A Hot blue topaz Gemstone with a Fascinating History

  December 7, 2016
Finest Top Gem Quality Blue Topaz

Paradoxically, the Blue Topaz appears anything but blue in colour, or even beautiful, when extracted from granite and pegmatite deposits located in diverse geographical locations. After all, the stone just comprises of fluoride and hydroxide ions plus aluminium silicate. It is only after gemmologists take matters into their ‘gentle’ hands, that the gemstone acquires its radiant hues and sparkling brilliance. The kind of irradiation treatment undertaken helps to fix the Blue Topaz gemstone price per carat.

Ah, yes, anything associated with the colour blue, conveys the impression of coolness and tranquillity.  Yet, Blue Topaz is linked to fire or heat. It derives its label from “tapas” in the Sanskrit language. The Greeks referred to it as “Topazion”. This meant that it could counter the harmful effects caused by anything fiery.

For instance, the Ancients believed that if the gemstone were placed in hot or boiling water, it would reduce the raised temperature. Thereby, one could even dip one’s hands into this water and remain unharmed.

Seers suggested that turbulent emotions could be calmed down via the presence of Blue Topaz. It had to be placed on a string and worn around the neck. A finger ring with the gemstone embedded on it would offer warnings of impending perils via the stone’s fading colour. Thus, the wearer would be safe from enemy attackers while travelling or sudden accidents and deaths.

As per the Ancient Egyptians, Blue Topaz represented Ra (Sun God). Ra gave life to living beings and encouraged fidelity in their relationships.

By fixing the precious stone on their breastplates, Jewish high priests indicated that the Blue Topaz brings leadership abilities into prominence.

Advantages of Blue Topaz

In modern times, this gemstone is favoured by Sagittarians more than by anyone else. Therefore, if you have been born in December, do visit a reputed shop like vedicratna.com, to buy Blue Topaz stone online. Governed by the Lord of all Planets, Jupiter, the stone promises to activate the universal laws of attraction, such that your life’s goals may be fulfilled.

Your thyroid gland will receive a superb boost after you purchase the finest gem of top quality, the Blue Topaz. With the restoration of its balance and strength, it will function as beautifully as it did before. Then again, you will find the health of your digestive system, cardiovascular system, vision and nervous system completely restored. You will even be able to rid your body of excess fat and the ill effects caused by stress.

The blue topaz gemstone serves to unlock your throat (vishuddha) chakra. You will attain great success in areas like business, writing, sales, travelling, etc, by remaining honest, diligent and humble. You will never feel the need to be greedy.

Over time, you will gain self-confidence, serenity and wisdom.

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