Truth of Astrological Benefits of Gemstones

  January 25, 2017
astrological benefits of gemstones

Not everyone can understand the benefits of astrology or the advantages of befriending particular gemstones. It is not your fault, for many people regard astrology as a pseudoscience and anything associated with it as mere superstition. Nevertheless, there is no harm in trying on a gemstone advised by your astrologer for a trial period, at least. The gradual changes taking place within your mind, body and soul should suffice to convince you of the truth of astrological benefits of gemstones.

Why do we grant so much of importance to Vedic astrology?

Well, there is another kind of Solar System in the universe, according to Vedic astrology. This is a configuration of nine planets too, albeit including slightly different ones in comparison to the astronomical Solar System. You may see Sun (not considered a star over here), Moon (not considered a satellite over here), Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, Mars, Venus, Ketu (shadowy planet) and Rahu (another shadowy planet).

Now, each of these planets tends to vibrate, while moving along its specified orbit. These vibrations reach Earth from the cosmos, affecting every living being on it. The effects may be positive, negative or neutral. Well, then, you need some tool to enhance the positive and reduce the negative, don’t you? These precious stones are your tools. Your particular tool will depend upon the time and date of your birth, positions of the planets in the eastern horizon when you were born and the relationships between diverse planets.

What benefits will you receive from astrological gemstones?

They are known as Jyotish gemstones too. You would be well advised to buy gemstone from genuine gemmologists, such as and others. The first thing that will fascinate you will be the brilliant hues of your chosen gemstone. They are highlighted even more when held up, against bright light. This should bring to mind the superb light spectrum that exists naturally in the universe. When these colourful rays penetrate your skin and enter the deeper recesses of your body, mind and soul, they bring about wonderful changes. You will never know how the miracle happened! Your personality, mindset and attitude – all undergo a transformation. As a result, even the invisible aura that surrounds your body becomes more positive in nature, since the negative vibrations emanating from the cosmos fail to leave much of an impact after you befriend your chosen gemstone.

If you are still sceptical about such distant heavenly bodies affecting your aura, well, just take a close look at your palms.. Each of them represents a particular planet. The presence of a gemstone studded onto an open-backed ring, which is in continual contact with your skin, suffices to keep their energies in control. The gentle pressure applied by the gemstone is akin to a skin massage.

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