After all planet venus is the best friend of the Opal

  December 10, 2016
certified natural Opal gemstone

Over the centuries, this stone has fascinated poets, writers, royalty and lovers alike. Yes, we are talking about the bedazzling Opal! There cannot be something more pure and limpid than this queen amongst precious stones. If you wish to possess this stone, you must have been born in the month of October. This means that your sun sign should be Scorpio or Libra.

An Unusual Gemstone

What makes it unique is the fact that you will never find one Opal resembling another. Each one is different. This is due to the marvellous play of colours exhibited by this stone. Probably, this is the reason for the Greeks terming it as Opalliois and the Latin-speaking people naming it Opalus. Both the names refer to changes in hues. In India, the high-quality Opal gem, the most spectacular amongst gemstones, is known as Upala, that is, the precious stone.

Unlike most of the other gemstones contains water, as evinced by the presence of hydrous silicon dioxide within it. Therefore, it is non-crystalline and soft in nature. When viewed under magnification, you should be able to observe numerous tiny spheres within the gemstone. These spheres are not scattered here and there, but arranged to form a mesh-like structure. This mesh-work is three dimensional in appearance. This network permits the phenomenon of this gemstone scence to take place. In simple language, light is able to perform the dual functions of reflection and refraction gloriously.

Admittedly, this gemstone does not come cheap, since it exhibits marvellous internal iridescence. Therefore, the gemstone price per carat may vary. When you think about it, the play of colourful flashes of light is more visible on a stone possessing a black or a darkish background. In contrast, the Water Opal or Jelly Opal, which is crystalline in nature, is colourless. If the precious stone has a white background, it displays pastel shades. In case, you obtain a certified, natural gemstone, otherwise known as Mexican Opal, you will be thrilled to discover dark hues like yellow, red, brown or orange within it.

Advantageous of this gemstone

The gemstone has tremendous healing powers. Black Opal takes care of erectile dysfunction in males and delivery woes in pregnant females. The White one restores harmonious functioning of various organ systems, including the nerves. Thus, bodily balance is recovered. Similarly, you will no longer face issues with your bloodstream, mind or lethargic habits, if you favour the Mexican Opal.

This is not all. With the restoration of your self-esteem, you will find yourself turning into a charmingly charismatic person, who is an inspiration for others. Your mind power is stretched to the limit, astounding others with its spontaneity and creativity.

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