Where do 1 carat pure emerald stone at lowest cost come from

  January 9, 2019
best emeralds come from

Get a proper idea about emerald gemstone

Gemstones are said to have a vital place in the Indian culture. They are not only used for adorning the wearer because some of them have abilities to change people’s fortune. If you wear a gemstone according to your horoscope, then your life will become changed in a better way. Emerald is a fascinating gemstone because it has a beautiful colour and several benefits. Its ruling planet is Mercury. If you wear a real emerald gemstone after consulting an astrologer properly, then it will bring a huge transformation in your life and your health, wealth as well as relationships will improve a lot.


Can you get hold of the best emerald stones?

If you have been thinking where do the best emeralds come from, then you must have a look at the Colombian, Zambian as well as Brazilian emeralds as they are considered as the best. Colombian emeralds are considered as the best as Colombia offers 70-90% of the supplies in the world’s emerald market. It also produces high quality emeralds. Plenty of commercial-grade emeralds are found but the number of fine quality of emeralds is very rare. It has also been found that Colombian emeralds have their colour mainly from chromium and Brazilian stones from vanadium. So the Columbian emeralds have more inclusions than the Brazilian.


Does colour as well as clarity have impact on price along with value of an emerald stone?

The colour of a gemstone may be considered as a main value factor, but it is not the most vital one. If two emerald gemstones with similar dark and green colour is present, but one of them is transparent and the other one is translucent, then the value of 1 cart emerald of the transparent one will be $10,000. The translucent one will be priced much lesser than the transparent one. So transparency will act as the main factor that will contribute to the lower value of the emerald gemstone. Depending on the colour, clarity, cut as well as size of the emerald gemstone the pure emerald stone price varies a lot. Most important is the factor that how the stone will appeal to an individual’s eye.


Are there any side effects of wearing an emerald stone?

Emerald is known to be a calm as well as soft gemstone. So as result of this softness, it does not produce any intense side effects. If it is not well-suited for an individual, he will lose his patience. He will hurry in everything that he will be doing. He will also become very careless. You will also become over confident and will hesitate a lot. If you do not remove the emerald gemstone, then you will suffer from breathing problems or asthma. Long term use of an emerald gemstone even if it is not suitable for you will have a serious effect on your health. Problems related the planet Mercury will also occur. Stomach infections and along with sleep related problems are seen. So before you purchase emerald, you must get an idea whether it will suit you or not.

So wear an emerald gemstone either on your finger or on your wrist after proper consultation with an astrologer to bring back a balance in your life.

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