Does ceylon certified pukhraj stone have any great effects?

  January 8, 2019
Ceylon yellow sapphire

Does yellow sapphire have any great effects?

Yellow sapphire is said to represent Jupiter according to the Vedic astrology. It comes in a yellow colour and is the most expensive gemstone. Individuals wear it to get the blessings of the planet Jupiter. When an individual wears a certified yellow sapphire, it will give him good health, longevity, wisdom, name, prosperity, honour as well as fame and financial gain. So if Jupiter is properly positioned in a person’s horoscope as well as gives great results, he can wear yellow sapphire gemstone. Before wearing it, you should always consult an astrologer as it can also produce negative effects and harm you if it is not suitable for you.

How to wear a yellow sapphire?

If you wish to wear a yellow sapphire stone, you can buy 3-6 carats of this gemstone. Ceylon yellow sapphire is believed to give best results according to some of the most experienced astrologers. Wear it in a ring of gold or silver. You should wear it on your first finger of your right hand on a Thursday morning. It will give effect within a month after wearing it. After 4 years it becomes inactive and then you should change the gemstone. You should remember that diamond, emerald as well as blue sapphire should never be worn along with a yellow sapphire gemstone until and unless an astrologer recommends it.

Should you buy a loose gemstone?

When you will buy loose Ceylon yellow sapphire gemstone instead of a stone that is pre-set, be sure that you will be getting the best value for the money you paid. Loose gemstones will be less expensive and will provide you with a better value. You will also be able to see for what you are paying. The vital part of getting the correct price as well as finding the best available value is to first have a look at what you will be getting. A jewellery setting will be hiding all inclusions inside a gemstone and will either deepen or even brighten its colour. But if you buy a loose gemstone, you can inspect the gem easily and find out whether it is real or fake. Thus you will be able to form a better idea related to its real worth and also be well assured that you are paying off a good price.

How should you buy yellow sapphire?

You can get hold of an ideal yellow sapphire gemstone. It may have the best colour, great clarity, wonderful cut as well as perfect size. But the most important thing that you must analyse is the cost of pukhraj stone. If you buy it from an online store how will you know its real value? It is important to know whether the gemstone you bought is worth the money. Colour, clarity and shape of the gems will create a difference in the price rate of yellow sapphire available in the market. Ceylon yellow sapphire price in India starts from INR 5000-INR 100000/ carat. So the best way to make sure you are getting a fair rate is by gathering basic information related to the factors that influence the price of yellow sapphire. Thus you will able to get the best price when you will buy it from an online shop or a local store.

So have complete information about yellow sapphire, consult an astrologer and then buy and wear this gemstone.

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