Ruby Gemstone Price with transparency & Cuts

  January 2, 2019
Ruby gemstone verified by price

Rubies are very beautiful. Everyone women love to adorn themselves in ruby jewellery. Rubies are natural gemstones. Out of two mineral corundum ruby is one of them. Ruby is one of the most classic and traditional gemstones. There are lots of natural elements in ruby which gives the blood red colour to it.  The chromium is the key element which gives this beautiful colour to it.  A genuine Ruby Gem stone Price can be identified by it brilliant cut, size, colour and clarity.  The brightest and the precious ruby stone is in blood red or pigeon red colour.  This blood red colour ruby is more valuable and rare than other ruby gemstones.

Rubies have the hardness of 9.5. After diamond and moissanite rubies and emeralds are the precious corundum with this much high hardness.   Rubies are available in various colours. The next colour ruby stone which is highly valued is the pink rubies. Minimum saturation colour should be met by this gemstone to be called as a ruby. There is always confusion between emeralds and rubies. They both are the only gemstones from the mineral corundum family. These rubies and emeralds are available in pink.  There are ruby mines available around the world.

Treatment of rubies

There are many treatments which are been down to ruby gemstones to enhance its clarity and colour. Some of the common treatments done to rubies are heat –treating. However, these treatments on these rubies have not worked and it has caused down pressure in the price of it. Some of the other different colours in which rubies are available are pink, red, orange and purple.  The price range of rubies can differ because of its quality. There are several incredible jewellery pieces are available on these ruby gemstone.  The natural process of heating the rubies can eliminate all the impurities. 

Ruby jewelry

  • The ruby rings are very popular. Rubies come in amazing ring designs. These ruby rings are available for both the men and women.
  • The ruby neckpieces are a dream of every woman. There are many wonderful neckpieces available in rubies.  This gemstone can dazzle and it will be suitable for any grand occasion. Ruby necklaces have always been able to add the right amount of elegance in to a woman’s attire. These necklaces available in ruby stones look even more beautiful when other gemstones such as diamonds and emeralds are in it.
  • The ruby bangles and bracelets look very classy. It can give any women a look of sophistication and elegance.
  • Ruby earrings are stunning. Form ruby earring drops to big ruby stone earring everything looks amazing.

The best place to buy rubies

Buy precious ruby gemstone from a reliable store. The best place to buy ruby stone is from online in India. From loose ruby stones to high-quality rubies are available.  Manik ruby stone 4-carat price is approx Rs.17000. The 6-carat price of ruby stone is 28000.It is very simple and easy to purchase Manik stone online.  Buy this beautiful stone to adorn yourselves.

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