sahasrara chakra

Humankind has always been fascinated by the mystical gemstones extracted from the bowels of the earth. Apart from their beautiful appearance, many of them seem to possess marvellous healing properties too. This is not mere superstition, for these facts have been mentioned in the Ancient Hindu Scriptures too. Even Ayurveda, the traditional method of healing in India, has been known to use natural gemstones to prepare medicines. They include Pearl, Red Coral, Diamond, etc. The Navratnas (nine gems) are also believed to restore the harmony of chakras.

What are sahasrara chakra ?

According to Vedic astrology and traditional Indian medical practitioners, your body comprises of seven energy centres. These centres are also referred to as ‘chakras’. They are linearly arranged along the vertebral column. They begin from the base of your spine and move towards the crown of your head. Their names are root chakra (Muladhara), sacral chakra (Swadishthana), solar plexus chakra (Manipura), heart chakra (Anahata), throat chakra (Vishuddha), third eye (between the eyes on the forehead) chakra (Ajna) and crown chakra (Sahasrara).


Sahasrara chakra healing

A chakra is essentially something that is wheel-shaped with spokes. It is a term derived from Sanskrit. The chakra or energy centre generates life force in the form of spiral energy. This is known as kundalini energy. Every circular spiral of energy or chakra in your body is linked to a certain region and organ, helping them to function energetically. Even your attitude, behaviour and mindset are affected. When the chakras in the lower regions of the body are healthy, they ensure that your fundamental emotions and needs remain healthy too. The energy centres in the higher regions take care of your spiritual and mental needs.

Why do astrologers consider chakras so important?

Every energy centre is associated with a certain astrological planet, gemstone and colour too. For instance, planet Saturn is linked to Blue Sapphire and violet colour. While planet Venus prefers Diamond and indigo, planet Jupiter goes for Yellow Sapphire and blue. Planet Mercury is linked to Emerald and green, while planet Mars is associated with Red Coral and yellow. Planet Moon loves Pearl and orange. Planet Sun is a friend of Ruby and red colour. The powerful cosmic energies generated by these planets are transferred to your body via their respective gemstones and colours.

Now, the most important gland or master gland in your body is the pituitary gland, which is located in the brain. As you very well know, the brain is inside your head! This region (crown) is controlled by the sahasrara chakra. That means planet Saturn and Blue Sapphire are ideal for the unification of kundalini energy and cosmic energy, which takes place in this region. Therefore, when you befriend the Blue Sapphire gemstone, in alignment with your astrologer’s advice, you ensure that your mental and emotional faculties remain balanced. The gemstone uses its cosmic powers to remove the emotional blockages that prevent you from utilising your intelligence, knowledge and decision-making abilities to their maximum. Do obtain it from an authentic gemmologist like

Burma quality manic gemstone

Undeniably, regardless of expense, many women would love to have it enhance the beauty of diverse jewellery items. In contemporary times, however, this precious stone has gained greater popularity, thanks to its ability to award astrological benefits to its owner. In fact, if the governing planet of your zodiac sign is the brilliant Sun, you will achieve wonders by befriending the bewitching Ruby!

Now, it is not unheard of to find synthetic, imitation, artificial or lab-created specimens in the marketplace. They sell, because you are ignorant of how to identify best quality Ruby gemstones. Well, here are some tips with regard to the four Cs.


This is responsible for increasing or decreasing the value of this gemstone. If you desire an authentic and good-looking stone, do go for something that is vibrantly red or red with a tinge of purple in it. Obviously, they exhibit vivid colour saturation. In case, the shade inclines heavily towards purplish, pinkish or orangey, stay away! The costliest and best example is Pigeon Blood red, which resembles the blood of a freshly killed pigeon. You will understand when you Burma Manik stone, which is rare, gloriously coloured and durable.


In general, a gemmologist goes for all types of crystal cuts. These include cushions or ovals, displaying triangular or kite-shaped facets and superbly fashioned crowns. Then again, there are step-cut pavilions, which reveal concentric rows of square/rectangular facets. Whatever is the case, the cutters strive to preserve the weight of the raw material as much as possible, for the gemstone is expensive.


It is not possible to find a genuine Ruby without inclusions. However, these should be minimal in nature, not detracting from the overall beauty of the gemstone. In case, they are too visible, the gemmologist will have to work on the stone, in order to increase its brightness or transparency. The inclusions might be far-reaching fractures, needles, etc. If this is not done, the value of the stone will decrease dramatically. At the same time, care is taken to ensure that no heat/chemical treatments come into play, which might damage the physical and chemical compositions of the authentic stone. In fact, the treatments are very gentle in nature.


A superb-quality Ruby rarely goes over one carat (weight). Obviously, the price increases in proportion to the increase in the number of carats. You will discover this should you ever purchase commercial-quality Rubies, for they are available in diverse sizes. To illustrate, if you were to opt for a 5-carat Ruby gemstone as the best sale, you would have to shell out five times more money per carat. This is because it is better in weight, as well as equal in quality to a fine-quality one-carat Ruby.

Does everything sound too confusing, making you wonder how you will ever obtain the stone that you need for astrological miracles to occur? Well, there are several genuine and reliable shops in the virtual world. One such is, in whose hands you may safely leave your astrological choices!

Red Ruby Minerals Benefits

Ruby Stone Benefits

It is associated with some of the strongest emotions that a human being can feel. It also denotes luxury, mystic powers and dynamic energy. Yes, we are indeed referring to one of the most expensive gemstones in the world, the magical Ruby/Manik! Vedic astrology awards great reverence to it, for it is governed by the king of the zodiac, planet Sun.

Popularity of Ruby Gemstone

Jewellers award great importance to this precious stone, because of the scintillating appearance that it awards to any necklace, earrings, and so on. However, Indian astrologers suggest that there are other benefits of wearing a Ruby gemstone too.

For instance, if your birth chart were to display weak positioning of planet Sun in your natal chart, you would find that this stone enhances self-confidence and courage tremendously! It is as if you were keen to shine as brightly as the resplendent sun! There is so much vitality present in the Ruby that it awakens the internal systems of your body, prompting them to function with authority and efficiency. The blood circulation, especially, improves beautifully. How can you ever feel depressed or anxious thereafter? You become passionate in everything that you do, even to tackling unforeseen challenges. Above all, you love, and love deeply!

About Ruby Gemstone

Similar to the Sapphire, the Ruby also belongs to the category of corundums, that is, aluminium oxide. Since this corundum is red in colour, the gemstone is referred to as Ruby. The shades of this precious stone may vary from reddish pink to deep red. However, if the tone lies between medium red to medium dark red, you may consider the gemstone to be the most valuable amongst all Rubies. This particular specimen is Pigeon Blood.

Now, when you desire to purchase this particular gemstone for astrological purposes, you would like to have an authentic specimen in your hand. Towards this end, it would be best to visit genuine dealers, one of whom is This online shop will ensure that you receive the best quality Ruby, albeit at a reasonable price.

African Ruby Stone

It is different from other Rubies in the sense that it displays a dark-red to purplish shade. If you should obtain one in a fine dark colour, you should feel happy, for this is indeed the best gemstone! Then again, you may obtain the stone in a diverse range of sizes. Even the quality may vary from transparent to translucent to opaque.

All Rubies, including the African Ruby, undergo certain treatments, prior to reaching the marketplace. The treatments are gentle and devoid of usage of chemicals/heat. These treatments do not interfere with the physical and chemical compositions of the raw material. The aim is only to improve the lustre and brilliance, in case they are not satisfactory. Similarly, no Ruby is devoid of minor inclusions. Thus, if you should come across a perfect stone, minus every single type of inclusion, you may rest assured that you have a lab-created, synthetic, artificial or an imitation Ruby in your hand.

emerald color green gemstone

An Emerald gemstone has the hypnotic quality of a snake, from which it is difficult to turn away! It is bedazzling and mystic in appearance, suggesting the presence of supernatural powers within it! People living in Ancient Times even believed that it would grant them eternal youth. In modern times, Vedic astrologers suggest that it is a deeply beneficial stone for several zodiac signs.

Knowing the Emerald

The first question that strikes you about the gemstone is its unique name. How did it obtain it? Well, there is a word in Latin, Smaragdus. It means ‘green gem’. Then again, those acquainted with Sanskrit, were fascinated by its resemblance to the ‘green’ of growing things. This led to another name for the stone, Marakata. In general, Indians refer to it as Panna.

The Panna is the purest extraction of one of the most expensive minerals across the globe, which is Beryl. The marvellous hues come from the trace amounts of vanadium and chromium present within it! Now, there are several mines in the world, which yield Emeralds, such as Somalia, USA, Zimbabwe, India, Zambia, Madagascar, Russia, Spain, Italy and Pakistan. However, the Muzo Mines in the Republic of Colombia offer the best quality Emeralds in the world. It follows that the Colombian Emerald gemstone must be one of the most expensive precious stones across the globe. Regardless, it helps that the astrological world does not demand the costliest of stones to bring your soul, body and mind into alignment!

Choosing an Authentic Stone

If you were keen to use the Emerald for ornamentation purposes alone, you may not give great heed to the quality of the colour, or even the authenticity of the stone. However, if you were determined to use the same stone for astrological benefits, you would be well advised to purchase it from an authentic dealer. One such online shop is

You will notice that a genuine precious stone has no ugly black marks marring the shining smoothness of its surface. Then again, the Emerald measures 7.5 to 8 on Moh’s Scale of Hardness, suggesting that it is scratchproof and damage proof. As for the colour, the best Emerald colour is a beautiful dark-green or a scintillating light green. Finally, the transparency should be striking.

Benefits of Emerald Green Color Gemstone

This is the birthstone of people born under the sun signs of Virgo and Gemini, for they are governed by planet Mercury. It is also beneficial for anyone having five as a lucky number. Therefore, if any of these specifications apply to you, do go for the best Emerald gemstone, or in other words, a genuine stone.

Since it is a symbol of peace and serenity, similar to Mother Nature, the Emerald will ensure that all your physiological issues disappear as quickly as possible. Even your brain and mind function better, with improvement in communication skills, memory, creativity, building of relationships, perception and reasoning, analytical powers, agility, intellect, etc. Who knows, but you may develop the Gift of Prophecy too!

Yellow sapphire health benefits

What is the Astrological Importance?

Resplendent like the sun, Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire is an apt friend of the king of all planets in the astrological Solar System, planet Jupiter.  If you are a Sagittarian, Scorpion, Piscean or Ariean, and find planet Jupiter positioned in the first, fourth, fifth, ninth or twelfth houses of your natal chart, go for Yellow Sapphire. The tenth house, however, is not compatible with Pukhraj.


The brilliant yellow colour may be attributed to the presence of aluminium oxide within the precious stone. You should be able to obtain untreated and good quality Pukhraj from Madagascar, Tanzania, Australia, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Yellow sapphire health benefits

Mentally, you should be fine, thereby benefitting yourself physiologically too! For instance, you will develop amazing composure, poise and confidence, even while facing the most difficult of situations. Then again, you will never experience physical, mental or spiritual debility.

Chakra Benefits

Planet Jupiter is in charge of Vishudhara or the throat chakra, which is located near the thyroid. Therefore, your communication skills improve tremendously, as soon as this chakra is restored to its former glory. Thanks to the confident, intelligent and creative manner that comes into play during verbal conversations, you should find it easy to form long-lasting bonds with people. Your decision-making talents improve, even with regard to financial and organisational matters.

How to Identify the Genuine Stone

There is a shortcut to possessing an authentic stone! You just have to contact! A genuine Yellow Sapphire is golden-yellow in colour, without a tinge of orange marring the purity of it. Dip it in raw milk for 24 hours. The colour should remain unchanged. Then again, place the precious stone on a pure-white cloth and hold it up against bright light or sunlight. You should be able to see facets with yellowish hues.

Importance of Untreated/Natural Stone

An untreated/natural stone awards divine benefits to the maximum. This is because it is capable of absorbing a wealth of cosmic rays emanating from the planet high up in the blue skies. When these energetic rays penetrate your skin and enter the deeper layers of your body, they suffice to activate Kundalini energy and help it travel from the base of the spine towards the crown of the head.

Method of Caring and Wearing

Your Yellow Sapphire must weigh at least 3.25 carats. After having, it placed on a silver ring, soak the ring in Gangajal, or a mixture of raw milk obtained from a cow, pure honey and distilled water for some hours on a Wednesday, which falls in the first fortnight of any month. At dawn, on Thursday, remove and wipe the ring clean. Wear it. You must keep the ring free of dirt and dust always.

For the Best Results of Yellow Sapphire

The best thing will be the acquirement of a cool and unruffled temperament, which will not permit even career or health challenges to faze you!

In case, you are keen to get into a business, opt for a trade that is linked to the colour, yellow (apparel, gold, jewellery, bronze/brass items, etc). Over time, whether you are into a career/business, expect financial stability and good fortune to follow you wherever you go!

Pearl formed oyster particle secrete

You are eligible to develop a bonding with the charming Pearl gemstone, if you are born under the sun sign of Cancer. You are also eligible for the same, if the planet Moon shows weak positions in the sixth, eighth or twelfth houses of your horoscope. This is because planet Moon is wonderfully compatible with the shining Pearl (Moti).

how are pearls formed

Pearl is formed inside oyster when particle of sand (foreign object) irritates oyster's soft inner body & it starts discharging layer of nacre which is known as mother-of-pearl to protect soft tissues from secrete nacre around the irritant area with multiple layers.


The Pearl is a Precious Stone

In all likelihood, when you are well aware that this gemstone is harvested from the depths of various seas, you may wonder, “Are Pearls considered gems?” After all, the other precious stones are extracted from different kinds of minerals and rocks across the globe. However, the fact that people from Ancient Times have valued the Pearl as a wonderful item of jewellery or used it to show off their social statuses, should suffice to convince you that it is indeed a gemstone.

Another major difference between other gemstones and the Pearl is that the latter is the yield of a living creature. A living mollusc (oyster, for example) creates this stone from a tiny grain of sand that is stuck between its bare skin and its hard shell. The animal secretes layers of fluids around this grain of sand, in order to find relief from the irritation that follows its entry.

Are All Pearls Round

The answer is a firm ‘No’! The creator of the Pearl can never predict how its shape will be. It follows, therefore, that obtaining a perfectly round gemstone can only be a rare case! In fact, even a near-round specimen is a rarity! This is why you can never give a ‘yes’ to the question, “Are all Pearls round?” Instead, you will have to state that they are generally semi-round, button-shaped, oval, akin to a tear drop, irregular (semi-baroque) or irregular and asymmetrical (baroque).

It is not possible for the raw stone to be completely devoid of certain irregularities or tiny blemishes, considering its origins. Gentle treatments are requisite to create the finished product. However, they do not change the physical or chemical compositions of the gemstone.

Freshwater Pearls

Amongst all types of Pearls, buyers treasure the freshwater specimens the most. This is because they offer unique shapes, sizes and colours. Designers of jewellery items, connoisseurs of these precious stones and shoppers love them! However, you desire the Pearl for fulfilling an astrological dream. Therefore, find a genuine answer to your question, “Are freshwater pearls real pearls”, before purchasing the stone. In fact, if you should visit an authentic dealer, such as, you should have no issues about the genuineness of your purchase. One sure fire way of identifying a genuine stone is to bite it gently. It should appear slightly gritty or rough to your teeth!

Apart from freshwater Pearls, there are two other varieties. One is the extremely expensive South Sea Pearls, harvested from water bodies existing in Australia, The Philippines and Indonesia. They are satiny smooth, large (between 8/9 mm and 20 mm) and luminous. The other is the Akoya Pearl.

Benefits of emerald gemstone

It is true that all manner of stories have been circulating about the mysterious Emerald stone, over the centuries. Yet, there is no denying that it has the power to mesmerise, bewitch, influence, etc. In fact, people have engaged in terrible wars too, just because they felt that they had to possess the best Emerald gemstone in the world! regardless of Emerald stone price

A Gemstone that Appeals and Lures

If you were to hold up the gemstone against bright light, you would be fascinated by the marvellous shades of green emanating from its facets! Well, the very same hues were responsible for it achieving this unique name! Those, who speak Latin, would know that Smaragdus means green gem. Those, who are familiar with Sanskrit, would know that Marakata is the green of growing things. Apart from the colours that enchant, diverse legends and folklores, which emphasise the secretive, mythological and supernatural powers of the precious stone, have only sufficed to add to the gemstone’s attraction. The most popular tale is about its ability to keep the wearer youthful forever!

About Emerald Stone

One of the world’s costliest stones, the Beryl, is responsible for the origin of the Emerald (Panna). Panna is the purest extraction of Beryl. The best specimens of this gemstone are available at the mines in Scotland and Zambia. Several other places across Europe, Asia and Africa yield good quality Emeralds too. However, you should not find another market like Jaipur in Rajasthan, India, for shaping the raw materials to perfection, anywhere in the world!

Now, there are many websites online, which deal in the purchase and sale of precious stones. However, you will have to identify a genuine dealer, whenever you desire to buy Emerald gemstone. Note that you wish to obtain astrological benefits from this stone. You are not keen to use it for ornamental purposes. Therefore, opt for someone like, if you will. Remember that an authentic shop will even judge per carat Emerald price accurately.

Benefits of a Genuine Stone

The stupendously charming green of the stone suffices to let you know that it is a genuine specimen. In fact, you will fall in love with the hues vacillating from light to dark, completely devoid of dark/black spots on the stone’s surface. Above all, an authentic stone is one of the hardest minerals in the world, in capable of sustaining damages or scratches.

Now, which zodiac signs should purchase the Panna?

They include Gemini, Virgo and Cancer. The former two may view it as their birthstone, since planet Mercury governs their respective sun signs. Apart from this, your numerologist may suggest befriending this stone, if are linked to the lucky numbers of 5, 14 and 23.

The gemstone ensures that you acquire a tranquil mindset, enhance your powers of perception and reasoning, and develop the Gift of Prophecy. Since your communication skills, memory, focus, intellect and creativity improve to a tremendous extent, you should be able to scale the heights of success, whatever you do, in no time!

Chakra Benefits of Tiger Eye gemstone

Tiger eye gemstone is classified as yellow and brown stripes. Astrologers suggest that they indentify Mars and Sun planets.

Astrological Benefits of Tiger Eye gemstone: According to experienced astrologers that this gemstone should be worn who have birthdays on 2nd and 7th. Generally this gemstone should be worn to eliminate the evil eye powers. Prime benefits of this gemstone are that they could be worn in any kind of gemstone.

Health Benefits of Tiger Eye gemstones:  More important thing is to have peace in mind for overall well being of the human body. This gemstone brings you the same.

Chakra Benefits of Tiger Eye gemstone

Through many years it is proven that this stone helps in bringing out the practicality and deeper sense of understanding the cause of certain situations. The Dharan of this gemstone helps in sharpening of the creativity. In the history of gemology, this stone is considered to be one of the strongest one thus could fulfill ones basic survival needs.

How to Indentify genuine Tiger Eye gemstone:-

  1. A real stone must possess the optical effect when seen under the light. A real stone when hold under the light then it should bring you that magnificent light impact.

 Importance of untreated/Natural Gemstone

  1. Sometimes in life we may not be able to find happiness in whatever we do however this gemstone could help in cutting down the effects of negative effects.
  2. Often Tiger eye gemstone is suggested to people who have problems related to bone.
  3. This gemstone is totally recommended for people who are willing to have some courage in life. Even if you are feeling low in life then this gemstone could bless you with self confidence.

How to Care Tiger Eye gemstone and wearing method

  • In order to enhance the powers of this gemstone do keep this stone dipped in clean water for whole night.
  • Prefer wearing this gemstone during the sunrise of Monday morning during Shukla paksha.
  • If you use your right hand very often then this ring should be worn in right hand and if left then left hand.

For the best results of Tiger Eye gemstone

  • Best part about the Tiger Eye gemstone is that could be worn by any age group.  This stone is even good for people who wish to prevent themselves from any kind of serious disorders.
  • It is must that the wear must respect this gemstone and mostly even recommended for people who persistently have eye related issues.
  • This gemstone is also known for bring in the right kind of focus and balanced concentration.
  • This gemstone is also lucky people who wear it after consulting the astrologers.

This gemstones are being mined in various different parts of the world but if you wish to seek a genuine gemstone then buying from reputed virtual store will work wonders. Since ancient times this stone is used for various purposes even for materialistic benefits also this stone is highly reliable.

Where to buy 4 faced Rudraksha online

Rudraksha beads are divided consonant to their mukhs or ordinary cuts on their bodies and can array from one to 21. One of the additional admired ones is Four Mukhi Rudraksha. It is an emblematic of Lord Brahma and is hypothetical to have the power of Lord Brihspati. It depicts achievement in all the four commands. It imparts on the wearer information of the four Vedas. It is whispered there are four levels of information and Four Mukhi Rudraksha works on every of them. It works on exclusion of rational weariness and accomplishing ingenuity and religious nearby. People who catch bad thoughts also profit from Four Mukhi Rudraksha. It works marvels for the wearer’s mind faculties and assists to acquire Moksha. It could be worn after intoning the essential mantras and doing necessary pooja. 


4 Mukhi Rudraksha Benefits


  • It is tremendously helpful for students, teachers, and all who want to perk up their reminiscence and attentiveness. Since, it is an outstanding option for children.
  • It's benefits in taking away of animal butchery sin. 
  • The verbal aptitude also enhances with Four Face Rudraksha so it is unbelievable for singers. 
  • Four Mukhi Rudraksha heals epilepsy, loss of reminiscence and joystick mental pressure. 
  • 4 mukhi Rudraksha has also confirmed to help out patients torment from paralysis, gall bladder trouble and thyroid problem as well. 
  • The adrenal system trouble and the heart problems also get reassured from 4 Mukhi Rudraksha. 
  • People who are distress from kidney problems can perceive development because of 4 mukhi Rudraksha. Many undergo from surplus sleep and are in favourable terms from this bead.


How to put on 4 Mukhi Rudraksha:

  • The four mukhi rudraksha can be ceased in gold, silver or panchdhatu.
  • To experiment its cleanliness, plunge it in a glass of water for an hour. The water must remain see-through and devoid of any smell. The bead must stay unbroken without any minute fizz holes in it.
  • The correct day to put on is Monday till 12 noon.
  • Fresh it with Gangal Jal and Panchamrit and chant the Bheej mantra ‘Om Hreem Namah’ 108 times for each face of the rudraksha to rejuvenate it.
  • Sit opposite to northeast and wear it after worshipping Lord Shiva.

4 Mukhi Rudraksha Wearing Rules:

For top results, this rudraksha should feel your body while wearing. Go to Lord Shiva temples on Monday and don't spoil in falsehood. At all times connect in spiritual and charity activities.

Is 4 faced advantageous for human species?
Ideal for Body, brain & religious gains: Rudraksha elicits control in the body, which battles in opposition to diseases, therefore recuperating in general health. As per Ayurveda, Rudraksha strengthens the body constitutions. It removes the blood impurities and energises the body stuff. It withdraws the germs within as well as exterior the Human Body. Rudraksha takes the headache, cough, paralysis, and blood pressure, heart disease and maternity trouble. Tiring of Rudraksha fetches flame on the face, which outcomes in peaceful and delightful personality.


What is the Astrological Importance?

Shani Dev evokes fear in everyone’s heart, for he is planet Saturn! Depending upon his positioning in your horoscope, he may take your life to the greatest heights of success, or destroy it! Only the Blue Sapphire can defeat his malevolent designs or enhance his positive energies.

Neelam is the birthstone of Capricornians and Aquarians. However, some Librans, Virgoans and Scorpions may need it too.


Blue Sapphire may be extracted from igneous rocks or alluvial deposits in several places across the globe. However, benefits will only accrue, if you obtain a high quality and authentic stone from a genuine website. One such is

Health Benefits

This gemstone should suffice to calm your mind to such an extent that you develop the ability to take decisions, improve your intuition, increase your creativity, and focus on various tasks efficaciously. You will be in charge of your moods, feelings and emotions.

Over time, your relationships within the domestic arena, at the workplace, and in the community acquire a new ‘health’ status. You will prove to be an inspiring and charismatic leader.

Chakra Benefits

Chakras (wheels with spokes) are the seven, invisible energy centres aligned parallel to the spinal column/backbone, from its base to the crown of the head. As every chakra rotates, it generates energy, thereby activating the organs near it. The Blue Sapphire activates the crown chakra or Sahasrara (crown of the head).

How to Identify the Genuine Stone

You may find the natural stone in diverse shades of colour, such as light/dark/purplish/violet/navy blue, indigo, etc, since it comprises of several minerals and metals, including corundum and cobalt. The stone, with its flawless transparency, is one of the hardest minerals on this earth. Therefore, it is scratchproof.

A flawed stone will exhibit white lines crisscrossing the surface, uneven surfaces or a clash of colours.

Importance of Untreated/Natural Stone

The best place to obtain natural, untreated and unheated Neelam stones is Sri Lanka. An experienced gemmologist will be able to differentiate between expensive and healthy, and inexpensive and unhealthy stones. If you think ‘cheap’, you may end up with a flawed stone, which will only bring bad luck and ruin into your life.

Method of Caring and Wearing

Your three-to-six carat gemstone should settle down onto a silver or gold ring. Between 5 AM and 7 AM on a Saturday, which falls in the first fortnight of any month, soak your ring in a solution of distilled water, raw milk (cow’s milk) and pure honey. Alternatively, use Gangajal. Remove it after 30 minutes or so. Keep the atmosphere holy via the burning of incense sticks and chanting of mantras. Wipe your ring gently, and place it on the middle finger of your right hand. The Mount of Saturn lies at the base of this finger.

For the Best Results of Blue Sapphire

Do adhere to planet Saturn’s Code of Conduct. He would like you to follow a life of discipline, diligence, penance, patience and limitation. You must carry out your duties and responsibilities towards your parents and elders with devotion. Above all, you must be truthful at all times. Thus, you will receive the rewards of longevity happiness and prosperity!

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