An overview about ruby gemstone

  January 7, 2019
what is ruby

The most common questions that an astrologer may come across is what is ruby and why should you wear it. Ruby is basically a gemstone which is ruled by Sun and it is worn to make the Sun strong in an individual’s horoscope because it draws great inspiration from the Sun. The colour along with the cut of rubies has made them a valuable jewellery possession from a long time. Individuals, who do not like to wear rings and wish to have greater benefits from this gemstone, should wear it as a bracelet or pendant.

What is the rare variety of ruby gemstone?

A star ruby is a rare variant of a ruby gemstone. This stone piece is named star because of it has an ability to create a star consisting of six rays when you move the stone around its surface in the presence of sun or artificial light. Due to the presence of an optical phenomenon, star ruby gemstone has this ability to form brilliant six rays. This gemstone has the power to protect the wearer from various upcoming dangers that will cause harm such as misfortunes, negative energy, accidents and envy. It is believed to provide internal strength, diminish tensions, keep the mind distressed and wave off stress related issues such as hysteria, migraine and insomnia. People who belong to the horoscope Leo should wear this gemstone as Leo is ruled by the Sun which is the gem for ruby. You should wear it in your right hand’s ring finger and on Sunday. You can wear it with copper and gold.

What is the price of a ruby?

Are you wondering about the worth of a ruby? Then you should consider few factors that affect its value. Colour, clarity, cut, carat weight, origin, treatment as well as market conditions determine the worth of a ruby gemstone.  Rubies are valuable and large gem quality ones are more valuable than smaller ones. According to the ruby value chart, the prices vary from $100-$15000/ct Myanmar stones in half to one carat sizes along with slightly purplish red colour as well as light inclusions range from $300-$3000/ct. It has also been found that clean and top coloured gems in the half-one carat size range are sold everywhere between $1000-$3000/ct. High value ruby is controlled tightly as well as rarely makes way to custom cutters. Custom cut as well as re-cut stones are price more per carat.

Should you buy ruby from online?

Nowadays, online shopping is becoming very popular. Hence when it comes to buy ruby, you do not have to worry about where to buy gemstones as many online shops are seen to sell it. But look out for a reliable store that sells genuine products. Online shopping will also aid you to buy ruby gemstone at a much lesser price than the local shops. Some online stores also have a great collection of ruby gemstones and you can easily select one from it. Exciting offers and discounts will make the price of these gemstones much more reasonable.

Before you wear a ruby gemstone, you should consult an astrologer because it will have positive as well as negative effects on the basis of the Sun’s position in the birth chart. 

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