Vedic Astrology Demands a Natural and Certified Ruby Gemstone

  April 10, 2019
Vedic Astrology Natural Ruby

There is something so mystical and enchanting about the Ruby that the instant your eyes fall onto it, you experience sudden feelings of courage, passion, love, etc! This precious stone is able to evoke such emotions within you, thanks to its astrological powers that come into display via cosmic vibrations received from the resplendent planet, Mr. Sun! However, there is a condition attached to the receipt of divine rewards. You must buy a certified, natural ruby stone online, with a laboratory report.

Now, why would a Vedic astrologer advise you in this fashion?

This is because the gemstone cannot prove advantageous for you unless it works in conjunction with its ruling planet, the Sun. As far as the astrological Solar System is concerned, the Sun is not a star here, but a planet.

It could be that when the astrologer checks your horoscope, he/she discovers that the position of this planet is rather weak in certain houses. Unless this position is strengthened, you will not be able to achieve what you desire. This is where a good quality Ruby stone direct from the mines, proves extremely helpful. It absorbs the cosmic rays emitted by the Sun and sends them into the inner depths of your being through the skin. Therefore, your gemstone must go onto a gold/silver ring with an open back, thereby permitting it to remain in constant contact with your skin.

How will you know that you are purchasing a genuine Ruby?

If you are confused about where to buy a Ruby gemstone, all that you have to do is to approach an authentic gemmologist, who can advise you about affordable purchases. However, since you are wearing the Ruby for astrological purposes, you would do well to contact Having been around for ages, this establishment will never dupe you.

Regardless, here are some tips for recognising the genuine stuff. For instance, is the surface smooth and untarnished? If the answer is in the affirmative, you may rest assured that your gemstone has not been exposed to harsh chemicals or heat. It is a natural specimen, wherein the facets reflect brilliant light in all directions. Finally, the colour tones range from a vivid red to deep red.

Which places across the globe yield good quality Rubies?

If you could obtain certified, natural Ruby stones from Burma (Myanmar) and Mozambique (Africa), you would want nothing more in life! The former is the product of the mines located in the Mogok region of Myanmar. The colour saturation is absolutely superb, vacillating between deep red and vibrant red! There may be the slightest bit of a purplish tinge to it. This is why it is renowned as Pigeon Blood Ruby. The latter is high in iron content, unlike the Burmese Ruby with its low iron content. It is equally fascinating, but devoid of the magnificent fluorescence found in Pigeon Blood.

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