extremely appropriate for the worshippers of Lord Shiva and offers them with intellectual peace and spiritual development. The Vaastu of Two faced Rudraksha indicates lord Rudra and his companion Parvati. It can efficiently be utilized for supporting marital bliss.

Vaishanavas look upon it as the sign of lord Vishnu. Therefore it is considered as blessed by both the part, the Vaishnavaites and the Shaivates. The holder of this Rudraksha obtains all his needs satisfied and he also accomplishes the harmony of mind. This also assists in meditation and achievement of religious merit turns easier, if one wears it.

It is supposed that if worn out by pregnant ladies it affirms painless release without difficulties. Patient afflictions from sleeplessness and nightmares furthermore get assistance by placing a bead of this Rudraksha below their pillow. Such a person also residue liberated from the dangerous sways of evil spirits. Two Mukhi Rudraksha demolish sins and aids the wearer achieve the heaven. Two Mukhi Rudraksh can be tattered in Gold, Silver or Copper Pendants.

Two Mukhi Rudraksha supports to perk up attentiveness as it makes one's brain steady. It must be tattered around neck and can be worn with any former Rudraksha bead. A two Mukhi Two Faced Rudraksh has two usual noticeable lines. It is supposed to be the demonstration of Lord Shiva and Goddesses Parvati. The human being wearing this Rudraksh remains in resonance health - psychologically and physically. Mother Lakshmi (the Goddesses of prosperity) also floods her boons on the wearer and the amazing emission power puts the brain in balance.

Two faced Rudraksha bead assist the holder to focus their mind, and amplify religious power. Pregnant women can have trouble-free deliveries of their baby if they put on two faced Rudraksha bead on their waist.


The judgment deity of this Rudraksha is Lord “Ardhnareeshwar “, a mutual image of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Thus, it is also identified as the unity Rudraksha as it fetches about harmony for its wearer. This Rudraksha assist in matching dealings between two persons, thus making better off and permanent relations.

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