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  December 21, 2018
blue sapphire gemstone online

Many women around the world are beginning to opt for the blue sapphires as their engagement rings. There are many types of sapphires around the world. However the most popular of the sapphires is the colour blue. The blue sapphire will give an appearance of uniqueness to your engagement ring. It will bring both elegance and beauty. The blue sapphire engagement ring is a perfect choice. Do you want to wear the best quality blue sapphire as your engagement ring, then here are some of the things you can keep in mind when you go to buy jewels for your wedding?

Be a good judge!

If you have decided to buy a blue sapphire, you have to think what kind of blue sapphire to buy. These are the four C’s which can help you.

•    The colour

The shade of the sapphire is the colour of the sapphire. The colour is the saturation of the sapphire. How pure and dense is the colour of the sapphire? This factor determines the quality of the stone. The higher the level of saturation the quality increases. So select the blue sapphire with the right shade of blue.

•    The clarity

The sapphire gem consists of a few inclusions. The sapphire without any type of inclusions is possibly a synthetic one. Look for a sapphire that has got no inclusions that are visible to the naked eye. The experts in the stones will look deeply at the few inclusions, size, where it comes from etc. The appearance of the inclusions must be less which will determine the standard of the blue sapphire.

•    The cut

The delicate cuts in the blue sapphires will also display the quality of the gem. The sapphire must glisten and gleam when it is exposed to light. The expert polish of the sapphire from its rough original state will make it appear beautiful to the eye. Look for a gem that sparkles.

•    The carat

The weight of the sapphire will be measured in carats. 1.5-carat blue sapphire will be a tiny stone which will be suitable for engagement rings. The blue sapphires that are larger are hard to find but the small ones are easy to find. It will look adorable on petite hands. The more the weight of the stone the higher the cost will be. It will also change according to the various shades of the blue. Therefore choose the one that impeccably suits you. They are available in blue that looks velvety to bluish violet colour. The pale blue to the royal blue colours are a more in number.

Choose the beautiful blue sapphire engagement rings which are famously worn by celebrities. These coloured stones are making a statement. If you want to get the best blue sapphire stone online in the world get it from the online jewellers.

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