The variety and speciality in yellow sapphires

  January 5, 2019
yellow sapphire ring

The variety and speciality in yellow sapphires

Though yellow sapphires look similar and yellow in colour they are quite different when it comes to their origins. The quality of the gem can also be determined from the place it is mined.  They are sold in the market in that name and the people are impressed by it. The people who sell jewellery will know which the best qualities gemstones are. Along with the colour and the size of the yellow sapphire, its origin is also identified to tag its price and quality. So here are some of the places which are well known for the yellow sapphire mines.

Yellow sapphires from Russia 

The gemstones from Russia are known for their number. Many of the yellow sapphires in large numbers are transported from Russia to many places.  There are many mines in Russia where there are plentiful of yellow sapphires.

Brazilian yellow sapphires

Numerous yellow sapphires are also known to originate from Brazil. It is known for its best quality yellow sapphires. The Brazilian gemstones are light yellow in colour which some people particularly prefer while choosing yellow sapphire. They are deemed as the best looking yellow sapphire because of its unique minimal yet appealing colour.

The yellow stones of Rhodesia

The Rhodesian yellow sapphires are colourless but the stones are transported around the world to make stylish and affordable accessories.

Sri Lankan yellow sapphires

The yellow sapphires from Ceylon have a huge market. They are world famous. They are yellow and also flexible. The price is also affordable and the quality is unsurpassed. These characteristics contribute to its popularity. Many people are partial to the yellow sapphires from Ceylon and they are in demand.

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Tricks to find the originality

•    Examine the yellow sapphire with a yellow glass stone because many of the yellow sapphires are created from glass. The yellow glasses may look the same as the yellow sapphire in a first glance but the glass stone will be too perfect and big to be a real stone.

•    Identify if there are tiny bubbles. The sapphires will have many inclusions which can be visible when seen through a magnifying glass. The fake sapphires will have tiny bubbles inside them so check if there are any in the sapphire you have.

•    The sapphire is solid and hard. Only very few materials can scratch a sapphire and that is diamond. So you can scratch and check if a stone is fake or original by the scratch appearing in the stone. If it appears you know what that is. This is the best way to find out if the sapphire is fake or real.

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