Rudraksha a shield against negative energies

  February 16, 2017
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The vivacity of rudraksha bead is now days appreciated worldwide. Be it part of healing process, enhancing wealth or bringing in peace, you can easily count on this humble bead. Prime advantage of this bead is that they are being appreciated right from ancient sages and even scientific research has also confirmed the benefits of the same.  Some of the good reasons why you should own rudraksha that are as follows:-

Unique Vibration: - It is important to note that even the great researchers and scientists have proven the fact that rudraksha contains electromagnetic properties. Rudraksha is also known to strengthen weaken planets in your horoscope. In the ancient times the sages had to ponder from one place to another.  It is believed that sages used Rudraksha to find out if the water is poisoned or no.  If the rudraksha rotated clock wise then the water was safe to drink and if it stopped the water was poisoned. rudraksha creates its own flow of energy.

 Clears out fear: - In the modern times for work or leisure purposes, we have to travel from one place to another, Owning a rudraksha will create its own energy and even helpful in clearing out fear.

Identification of pranic food: - When it comes to fresh food, this bead could be easiest way. The foods that are easy to digest and good for health, the rudraksha mala will slightly rotate clock wise and foods that have chilly or onion will go anti-clock wise.

Chanting of mantra:- When you wish to enhance your concentration level or increase spiritualism, Chanting of mantra will be an great mate to keep you focused.

Wading off negative energies:- If you feel that there are much of negative energies surrounding you on the personal front, then adopting one mukhi rudraksha will be essentially good to work things in our favor and too wand off all sorts of negative energies.

Emotional stability:-  Though they are very hard to find they could virtually work wonders in bringing in emotional stability, calmness and from the health prospects also they do can help in controlling Blood pressure and heart cardiac aliments and you can buy rudraksha online .

Connecting to high level of spiritualism:-  The six mukhi Rudraksha could be beneficial can help in removing dullness and fatigue.

Removes anxiety:- According to expert astrologer, when the wearer wears Rudraksha it can help in removing anxiety. It can help cure problems of weakness, pain in bone and colic pain. Person wearing Rudraksha could gain instant suddhi. The six mukhi Rudraksha could also be worn on increasing power of expression.

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