Wear canary vs ceylon certified yellow sapphire gemstone comparison

  February 6, 2019
ceylon yellow sapphire

How useful is yellow sapphire gemstone?

The gemstone that represents positive powers of the planet Jupiter in Vedic astrology is yellow sapphire which is widely known as pukhraj. Jupiter is one such planet that represents great fate as well as fortune along with divine guidance, grace, education, knowledge and power of speech. It has been seen that these days yellow sapphires are in popular demand as an engagement ring. They are available in a wide variety of yellows ranging from light colour to dark. They are much affordable than the yellow diamonds and have a greater range as far as shades as well as cuts are taken into consideration. The most brilliant colour in a natural yellow sapphire is known as canary yellow. Such a sapphire is known as canary yellow sapphire and is a vivid, sparkling yellow gemstone that has high saturation. There are also some yellow sapphires that are extracted from Sri Lanka and are known as Ceylon sapphire. This gemstone is available in greyish yellow colour as well as very deep yellow colour. Ceylon yellow sapphire price varies from INR 1500/ carat-INR 200000/ carat or may be above. The price actually depends on the colour, clarity as well as cuts of the gemstone. For astrological purposes it is considered to be the most effective. Most of them are unheated as well as untreated. But some of their colour is enhanced by heating them in high temperatures to earn a higher Ceylon pukhraj stone price. So it is important to have a yellow sapphire tested as well as certified from a well-known approved laboratory.

Should you wear yellow sapphire gemstone?

You should always wear any kind of gemstone only after you consult an expert well. Get your horoscope properly checked by an expert astrologer before you buy certified ceylon yellow sapphire pukhraj and wear it. Yellow sapphire gemstone is mostly worn by people who work in professions such as teaching, law and medicine. People who have a weak Jupiter in their horoscope should wear this gemstone to strengthen the planet’s position. Individuals belonging to the zodiac signs Pisces as well as Sagittarius can wear yellow sapphire as their life stone better known as the birthstone. Other than these two signs, people born in under the signs Leo, Scorpio, Aries and Cancer can also wear it as the planets like Mars, Moon and Sun who are the ruling planets of these four zodiac signs have a friendly relationship with Jupiter.

What are the benefits of wearing yellow sapphire gemstone?

  • It has the planetary energy of Jupiter, the planet associated with wisdom as well as fortune. So by wearing a yellow sapphire, an individual will be able to beget good fortune along with wealth.
  • It will help you to develop better clarity and focus. Thus you will be gaining a good ability of decision making.
  • Stomach ailments, poor digestive system as well as jaundice can be cured to a great extent by wearing this gemstone.
  • Students and individuals involved in higher studies and teaching profession will experience great progress by wearing yellow sapphire gemstone.

So select a reliable shop and buy yellow sapphire gemstone at a reasonable price. Wear it under an astrologer’s guidance to get great results within a short span of time.

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