Various Types of Emeralds to Fascinate You

  April 9, 2019
Colombian Emeralds

One look at the Emerald/Panna/Pachu gemstone and you are immediately reminded of Mother Nature’s gifts with their varying greenish hues! In turn, you crave to own it, either as jewellery, or for astrological benefits. Whatever is the case, the presence of this gemstone in your life is bound to bring all kinds of advantages, including harmony, youthful exuberance and good health.

What are the most famous types of Emerald gemstones in the world?

Colombian Emeralds are of the best quality in the world. You will find them only at the Muzo Mines in the Republic of Colombia. The lush and luxurious looks of this gemstone, with the tones moving from medium green to bright green, should leave you bewitched! You will not be able to offer a single complaint against it, for the transparency and clarity are gloriously superior, in comparison to the Emeralds obtained from other mines.

Zambian Emeralds are equally prized, specifically in Western nations. This is because the strong stones are of superior quality too, with their smoothly shining surfaces that are devoid of flaws. You will feel amazed to view the unusual deepness of the greenish hues, intermingling with slightly bluish overtones.

Where should you buy a loose Emerald gemstone from, online?

While there is no denying that there are several online gemmologists, who offer authentic Panna stones, you would do well to approach This shop has been around for a long time, and is ready to offer you an original, lab-certified, untreated Emerald.

Treatment refers to the usage of harsh chemicals and heat, in order to enhance the beauty of the stone. Now, this would not matter, if you were planning to use the Panna as a jewellery item. However, artificial treatments do make a big difference to the receipt of astrological benefits. You must go in for untreated Emeralds, if you want their ruling planet Mercury’s cosmic vibrations to affect your life positively.

What are the features of certified Emeralds?

They exhibit damage-proof and scratchproof surfaces, thanks to the strength possessed by Emerald stones. Yes, the Emerald is one of the hardest minerals in the world! Therefore, if you see ugly black dots or scars marring the clarity of its surface, you may rest assured that your stone will not work for you!

Then again, the tone of the gemstone is a dead giveaway. As per expert gemmologists, the Panna must reveal 75% tone. It is possible to measure this tone on a scale of 1 to 100. If it is 0%, the gemstone is colourless. If the tone is 100%, the stone must suggest opaque blackness. This kind of a stone is the black Emerald stone. However, you merely need something that moves from bluish-green to dark or pure green.

As for colour saturation, expect it to be even in its distribution and gloriously vibrant in appearance!

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