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  May 15, 2019
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It might surprise you to know that the astrological Solar System is slightly different from the astronomical Solar System. Vedic astrology refers to these planets as the navagraha stones benefits , for each is supposed to be governed by a specific deity. This deity may decide to favour you or harm you.

Whatever is the case, there is a particular gemstone for each graham, which will suffice to enhance the positive aspects of your life and destroy the negative ones. Each precious stone has the capacity to absorb the cosmic vibrations emitted by the diverse grahas, and ensure that they reach the inner depths of your being. In other words, the specific deity’s power takes over, in order to award you divine benefits

Rahu and Ketu:

The names of these extremely malefic planets are taken together, for they form the head and tail of the dragon in the sky. However, these two planets are not easily visible, for they appear rather shadowy in the skies.

You may appease Rahu via Hessonite gemstone and Ketu via Cat’s Eye gemstone. Place either stone on a silver ring. Then, push the ring onto the middle finger of the right hand.


Hindus know and fear this planet as Shani Dev. It all depends upon his moods and fancies, whether he desires to reward you or punish you!

Blue Sapphire is the best friend of planet Saturn. Place it on a gold/silver ring and position it just above Mount Saturn. The Mount is below the central finger of your right hand.


People fear Mangal Dev and Mangal Dosha too! However, the Red Coral gemstone should suffice to handle all your problems. Just place it onto a gold/copper ring first. Then, place the ring on the ring finger of your right hand.

Sun and Moon:

The astrological fraternity considers them as planets, referring to them as Surya Dev and Chandra Dev.

While planet Sun adores the Ruby gemstone, planet Moon prefers to befriend the Pearl. The Ruby should go onto a gold/copper ring, which looks good on the ring finger of the right hand. The Pearl should go onto a silver ring, which goes over the small finger of your right hand.


Budh Dev is another name for this planet. He adores the Emerald gemstone. Ensure that the stone is studded onto a gold/silver ring, which stays firm on the small finger of your right hand.


We refer to this planet as Shukra Dev. It inclines towards the Diamond gemstone. Therefore, have the stone embedded onto a gold/silver ring. You may place it on the small/middle finger of your right hand.


He is Brihaspathi Dev, highly inclined towards the Yellow Sapphire. The stone’s beauty is only enhanced by the gold ring on which it is placed. The ring must go on the index finger of your right hand.

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