Should you wear an emerald stone
  February 13, 2019
where to buy emeralds

Should you wear an emerald stone if it is well-suited for you?

The emerald is considered as one of the most stunning as well as beautiful gemstones. Emeralds are firstly harvested raw and after that cut shaped as well as polished for making jewellery. A raw emerald stone will have roughness along with irregular patterns because it is unpolished. Because of its several benefits people have been wearing this gemstone for ages. If an individual is born on the month of May, can be gifted an emerald gemstone on his special day. It is one such gemstone that offers richness along with brilliance.

Who should wear emerald gemstone?

Emerald is related directly with Mercury. Astrologers belief that an individual who has a weak Mercury will face problems related to this planet Mercury. In order to solve such problems, gemstone therapy is usually advised by experienced astrologers. During this therapy that individual who is suffering from problems is suggested to wear real emerald stone either as a ring, bracelet or pendant.

How to find out whether it is a real or fake emerald stone?

Real emeralds are hard but because of internal imperfection they will break easily if hit. Whereas a fake emerald stone are made up of two types of material such as synthetic and natural.  Some cheaper natural stones like garnet are sold as an emerald. If you are getting an emerald stone at a much cheaper price then be aware that they are selling a synthetic or fake emerald stone. So always be sure about where to buy emerald. Look out for genuine shops that provide proper documenting of the origin of the emerald stone. You can also understand whether it is fake or not by examining its colour as well as sparkle. A real emerald will come in different shades of green such as dark and light hues. A fake emerald will also be of green colour, but will have some undertones of non-green colours like yellow. Moreover a fake emerald stone will sparkle in each and every colour of the rainbow when exposed to light.

What are the benefits of wearing an emerald gemstone?

  • Individuals who wear an emerald gemstone will be able to maintain a peaceful as well as harmonious married life. It will aid to develop understanding with closed ones long with instigating family unity.
  • If you face problem to retain wealth, then you can wear an emerald gemstone and get benefitted by it. It has been said that this gemstone has the power to hold up money with an individual who wears it.
  • Students who find it difficult to concentrate on studies will also be able to increase their concentration if they wear emerald stones.
  • It also has a unique power of increasing the strength of reasoning along with spirituality.
  • Emerald is also believed to solve some health related problems such as epileptic seizures, insomnia, cardiac problems, asthma etc.
  • If a person suffers from gastrointestinal problems such as gastritis, dysentery as well as diarrhea then he can wear an emerald gemstone and reduce its frequency.
  • When emerald gemstone is worn along with other gemstones, it will cure eye related problems, nerve problems, paralysis, hypertension, etc.

So it can be said that emerald is a famous statement gemstone that always speak for itself.

natural freshwater pearl color

Pearl the most popular gemstone in the world

Pearls are known as the most common gemstones that are recommended by healers in order to solve various problems in life. They are present in varied shaped as well as colours. Black and brown pearls are equally worn like the white one. Whereas as freshwater pearls are seen to produce a wide range of colours along with shapes. Dozens of natural freshwater pearl colors are found to occur. The body colors of these pearls are white, cream or yellow, pink, purple and orange.

Are you aware of Keshi pearls?

Keshi pearls actually determine a shape of pearl more than a type. According to the history of cultured pearls, they are produced when the oyster will reject and will spit out the nucleus that is implanted before the completion of the process of culturing or when there occurs facture of the implanted mantle tissues and spate sacs of pearl without nuclei is formed. These pearls are formed either in saltwater or in freshwater molluscs. Their size is generally small and since no nucleus is present to determine the shape of the pearl, their shapes usually varies a lot. They are available in various colours and have very high lustre as well as orient. They have more lustre than the best-quality of cultured pearls. These pearls are basically a bi-product of the process of culturing and never a natural occurrence.

Who should wear pearl?

An individual belonging to the ascendant of the horoscope Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces can wear pearl. People of these three horoscopes will enjoy the benefits of pearl. People who are associated with the business of agriculture, painting, writing as well as individual directly related to sports, hotel and jewellery should wear pearl to get benefitted by it. It can be worn by those people whose horoscope calculates Moon to be his weakest planet. Mentally weak or too much emotional people with anger and worries that cannot be controlled should also wear pearl.

How to wear pearl?

  • When you use natural pearl gemstone try to wear it along with silver, bronze or gold.
  • On a Thursday morning of a bright fortnight, pearl should be worn.
  • If wearing rings and necklaces at least 4 carats of loose pearls must be present.
  • Wearing a 5, 7 as well as 9 carats or a necklace wit 109 beads of pearl is very auspicious.

What are the benefits of wearing pearl?

  • It will remove the evil effects associated with the moon.
  • Thus it will strengthen the force of the mind and boost great sleep.
  • Women who wear pearl will have their facial lustre along with beauty increased.
  • It also aids women to counter their menstrual issues.
  • Partners will experience development of a good harmony between them
  • When worn along with Rudraksha, it will aid in solving various issues that are related to depression as well as pessimism.

So get hold of a natural pearl of appropriate weight an wear it under a proper guidance of an expert.

where to buy blue sapphire

Is neelam gemstone a popular buy in the gemstone market?

Neelam is a blue coloured gemstone. It represents Saturn. Gemstone neelam should be either worn in gold or in silver. If you do not know what colour is sapphire blue, then you should know that sapphire and blue colour are synonymous. Sapphire gemstones are available in hues starting from light to dark. It can be an answer to various questions as well as troubles that you have faced or will be facing in your life. So after a proper analyzing of birth chart, an individual is usually recommended this gemstone. The neelam gemstone is related to Saturn and only works best when it complements the wearer. It should always be worn carefully to avoid some of its side effects.

Should you allow anyone to wear your neelam gemstone?

An individual who will be wearing blue sapphire must be very careful of not letting someone else wear it. It will cause a lot of disasters as well as setbacks. Always be aware that a particular gemstone is closely related to an individual’s natal chart. The weight of the gemstone along with planetary positions is linked with one another. So if anyone else will wear blue sapphire then it will cause too much disturbances in the way of the advantages that neelam stone will produce.

Is it essential to wear the neelam gemstone properly?

The neelam gemstone should be worn properly and the gemstone must be well studded in a ring or bracelet that will wear. If the stone is loosely fitted then it will not touch your skin and thus it will bring negative effects. Try to wear original as well as correctly certified gemstone. You should know where to buy blue sapphire from as fake and synthetic sapphires will cause disastrous results. If you are also aware of the sapphire stone price, then you will be able to compare the price, understand whether it is a genuine product and then purchase it. Due to this, issues related to the eyes, health and financial problems will occur. So if you decide to wear neelam gemstone, you should carefully source the correct stone, fix the stone correctly in a ring as well as wear the gemstone as prescribed by an expert astrologer.

Should you buy heated or unheated neelam gemstone?

You should always buy natural unheated blue sapphire because it is rare, beautiful as well as valuable. Whether the gemstone glows or sparkles, it is used in various jewelleries as it is eye pleasing. Synthetic stones will never have any subtle variation along with uniqueness that real neelam gemstone will have. They might look great but they are not rare or valuable. Just because of the scarcity of neelam gemstone along with its beauty, we are captivated by this beautiful gemstone. Because of its natural colour as well as clarity if unheated it is rare and highly valuable than the artificial or heated ones. But you should remember that neelam gemstones that are unheated are becoming very uncommon and becoming rare as time is passing by.

A fine neelam gemstone will satisfy each and every expectation of how a gemstone must be such as very rare, remarkably beautiful as well as valuable in all sense. 

ceylon yellow sapphire

How useful is yellow sapphire gemstone?

The gemstone that represents positive powers of the planet Jupiter in Vedic astrology is yellow sapphire which is widely known as pukhraj. Jupiter is one such planet that represents great fate as well as fortune along with divine guidance, grace, education, knowledge and power of speech. It has been seen that these days yellow sapphires are in popular demand as an engagement ring. They are available in a wide variety of yellows ranging from light colour to dark. They are much affordable than the yellow diamonds and have a greater range as far as shades as well as cuts are taken into consideration. The most brilliant colour in a natural yellow sapphire is known as canary yellow. Such a sapphire is known as canary yellow sapphire and is a vivid, sparkling yellow gemstone that has high saturation. There are also some yellow sapphires that are extracted from Sri Lanka and are known as Ceylon sapphire. This gemstone is available in greyish yellow colour as well as very deep yellow colour. Ceylon yellow sapphire price varies from INR 1500/ carat-INR 200000/ carat or may be above. The price actually depends on the colour, clarity as well as cuts of the gemstone. For astrological purposes it is considered to be the most effective. Most of them are unheated as well as untreated. But some of their colour is enhanced by heating them in high temperatures to earn a higher Ceylon pukhraj stone price. So it is important to have a yellow sapphire tested as well as certified from a well-known approved laboratory.

Should you wear yellow sapphire gemstone?

You should always wear any kind of gemstone only after you consult an expert well. Get your horoscope properly checked by an expert astrologer before you buy certified ceylon yellow sapphire pukhraj and wear it. Yellow sapphire gemstone is mostly worn by people who work in professions such as teaching, law and medicine. People who have a weak Jupiter in their horoscope should wear this gemstone to strengthen the planet’s position. Individuals belonging to the zodiac signs Pisces as well as Sagittarius can wear yellow sapphire as their life stone better known as the birthstone. Other than these two signs, people born in under the signs Leo, Scorpio, Aries and Cancer can also wear it as the planets like Mars, Moon and Sun who are the ruling planets of these four zodiac signs have a friendly relationship with Jupiter.

What are the benefits of wearing yellow sapphire gemstone?

  • It has the planetary energy of Jupiter, the planet associated with wisdom as well as fortune. So by wearing a yellow sapphire, an individual will be able to beget good fortune along with wealth.
  • It will help you to develop better clarity and focus. Thus you will be gaining a good ability of decision making.
  • Stomach ailments, poor digestive system as well as jaundice can be cured to a great extent by wearing this gemstone.
  • Students and individuals involved in higher studies and teaching profession will experience great progress by wearing yellow sapphire gemstone.

So select a reliable shop and buy yellow sapphire gemstone at a reasonable price. Wear it under an astrologer’s guidance to get great results within a short span of time.

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