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  December 22, 2018
buy yellow sapphire pukhraj

Many of us have known about and seen the sapphires in the shade of yellow. It is a stone that looks very attractive because of the unique colour that draws the attention of all the eyes in it. It is used to make jewels that look really wonderful and many women are known to flaunt this jewel for parties or as an everyday accessory. There are yellow sapphires engagement and wedding rings, necklaces and bracelets.

It is the most auspicious of the stones. Yellow sapphires can match any outfits and dresses because its colour is minimal yet splendid. There are necklaces made in diamond and yellow sapphire combined. These are some of the unique designs available for women. Men also can choose from varied designs of yellow sapphire rings. There is one for everyone!

How to identify the real stone?

The original yellow stone will embody the following characteristics that can help you to find the real gem among the fake.

•    An original yellow sapphire will have a stone that is heavy when it is held in hand. The real yellow sapphire will be as clear as crystal and the piece of stone will be very large.

•    The real yellow sapphire is soft and smooth. The colour of the stone is a yellow that is light, bright and intense.

•    The colour of the authentic yellow sapphire will become shinier when it is scrubbed in a wall or with a touchstone. 

•     The gem that reflects dual colours and has a black smudge is considered as a fake and imitative stone.

•    The high-quality yellow sapphire is considered to be very strong that when it is scrubbed against the wall it can spark the fire.

•    The other determiners of the yellow sapphire are that when it is held in the thumb and index finger and given a press it will slip away from the hand, the stone will be that much smooth to hold.

•    A super quality yellow sapphire is similar to the shape of the sunset.

So these are some of the things you can do to pick the best quality yellow sapphire.

How are they handled?    

The highly graded yellow sapphires are polished because they contain a few inclusions and treatments. The colour and the shape of the stone must be brilliant. The super-premium grade yellow sapphires are the best quality stones. They are polished meticulously and the inclusions are very less. They are the natural yellow sapphires or are very near to it. The quality is really high so the price of the stone is also very high. The price will skyrocket according to the standard of the stone. 

Buy yellow sapphire jewels from online

You can choose your favourite design of the jewels based on yellow sapphires. They are available in plentiful online. Buy Pukhraj from the online jewellers who sell the gemstones for the costs that will surprise you. You can buy sapphire from the websites that are specifically made for the customers who want to choose jewels from a variety of designs. You can buy yellow sapphire pukhraj rings and also buy a yellow sapphire necklace from the online jewel shops for yourself or your loved one.

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