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  December 3, 2016
Untreated Natural Ceylon Blue Sapphire Neelam

The lure of the mesmerising Neelam or Blue Sapphire gemstone is indeed too difficult to resist. You just cannot wait to place it on your finger! Sorry to disappoint you, but this gemstone can prove extremely beneficial or highly dangerous for the wearer. Do consult a reputed Vedic astrologer first, before you do anything.

Befriending Blue Sapphire

Do you know which planet governs this gemstone? It is Saturn (Shani Dev), which loves to oscillate between two extremes. Saturn is the slowest-moving planet in the astrological Solar System. Yet, it demonstrates its positive or negative effects quite rapidly.

If you are Capricorn-born or Aquarius-born, you have no cause to worry, for Blue Sapphire is your birthstone. However, if your sun sign is different, your astrologer will have to observe Lord Shani’s position in your natal chart before reaching any kind of conclusion. If the answer is in your favour, do ensure that you buy the best quality, certified, natural Blue Sapphire online.

Instead of having it embedded on a ring, place the gemstone under your pillow. Take note of what happens in your life in the next three days. If event are favourable, it means that the stone suits you. Have it embedded onto a silver ring and place it on the central finger of your right hand. The Mount of Saturn is found just below this finger. In case, you are challenged by unfavourable circumstances, avoid the stone.

You will be able to recognise the original gemstone by its bewitching hues. Just hold the stone against bright light and watch the play of colours. You may observe the hues ranging from sky blue to deep blue, and deep purple to violet. The gemstone’s clarity is obvious via its flawless transparency. Best of all, the stone is scratch proof. This is because Blue Sapphire is deemed as one of the hardest minerals on Earth.

Although several geographical locations yield these precious stones, it would be good to obtain an unheated, untreated, natural Blue Sapphire or Neelam from Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Yes, the extractions from these mines are supposed to be the best of the lot.

If it is easy to pick out a genuine gemstone, it is equally easy to recognise a flawed one. For instance, your stone may reveal white lines moving across the surface. Then again, there may be a clash of colours or unevenness of the surface. Such stones can only bring you bad luck in all aspects of your life. If you visit a dependable store like, you should be able to buy Blue Sapphire online a natural gemstone.

Thus, if you are graceful and kind towards your elders and are truthful always, expect Shani Dev to bestow His choicest blessings upon you.

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