Dev Guru and the Yellow Sapphire are the Best of Friends

  May 13, 2019
Yellow Sapphire (Jupiter)

When you hold a radiant and sparkling Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj gemstone in your hand, you tend to feel as if you are holding the resplendent sun in your hands! This is because the light rays emanating from the precious stone are so gloriously golden-yellow in appearance! Apart from lending an enhanced beauty to any jewelry item, the Pukhraj also serves to award divine rewards to its owner, especially if planet Jupiter is causing turbulence in the individual’s life.

Why will you feel the need to befriend a Yellow Sapphire gemstone?

It is natural to consult a Vedic astrologer when you find that things are not going too well in your personal, professional or business life. This individual will peruse your horoscope prior to giving you any kind of advice. It could be that the position of Dev Guru or the Royal Teacher of the astrological Solar System, planet Jupiter, is weakened in the first, fourth, fifth, ninth or twelfth house of your birth chart.

Obviously, there is only one Navratna, which can provide a successful resolution. According to the astrologer, Pukhraj stone is used for Jupiter. Since the gemstone is the best friend of the planet, it will definitely work towards bringing good improvement in your existing circumstances.

What should you keep in mind while purchasing Yellow Sapphire gemstone?

Only a natural, untreated precious stone will supply divine advantages. You may avail this only at the shops of authentic dealers. Towards this end, it might be best to buy Yellow Sapphire online at After all, this shop has been in this business for years and has earned a great reputation for supplying lab-certified stones.

Even the pricing is reasonable and affordable, although it is decided in alignment with per carat of Pukhraj. Do not strive to skimp on payment by going in for duplicates or inexpensive fakes. Of course, if you could afford it, you would be buying the best specimen amongst all! We are referring to the Natural Ceylon Yellow Sapphire for Astrology, which is superb in its lushness and luster!

How should you wear Pukhraj?

The gemstone should be a minimum of 3.5 carats. Of course, you may go for a heavier stone too. Since your stone is authentic in nature, it will reveal a pure and deep golden color. Hold it against brilliant light, and you will see marvelous yellowish hues reflecting off its facets, without a hint of orange anywhere. It is important that you have this gemstone placed on an open-backed, silver ring, for it must remain in continual contact with your bare skin. customizes Yellow Sapphire rings as per customers’ needs and fingers! Therefore, do not worry. Once you receive the ring, have it go through a purification ritual, prior to placing it on the index finger of your right hand. The best time is early morning on Thursday

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