unheated nilam gemstone

Blue sapphire better known as neelam or nilam gemstone is actually the gem of Saturn. It is worn in order to get rid of Saturn’s evil effects. You should always wear blue sapphire under the guidance of an experienced astrologer because it might prove to be harmful if you do not follow that. Moreover the stone should never be worn alone. It is crucial to wear it with one or two other gems to get benefitted by nilam’s good effects. It has been stated as the strongest as well as fastest acting gemstone. Blue sapphire is also available in two forms- blue sapphire that are naturally heat treated and naturally unheated-untreated blue sapphire gemstones. Most of the blue sapphire gemstones that are available in the market are mainly heat treated. Unheated blue sapphire is of high price as it rarer to find in comparison to the sapphires of equal quality but have gone through heat treatment. Beautiful gemstone rings are made of the blue sapphires that are untreated.

In what shades and cuts are nilam gemstones available?

Blue coloured sapphires are loved by many. Blue sapphire collection mainly consists of a great variety of blue tones. Be it light pastel Sweden princess blue sapphire or rich as well as velvety royal blue sapphires, you can buy the shade you love. Other than colour and shades, cutting is also a vital factor in a coloured gemstone like blue sapphire. More than the round and oval shape, it is how precision cutting will make a sapphire gemstone more attractive. If a royal blue sapphire is cut poorly then it will be much less valuable than a piece of another nilam gemstone with a great cut.

What are the advantages of wearing blue sapphire stone?

Get an idea of the top 6 benefits of blue sapphire stone along with its effects.

  • If the gemstone blesses you with good luck, wealth along with prosperity then be sure that stone neelam use is well-suited for you.
  • It will also improve an individual’s focus as well as concentration. So student as well as professionals who are working in the middle of any academic environment will immensely be benefitted from blue sapphire.
  • Negativity and unknown fears are removed from a person’s life and thus he is saved from depression. A mental balance is maintained and self-confidence is regained.
  • This gemstone has few health benefits, one of it being it helps in digestion. It is also known to prevent several ailments related to the stomach.
  • The blue sapphire gemstone aids in handling any nerve related issues and neurological disorders.

The Neelam stone will soothe as well as comfort an individual’s senses as well as provide him calmness. So he will be able to avoid depression, stress along with anxiety and its related symptoms.

best emeralds come from

Get a proper idea about emerald gemstone

Gemstones are said to have a vital place in the Indian culture. They are not only used for adorning the wearer because some of them have abilities to change people’s fortune. If you wear a gemstone according to your horoscope, then your life will become changed in a better way. Emerald is a fascinating gemstone because it has a beautiful colour and several benefits. Its ruling planet is Mercury. If you wear a real emerald gemstone after consulting an astrologer properly, then it will bring a huge transformation in your life and your health, wealth as well as relationships will improve a lot.


Can you get hold of the best emerald stones?

If you have been thinking where do the best emeralds come from, then you must have a look at the Colombian, Zambian as well as Brazilian emeralds as they are considered as the best. Colombian emeralds are considered as the best as Colombia offers 70-90% of the supplies in the world’s emerald market. It also produces high quality emeralds. Plenty of commercial-grade emeralds are found but the number of fine quality of emeralds is very rare. It has also been found that Colombian emeralds have their colour mainly from chromium and Brazilian stones from vanadium. So the Columbian emeralds have more inclusions than the Brazilian.


Does colour as well as clarity have impact on price along with value of an emerald stone?

The colour of a gemstone may be considered as a main value factor, but it is not the most vital one. If two emerald gemstones with similar dark and green colour is present, but one of them is transparent and the other one is translucent, then the value of 1 cart emerald of the transparent one will be $10,000. The translucent one will be priced much lesser than the transparent one. So transparency will act as the main factor that will contribute to the lower value of the emerald gemstone. Depending on the colour, clarity, cut as well as size of the emerald gemstone the pure emerald stone price varies a lot. Most important is the factor that how the stone will appeal to an individual’s eye.


Are there any side effects of wearing an emerald stone?

Emerald is known to be a calm as well as soft gemstone. So as result of this softness, it does not produce any intense side effects. If it is not well-suited for an individual, he will lose his patience. He will hurry in everything that he will be doing. He will also become very careless. You will also become over confident and will hesitate a lot. If you do not remove the emerald gemstone, then you will suffer from breathing problems or asthma. Long term use of an emerald gemstone even if it is not suitable for you will have a serious effect on your health. Problems related the planet Mercury will also occur. Stomach infections and along with sleep related problems are seen. So before you purchase emerald, you must get an idea whether it will suit you or not.

So wear an emerald gemstone either on your finger or on your wrist after proper consultation with an astrologer to bring back a balance in your life.

Ceylon yellow sapphire

Does yellow sapphire have any great effects?

Yellow sapphire is said to represent Jupiter according to the Vedic astrology. It comes in a yellow colour and is the most expensive gemstone. Individuals wear it to get the blessings of the planet Jupiter. When an individual wears a certified yellow sapphire, it will give him good health, longevity, wisdom, name, prosperity, honour as well as fame and financial gain. So if Jupiter is properly positioned in a person’s horoscope as well as gives great results, he can wear yellow sapphire gemstone. Before wearing it, you should always consult an astrologer as it can also produce negative effects and harm you if it is not suitable for you.

How to wear a yellow sapphire?

If you wish to wear a yellow sapphire stone, you can buy 3-6 carats of this gemstone. Ceylon yellow sapphire is believed to give best results according to some of the most experienced astrologers. Wear it in a ring of gold or silver. You should wear it on your first finger of your right hand on a Thursday morning. It will give effect within a month after wearing it. After 4 years it becomes inactive and then you should change the gemstone. You should remember that diamond, emerald as well as blue sapphire should never be worn along with a yellow sapphire gemstone until and unless an astrologer recommends it.

Should you buy a loose gemstone?

When you will buy loose Ceylon yellow sapphire gemstone instead of a stone that is pre-set, be sure that you will be getting the best value for the money you paid. Loose gemstones will be less expensive and will provide you with a better value. You will also be able to see for what you are paying. The vital part of getting the correct price as well as finding the best available value is to first have a look at what you will be getting. A jewellery setting will be hiding all inclusions inside a gemstone and will either deepen or even brighten its colour. But if you buy a loose gemstone, you can inspect the gem easily and find out whether it is real or fake. Thus you will be able to form a better idea related to its real worth and also be well assured that you are paying off a good price.

How should you buy yellow sapphire?

You can get hold of an ideal yellow sapphire gemstone. It may have the best colour, great clarity, wonderful cut as well as perfect size. But the most important thing that you must analyse is the cost of pukhraj stone. If you buy it from an online store how will you know its real value? It is important to know whether the gemstone you bought is worth the money. Colour, clarity and shape of the gems will create a difference in the price rate of yellow sapphire available in the market. Ceylon yellow sapphire price in India starts from INR 5000-INR 100000/ carat. So the best way to make sure you are getting a fair rate is by gathering basic information related to the factors that influence the price of yellow sapphire. Thus you will able to get the best price when you will buy it from an online shop or a local store.

So have complete information about yellow sapphire, consult an astrologer and then buy and wear this gemstone.

what is ruby

The most common questions that an astrologer may come across is what is ruby and why should you wear it. Ruby is basically a gemstone which is ruled by Sun and it is worn to make the Sun strong in an individual’s horoscope because it draws great inspiration from the Sun. The colour along with the cut of rubies has made them a valuable jewellery possession from a long time. Individuals, who do not like to wear rings and wish to have greater benefits from this gemstone, should wear it as a bracelet or pendant.

What is the rare variety of ruby gemstone?

A star ruby is a rare variant of a ruby gemstone. This stone piece is named star because of it has an ability to create a star consisting of six rays when you move the stone around its surface in the presence of sun or artificial light. Due to the presence of an optical phenomenon, star ruby gemstone has this ability to form brilliant six rays. This gemstone has the power to protect the wearer from various upcoming dangers that will cause harm such as misfortunes, negative energy, accidents and envy. It is believed to provide internal strength, diminish tensions, keep the mind distressed and wave off stress related issues such as hysteria, migraine and insomnia. People who belong to the horoscope Leo should wear this gemstone as Leo is ruled by the Sun which is the gem for ruby. You should wear it in your right hand’s ring finger and on Sunday. You can wear it with copper and gold.

What is the price of a ruby?

Are you wondering about the worth of a ruby? Then you should consider few factors that affect its value. Colour, clarity, cut, carat weight, origin, treatment as well as market conditions determine the worth of a ruby gemstone.  Rubies are valuable and large gem quality ones are more valuable than smaller ones. According to the ruby value chart, the prices vary from $100-$15000/ct Myanmar stones in half to one carat sizes along with slightly purplish red colour as well as light inclusions range from $300-$3000/ct. It has also been found that clean and top coloured gems in the half-one carat size range are sold everywhere between $1000-$3000/ct. High value ruby is controlled tightly as well as rarely makes way to custom cutters. Custom cut as well as re-cut stones are price more per carat.

Should you buy ruby from online?

Nowadays, online shopping is becoming very popular. Hence when it comes to buy ruby, you do not have to worry about where to buy gemstones as many online shops are seen to sell it. But look out for a reliable store that sells genuine products. Online shopping will also aid you to buy ruby gemstone at a much lesser price than the local shops. Some online stores also have a great collection of ruby gemstones and you can easily select one from it. Exciting offers and discounts will make the price of these gemstones much more reasonable.

Before you wear a ruby gemstone, you should consult an astrologer because it will have positive as well as negative effects on the basis of the Sun’s position in the birth chart. 

yellow sapphire ring

The variety and speciality in yellow sapphires

Though yellow sapphires look similar and yellow in colour they are quite different when it comes to their origins. The quality of the gem can also be determined from the place it is mined.  They are sold in the market in that name and the people are impressed by it. The people who sell jewellery will know which the best qualities gemstones are. Along with the colour and the size of the yellow sapphire, its origin is also identified to tag its price and quality. So here are some of the places which are well known for the yellow sapphire mines.

Yellow sapphires from Russia 

The gemstones from Russia are known for their number. Many of the yellow sapphires in large numbers are transported from Russia to many places.  There are many mines in Russia where there are plentiful of yellow sapphires.

Brazilian yellow sapphires

Numerous yellow sapphires are also known to originate from Brazil. It is known for its best quality yellow sapphires. The Brazilian gemstones are light yellow in colour which some people particularly prefer while choosing yellow sapphire. They are deemed as the best looking yellow sapphire because of its unique minimal yet appealing colour.

The yellow stones of Rhodesia

The Rhodesian yellow sapphires are colourless but the stones are transported around the world to make stylish and affordable accessories.

Sri Lankan yellow sapphires

The yellow sapphires from Ceylon have a huge market. They are world famous. They are yellow and also flexible. The price is also affordable and the quality is unsurpassed. These characteristics contribute to its popularity. Many people are partial to the yellow sapphires from Ceylon and they are in demand.

 You can buy yellow sapphire stone online in India to get the best deals of these stones.  

Tricks to find the originality

•    Examine the yellow sapphire with a yellow glass stone because many of the yellow sapphires are created from glass. The yellow glasses may look the same as the yellow sapphire in a first glance but the glass stone will be too perfect and big to be a real stone.

•    Identify if there are tiny bubbles. The sapphires will have many inclusions which can be visible when seen through a magnifying glass. The fake sapphires will have tiny bubbles inside them so check if there are any in the sapphire you have.

•    The sapphire is solid and hard. Only very few materials can scratch a sapphire and that is diamond. So you can scratch and check if a stone is fake or original by the scratch appearing in the stone. If it appears you know what that is. This is the best way to find out if the sapphire is fake or real.

Buy pukhraj online India

 If you have a desire to purchase an exquisite yellow sapphire buy yellow topaz online India. Buy yellow sapphire stone from the online jewellers at affordable prices. You can get your favourite pieces of jewellery made in yellow sapphire customized from the online jewellers. Just give them the design and they will create a unique piece just for you. Therefore buy pukhraj online.

Ruby gemstone verified by price

Rubies are very beautiful. Everyone women love to adorn themselves in ruby jewellery. Rubies are natural gemstones. Out of two mineral corundum ruby is one of them. Ruby is one of the most classic and traditional gemstones. There are lots of natural elements in ruby which gives the blood red colour to it.  The chromium is the key element which gives this beautiful colour to it.  A genuine Ruby Gem stone Price can be identified by it brilliant cut, size, colour and clarity.  The brightest and the precious ruby stone is in blood red or pigeon red colour.  This blood red colour ruby is more valuable and rare than other ruby gemstones.

Rubies have the hardness of 9.5. After diamond and moissanite rubies and emeralds are the precious corundum with this much high hardness.   Rubies are available in various colours. The next colour ruby stone which is highly valued is the pink rubies. Minimum saturation colour should be met by this gemstone to be called as a ruby. There is always confusion between emeralds and rubies. They both are the only gemstones from the mineral corundum family. These rubies and emeralds are available in pink.  There are ruby mines available around the world.

Treatment of rubies

There are many treatments which are been down to ruby gemstones to enhance its clarity and colour. Some of the common treatments done to rubies are heat –treating. However, these treatments on these rubies have not worked and it has caused down pressure in the price of it. Some of the other different colours in which rubies are available are pink, red, orange and purple.  The price range of rubies can differ because of its quality. There are several incredible jewellery pieces are available on these ruby gemstone.  The natural process of heating the rubies can eliminate all the impurities. 

Ruby jewelry

  • The ruby rings are very popular. Rubies come in amazing ring designs. These ruby rings are available for both the men and women.
  • The ruby neckpieces are a dream of every woman. There are many wonderful neckpieces available in rubies.  This gemstone can dazzle and it will be suitable for any grand occasion. Ruby necklaces have always been able to add the right amount of elegance in to a woman’s attire. These necklaces available in ruby stones look even more beautiful when other gemstones such as diamonds and emeralds are in it.
  • The ruby bangles and bracelets look very classy. It can give any women a look of sophistication and elegance.
  • Ruby earrings are stunning. Form ruby earring drops to big ruby stone earring everything looks amazing.

The best place to buy rubies

Buy precious ruby gemstone from a reliable store. The best place to buy ruby stone is from online in India. From loose ruby stones to high-quality rubies are available.  Manik ruby stone 4-carat price is approx Rs.17000. The 6-carat price of ruby stone is 28000.It is very simple and easy to purchase Manik stone online.  Buy this beautiful stone to adorn yourselves.

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