Why Blue Topaz Gemstone Should be an Ultimate Thing to Look Upon and Change Destiny

  February 13, 2020

Gemstones are just not indentified with beauty but for its ability to bring happiness and destiny to the person who wears it. The origin of Blue Topaz gemstone is generally produced in California USA. The magical power of blue topaz is that it could bring in happiness and destiny of the person changes who wears it.

Generally this is traditional birthstone for people who are born in December, here are few thing you should know about blue topaz and here are certain advantages that are as follows:-

  1. In blue topaz you will generally find a blend of hardness, durability, beauty and affordability. Natural blue topaz has advantages of giving you and improving in good communication skills.
  2. People who are associated with the creative field especially the writers, after getting recommendations from the astrologer the Dharan of this gemstone can be done.
  3. If a person face severe throat related problems, can do Dharan of this gemstone.
  4. Due to stress, many people in this world do face the problems of anger or frustrations.
  5. The Dharan of Blue topaz can get you away with the problems of fear, anxiety issues or home sickness.
  6. Popular Blue topaz gemstones are used for having a balanced and healthy life.
  7. It is said that Blue topaz visually symbolizes longevity, life and wisdom.
  8. Wearing Blue topaz eliminates all sorts of bad omens.
  9. It is ideal to keep the digestive system in shape.
  10. It also helps in improving the metabolism. Benefits of wearing blue topaz can only be seen if the wears on daily basis.

What is astrological use of Blue Topaz?

It is recommended for people who possess sun sign for Sagittarius. In order to have positive impacts of this gemstone it should be more than three carats. Blue topaz gemstone is helpful when you wear it on Thursday morning. The dharan of the ring should only be done in the right hand. During the chants or mantras be focused as far as possible avoid any kind of negativity or false statement. In order to gain the positive impacts, the wearer must have respect for this gemstone. In order to activate this gemstone with positive aspects, keep the stone dipped minimum for 10 minutes in Gangajal. To gain the significant impact of the stone never forget to chant on the mantra “Aum Brim Brahasaptye Namah Aum”.

Incase if you wish to wash the ringer just use clean water and no detergent should be used. If it’s your wish to buy blue topaz gemstones at wholesale prices, its worthy thing only to buy from genuine online store. For every purchase you get proper certifications of the same. You can even place your Blue topaz stone and wear it in a proper gold ring.  Blue Topaz has received the name from the fire as they are colorless, the expert gemologist give it a shiny blue stone.

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