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  February 8, 2020

Before knowing particularly about the 6 Mukhi rudraksha, you might want to know about Rudraksha in general. Well, It is not a gemstone or anything. It is simply a fruit of a tree that has many spiritual benefits.  It is so powerful because it is said that the origin of Rudraksha was from The Eyes of Lord Shiva himself.

If we analyze the word Rudraksha, we ger two words, 'Rudra,' which means Shiva himself, and 'Aksa' means 'eyes.' So, the meaning of Rudraksha is the eyes of Lord Shiva.

There are 21 types of Rudraksh that we can find. However, only a few are common. The most uncommon type of Rudraksh is the one and the 21 mukhis. The 14 Mukhi Rudraksha is a very powerful one. The 6 Mukhi rudraksha is powerful as well.

The 6 Mukhi Rudraksha

The main importance of the Six Mukhi Rudraksha is that it is endowed with the warrior qualities of lord Karthikeya, who is the son of Shiva. Also, as lord Karthikeya is immensely good-looking, the wearer of the six Mukhi rudraksha gets good looks and youthful appearance after wearing it. If you wear the 6 mukhi rudraksha, you will get warriors like qualities, bravery, and the willingness to face situations. It will also ward off any laziness or tiredness that you experience on a daily basis. Wear the 6 mukhi rudraksha if you want monetary profits in your business. This particular bead will also maintain good relations with your mother.

Rules for Wearing Rudraksha 6 Mukhi Beads

There are certain rules for wearing the six mukhi rudraksha. To get the complete benefits of this Rudraksha, wear Rudraksha after performing some rituals.

The best time to wear this Rudraksha is on a Tuesday morning. You must get up before sunrise and bathe. Then you must go to the Puja room and sit by acing the east. Soak the Rudraksha in Ganga Jal and recite '' OM HEEM HOOM NAMAH'' for 108 times.  Either silk thread or wool thread can be used to wear a rudraksha. You might as well use gold or a silver case to wear it for the best results.

Best way to clean Rudraksha

It is a fragile fruit. So, you must be very careful with it while you are cleaning. The best way to clean Rudraksha is by soaking it in a bowl of lukewarm water. Then after picking it up, clean it softly with plastic bristles. Do not scrub it roughly. Otherwise, it might crack and lose all its magical power. You can also soak the Rudraksha in milk and then soak it in water and clean it with a cloth. Light some incense stick, and then after chanting the Mantra of Lord Shiva, you can put it on again.

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