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  January 15, 2019
unheated nilam gemstone

Blue sapphire better known as neelam or nilam gemstone is actually the gem of Saturn. It is worn in order to get rid of Saturn’s evil effects. You should always wear blue sapphire under the guidance of an experienced astrologer because it might prove to be harmful if you do not follow that. Moreover the stone should never be worn alone. It is crucial to wear it with one or two other gems to get benefitted by nilam’s good effects. It has been stated as the strongest as well as fastest acting gemstone. Blue sapphire is also available in two forms- blue sapphire that are naturally heat treated and naturally unheated-untreated blue sapphire gemstones. Most of the blue sapphire gemstones that are available in the market are mainly heat treated. Unheated blue sapphire is of high price as it rarer to find in comparison to the sapphires of equal quality but have gone through heat treatment. Beautiful gemstone rings are made of the blue sapphires that are untreated.

In what shades and cuts are nilam gemstones available?

Blue coloured sapphires are loved by many. Blue sapphire collection mainly consists of a great variety of blue tones. Be it light pastel Sweden princess blue sapphire or rich as well as velvety royal blue sapphires, you can buy the shade you love. Other than colour and shades, cutting is also a vital factor in a coloured gemstone like blue sapphire. More than the round and oval shape, it is how precision cutting will make a sapphire gemstone more attractive. If a royal blue sapphire is cut poorly then it will be much less valuable than a piece of another nilam gemstone with a great cut.

What are the advantages of wearing blue sapphire stone?

Get an idea of the top 6 benefits of blue sapphire stone along with its effects.

  • If the gemstone blesses you with good luck, wealth along with prosperity then be sure that stone neelam use is well-suited for you.
  • It will also improve an individual’s focus as well as concentration. So student as well as professionals who are working in the middle of any academic environment will immensely be benefitted from blue sapphire.
  • Negativity and unknown fears are removed from a person’s life and thus he is saved from depression. A mental balance is maintained and self-confidence is regained.
  • This gemstone has few health benefits, one of it being it helps in digestion. It is also known to prevent several ailments related to the stomach.
  • The blue sapphire gemstone aids in handling any nerve related issues and neurological disorders.

The Neelam stone will soothe as well as comfort an individual’s senses as well as provide him calmness. So he will be able to avoid depression, stress along with anxiety and its related symptoms.

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